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By Choco

You're The One [10/24/12 - 8,261]
The encounter of Michael and Ben as seen through Ben's point of view.

By Babs

The Long and Winding Road [08/25/12 - 2,398]
Ben and Michael find the owner of the rings. This is a sequel to Hidden in a Lifetime.





All the Good Things [08/12/04 - G]
"He never thought it would be something that would happen to him." Season 4 spoilers.

Hunter's New Beginning
Hunter thinks about his life. Season 3 spoilers.

Fighting For Hunter
Ben and Michael fight for Hunter. Season 3 spoilers.

Please Stay
Michael and Ben discuss Hunter. Season 3 spoilers.

Michael gets stuck and Ben helps him.

Watching You Walk Away [PG]
My entry to the Showtime fic contest. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.


Abisel & Ann Marie

With All That I Am
[PG-13 - 20Kb]
Tragedy strikes as Michael and Ben go Christmas shopping. Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.



We're Not In Pittsburgh Anymore
[NC-17 - 84Kb - Posted 8/26/04]
Michael is swept into the world of "Rage."

Without You
[NC-17 - 80Kb]
Michael disappears in Las Vegas. Mikou's challenge.

Winter Wonders
[NC-17 - 56Kb]
Alternate Universe. Sequel to Summer Nights. How does Brian react when he is no longer number one? Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.

[NC-17 - 120Kb]
Alternate Universe. Some Halloween fun. Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.

Something Not Quite Right
[NC-17 - 48Kb]
Challenge response. Rocky Horror Picture Show Cross over.

Dark Waters
[PG-13 - 64Kb]
Challenge response. How do Brian and Ben react when Michael gets injured? Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.

[NC-17 - 28Kb]
Michael deals with his mother with a little help from Ben. Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.

Summer Nights
[NC-17 - 76Kb]
Alternate Universe. What if Michael and Ben had met when they were younger?

Words of Encouragement
[NC-17 - 32Kb]
Ben is feeling a little down. Season 3 spoilers.

Sexcapade: After Work
[NC-17 - 20Kb]
It is just sex.

The Hero
[NC-17 - 36Kb]
Gemini's challenge: Alternate Universe inspired by the movie, "Star Wars."


Ann Marie

He Waits
[G - 4Kb]
Ben waits.

Broken Trust
[PG-13 - 24Kb]
Abisel's challege: Ben accepts the advances of another. How does he or doesn't he win Michael back?



Long Shot? [01/24/09 - 880+ words]
Ben plays a great game of basketball in spite of feeling lonely.

We Are the Lucky Ones [10/26/08 - 2400+ words]
Michael thinks back to the Babylon bombing.

Cookie Face [07/18/08 - 1400+ words]
Ben and Jenny Rebecca bond.

Hidden In A Lifetime [06/06/08]
Ben and Michael stumble on something long hidden.

A Perfect Life [05/30/08]
Michael and Ben realize they have a perfect life.

In the Quiet of the Morning [05/24/08]


Badly Drawn Girl

[8Kb - Posted 05/05/07]

A Night at...Bingo?
[PG - 16Kb - Posted 04/21/07]

Was It Something I Said???
[56Kb - Posted 11/22/06]
Ben's realization.

Dazed and Confused
[56Kb - Posted 11/19/06]



Best Buddies
[PG-13 - 56Kb - Posted 10/09/05]
From one of Lorein's challenges: David visits Pittsburgh and he and Ben meet for the first time. Post-series.

Show Me Where It Hurts
[PG-13 - 172Kb - Posted 4/3/05]
An Alternate Universe, in which Michael meets Ben in the waiting room of David's office, around episode 106. From a fiction challenge by Lorein.

[PG - 28Kb - Posted 9/10/04]
Michael finally tells Ben about his time with David.

Comic Book Hero
[PG - 16Kb - Posted 7/6/04]
Michael's concern about Ben's condition finds its way into his dreams. Takes place after episode 307.

Are You One Too?
[NC-17 - 60Kb - Posted 6/19/04]
An Alternate Universe in which Michael meets Ben as fate intended, but Ben is in the closet and very much in denial. A response to Ellen's fiction challenge.



Stories from the Heart
[PG-13 - 8Kb - Posted 6/28/04]
Ben finds the inspiration he needs to get over a nasty case of writer's block when he learns to write with his heart, not his head.

Baby Mine
[G - 8Kb]
"I was deeply in love with the man of my dreams...But there was another reason why I was feeling so happy..."



[NC-17 - 28Kb]
A follow-up to "Threesome." Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

[NC-17 - 32Kb]
A followup to "Three Way Fun." Contains Michael/Ben/Brian sex. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

Three Way Fun
[NC-17 - 44Kb]
Written for the Showtime, Inc. fan fiction contest. David returns to Pittsburgh to rekindle a flame with Michael only to be caught up in Ben's inferno. When Brian learns of it, he wants to horn in on the action too. Contains Michael/Ben/David sex and Ben/Brian/Michael sex. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

Valentine's Day
[NC-17 - 48Kb]
Brian is acting odd for Valentine's but Michael and Ben have other ideas. Meanwhile, Justin is being a little bit too familiar with Michael. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

How To Write A PWP
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
Our very own Bert gives us a lesson in writing about sex.

Who Tops Who?
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
Plot? What Plot?



Goodbye, My Love
[PG-13 - 4Kb - Posted 04/26/07]
What if Michael had died in the bombing? This takes place a year later, and it is Ben writing to Michael, telling him what he missed. [Archiver's note: this contains no actual death scenes.]

Michael Had Nightmare
[NC-17 - 12Kb - Posted 02/07/07]
Michael enters Ben for the first time.

Michael Tops Ben
[NC-17 - 12Kb - Posted 02/02/07]
Michael enters Ben for the first time.



[NC-17 - 8Kb]
A really Hot shower scene. Season 3 spoilers.



[R - 8Kb]
Brian is jealous. Season 2 spoilers.


Exempt From Sanity

The Test
[PG-13 - 28Kb - Posted 08/14/07]
Spoilers through episode 218 (although it kind of ignores the canon events of Justin/Brian at the same time)



No Place Like Home
[PG - 12Kb - Posted 09/17/05]
Michael finally meets Ben's family. Well, some of it. Sequel to And Baby Makes Three...

And Baby Makes Three...
[PG-13 - 16Kb - Posted 09/06/05]
Michael and Ben visit JR in Toronto. Sequel to Anniversary. Spoilers for seasons 1 through 5.

[NC-17 - 12Kb - Posted 8/31/05]
Ben and Michael celebrate their anniversary. Sequel to Communication. Spoilers for seasons 1 through 5.

[PG - 12Kb - Posted 8/28/05]
Ben gets in touch with his family. Or visa versa. Sequel to Introductions. Spoilers for seasons 1 through 5.

[PG - 24Kb - Posted 8/24/05]
An answer to Lorein's challenge (Ben and David finally meet... and surprise surprise... they actually get along. much to Michael's dismay... or you could flip this entirely and have them hate each others' guts...David still has feelings for Michael.) This is loosely connected to Perception. If all goes well it'll be a series of short pieces that follow Michael and Ben's marriage. It's not necessary to read the first part though, so no worries. Spoilers for seasons 1 through 5.

[NC-17 - 12Kb - Posted 8/17/05]
Just your not so average night at the Novotny-Bruckners': nudity, language, butt plugs--the usual. Season 5 spoilers.



[PG - 4Kb]
"...As happy as he was at the prospect of being 'Uncle Ben,' it couldn't match the thought of being 'Daddy'..." Season 3 spoilers.

Secret Fantasies
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
Snuggled in bed with his lover, Ben thinks about his secret fantasy and the pain and hope that it brings. Season 2 spoilers.

From Portland To Pittsburgh And Back Again
[PG - 8Kb]
Written for Showtime's fan fiction contest topic #3. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

The Perfect Catch
[G - 4Kb]
A missing scene from episode 211. Season 2 spoilers.



Come The Spring
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
A look into the start of Ben and Michael's relationship from a totally different perspective. Season 2 spoilers.

Multiple Orgasms
[NC-17 - 28Kb]
Is an orgasm just an orgasm, or can it be something more?

In The Way You Do
[R - 12Kb]
On one of the many random nights after its resolution, Ben thinks about Brian, Michael and the infamous White Party incident. "It's like comparing apples and cantaloupes." So let's see who's got the cantaloupes.



I Know the Pieces Fit
[NC-17 - 12Kb - Posted 12/23/04]
"...one of the greatest Christmases ever..."



[PG-13 - 8Kb - Posted 5/23/04]
Michael and Justin are trying to get their work done but Michael gets... uhm, distracted.

Stand By Me
[NC-17 - 152Kb]
Alternate Universe in which an HIV-positive Michael (courtesy of Dr. Dave) meets a healthy, HIV-free Ben. This is a response to Gemini's challenge.

Birds And Bees
[R - 12Kb]
Michael and Ben discussing sex and it's not really about them! Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.



Broken Glass
[PG-13 - 12Kb]
Missing scenes for episode 307: 1. How Michael might have agreed to go to Paul's memorial service with Ben. Occurs right after Michael questions the endurance of Ben's love for him. 2. How Michael and Ben found out about Melanie's pregnancy. 3. How Michael ended up at Babylon with Brian. Season 3 spoilers.

Sexual Healing
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Michael wants Ben, but is Ben too tired?

Fruit And Fun
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
Fruit and frolicking on a lazy Saturday morning.

Office Space
[NC-17 - 6Kb]
Ben gets his anger under control. Spoilers for seasons 1 to 3.



One Worth Remembering
[PG - 16Kb]
Excessively romantic Valentines Day SAP! Ben surprises Michael from afar. Season 2 spoilers.


ihailu & Mikou

[PG - 12Kb]
Michael and Ben share a special moment at bedtime. Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.



The Beginning Of The End
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
Michael has an epiphany.

Writers Block
[R - 8Kb]
Ben has writers block.



Powerful Love [06/28/08 - 1000+ words]
'Palpable, inflammatory, sensuous, tantalising....'

Spiritual Guide [06/28/08 - 3200+ words]
'If he passed through that door, maybe his future would be revealed...'

A Sweet Angel
[28Kb - Posted 02/02/08]

Finding Your Way in the Wilderness
[48Kb - Posted 10/22/07]
I love you as much as I did the minute before this all happened and I'll love you just as much in 60 seconds from now.

Heartache and Pressure
[48Kb - Posted 10/22/07]
How would any of us deal with tragedy and pain? Do we even know, until it happens to us?

Locked In
[32Kb - Posted 10/22/07]
"You do realise there is no other way out of here, don't you?"

A Misconstrued Scenario...
[40Kb - Posted 10/22/07]
Ben was appreciating Michael opening up to him, finally the thumping in his chest was abating, and the anger and worry was easing away....

A Lengthy Interval
[12Kb - Posted 10/09/07]

JR's Daddy
[28Kb - Posted 09/23/07]
"You're JR's daddy; she will grow to know you and love you and adore you, just like I do."

The Past Can Beat You Down
[24Kb - Posted 09/23/07]

[16Kb - Posted 09/01/07]

Ben & Michael Talk, Really Talk
[16Kb - Posted 08/21/07]
Sometimes we talk but we don't necessarily hear...

If You Can Hear Me...
[8Kb - Posted 08/07/07]
Ben Bruckner thinks aloud during a time of despair and he needs someone to listen.

Lost In One's Own Nirvana
[24Kb - Posted 08/06/07]
A Friday night at Babylon and a scene of mixed signals...

Dedicated to the One I Love
[16Kb - Posted 08/02/07]
I mean every word Michael, every syllable. You are my life; I couldn't have done this without you....

What Could Be Better Than That?
"It's not a joke Brown Eyes, we're gonna be dads!" (08/27/06)

Time Stands Still
"...My heart suddenly felt like it outweighed my entire body and I could no longer feel my feet, my toes... everything had gone numb..." (08/20/06)

Graduation Day
"... to Hell with everyone and your bigotries and hatred; I'm doing this and I'm going to succeed ..." (08/04/06)

When Dreams Come True
Lusty thoughts, unbridled passion and a thirst for love... (07/26/06)

Tangible Thoughts
Michael had pushed his thoughts and feelings way down after the bombing and was finding it difficult to reach those feelings again... (07/26/06)

Embracing Each Day
"...embrace each day for what it holds, not the possibility of what it might hold..." (05/20/06)

Anniversary Acknowledgments
Understanding true love and how it came about; nurturing it and never wanting to be without it. (05/08/06)

Good Morning Lover
It doesn't matter how, when or why -- the importance of quality time spent together is immeasurable. (05/08/06)

Becoming Michael Novotny
When life's journey takes you on roads you never knew existed. (04/08/06)

Making Up Can Be Hard to Do
Emotions that take you away from reality and bring you back with a thud. (03/12/06)

Truth, Beauty and A Picture of You [PG-13 - 12Kb]
Ben recalls a very special moment in time; he reflects on life with Michael. (03/09/06)

Just Write What You Feel
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
Who would have thought that expressing thoughts could be so difficult? (03/06/06)

Fumigating, Frolicking and Fun....
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
"Ben is deep in thought, lost in his freedom...." (03/05/06)

Stormy Passion
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Michael's inner-child and fears always appeared during thunderstorms, but now he had Ben to rescue him. (02/26/06)

[PG-13 - 12Kb]
"...if this was it, if he were never to see Ben again, then all he had were his memories..." (10/23/05)

Drifting Into You...
[R - 12Kb]
"...we share in the struggle of life eternally... riding out, an endless wave, but we draw strength of this love to get by..." (10/19/05)



Flip Side
[R - 12Kb]
Guilt, reflection, and a name in the obituaries. (12/28/05)

Of Elephants and Discussable Issues
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
A few minor things get out in the open and one big thing comes full circle. Season 2 spoilers through episode 307. (10/08/05)



Final Destination
[R - 72Kb]
Ben reacts to Brian's insinuations about his steroid use. Michael deals with what that could mean to his and Ben's relationship, and Brian comes to some realizations of his own.



[NC-17 - 16Kb]
I borrowed a challenge from Lorein on a Brian/Michael site. "Write the longest sex scene you can." (11/06/06)

[PG - 16Kb]
Michael decides to take singing lessons so that he can properly serenade Ben. (09/25/06)

[NC-17 - 16Kb]
What if Ben and Michael didn't find Brian's gift as inappropriate as they originally led us to believe? Missing scene from episode 504, the dinner party. (09/05/06)

Peace, Love and Understanding
[R - 64Kb]
Ben and Michael work at the relationships in their lives. (08/23/06)

Life's A Drag
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
Ben discovers a photo of Michael in drag from the 2000 Pride Parade. (07/26/06)

[G - 12Kb]
Ben finally gets his second novel published. (06/26/06)

Sensory Overload
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
This started out as a story for the Smut 69 Multi-Fandom Smut Challenge, Prompt: #3 - Satin. (06/09/06)

[PG - 12Kb]
Hunter gives Ben and Michael the best Fathers' Day present ever. (05/19/06)

[PG - 16Kb]
Michael and Ben examine the lyrics to the song "Ben" (05/12/06)

[PG - 16Kb]
David hears about the bombing at Babylon, so he comes back to Pittsburgh to see Michael, and discuss their relationship. (05/08/06)

Ben's 40th Birthday Adventure
[G - 16Kb]
Michael sends Ben on an adventure and a trip down memory lane, for his 40th birthday. (04/19/06)

[NC-17 - 36Kb]
AU Challenge from Lorein. Emmett moves in with he new boyfriend, so Michael has to find a new roommate. Fortunately for him, one Ben Bruckner answers his ad. (04/10/06)

A Cure is Found
[NC-17 - 24Kb]
How does Ben react when a cure is found for his HIV? (03/15/06)

A Trip to Seattle
[NC-17 - 20Kb]
A fun-filled weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Loosely connected to Totems, although it's not necessary to read that one first. (02/23/06)

Ego Surfing
[PG - 8Kb]
Hunter discovers a picture of Michael from his dating service days. (02/20/06)

Hidden Treasures
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Ben and Michael discuss Michael's chest hair. (02/15/06)

[G - 8Kb]
Ben and Michael investigate their animal alter-egos. (02/15/06)



Life That Disappears
[R - 12Kb]
"Even a nasty little toad can be right once in a while..." (10/15/04)

I've Got You Baby
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
"The darkness was eating away at Ben's diminishing sense of the real..." (10/15/04)

Set Me Free Why Don't Ya Babe...
[PG-13 - 12Kb]
"...it was the only secret we really had from each other..." A Ben/Michael, Brian dialogue piece. (10/5/04)

Egg Shells and Jackhammers
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
This takes place in season three after the steroid use and Paul's memorial. It's a missing scene...You know there had to be make up sex. (9/30/04)

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
[PG-13 - 12Kb]
This takes place in season two after Michael walked out on Ben before they took their relationship to the next level... It reverts a lot from third person to first person. It also goes back and forth between Ben and Michael's points of view. Lyrics by Elton John. (9/27/04)

Relentless Love
[R - 12Kb]
Michael talking about the men he's loved. (9/24/04)

Tangled In Blue
[R - 8Kb]
"They were frozen in an instant of utter terror as they realized what had happened. The unthinkable had occurred." (9/13/04)

What Is
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
"It's not about happily ever after; it's about after." Season 4 spoilers. (9/10/04)

Unanswered Questions: It's Not Easy Being Green
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
Sequel to "Unanswered Questions" (8/29/04)

Home is Where the Heart Is
[PG - 20Kb]
Challenge response. What if David came back to claim Michael? (8/29/04)

[PG - 4Kb]
"I'm like a junkie and he's my drug of choice..." (8/26/04)

Unanswered Questions
[NC-17 - 48Kb]
Challenge Response. What if Ben and Michael met in high school and Michael was torn between Ben and Brian? (8/12/04)

Meet Me at the Crossroad
[PG-13 - 12Kb]
"His heart was broken, his trust damaged in ways he never thought possible..." Season 4 spoilers.

[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Michael's hot, horny and looking for satisfaction...

He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)
[NC-17 - 20Kb]
"And then there were times like this one, where the world and all of its real and imagined wonders revolved around the man laying next to him fast asleep..."

Sleeping Beauty
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
Ben wakes Michael up in a special way.

[R - 20Kb]
Vic is sick.

Monday Morning Coming Down
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
It's time to go to work, but Ben can't get enough of Michael.

[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Extended bedroom scene from episode 301. Season 3 spoilers.

Freezing & Thawed
[PG-13 - 28Kb]
Michael gets what he wants. Season 3 spoilers.

[NC-17 - 20Kb]
Ben and Michael's POV after Michael confronts Ben about his use of steroids. Season 3 spoilers.

Love Letter
[G - 8Kb]
Ben writes Michael a letter. Season 2 spoilers.

The Search
[NC-17 - 20Kb]
Justin has some questions for Michael. Season 2 spoilers.

[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Ben and Michael get reacquainted after Ben comes home from the hospital. Season 2 spoilers.

[PG - 16Kb]
Ben turns to Michael when he finds out his meds are no longer working. Michael is strong for Ben, but turns to his best friend for comfort and strength. Season 2 spoilers.

[PG - 32Kb]
David comes to town to see Michael.Spoilers: Season 1 and 2.

First Snow
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
Ben and Michael share there first Christmas together. Season 2 spoilers.

By The Way
[R - 16Kb]
Ben waits for Michael to come home after Michael goes out with Brian. Spoilers for seasons 2 and 3.

[PG - 8Kb]
Brian and Michael talk about Ben. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

In The Moment
[R - 12Kb]
A special moment between Michael and Ben. Season 2 spoilers.

[PG - 8Kb]
A serious conversation between Ben and Michael. Season 2 spoilers.

What Dreams May Come
[PG - 16Kb]
Michael has a nightmare. Season 2 spoilers.

Future Shock
[PG - 20Kb]
Ben thinks back on his years with Michael. Season 2 spoilers.

Future Shock: Sexcapade
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Michael drives Ben crazy with desire! Season 2 spoilers.

The Conversation
[PG - 8Kb]
Michael hears from David. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

Wreak Havoc
[PG-13 - 16Kb]
Michael tells Ben how he feels about his steroid use and more. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

[R - 16Kb]
Ben POV. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.


LadyArmand & Mikou

[Adult - 492Kb]
Alternate Universe. A modern retelling of the fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast."



[PG-13 - 20Kb]
My fic for the cue_the_pulse fic exchange; written for the ubersweet nightsister and betaed at the very last minute by the wonderful jigofspite. In which Michael deals with bug-chasing, infidelity and fiction. Post season 4, but no season 5 spoilers (that I know of, anyway...I'm a spoiler virgin). (4/13/05)

[PG - 4Kb]
"And isn't that where the lube's supposed to go?" (4/13/05)



Wedding Night
[NC-17 - 48Kb]
A look into what went on in that tent under the stars on little air mattresses on Ben and Michael's wedding night. Season 4 spoilers. (8/12/04)



The Cooking Lesson
A little Thanksgiving fluff.

Day of Infamy
On 9/11, Michael and Ben take a trip to NYC with dire consequences. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

Almost There
Michael and Ben celebrate Valentine's Day with a weekend get-away.

Candle In The Dark
Michael comes home to Ben. Season 3 spoilers.

Baggy Pants
Gemini's challenge: Michael is moving in with Ben. Ben is helping Michael unpack. Ben's unpacking Michael's clothes into a dresser, and as he's unpacking, he comes across a pair of tight jeans that he'd bought for Michael several months ago, but Michael never wore them. Ben looks to the tight jeans, then to the rest of Michael's baggy clothes (with the exception of the tee-shirts), and finally to his lover, who is wearing the baggiest of baggy pants, and asks the question many of us fans are dying to know: "Baby?" "Yeah?" "What's with all the baggy pants?" Season 2 spoilers.

Tug Of War
Gap-filler for episode 302; Takes place at end of the episode after Michael chooses to go home to Ben instead of going out with Brian. Spoilers for episodes 301 and 302.

Didn't You Hear?
"Gap-filler" for episode 303; Ben's reaction to news about a former lover. The first two lines are borrowed from the episode. Spoilers for episodes 301 to 303.

Ben reflects on his life with Michael. Season 2 spoilers.

Michael begins to see the truth about Ben's downslide. Spoilers for episodes 303 to 305.

A Wonderful Life: The Jason Series (external link)
A post-season 2 alternate universe series in which Michael and Ben raise a son together.


Mikou and uuthrunthru

Heartstrings (external link)
[05/15/2006 - Adult - 248Kb]
Henry Ward Beecher said, "There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child." Echoes from the past set off a cascade of events that challenges Michael and Ben's views about fatherhood and family.



Fan Boy
[G - 16Kb]
Written for a challenge for Lorien. One of Ben's students gets a crush on Michael. Specifically, one of Ben's student is a huge fan of Rage and it's author. General spoilers but specifically for season 4. (8/31/05)



By PA-Mado

Our Wonderful Life [05/02/09 - 12,400 words]
Ben and Michael remember their lives together. Sequel to The Twins Go To School.

The Twins Go To School [05/02/09 - 10,000 words]
The Twins start Pre-school. Ben and Michael deal with letting the twins go and everyday situations. Sequel to Our Two Dads.

Our Two Dads [04/25/09 - 11,500 words]
Continuing adventures of the Novotny-Bruckner Family. Ben and Michael prepare for their first Christmas as a complete family. Sequel to I Want to Be a Dad.

Our Two Dads [04/25/09 - 11,500+ words]
Continuing adventures of the Novotny-Bruckner Family. Ben and Michael prepare for their first Christmas as a complete family. Sequel to I Want to Be a Dad.

I Want to Be a Dad [01/31/09 - 9700+ words]
Ben wants to become a dad. He suggest to Michael that they adopt a child.

So Worth It [07/11/08 - 4100+ words]
Season 4: Episodes 413 and 414.

Please God, Bring Him Back To Me [06/06/08]
Season 5: Ben prays for Michael's recovery, while remembering past events.

Michael's Agony and Ecstasy [05/24/08]
Season 2: episodes 207-209; Michael's POV.

Love Is Everything [04/20/08]

Have I Lost Him? [04/13/08]
Gap Filler for Episode 216. Ben loses his temper and regrets it.



Past Forever
[PG - 8Kb]
Ben helps Michael exorcise some demons after he receives a invitation to David's wedding. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.

The Awakening
[PG - 8Kb]
Michael wakes up! Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2.



In Your Arms Tonight
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
Gap Filler. What MIGHT have happened after the slow dance at the end of 410. Season 4 spoilers. (7/3/04)

Empty Nest
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
Michael frets as Danny (original character) goes off to college. (7/2/04)

At Home With The Bruckners
[PG - 4Kb]
Same as the title.

Doctor, Doctor
[G - 4Kb]
Michael and Ben take Danny to get his first flu shot. An 'At Home With The Bruckners' story.

Precious Moments
[G - 4Kb]
Ben reflects on his life with Michael and Danny. An 'At Home with the Bruckners' story.



Happy Endings
[R - 8Kb]
What exactly happened after Ben told Michael he was positive? Spoilers up to Episode 206.



My Folks, They're 2 Guys. [11/22/08 - 2100+ words]
Hunter's thoughts about his fathers.



Hunter? Legal?
[R - 8Kb]
This was originally written for gauky_1976. I borrowed prompts from a fic100 groups, or something awhile ago. I wanted to use them as inspiration. So this prompt was Birthday, I believe. (02/20/06)

Home Sweet Home
[NC-17 - 12Kb]
Gap Filler For Episode: 503 Written from Michael's POV. (02/20/06)

Michael's Secret
[NC-17 - 20Kb]
Secret Santa Fic. The challenge was 'Michael has a secret, one he doesn't want Ben to know about?' I don't own them. Let's not even think I do. :) Written for: Batboy. (02/20/06)



[R - 12Kb]
Sun, food, rain, conversation and lots of groping. (10/28/05)

Echoes of You
[PG - 16Kb]
A few moments in time and the spaces left behind. (9/17/05)



Queer as Toast
[PG - 28Kb]
After almost having Ben and Hunter get food poisoning from one of his attempts at cooking, Michael decides to take a culinary class. Season 5 spoilers. (11/15/05)

Comic Book Issues
[G - 8Kb]
Ben finds a rather interesting scene upon returning home one night. Kinda sweet. Set in Season 2, spoilers for season 2. (11/03/05)

Don't Be the Bunny
[G - 8Kb]
This is a response to Lorein's Challenge # 3: Having two mommies and two daddies is a bit confusing for little Jenny, so she gives Ben an unusual nickname. Sweetness ahead, but come on. Any child of Michael's is going to be cute. Occurs post-season 5, though a couple of events have been changed from canon. (07/25/05)

Five Things That Never Happened to Ben Bruckner, Michael Novotny and Hunter Montgomery from Queer As Folk
[PG-13 - 16Kb]
"Ok, this was sort of an exercise I did with myself...What you do, pick 5 or 10 or however many movies you want and place your characters in that movie. Sort of like a bunch of mini Alternate Universes. The goal: see if you can get anyone to correctly guess all the movies...Happy reading." (06/02/05)

Memory Lapse
[PG-13 - 32Kb]
Have you ever suddenly realize you'd forgotten to do something really, really, really just ridiculously important? (05/26/05 - 07/29/2005)



[NC-17 - 8Kb]
For the Smut 69 Challenge. Prompt: #6 - Restraints. Ben wants to try something a little different. Plot bunny from Batboy. (02/08/06)

What Lies Beyond
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
Ben and Michael and their future. Requested by: brisync. Original Request: "Ben/Michael. Something warm and fuzzy, no AU's, no PWP." (02/08/06)

[PG-13 - 8Kb]
For the Smut 69 Challenge. Prompt: #32 - Champagne (01/01/06)

Home Video
[NC-17 - 8Kb]
For the Smut 69 Challenge. Prompt: #55 - Voyeur (12/28/05)

[NC-17 - 8Kb]
For the Smut 69 Challenge. Prompt: #11 - Ice (12/28/05)



Between Here and Gone
[PG-13 - 8Kb]
Ben looks back. (Post-series) Expansion of an untitled drabble I posted on my regular livejournal about a week ago. (8/18/05)



Into the Dark
[R - 24Kb]
This was inspired by Mikou's recent story, Charlotte's Web. I was intrigued by what might have been going on in Ben's mind, in his darkest hours. (12/10/05)

A Daily Routine
[NC-17 - 16Kb]
"Michael had learned that he could never predict, too successfully, just what might trigger Ben or what mood would overtake his lusty partner." (10/22/05)

[NC-17 - 124Kb]
How will the after-effects of the Babylon bombing affect Michael and Ben's life? Spoilers for season 5. (08/31/05 - 10/17/05)

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