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For ease of organisation purposes, the stories archived here will be listed alphabetically by author, then title.

As we accept stories of all types and ratings, please pay attention to all warnings in the story headers, and read or ignore according to your own personal interests. Thank you.


Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan

A Gentle Touch - 8k, Sentinel (PG) gen

Adelaide & KC

Natural Instincts - 14k, Jurassic Park 3 (Alan/Billy, PG) slash
Walk on Water - 26k, Jurassic Park 3 (Alan/Billy, NC17) slash


Freaky Friday - 24k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, PG) slash
Having Your Baby - 157k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, NC17) slash
Starsky and Hutch Meet the Zombie - 50k, S&H (Ken/Dave, NC17) slash
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - 24k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, R) slash



Chris J. Ueberall

About Angels - 19k, Mag7 (Chris/Ezra/Vin, PG) slash
The King's Spirit - 67k, LotR (Aragorn/Boromir, R) slash

The Magnificent Fellowship of the Ring:
Mag7 AU (Ezra/Vin, R) slash
Chapter 1: The Council - 20k
Chapter 2: The Mountain - 17k
Chapter 3: The Mine - 64k
Chapter 4: The Wood - 40k
Chapter 5: The Battle - 38k









Bad Moon Rising - 6k, Dogma (PG) gen
End of the Line - 23k, Askewniverse (Jay/Silent Bob, R) DEATHFIC slash


Forbidden Pleasures - 3k, seaQuest (Tim/Miguel, PG) slash
Happiness is a Warm Gun - 9k, seaQuest (Tim/m, NC17) slash

Jason Leisemann

Desertion - 7k, Final Fantasy 9 (Freya/Fratley, G) het
Family Ties - 8k, Swat Kats (Felina/Ulysses, NC17) INCEST het
I Am Become Death - 7k, Final Fantasy 9 (PG13/R) gen


Abducted - 162k, Voyager (Chak/Paris, NC17) slash
Be Careful What You Wish For - 272k, Voyager (Chak/Paris, NC17) slash
Changes - 305k, Voyager (Chak/Paris, NC17) slash
Choices - 60k, Voyager (Chak/Paris, NC17) slash
Choices II - 27k, Voyager (Chak/Paris, NC17) slash
I Wish It Were All a Bad Dream - 73k, Mag7 (Chris/Vin, NC17) slash
The Trade - 62k, Mag7 (Chris/Vin, NC17) slash



Lady Q

The 12 Days Series:
Babylon 5 (Marcus/Neroon) slash
Prolog to the 12 Days - 17k, G
On The First Day - 11k, G
On The Second Day - 16k, G
On The Third Day - 14k, R
On The Fourth Day - 9k, G
On The Fifth Day - 16k, G
On The Sixth Day - 7k, G
On The Seventh Day - 10k, G
On The Eighth Day - 9k, G
On The Ninth Day - 13k, PG13
On The Tenth Day - 13k, G
On The Eleventh Day - 9k, NC17
On The Twelfth Day - 13k, R

A Valentine's Wedding Series:
Babylon 5 (Marcus/Neroon) slash
Prolog to A Valentine's Wedding - 7k, G
Sending Out the Invitations - 5k, G
Choosing the Colors - 6k, G
Well He Can't Wear A Dress - 6k, G
Finding The Rings - 5k, PG
Finding a Priest - 8k, G
So What Do You Get A Warrior and A Ranger? - 15k, PG
Choosing A Best Man, Person, Alien or Whatever! - 6k, G
Meeting The In-Laws - 11k, PG
Is There Such a Thing Called a Groom's Maids? - 7k, PG
Is There Such a Thing Called A Minbari Bachelor Party? - 6k, R
Something Borrowed - 7k, G
A Valentine's Wedding - 13k, G
The Toast - 9k, PG
The Shiverr - 11k, R
The Wedding Night - 12k, NC17

A Haunted Honeymoon Series:
Babylon 5 (Marcus/Neroon) slash
Prolog to A Haunted Honeymoon - 8k, G
Joining The Mile High Club - 9k, NC17
When Irish Eyes are Smiling - 6k, G
The Haunting History of Cole Castle - 5k, PG
The Guardians of Cole Castle - 5k, G
The Lady Of Cole Castle - 6k, G
The Return of Willam Cole - 10k, PG
The Trials of Cole Castle - 6k, PG
The Call Home - 7k, PG
Voices in the Night - 5k, PG
Valen's Tale - 6k, PG
Daddy's Here - 5k, PG
The Fairies of Cole Castle - 4k, PG
A Dance of Love - 7k, PG
Only a Moment - 6k, NC17
A Son's Reflections - 5k, PG
The Coming of the Druids - 4k, PG
The Druids of Cole Castle - 4k, PG
The Trial of Elements - 11k, PG
Things Aren't Always What They Seem - 10k, PG
Conversations - 5k, PG
Reassurance - 8k, NC17
Morning Reflections - 3k, PG
The Banshee Screams - 2k, PG
The Banshee of Cole Castle - 2k, PG
The Trial of Death - 5k, PG
Trouble in the Library - 3k, PG
Safe - 3k, R
Morning Remembrance - 4k, PG
An Invitation - 4k, PG
The Elven Queen of the Golden Dragon - 7k, PG
Trial of the Golden Dragon - 15k, R
Forever My Beloved - 30k, R
Love Me Forever - 5k, NC17
A Father's Reflections - 4k, PG
Morning Interruptions - 3k, NC17
The Trial of the Brownies - 2k, PG13
The Cave of Rebirth - 2k, PG13
The Trial of the Soul - 5k, PG13

Happy Holidays, Mr. Monk Series:
Monk (Adrian/Leland) slash
Happy New Year, Mr. Monk - 4k, R
Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Monk - 6k, G
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Mr. Monk - 6k, G
April Fool's Day, Mr. Monk - 9k, G
Happy Easter, Mr. Monk - 8k, G

Home For the Holidays Series:
Mag7 ATF AU (Ezra/Josiah) slash
I Hate Valentine's Day - 10k, NC17
Kiss Me, I'm Irish - 5k, R
I'm in Love With A Giant Pink Bunny - 5k, G
I'm a Fool for Loving You - 8k, NC17
Honor Thy Mother - 14k, G
In Memory - 6k, G
Kiss the Cook - 8k, NC17
Honor Thy Father - 5k, G
Those Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer - 10k, NC17
Fireworks - 4k, G
School Days - 6k, G
Passing Out the Candy - 8k, G
Thanksgiving Blessings - 5k, G
The Christmas Gift - 9k, G
Midnight - 5k, NC17
I Love Valentine's Day - 15k, NC17

Faith, Hope and Love Series:
Magnificent 7 (Ezra/Josiah) slash
Faith - 3k, G
Hope - 5k, G
The Greatest of These Is Love - 8k, G

The Pink Bunny Suit Series:
Diagnosis Murder (Steve/Jesse) slash
I Love a Man in a Pink Bunny Suit - 4k, G
Making Out With the Pink Bunny - 8k, NC17
The Trail of the Pink Bunny Suit - 4k, G

To The Winner Series:
Kung Fu: the Legend Continues (Peter/Kermit) slash
Peter's Epiphany - 5k, G
The Siege of Kermit's Heart - 12k, G
Kermit's Surrender - 11k, NC17
To The Winner Goes the Spoils - 5k, G

A Fool in Love - 5k, Magnum PI (Thomas/Jonathon, PG) slash
A Kiss and a Phone Call - 5k, Monk (Adrian/Leland, G) slash
A Midnight Kiss - 5k, Babylon 5 (Marcus/Neroon, R) slash
A Moment in the Summer Sun - 5k, KF:tLC (Peter/Kermit, G) slash
A Mother's Love - 9k, Babylon 5 (Marcus/Neroon, G) slash
A Thousand Words - 8k, KF:tLC (Peter/Kermit, NC17) slash
As It Was Meant to Be - 3k, Andromeda (Harper/Tyr, G) slash
Dreams - 5k, KF:tLC (Peter/Kermit, G) slash
First Kiss - 6k, Mutant X (Jesse/Brennan, G) slash
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - 5k, Tick (Tick/Arthur, G) slash
I Am Not, Nor Will I Ever Be, The Easter Bunny - 4k, Tick (Tick/Arthur, G) slash
I'm Sorry - 8k, Mag7 (Ezra/Josiah, G) slash
The Leaves of Change - 6k, Nero Wolfe (Archie/Wolfe, G) slash
Pfui Means I Love You - 7k, Nero Wolfe (Archie/Wolfe, G) slash
Refrigerator Memories - 5k, Mag7 ATF (Buck/JD, G) slash
Rumpelstiltskin - 17k, Mag7 AU (Ezra/Josiah, PG) slash
The Sacrifice - 185k, Xena (Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, NC17) slash
Shades - 4k, KF:tLC (Peter/Kermit, G) slash
Super Quickie - 8k, Superman (Clark/Jimmy, NC17) slash
Through Sickness and Health - 6k, ItHotN (Bubba/Parker, G) slash
The Vision - 5k, Dead Zone (Johnny/Bruce, PG13) slash


The Best Form of Defence - 10k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, NC17) slash

Lopaka Tanu

Causatum - 52k, Angel (Angel/Lindsey, NC17) slash! - 24k, Due South AU (Fraser/RayK, R) slash
Frankie and Johnny - 71k, Dead Zone (Smith/Stillson, NC17) slash
The Highway Man - 115k, Due South AU (Fraser/RayK, NC17) slash


Mary E

Campfire Dialogue - 8k, HtLJ (Herc/Iolaus, G) slash
Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My! - 46k, Young Herc (PG) gen
The Story of Steel - 8k, HtLJ (Herc/Iolaus, R) slash
Twelfth Night - 69k, Young Herc (Herc/Iolaus, NC17) slash




Perpetual Motion

Badly Considered - 6k, Mutant X (Adam/Brennan, PG) slash
Concussion #248 - 3k, Stargate (Jack/Daniel, G) slash
Eclectic Tastes - 6k, X-Men (Scott/Logan, PG) slash
In a Moment - 4k, WaT (Danny/Martin, G) slash
Interference - 4k, Mutant X (Brennan/Adam, G) slash
Scenery - 4k, Adventure, Inc. (Judson/Gabe, G) slash
Shrewish - 4k, L&O:CI (Goren/Carver, G) slash
Side Effects - 9k, CSI (Nick/Greg, PG) slash
Temptations - 4k, H:LotS (Mike/Tim, G) slash
Three Ring Circus - 9k, Keen Eddie (Monty/Eddie/Nathaniel, NC17) slash
The Usual Banter - 4k, Sports Night (Dan/Casey, PG) slash
Vacation - 4k, Adventure, Inc. (Judson/Gabe, PG) slash
War Bonds - 4k, HP (Sev/Harry, PG) slash




Full Moon - 5k, Askewniverse (Jay/Silent Bob, NC17) slash
Grace - 3k, Askewniverse (Jay/Silent Bob, PG) slash



One Night in Nairobi - 15k, Heat of the Sun (Tyburn/Lanyard, NC17) slash

Shadow the silly

Broken - 5k, Sentinel (NR) gen


The Duel - 10k, Mag7 ATF AU (Ezra/Vin, NC17) slash


Appearances - 10k, Askewniverse (Jay/Silent Bob, R) slash
Dance With the Devil - 6k, Askewniverse (Jay/Silent Bob, R) slash


In Memory Of - A September 11 Tribute
Just A Little More - 7k, Mag 7 (PG-13) gen
He Remembered - 5k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, PG) slash
His Team - 7k, Mag 7 (G) gen


Not That Kind of Man - 12k, Mag 7 (Vin/OFC, R) het



And Tied With A Bow - 19k, S&H (Starsky/Hutch, NC17) slash
Best Served Cold - 15k, Firefly (Simon/Jayne, NC17) slash
Honey and Nuts - 19k, HtLJ (Herc/Iolaus, NC17) slash
It's All in the Wrists - 9k, HtLJ (Herc/Iolaus, NC17) slash
Lessons Learned - 14k, Sentinel (Jim/Blair, NC17) slash
Mistletoe Drabbles - 8k, Various Fandoms (G) slash
Morning Ablutions - 6k, RtED (Miguel/Tulio, NC17) slash
Reflected Fire - 16k, Mag7 (Ezra/Vin, NC17) slash







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