Fandom: Babylon 5
Pairing: Marcus/Neroon
Rating: individual chapters vary from G to NC17
Disclaimer: Still Don't own them.
Notes: I would like to thank my Beta Melanie for going over this for me.
Series: A Valentine's Wedding
Warnings: Crazy Wedding preparations, A Stalker, Garish Colors, and Mushiness abound.
Summary: see challenge *g*

Challenge: the February 2004 Holiday Challenge, Valentine's Day; and to write a romantic B5 holiday story.


A Valentine's Wedding

by Lady Q

The Toast

Thanks goes out to Kim for looking this over for us. This chapter of "A Valentine's Wedding," is written by Kim R and posted by me. *HUGS* Lady Q
Vik translation -- [May your union be prosperous and fruitful]

Marcus didn't think he'd get a second to himself, much less a couple of minutes, since the ceremony that bound him and Neroon together as one. He would soon join his Mala, but he could only take so much celebrating and begged off silently to his mate to get them a drink. The reception was just as spectacular as the wedding and he couldn't ask for anything more...well, there was one thing he had wanted that had not been possible. He had wanted the person responsible for this miracle in his life to be present and stand with him, but she had been on assignment and no word had been heard from her. He and Delenn were worried; but Kim was Anla'Shoc and a damn good one at that, and until Delenn said otherwise, he would trust she would be okay.

It had been a simple act she had performed to bring him and Neroon together, but as she had explained, the two of them had been dancing around for so long that she couldn't take it and knew the fastest way to achieve results would be with some hard hitting honesty and a bit of old fashion jealousy. It had worked wonderfully. All she had done, was place some hints about human courtship rituals into the Councils ears. It didn't take much in Minbari culture, for them to pick up on it and then some whispering in Neroon's ear on how much Marcus would be a perfect mate for him. Then came the hard hitting honestly; she had gone to Marcus and told him that she knew he loved Neroon and that Neroon loved him too. If he took his head out of his ass long enough, he'd see it too. It was only moments later that Neroon went to the Council and told them of his choice of a mate. Now they were married and she had not been here...

"Marcus," came a familiar voice as if out of his mind into reality.

Marcus looked up from the drinks he was finished pouring to see the woman that he had been thinking off, looking healthy and well, if not a bit disheveled. "Bloody hell, you made it," he grinned moving to sweep her into a huge hug, knowing that Neroon would understand...they were married now. "Damn woman, you had us worried," he scolded as he grinned at her.

"You honestly think I'd miss this," Kim chuckled back at him, as she gestured to the room filled with guest and family and friends. She then looked a bit remorseful, "I'm sorry I couldn't be here for the actually ceremony, I bet it was beautiful," she sighed. "Bet you looked great in a wedding gown, pity you changed," she quipped.

"I see you lost your humor along the way here," Marcus teased in return, moving to bring Kim along as he returned to his husband's side. "Where have you been?"

"We can discuss that...after you return from your honeymoon," Kim snickered at him. "So, what is it now, Marcus Star Rider or will it be Neroon Cole?"

"Bleeding prat," he grumbled, and then laughed. "We were married under Minbari and human tradition and the names are not relevant as you know."

They approached a large crowd that had surrounded Neroon, but parted at seeing Marcus' arrival. "Neroon, look what managed to crash our wedding," he teased, glowing that his dear friend had been able to make it.

Neroon, still a tiny bit jealous, swallowed it down, for Marcus was his now, and he had this woman to thank for it, and he would not dishonor her or his husband with such foolishness. He gave her a deep bow of respect. "Anla'Shoc Kim, we are honored that you could attend this most joyous occasion which you have helped make possible. We would be honored if you would join us at our table, it is time for the meal," Neroon replied formally.

Kim smiled, her bluish hazel eyes twinkling with mirth as spotting the jealous streak in Neroon's eyes. "I would be honored to join you," she bowed in return.

After everyone took their seats, the meal was served and the room filled with a light banter. Then as by human tradition, it was time for the toast. After several toasts were given, Anla'Shoc Kim stood and raised her glass, much to the weary smile of her dear friend Marcus Cole. There were some cheers from those that saw she was back safe, but they quieted so she could speak.

"Thank you everyone," she replied graciously. "Let me say that I am glad to be here. I left a few people hanging in order to do so," she smiled, "Literally." She whispered to Marcus. "We're here today to give rejoice and share in the blessings of the two most stubborn and blind men in the universe, who for not a good 'smack' in the head, would still be wondering, would he, will he?"

There were a few snickers and chuckles, and a light growl, but Kim was not swayed from her speech. "What can I say about Marcus Cole that would be the truth and he wouldn't kill me for," she teased, seeing him fluster a bit. "Seriously, Marcus, beside being overdue for some happilness which Neroon will give him." as her eyes filled with some unshed tears. "As for you Neroon, I know you'll be good to our Marcus, because if you don't, you'll have all of Babylon 5 and the entire Anla'Shoc and Marcus' cousin's after you," she smiled, only Neroon, Marcus and probably a few others saw the underlying truth to her words. "And I wager to say, after a couple of weeks, half your clan," she added, receiving laughs and agreements from the humans in the audience. Then once more she turned serious, "You will be good for him, Neroon, for I suspect you won't let him hide from you as he has from so many of us. Know you have relieved us all., if I be so bold in saying. Valen has blessed you much." She turns to the crowd, "To Neroon and Marcus, Da or'ton, la'suan y'ural'ma" she spoke in traditional Vik, then raised the glass higher and then drank deep before placing her glass back on the table and moved to Neroon. She whispered something in his ear and after what seemed like a long mental struggle, he nodded.

"What's up," Marcus asked as she moved back to stand next to him.

"I can't stay, I really did leave things hanging or should say someone and I have to get back. But I need to see Delenn before I go...well, anyway. Your husband gave me permission for this," she said and leaned down and gave Marcus a big kiss and a hug. "If it's a girl, I expect her name to be Kim, got it," she whispered in his ear and started off.

Marcus blinked, stunned by the kiss and the words, then snapped out of it. "Girl?"

"I did say fruitful," Kim shouted over her shoulder before vanishing into the crowd.


The Shiverr

"Marcus has been kidnapped!" Oddjob exclaimed as she ran into the room.

"We know," Lady Q replied as she finished putting a pink baby blanket on another doll.

"You were supposed to be the one to kidnape him," Monica replied as she began to grab some fireworks.

"I know that," Oddjob said with a roll of her eyes. "But this is for real this time."

"What do you mean?" Anna asked as got some noise makers ready.

"I mean, that when I went in to get him. He wasn't there. All I found was a note," Oddjob said as she pulled the note out to read.

"Marcus is mine," the note said. "No one is to have him but me! and it's not signed."

All the cousins stood in shock when Oddjob finished reading the note. Then Monica stood up and looked at the Clan Cole. Her green eyes flashing in anger.

"No one kidnaps a Cole! Come on, Cousins, let's save Marcus!" She cried out as all twelve of the cousins grabbed their weapons and went in search of their missing cousin.


Evil laughter filled the dark room where Marcus was tied up against a wall of the station.

Marcus slowly opened his eyes still groggy and looked around the dark room, looking for the laughter that had waken him up.

His mind quickly filled in the blanks for him as he remembered the last thing he was doing was getting ready to be kidnapped by his cousins. Oh he knew his cousins were planning to shiverr him. So he thought he might be ready for them when they came to get him. So he was surprised that when his door chimed and he went to answer it all he got was instead of seeing one of his cousins was a punch in the face and then nothing.

"Who are you?" He called out to the darkness for he knew it wasn't one of his cousins.

Crazed laughter filled the darken room then a small light appeared in the darkness.

"Why Marcus, don't you recognize your true husband's voice"

"You aren't my Husband. You could never be Neroon."

The voice growled low in anger as it came closer to him. "How dare you mention that piece of filth in my presence."

The voice said as he turned his light towards his face. You're my husband, Marcus Cole. You belong to us."

"You!" Marcus excalmed in shock as he reconized the man who claimed to be his husband.


Monica stood in the center of a circle formed by the cousins and then looked towards the clan's Seer.

"Concentrate, Lady Q," She whispared in her cousin's ear. "Concentrate on Marcus' energy signature."

Then silence filled the circle while the cousins waited for their Seer to find Marcus.

Lady Q stood with her eyes closed as she mentally began to walk the spirit plains looking for their lost cousin. She smiled slowly when she found him.

"He's in a dark room," She softly spoke. "It is located on the lower levals of this station. He is surrounded by great evil. The person who kidnapped him is obsessed with Marcus. He is however controled by another party. This party is the great evil we must fight."

She opened her eyes and looked towards Monica. Their leader pinched her lower lip in thought as she mentlly ran through what Lady Q said.

Then she looked up at her cousins and spoke. "Marcus is part of our Clan but he is also now part of the Warrior Caste. I really don't want to involv Neroon in this business yet until we know where we stand. What say you?"

"This is Clan business," James spoke up as the others nodded in agreement. "We take care of our own."

"Very well then. It is decied that we don't inform Neroon until we know were we stand. Now lets find Marcus. Lady Q, you take the lead since you can see his energy signature. We will follow you. Cousins, get your weapons ready," Monica spoke as they fell behind Lady Q and went insearch of their lost cousin.


Mordan smiled as he looked up at his beautiful lover. His hand gently touched the bruse along Marcus' face causing Marcus to flinch away.

"I am so sorry for that, Beloved," Mordan said with a frown as he looked upon his lover.

"However, they" he said as he indcated his shadowy companions that appeared next to him. "Thought that you would fight me and they were right. Beloved Marcus."

"I am not your beloved!" Marcus exclaimed as tried to fight off Mordan's evil touch. "I've never even been your lover or even thought of you any other way besides being a vile and evil man."

Mordan smiled at his lover's words. "Ah, beloved. How you do complement me. I love it when you are angry. The fire in your green eyes turns me on like never before."

Marcus spit in his face.

Mordan calmly wipped the spit off of his face. "My companions have told me long ago that I would meet my true love. When I met you I know that it was you they were talking about. They say that your power and your spirit will belong to them while your body will belong to me." He said as he leered up and down Marcus' body.

"Over our dead bodies, he will!" exclaimed Monica as she and the cousins came storming into the room. "Take him cousins" She cried out while Lady Q and Aunt Drago Fox began to untie cousin Marcus.

Marcus rubbed his sore wrists as he watched his Cousin Kim R put to use her martial arts skills against the shadows while Cousin Oddjob used her fists against Mordan. Cousin Melanie took a sword and fought against two shadows. While cousins James, Anna, Alexia, Eren, Annaliisa, and Isis took on four more shadows.

The sounds of fists and screams filled the room as the Clan Cole took on the shadows. With a smack and smash the cousins took charge of the fight. Showing the shadows what humans were really made of.

The fight lasted a few more minutes with blows, the sounds of swords clashing against the beasts and then sudden silence filled the room as the cousins formed a tight circle around Marcus as they took in the defeated Mordan and the corpses of his very dead Shadows.

"EWW!" Anna exclaimed as she watched a dark ooze drip from one of the corpses.

"They also smell bad too," Alexa stated as she pinched her nose.

"What were those things, Marcus?" Kim R asked as she gave one last kick to a dead shadow.

"That my dear cousin's is what we're fighting against. The are called Shadows and they like every other evil villen out there are trying to take over the univers."

"I have seen them before," Lady Q spoke up as she tossed the ropes that tied Marcus up to the floor. "In a vision of the future. I saw our fight here in this very room a few years back."

Lady Q turned to look at their leader as she once more pinched her lower lip in thought while she staired at one of the dead shadows.

Then she looked up and spoke, "The Army of Light calls for help in this fight againt these shadows. Does the Clan Cole hear their call?"

"Yes," James spoke while the rest of his cousin nodded in agreement. "I say that this is Clan business and that we should answer their call for help."

Murmers of aggreement ran through the clan.

"Then it is settled. The Clan Cole will answer the Army of Lights call and will join forces with Sheridan."

"I thought you would never ask," Marcus replied as he looked upon his cousins with pride.

"Someone is coming," Lady Q spoke up as her green eyes became unfocused.

A bright light filled the room and then Valen/Jeffery Sinclair appeared. He smiled as he took in the battered body of Mordan and noticed that there was nothing left of the Shadows.

With a wave of his hand Mordan's body disappeared. "Do not worry Marcus. Mordan or the Shadows will never look for you again. I think one look at your Cousins will frighten them off," He said with a teasing smile. "As for Mordan. he now will face Valen's wrath which I will punish him with as soon as possiable. Be Well, my son." With that he disappeared.

"Thanks Cousins, ' " Marcus stated as he gave each of his cousins a hug and a kiss. " I knew that you would find me in time."

"Of course we would," Monica stated proudly. "We're Family and we have to stick up for each other."

"Besides," Oddjob spoke up while wiping the blood from her fists. "It wouldn't be a Cole Wedding with out a little bloodshed ."

Marcus laughed out loud at hearing this as he and his cousins left the room and went in search of Marcus' true husband, Neroon.


The Wedding Night

This was his wedding night. The night that he would give Neroon the only thing that was important to him. The only thing that mattered to him, his virginity.

Ever since he was a child he fully believed in saving himself for the right person and his soul mate.

Marcus laughed as he looked at himself in the mirror. As a child growing up he remembered he always thought his soul mate would be a beautiful woman. Little did he know then that his soul mate would turn out to be a strong Minbari Warrior.

He sighed and turned off the shower. Then he took a warm towel and dried his naked body. Marcus turned and pulled on a white silk robe and entered their room.

He gasped in surprise as he caught the room filled with lighted candles and a horizontal bed.

However his second gasp came when his eyes caught those of his Mala. There his husband stood dressed in his black silk robe, covering what Marcus thought for sure was a strong naked Minbari body.

"Am'Sheal," Neroon roughly whispered as he took a hold of my hand and lead me to our bed.

Marcus couldn't help the blush that touched his face as Neroon sat next to him on their bed.

Neroon smiled softly as he cupped Marcus' face in both of his hands.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment to come," he said as he gently kissed Marcus' lips.

The feel of Neroon's warm lips caressing his caused Marcus to whimper, feeling the love that Neroon held for him.

"This is our first time together, Marcus. I would have it a memorable and pleasurable experience for you, my beloved."

Marcus bowed his head and then smiled shyly up at his husband. "I love you, Neroon and I will admit that I am nervous about tonight but I know that with you here beside me I can face anything. I want this, Neroon. I've waited all of my life for this moment. I love you, Neroon and I am ready for our first night together. One of which will be repeated for many years to come," Marcus said with a teasing smile as he leaned up and kissed his beloved.

Neroon growled low at the feel of his lover's lips against his as he took Marcus into his arms. Slowly he began to kiss his way down Marcus' neck causing Marcus to moan in pleasure at the feel of Neroon's lips across his skin. Slowly Neroon's hands removed the silk robe from Marcus' shoulders.

"Beautiful," Neroon huskily whispered when his eyes caught sight of his lover's pale skin and naked chest. "So beautiful."

Marcus moaned louder when he felt the warm breath of his lover as Neroon's kisses moved across his chest.

His moans of pleasure grew when Neroon's warm mouth latched on to his right nipple and began to gently suck and lick the nub until it hardened.

The pleasure was such that Marcus groaned deep in his throat, and Neroon smiled to hear his lover's passionate groans.

With his other fingers he gently rubbed the other nipple until it hardened, then pinched it lightly causing another groan form his mate.

Neroon began a gentle nipping and sucking at the nipple that was beneath his mouth while he slowly moved his other hand down the Marcus' chest to the cock that was hidden in the folds of his silk robe.

He smiled when his hand first touched the wiry curls that covered his mate's growing cock. His fingers slowly began to stroke the length of the cock all the way to the head and then slowly moved back down. Neroon repeated these slow teasing movements until Marcus began to moan louder at the pleasure Neroon was bringing to him.

Neroon smiled as he gently pushed his mate back to lie down on their wedding bed. Neroon's fingers slowly began to tease and explore the tip of his lover's cock, as his mouth continued to lave Marcus' nipple. Neroon slowly removed the rest of Marcus robe with his other hand and tossed it on the floor of their room while with his left hand he moved to cup Marcus' balls gently squeezing them and rolling them around his palm.

Marcus groaned loudly at the feel of his lover's hands he soon felt his cock begin to harden under his lover's passionate assault.

Neroon answered his lover's groan with a moan as he too felt his cock harden and began to leak pre cum. However he ignored it as he continued to kiss and lick his way downward until Neroon' tongue began to explore the slit on the tip of Marcus' cock. He mouthed the head and in one smooth motion swallowed Marcus' cock whole. Marcus gasped at the feel of Neroon's wet hot mouth engulfing his cock and cried out his lover's name at the sheer pleasure of it.

Neroon swallowed a few more times, causing his love to come down his throat as he cried out in pleasure while Neroon swallowed his release.

Marcus went limp from the pleasure he felt as Neroon slowly climbed back up his body and began kissing his face as he whispered words of love to him.

Then Neroon stood and slowly dropped his black robe till it pooled around his feet. He smiled proudly as his mate slowly took in his form till Marcus' eyes widen as they landed on Neroon hard and straining cock.

"Yes, my love," Neroon seductively whispered as he grabbed his own cock in hand and slowly began to stroke it causing it to grow larger and harder. "You do this to me." He roughly whispered as he took some warm oil that was sitting in a bowl next to the bed and spread it across his hands and straining shaft.

Pouring some of the oil onto Marcus' stomach, Neroon began to slowly rub his hands over the naked body of his love. Till one of Neroon's oiled fingers began to move between the butt cheeks and soon began massaging around the small entrance to Marcus body.

Marcus moaned at the feel of his lover's hands as they moved across his butt as another finger ran over the hole, massaging it and this time the finger sought his entrance . Neroon's finger went in a bit when Marcus' ass muscles relaxed enough for Neroon to push an oiled finger all the way inside Marcus' tight warm depths.

Neroon moved his finger around, stretching the tight muscles, withdrawing and adding more oil when needed. Soon his finger was met by two fingers more as they began to scissor and massage the inner muscles, loosening them and readying them for something much bigger.

Soon Marcus could feel three fingers inside of him pushing in and out and moving against a sweet spot that made him scream in pleasure. Every time they rubbed against it, Marcus groaned and felt his cock harden once more. He shivered as pleasure hit him in waves upon waves and soon he began to wonder if he would drown in the intensity of passion Neroon was bringing him to.

The fingers were removed and Marcus felt empty. Neroon stood on his knees and once more began to slick his harden cock generously and then positioned the head against Marcus' hole. With one smooth push, he was all the way inside his lover, his swollen balls rested against Marcus' cheeks.

There was some pain for Marcus, but it soon gave way to a pleasure he never felt before. All his life he has never felt as filled and loved until tonight. Neroon waited a moment letting his lover get used the sensation of being filled and comfortable. Then Neroon slowly began to thrust easilyagainst his lover. Moaning loudly at the feel of Marcus' tight warm ass clutching at his large cock.

In and out they moved together as their bodies became covered in sweat. Neroon thrusting harder inside his lover while Marcus clung to his shoulders crying out his name as they moved closer and closer to their climax.

With one hand, Neroon reached in between there moving bodies and found Marcus' straining cock and soon he began to pump it in time with their movements.

Pumping Marcus' cock up and down while Neroon continued to thrust harder in and out of Marcus' body, his thrusts growing stronger and harder with each passing movement.

Soon the stimulation against his spot inside of him grew too much for Marcus and he began to fall into a powerful climax. Screaming out his lover's name while Neroon continue to thrust inside of him.


"Yes! Marcus!," Neroon cried out as he threw his head back in pleasure. "Come for me, Beloved. Come for Me!"

Marcus' ass muscles clenched and tightened around Neroon as his cock erupted between their sweating bodies. Neroon growled low in pleasure as he felt his seed leave his body and fill his beloved till he slowly collapsed across Marcus' body panting to catch his breath.

Neroon chuckled softly as he noticed that Marcus had passed out on him with a smile on his face.

Gently he slowly began to pull out of his love and then went to get a wet cloth to wipe down his dozing lover.

"Marcus Cole," Neroon softly whispered as he took his sleeping lover into his arms. "How I do love you and I am very pleased that you chose me to share the rest of our lives together."

He pulled up a blanket and covered their now cooling bodies as he began looking forward to starting this thing human's called a honeymoon.



The End


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