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2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for wolf & otter best new author award 2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best voyager author award 2005 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best overall author award
2005 asc third place alara rogers award for best author 2006 the newsgroup would like to recommend for alara rogers best author award 2006 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best voyager author award

  Ashes of Soldiers: The War Stories Remix
(VOY, J/OwenP, J/P (P/T implied, J/C unrequited) R)
  "I don't want a happy ending."
  Battlestations (pre-VOY, J/OwenP, NC-17)
  "Fucking the pips has never been this literal."
  Concerning Flight (VOY, J/C, PG)
  "I had no intention of dating her. Of living with her. Of becoming her husband. But, I should have remembered that Kathryn never does anything halfway."
  Liberation (VOY, C/7, J/C, EMH/7, J/EMH, PG)
  "But afterwards. . . She would be free. Free of the whole damned thing. Free of him, free of worrying about him, of worrying about Seven's personal life. What a fucking sorrowful relief it would be."
  A Long Night (VOY, J/C, PG)
  "There's always the hope between us that we'll get home and be able to touch each other like everyone else, have a relationship like everyone else. Be able to 'love' each other like everyone else."
2005 asc second place award for best janeway pairing
  Mother Tongue (VOY, J/7, PG)
  "'Do you understand?' Seven asks, in a language they have both longed to hear."
  Numbering The Stars (VOY, J/OwenP (J/Kashak implied) PG-13)
  "When he looks at her body, the beauty he finds is in the legs he has seen sprint, the hair he has seen blown and torn, the hands that have gripped his in strength, and her mouth of countless commands." Written for the Janeway Fest.
  Out of Sight (TNG/VOY, Picard/Janeway, PG)
  "He thinks she is willing to suffer love. He is quite willing to give it."
  Rapture of The Deep (VOY, P/T (J/T unrequited) PG)
  "I want to touch her, want to hear her cry as though being hurtled through the stars, thrown through nebulas. I want her to hit the ceiling of the universe, break the water that both of us have learned to live under. . ."
2004 asc third place award for best janeway pairing
  Schism (VOY, J/C, PG)
  "Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm cruel. But I can live with the knowledge that I have violated his trust. As he has mine.". Coda to the Voyager episode "Shattered".
  Shared Fate (VOY, K (J/K implied) R)
  "I have won. I know I have won.".
  Songs Never Written
(VOY, J (P/T implied, C/7 implied, J/C implied, J/7 implied) PG)
  "Songs never written have danced before my eyes."
  This Fierceness (VOY, J/T, P/T, PG)
  "She tastes like real wine and a lot of other things you shouldn't have."
2005 asc first place award for best janeway pairing
  Triptych (VOY, J/Tu, PG)
  "When the time comes, she is waiting."
  Turning (VOY, J/T, P/T, PG)
  "I have not forgotten the time I spent with Captain Janeway." Set after the Voyager episodes "Extreme Risk", and "Nothing Human".
2007 asc third place award for best next generation general story
  Who You Love (VOY/TNG, Janeway/Nechayev, PG-13)
  "The risks you take are determined by who you love, and what you will do for them. I have known the kind of love that bound Kathryn. I have never tried to break it, even though I sometimes wished I could. And though it no longer has a hold on the choices I make, it is still with me."

  Devil in Disguise (pre-VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  "Chakotay could not believe what was happening to him. He was being kissed, fondled and seduced by the most beautiful man he had ever met. A man who was also ten years his junior and the son of an Admiral."
  Relaxation Techniques (VOY, T/7, NC-17)
  "B'Elanna looked at Seven through hooded eyes from her position at the end of the bathtub, her legs draped over Seven's, who sat watching her lover from the opposite end."
(at Trekiverse)
Chronicles of Shoreleave --
A series of letters between Kirk and Spock, detailing their experiences, thoughts, and feelings while apart from each other during leave. (Note: There are differences between these and the copies stored at Trekiverse).
  Re: Spock to Jim (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Re: Jim to Spock (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Hey, sweet thing (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Hello Spock (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Jim -- whom Spock loves far too much (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Please write soon (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Sojourn in France (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Beloved T'hyla (TOS, K/S, PG)
  My love (TOS, K/S, PG)
  To my t'hyla (TOS, K/S, PG)
  For Your Eyes Only (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  I want you (TOS, K/S, R)
Chronicles of Shoreleave II --
This next batch of letters is separate in time from the first set. New shore leave, new letters, more fun.
  To my t'hyla (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Sicily (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Without you (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Sicily (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Waiting for your return (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Kisses and not just hugs (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  I wish (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  16 Days (TOS, K/S, PG)
  An Update (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Rome (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Soul mates (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Venice (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Return to me (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Munich (TOS, K/S, PG)
Jennifer L. Adkins
  One Breath (VOY, P/K, SamWildman, PG)
  "Between that breath and the next, Harry's body transformed from a naked, warm, living body to a clothed, frozen, lifeless body." Spoilers for the Voyager episode "Deadlock".
  What Nerve! (VOY, C/P, crew, NC-17, PWP, humor)
  Serving aboard a shipful of voyeurs. . .
golden o 1997 honorable mention best author golden o 1999 first place award best next generation author
golden o 1997 third place award for best overall story golden o 1997 first place award for best next generation story
golden o 1997 first place award for best next generation multiple
  Indigo Trinity (TNG, P/C, C/Ronin, P/C/Ronin, NR, adult themes, violence, ghosts, non-consensual)
  Beverly returns to Caldos: strange things happen. WARNING! Not for the faint of heart! Co-written with Astra.
  Through Every Goodbye We Remain (TNG, Wes, P/C, C/JackC, PG)
  "Mom. I can almost see you there, in front of the fire, with him. I ought to be upset, hurt, but all I can find in myself is pity, for myself and for you." Part of the 'Points of View' universe.
  Delta of Voyager:
Music From Home (DS9/VOY, JadziaDax/7, NC-17)
  An unplanned trip to the Delta Quadrant, and a meeting with Voyager. And with Seven of Nine.
  Delta of Voyager:
Out With The Bathwater (DS9, JadziaDax/K, NC-17)
  Dax, after coming back to the station from her visit to Voyager, has nightmares about Hieras' death. She consoles herself with a bubble bath, a vibrator, and Kira.
  Delta of Voyager:
Baubles, Batleths, and Beads
(DS9, JadziaDax/W, JadziaDax/Leah Brahms, NC-17)
  Worf and Dax steal a moment aboard the Defiant, en-route to pick up Leah Brahms, to. . . Well, relax Klingon-style. Dax helps Leah Brahms perform some tests on the Defiant's engines. Then they perform some tests on each other.
  Delta of Voyager:
Qs In the Night (TNG, T/SuzyQ, NC-17)
  The female Q pays a nocturnal visit to Counselor Troi. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Crumbling (VOY, K/7, EMH/7, attempted rape, NC-17)
  The EMH abducts, and attempts to rape, Seven of Nine. Harry Kim offers comfort. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
The Grotto (DS9, JadziaDax/K, NC-17)
  Jadzia and Major Kira share a romantic interlude on one of Bajor's moons.
  Delta of Voyager:
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
(VOY, T/7 unrequited, J/T implied, R)
  Under the insistence of the Doctor, Seven tries sleeping in a bed, but finds herself haunted by images from her past. . . some disturbing while others are not.
golden o 1998 first place award for best janeway/torres/seven
  Delta of Voyager:
Seven Sins (VOY, J/T, J/T/7, NC-17, mild BDSM)
  Seven, distracted by her budding human sexuality, is advised by the doctor to explore it in the holodeck. Soon, she decides to take what she learned and apply it in the real world . . . with Janeway and Torres.
  Delta of Voyager:
More Q's in the Night (TNG, T/SuzyQ, NC-17)
  Deanna gets another visit from the female Q. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Detente (VOY, J/T, T/7, NC-17, BDSM)
  Janeway sets a plan in motion to get B'Elanna to sleep with Seven, but B'Elanna gives Seven more than she bargained for, and later regrets it.
golden o 1998 third place award (tie) for best janeway/torres/seven
  Delta of Voyager:
Entente (VOY, J/T/7, P, NC-17)
  Torres, Janeway, and Seven teach Tom Paris a well-deserved lesson. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Poetry In Motion (DS9, K/JadziaDax, G, NC-17, voyeurism)
  Dax and Kira have fun on the holodeck while Garak watches. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Meditations (DS9/TOS, JadziaDax/Spock)
  Dax pays a visit to Spock. Set during the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials & Tribulations". (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Costumes (VOY, T/7, NC-17)
  Torres and Seven play dress-up. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Traditions (DS9, S/JadziaDax, R )
  Dax chooses an interesting birthday present for Sisko. (off-site text link)
golden o 1998 second place award for best janeway/torres/seven
  Delta of Voyager:
Delta of Voyager (VOY, J/T/7, NC-17)
  Torres and Seven devise a program to cheer up the Captain after the ship exits the void. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Broken Mirror
(VOY, J/T, NC-17, MU, BDSM, violence, character death)
  In the alternate universe, Janeway and Torres' games take on a more sinister and deadly flavor. (off-site text link)
  Delta of Voyager:
Renewals (DS9, EzriDax/multiple, NC-17)
  Ezri Dax renews some old relationships. (off-site text link)
golden o 1999 honorable mention for best kim/seven
  Delta of Voyager:
Confessions (VOY, J/T/7 (K/7 implied) NC-17)
  Janeway and Torres' confront Seven with their knowledge of her liaison with Harry. (off-site text link)
golden o 1999 first place award for best torres/seven
  Delta of Voyager:
Assault without Batteries (VOY, T/7, NC-17)
  Torres and Seven have a tryst, Klingon-style.
  Blood Fever: The Epidemic
(VOY, P/T, J/C (Tu/K implied) Neelix/Kes) R, humor)
  The title says it all. Spoilers for the Voyager episode "Blood Fever".
  Dumped (VOY, P/K (P/T implied) PG)
  "'Why, Ensign,' Tom spluttered. 'Is that a clarinet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?'"
  A Fool, Here to Stay (VOY, P/K, P/T, R)
  "If this is all I can get, I'll take it. If your friendship is all I can get, I'll take it. If one night of chemically induced passion is all I can get, I'll take it. Even if you end up hating me for it. At least you'll finally know. I'll take it."
  I Have Dreamed (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  "[Harry] shuddered as realization hit. What was I thinking? Tom and I aren't lovers. It was just another dream. A single tear slid, unnoticed, down his cheek."
  Late Night Hoverball (VOY, P/K, R)
  Tom and Harry play a game of hoverball. A missing scene from the Voyager episode "Waking Moments".
  Teasing (VOY, P/K, G)
  Harry finds Tom to be quite distracting.
golden o 2001 first place award for best new author golden o 2001 first place award (tie) for best new original series author golden o 2001 first place award for best new deep space nine author
golden o 2002 first place captain jinx award for best author golden o 2002 third place award (tie) for best original series author golden o 2002 second place award for best next generation author
golden o 2002 first place award for best voyager author golden o 2003 third place captain jinx award for best author golden o 2003 honorable mention best deep space nine author
golden o 2003 second place award for best voyager author


golden o 2003 honorable mention best overall story golden o 2003 first place award for best voyager novel golden o 2003 first place award for best voyager slash novella
golden o 2003 first place award for best chakotay/paris
  The Change in Me (VOY, C/P, NC-17, unpleasant themes)
  "This thing between us, and the monster it grew into, is over. Killed. Slain by my arrogance and my selfishness. Destroyed by my own weakness." Continued in 'This Strange Relationship'
Final Choice
(DS9, G/B, MU, NC-17, darkfic, rape, violence, slavery)
  Q visits the Mirror Universe (MU) Terok Nor and takes First Officer Garak on a midnight odyssey. During the trip, Garak is forced to confront a few home truths about what he really wants, and is ultimately forced to make a hard decision concerning his slave's welfare. Written for The Mirror Universe Fuh-q Fest.
Chosen Path (DS9, G/B, MU, PG-13)
  Both men must now come to terms with what the First Officer's decision means for the two of them. Written for The Mirror Universe Fuh-q Fest.
Choice of Faith (DS9, G/B, MU, NC-17)
  Set one month after the events in 'Chosen Path', Julian and Elim struggle to define their new relationship in the light of all that has gone before. Written for The Mirror Universe Fuh-q Fest.
  Culturally Specific Treatment
(DS9, B/Martok (Martok/Sirella implied) NC-17)
  "Bashir stared intently into the General's single expressive eye, seeing within his fierce intelligence and strength, coupled with an all-consuming lust that would no longer be denied. One way or another, Martok would have release this night." Written for The Doctor Fuh-q-fest. Continued in 'Specific Understanding'.
  A Dream Anniversary (DS9, G/B, R)
  "'So,' Garak looked around brightly. 'I'm assuming that you have arranged a special meal just for this occasion?'"
golden o 2003 second place award (tie) for best next generation other male/ male golden o 2004 third place award for best next generation slash short story golden o 2004 third place award for best deep space nine slash short story
golden o 2004 second place award for best deep space nine short story golden o 2004 third place award for best bashir/other male
golden o 2004 second place award for best deep space nine short story
  Eye of The Beholder (TNG/DS9, Bashir/Kyril Finn, R)
  "It had started two days ago, this strange odyssey into his own past, this chance to say thank you."
golden o 2004 first place award for best deep space nine short golden o 2004 third place award for best deep space nine slash short
  Happy Returns (DS9, G/B, R)
  "Julian closed in on him, his eyes flashing dangerously. 'How could you? I mean it's bad enough that you forgot my birthday, but to destroy Kukalaka behind my back. . .'"
  Infirmary Blues (DS9, G/B, PG)
  Garak is blue. Literally.
golden o 2004 third place award (3-way tie) best deep space nine vignette
  A Little Night Music (DS9, G/B, R)
  Karaoke night at Quark's.
  Pay Attention, Dear (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  Our boys have a really big spat.
  Specific Understanding
(DS9, B/Martok (Martok/Sirella implied) NC-17)
  "'If your company soothes a measure of the pain I have caused him, I cannot see it as a bad thing.' [Sirella] smiled slightly. 'He will not be possessive of you. He will still covet me.' She shrugged. 'This is merely the way of things. But perhaps your. . . friendship will help him live with it.'" Sequel to 'Culturally Specific Treatment'.
  This Strange Relationship (VOY, C/P, NC-17, unpleasantness)
  "Things have changed so much this last half-year. . . There is tenderness where once there was only lust. There is affection where once there was only the shield of aggression." WARNING! Graphic depiction of an horrific accident. Sequel to 'The Change in Me'.
(at The Resistance is Futile List Archive)
  Every Time We Say Goodbye (VOY, K/7, PG)
  "Harry and Seven had married shortly after the fifth reunion, with Kathryn Janeway presiding over the wedding. They spent over fifty years together. Fifty wonderful years filled with friendship, happiness, children, and grandchildren." (off-site text link)

  Dutch Courage (ENT, Tu/R, R)
  "[Hoshi] reached up and grabbed him by his shoulders. 'Get him drunk. Tell him. See how he reacts.'"
  Good Advice (ENT, Tu/R, PG)
  "Malcolm grinned and closed his eyes and Trip began gently massaging his scalp. 'I've been getting dating advice all day.'"
Lullaby (ENT, Tu/R, PG)
  "Rest your sleeping head, my love, Human on my faithless arm."
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (ENT, Tu/R, PG)
  "Or if your wish be to close me, i and my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly. . . "
Stop The Clocks (ENT, Tu/R, PG, character death)
  "Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come."
2000 asc honorable mention best voyager author 2003 the newsgroup would like to recommend for  best deep space nine author
A. Kite


  Affirmation (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  They've given in and it's now the morning after. A sequel to 'Awakening'. (off-site link)
  Awakening (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Tom and Harry give in to lust. (off-site link)
golden o 1999 honorable mention best voyager humor/parody
  Boxers or Briefs (VOY, P/K, PG-13)
  The age-old question is finally answered. (off-site link)
golden o 1997 honorable mention best next generation story golden o 1997 second place award for best next generation misc. slash
golden o 1997 honorable mention best voyager misc. slash
  First Time (TNG/VOY, Wes/Kim, m/m, NC-17)
  Wesley Crusher and Harry Kim are Starfleet Academy roommates who become something more. Set between The Next Generation episodes "The Game" and "Journey's End" and a prequel to 'Not This Time'. (off-site link)
  Hidden Talents (DS9, G/B, R)
  Garak offers the Doctor no small measure of comfort in the wake of the events in the Deep Space Nine episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume". (off-site link)
golden o 1999 first place award for best voyager misc.slash
  Just Dessert (VOY, Tu/N, NC-17)
  Tuvok and Neelix's relationship undergoes somewhat of a change during the Voyager episode "Riddles". Can this change survive Tuvok's recovery? (off-site link)
golden o 1999 third place award (tie) for best deep space nine story single part
  Left Behind (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  The war is over and Garak has gone back to Cardassia, leaving Bashir behind with nothing but regrets. Contains spoilers for the Deep Space Nine series finale, "What We Leave Behind". (off-site link)
golden o 1999 second place award for best kim/male
  Lost (VOY/SENTINAL X-over, P/K, Jim/Blair, Jim/K, NC-17)
  Lost in time, Harry Kim meets Jim Ellison, a meeting that will end up having a profound effect on both their lives. (off-site link)
  The Merry Month of May:
Interruption (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Tom interrupts Harry's 'quiet time'. (off-site link)
  The Merry Month of May:
Harry's Turn (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Harry tries to confront Tom about why he's been avoiding him, but instead becomes distracted. (off-site link)
golden o 1999 third place award (tie) for best paris/kim
  The Merry Month of May:
Temptation (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Once again, Tom interrupts Harry during a very private moment. (off-site link)
  The Merry Month of May:
Temptation II (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Tom's distracted, but all Harry wants to do is talk. (off-site link)
golden o 1999 third place award for best voyager challenge golden o 1999 honorable mention best kim/male
  The Merry Month of May:
Tempted (VOY, P/K, R)
  Harry is tempted by thoughts of someone else when Tom does his disappearing act once again. (off-site link)
  Message (VOY, P/K, PG-13)
  The older Harry sends Tom a message. Spoilers for the Voyager episode "Timeless". (off-site link)
  Message Received (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Tom talks to Harry about the message he received. (off-site link)
  Mr. Popular (VOY, K/crew, P/K, NC-17)
  Everyone wants Harry. Only one person gets him. (off-site link)
golden o 1998 honorable mention best next generation challenge
  Not This Time (TNG/VOY, Traveler/Wes, P/K, NC-17)
  Years after Harry Kim and Wesley Crusher parted, Wes and the Traveler arrive on Voyager, seeking help. Sequel to 'First Time'. (off-site link)
  Private Fantasy (DS9, G/B, R)
  Garak has a new holosuite program. Or does he? (off-site link)
  Rekindling The Flame (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Is it possible for passion to survive even after years of marriage? (off-site link)
  Resignation (TOS, K/C, NC-17)
  Kirk and Chekov deal with their grief and their guilt in the only way they know how. A post "ST II: The Wrath of Khan" hurt/comfort vignette based more on the novelizations of the movies "ST II: The Wrath of Khan" and "ST III: The Search for Spock" than the movies themselves. (off-site link)
golden o 1997 third place award for best voyager misc.slash
  Secret Sessions (VOY, T/Suder, NC-17)
  Suder helps Tuvok in a way no one else on the ship can when Tuvok's pon farr hits at a very critical time. Spoilers for the Voyager episodes "Meld" through "Basics". (off-site link)
golden o 1997 honorable mention best paris/kim
  Sweet Surrender (VOY, P/K, NC-17)
  Tom and Harry enjoy the hospitality of some friendly aliens. (off-site link)

Passion & Perfection

  Change of Heart (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  It's Christmas on Voyager and Seven is about to discover its true meaning, with a little help from a reworking of a Dicken's classic.
  Changes (VOY, J/7, T/7 unrequited, PG-13, character death)
  "B'Elanna looked shyly at the young Ensign, sizing up whether to trust him or not with her next words. 'If I had the power, the power to give Seven anything in the Universe, you know what I'd give her? . . Kathryn's life back.' . . . When you really love someone, Harry, you want them to be happy. . . whatever it takes, and you'd do anything in your power to make that happen.'"
  The Gift (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  A mysterious alien entity approaches Voyager while at the same time B'Elanna is having to deal with the very real possibility of losing her sight.
  Hurt Feelings (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'Oh, there's no easy way to say this, Lieutenant,' [Kathryn] finally blurted out. 'You're the only one on the ship with a rudeness and a manner close to Seven's.' (now B'Elanna's mouth was open, her eyes fully too) ' and so the only one qualified to understand and possibly help her.'"
  Valentine's Impulse (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'There's something I wish to do, Lieutenant, something I have been avoiding for quite some time. I have dreamed of this moment, and I now wish to make it a reality.'"
  What A Surprise (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  Seven and B'Elanna have a shocking request to ask of their captain.
golden o 2005 second place award for best new enterprise author golden o 2005 second place award for best new next generation author golden o 2005 second place award for best new deep space nine author
golden o 2005 second place award for best new voyager author

  Give & Take:
Not What You Want (ENT, A/R, NC-17)
  "He can't change who he is and even if it were possible I would not want him to change for me. I know he does not love me. That I am not what he wants, just the one who gives him what he needs." (off-site link)
  Give & Take:
All That I Need (ENT, A/R, NC-17)
  "How can I be with him and not feel responsible when he's the one who gives me all that I need?" (off-site link)
  Give & Take:
Innocence Lost (ENT, A/R, PG )
  "I know it's not right, that he just lets me take when I do not have anything to give back, but I don't have the energy to argue with him or the inclination to resist what I know he can give me, has given me since long before the Xindi attacked." (off-site link)
  Give & Take:
Too Late to Say Goodbye (ENT, A/R, G)
  "There is no time to say a proper goodbye. To regret the debt that I now know I will never have a chance to repay, or to tell him what I should have told him months ago." Set within the Enterprise episode "Zero Hour". (off-site link)
  Give & Take:
Take Me (ENT, A/R, NC-17 )
  "I would give anything to be able to just lay back down beside him right now, to hold him until he falls asleep, pretend for a while that we've made love tonight and not just satisfied his curiosity, but I know I can't. I have given him what he wanted and now it is time to leave." (off-site link)
  Give & Take:
With All My Heart (ENT, A/R, PG)
  "I close my eyes, fighting the conflicting emotions coiling inside me, wishing with all my heart that loving Malcolm were as simple as I knew it should be." (off-site link)
  Sometimes (ENT, A/R, G)
  ". . . you make me feel like a hero, like the man I want to be." (off-site link)
  Where Your Heart Will Take Us (ENT, A/R, R)
  "I know I said I only wanted the release, no ties or commitment, but things have changed. I've changed, Malcolm." (off-site link)

  Musings (VOY, C/T, PG)
  "His lips are warm and soft against mine, and he reaches out one hand to cup my cheek, just like Tom used to. I pull away at the thought. At his confused look I smile, realizing it's time to put the past in the past. This is my future. Chakotay is my future."

  I'll See You In Your Dreams (TNG, R/T, G, character death)
  "As they made love . . . him and his ghost lover. . . everything was as perfect, even if only for one moment in time. He had her again, though only at night."
Cath Allen
(at Odo's PADD)
  The Pit Saga:
Fighting The Pit Within (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "He couldn't live without her." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Outlaw, Inlaws (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "'Are you aware, Mr. Kirantana, that your actions could start an interplanetary war?'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Riding Shotgun (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "He was Kiran Odo, soon to be wed to Kira Nerys. Soon to have her child. Hopefully." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Get Me to the Church on Time (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "'Relax, my boy,' Gramma Kiran patted his arm in comfort. She had taken Nerys' place by his side for this visit, since his Ale'al was in Ops trying to sort out a veritable fleet of visiting ships. 'You won't be the first one who's had to waddle up the aisle. Although before now, it used to be the womenfolk.'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Baby on Bored (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "Of all the idiot Humanoid customs Odo was growing to thoroughly dislike, the Baby Shower was coming into his top five." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Bouncy Baby Blues (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "Kira Veral didn't cry like a humanoid baby when he was irritated. He squealed. An eighty-decibel ululation that sometimes shattered small glass objects nearby." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Toddler? HA! (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "'We believe Veral may have disguised himself as a gift for his Gramma Kiran.'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Soshal (DS9, original characters (O/K implied) PG-13)
  "Real Vorta had no appreciation for aesthetics. Real Vorta considered sex and love to be perversions. Real Vorta weren't born and given names like 'disgrace' by their Founder. Real Vorta served with their lives. Soshal couldn't." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
One Man, One Vote (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "Nerys had been right. Every Vedek worth their earring was running for Kai." (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Time Out (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "Odo sighed a second time. 'I just found out the hard way that my body needs to be pregnant. . . I'm incomplete without some part of you -- growing inside me.'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Multiplication, That's the Name of the Game
(DS9, O/K, original character/original character, PG-13, humor)
  "'You might have to carry me,' [Nerys] told [Odo]. 'I can't walk and sneeze at the same time.'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
Ma and Pagh (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "'The hormone levels are amazing,' Bashir was saying. 'It's a wonder you two aren't trying for more public indecency charges, as it were.'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
The Spiders and the Blooms (DS9, O/K, PG-13, humor)
  "[Odo] hung his head and was pinching his nose at its bridge. 'My son, the barhop. . .'" (off-site link)
  The Pit Saga:
(DS9, O/K, original character/original character, PG-13, humor)
  "'He likes being a daddy, dear; there's nothing you can do about it.'" (off-site link)
(at Passion & Perfection)

  Tom Paris doesn't know when to shut up.
  B'Elanna and Seven have a disagreement.
  "'But Sevvvvvvven, you agreed that it would be interesting to see what happened.' B'Elanna practically whined at her girlfriend's reluctance to participate."
  B'Elanna is pregnant. And cranky. And it's all Seven's fault. All of it.
  Seven and B'Elanna have another disagreement.
DRAW (VOY, T/7, R)
  B'Elanna receives a message . . .
FBI (VOY, T/7, PG)
  Thanks to Paris, everybody's talkin'. . .
HIWTH (VOY, T & 7, PG)
  B'Elanna is embarrassed.
  Some things are better left unsaid.
  Seven completely misunderstands the latest acronym's meaning.
  Seven speaks her mind.
  Seven removes Tom from Engineering.
  Seven wants some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now.
SWEET (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  Now that Seven has had her ice cream, it's B'Elanna's turn to get what she wants. Sequel to 'ROFLMAO'.
VJB (VOY, T/7, PG)
  "I had no idea though that you were going to do that. . .!".
  Seven is perplexed by B'Elanna's behavior; B'Elanna explains that. . .
Amarin Rose


  Ever-changing Life (DS9, O/K, PG)
  Just an ordinary morning with our favorite Major and her husband . . .
  Remember My Name, You'll Be Screaming It Later (VOY, P/T, R)
  "Less talking; more screaming."
  Spectacular Failures (VOY, P/K, PG-13)
  "Seconds away from death, working furiously to restore power to the shuttle. . . Damn, what a failure their anniversary date was shaping up to be."
(at The Wayback Machine/Internet Archive)
  Better Left Unsaid (VOY, P/K, K/T, G)
  B'Elanna doesn't react very well upon learning Harry's little secret.
  Bitter Man (VOY, C/T (K/T implied) PG)
  "It's too late for us."
  Briefing at 0700 (VOY, K/T, PG)
  "'Why am I chained to the bed?' [Harry] asked, managing to sound as if he was simply querying the weather."
  Cloud Nine (VOY, C/T, K/T, C/?, others all implied, PG)
  "I'm not that masochistic that I'm going to sit all night in Sandrine's, watching her watching him while he's oblivious to her and she's oblivious to me."
  Dance to Forget (VOY, K, T, G)
  "I shall remember whilst the light lives yet, and, in the nighttime, I shall not forget."
  Dancing with Death (VOY, K/T, G)
  "Well, if I'm dead, then this must be heaven, because baby, you're an angel."
  Draw Me into You (VOY, J/T (P/T implied) PG)
  ". . . wouldn't life be boring if we always knew what was going to happen?"
  Just An Ordinary Day (VOY, T, K/T, T/m, R)
  Two B'Elanna's, one from this timeline, one from another, far different one. One lying unconscious in Sickbay, the other pursued by her Captain from an alternative Voyager. All, however, may not be as it seems. . . WARNING! non-consensual sex, violence, disturbing themes.
  Mine (VOY, P/T, K/T, PG)
  Remembrances of a night spent in the future has left Harry bitter.
  Moral Dilemma (VOY, T/m, PG)
  Which shall it be then, love or duty?
  Now and Then (VOY, K/f, P/Kes (P/T implied/unrequited, K/T implied/unrequited) G)
  Tom and Harry talk. Set in the universe described in the Voyager episode "Before and After".
  The Peanut Tree (VOY, J, P/RrainRobinson, G)
  Kathryn returns home only to have a rather enlightening conversation with her sister.
  The Pohutakawas Are Bleeding:
Pohutakawa Blood (VOY, P/T (K/T implied) G)
  It's Christmas Eve and somewhere in New Zealand, B'Elanna receives a call.
  The Pohutakawas Are Bleeding:
Blue Bleeding Hearts (VOY, P/T, K/T, R, original character death)
  Harry and B'Elanna's child is dying; everyone copes as best they can.
  The Pohutakawas Are Bleeding:
Blood of The Lamb (VOY, P & K, P/T (K/T implied) PG)
  A fragile truce is enacted over a tiny gravesite.
  Private Emotion (VOY, K/T, PG)
  An introspective piece set on an alien beach, about two minutes after the sun sets.
1999 asc second place award for best kim/torres
  A Sense of Dress (VOY, K/T, G)
  "'I have nothing to wear,' she told him, arms folded and a look on her face that made the Engineering crew flee every time she used it."
  Tears of Pearls (VOY, K/T, PG)
  The Voyager episode "Caretaker" and everything after.
  Too Much (VOY, T/?, PG-13)
  "His hands had the most amazing feel. . ."
  Twinkle, Twinkle (VOY, K/T/, G)
  "You're so beautiful. . ."
Amphioxous Obnoxious
  Encore (TOS/DS9, Spock/McCoy, McCoy/EmonyDax, Spock/JadziaDax, PG)
  Lonely in his older years, Spock wants just one more memory. . .
  The Dancer (ENT, A/R, PG)
  A bet. A talent contest. A surprised Trip.
  Malcom Reed: Sex Kitten? (ENT, R/Ma, Tu/R, A/R, R/P/f, R, satire)
  Malcom Reed finds himself to be very popular with the male members (cough, sputter) of Enterprise's crew.
  Splintered (ENT, R/various, NC-17, AU)
  Multiple parallel universes; multiple possible Reeds.

All That I Can Get (VOY, P/K (P/T implied) NC-17)
  "Tom gives what he can; I take all that I can get."
Addict (VOY, P, P/K (P/T implied) PG)
  "But I can walk away. Away from him, away from this need, away from this weakness. I can." (off-site link)
Deep (VOY, P, P/K, P/T, R)
  ". . . somehow the war wandered away while we were plotting our strategies, and now we find ourselves uncomfortable allies in loss." (off-site link)
  . . . And A Shower (VOY, P/?, NC-17)
  Paris has had a bad day. All he wants is a shower and a . . . (off-site link)
  I Want (VOY, P/K, PG)
  Paris is up late one night, wanting. (off-site link)
  Mine (VOY, P/K, NR)
  A first time. " He fought harder than I thought he would, and in the end, I had to use my phaser. I stood over him and found myself smiling. . ." WARNING! Violence and all sorts of rather graphic unpleasantness. Read at your own risk. (off-site link)
2003 the newsgroup would like to recommend for  best next generation author award 2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for  alara rogers best author award 2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for  best enterprise author
2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best deep space nine author award 2006 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best voyager author award 2006 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best overall author award

  All's Quiet On The Western Front
(DS9, B/EzriDax, O'B, PG, darkfic)
  "The end of it isn' at all like I expect."
2002 asc second place award for best voyager general pairing
  A Certain Distance (VOY, C/T, P/T, PG)
  Torres talks of unrequited love and unrevealed secrets.
  Darkness Rising (VOY, P/T (C/T implied) PG)
  Paris extracts a promise from Chakotay. Coda to the Voyager episode "Lineage".
  Familiar Paths (VOY, J/Mark (J/C implied/unrequited) G)
  "'We've returned. And changed. I simply want to regain my life as it was before that mission.'"
  Find The River (VOY, J, C (C/7 implied) PG-13, darkfic)
  "Soon, either way, you believe there will finally be peace to be found in fate."
  For The Record (VOY, J, C/7 (J/C unrequited) PG-13 )
  "I was wrong, and weak, and I did become your token Maquis, but by the time I realized it I also realized I was too far gone to change it. You commanded. I provided background, and spirits, did I match the totem wood."
  Home Trials (VOY, J/K (OwenParis/J unrequited, J/P implied, P/T implied) PG-13)
  "Did you ever spend years losing yourself, then spend just one moment finding a lifeline you never dreamed you could hope for?"
  In The Cards
(VOY, J/P (implied K/7, P/T, C/7, J/C) PG-13, darkfic)
  "'You're a gambler, Captain. You deal the cards and call the game, and win or lose, you walk away and let the ashes fall where they may. And you don't care.'"
  An Introduction to Grief (VOY, J/K, PG)
  "'Hope has an expiration date in my reality, Captain.'"
  L'Alliance Du Diable (TNG/VOY, Troi/Paris, PG)
  Before Voyager leaves DS9, Deanna Troi does her Starfleet thing. Tom Paris undoes her.
  Of Time (VOY, J, C/7, PG)
  Twenty-two years after Voyager's return, at a New Year's Starfleet Academy commencement ceremony, Janeway and Chakotay meet again.
  The Only Thing (VOY, P/Kes (implied P/T) PG-13)
  Set during the Voyager episode "Before and After" timeline. After so many Krenim attacks and losses, Tom needs a reason to live. Kes wants him to understand that he is her reason.
  Requiem (VOY, J/P, P/T, C, PG, deathfic)
  "Was I to tell a dying woman that the person she had clutched as salvation was a whore? Was I to tell her that she was a whore for having the weakness of needing human touch, that he was a whore for giving in to the demons he never managed to escape?"
  The Rose Garden (VOY, J, C/7 (P/T implied, C/T implied) PG)
  "Can you ever realize how much joy you've drained from all of us. . . never remember the fiery half-Klingon who did naught but love you and has never stopped living with her dishonor, never remember the angry con who came to worship you as equal parts enemy and mentor, never remember. . ."
  Soul and Anchor (DS9, B/EzriDax)
  Ezri contemplates a career change.
  Sun and Sky (VOY, P/T, C/7, C/T, PG, characters death)
  ". . . there are still days I wish I could kill them for their sacrifice."
  Time of Your Life (VOY, C/7, P/T, J/P, PG-13)
  "Seven had had a good life, for all its hell, had fulfilled her wishes, had found love, acceptance, had created a little life of her own. She had had the time of her life, and we shouldn't forget that. "
  The Unforgotten (VOY, P/T, P/Kes, PG)
  "'Tom.' This time, [Kes'] hands were the ones gripping, her eyes the ones seeking. 'I see pain in your eyes, and I can only imagine what put it there. . . but I know I can't help that. I can't let our timeline unfold here. . . in this reality. That doesn't mean it won't in another reality. Linnis may be out there, and all of them. For another Kes, and another Tom. We have to accept what this reality grants us.'" Spoilers for the Voyager episode "Before & After".
The Angst Girls
  Code of Silence (VOY, P/K, C/P, NC-17, violence, rape)
  Can Harry help Tom heal after the Lieutenant is brutally attacked by Voyager's First Officer?
  Consequences (VOY, Tu/f, NC-17)
  "I've been dreaming. . . of you. . . and, in a way, also of me. . ."
  From A to Z (VOY, EMH/7 unrequited, PG)
  ". . . she'd become human without him."
  Madonna of Cargo Bay 2 (VOY, EMH/7, PG, poem)
  "Suddenly I am lonely. Where are you?"


  To Err Is Human (VOY, K/7 (J/C implied, P/T impled) PG)
  Seven is ready to begin a relationship with Harry. Now all that stands in their way is her cortical-node failsafe. Based on the Voyager episode "Human Error".
2003 the newsgroup would like to recommend for alara rogers best author award 2003 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best voyager author award
golden o 1999 third place award for best paris/torres
  Balance (V0Y, P/T, NC-17)
  Voyager comes to the aid of a ship in distress and, as a consequence, a few crewmembers are invited, as honoured guests, to the aliens' homeworld. But all is not what it seems, however, when Paris and Torres go missing.
  Breakfast with Neelix (VOY, J, P/T, PG)
  "Kathryn felt cold . . . so cold and alone. Some things, she realised, she would probably never experience again, things she would not name but was well aware of. It was a bitter truth she denied in some part of herself that struggled to hold on to who she was, what she was, and how she used to be."
  Green: An Equinox Coda (V0Y, P, P/T, R)
  Tom' s jealous. A coda (of sorts) to the Voyager episode "Equinox (part one)". Takes place shortly after the assumed dinner between Paris, Torres, Kim and Burke.
  Harbor Lights (V0Y, P/T, NC-17)
  "I check our course and steady the wheel. I watch the sky meet the horizon in the distance, taste the salt on my lips. . . and I remember."
golden o 2000 first place award for best voyager single person golden o 2000 third place award for best voyager het golden o 2000 second place award for best paris/torres
2000 asc second place award for best paris/torres
  Inner Landscape (VOY, P/T, C, R)
  Set during and between the early-mid season six Voyager episodes, B'Elanna, Tom and Chakotay try to come to terms with the issues and unsettled conflicts standing between them. . .
  Only for A Minute (V0Y, P/T, PG-13)
  "I only had the chance to see him for a minute. I wonder if he'll ever know how much that means." DangerMom wrote a companion piece 'Moments of Hope'.
  Playthings (VOY, P/T, NC-17)
  "Smiling broadly at [Tom], she continued, 'And what may I ask is so unusual about me wanting to spend some time with you?' Still grinning, B'Elanna used their still joined hands to lightly cuff Tom's chin. 'I did promise I'd make some time for us, remember? Not that I thought for a second that I'd be stuck with you in a prison cell in New Zealand.'" Set shortly after the Voyager episode "Renaissance Man," but before the episode "Endgame".
1999 asc honorable mention best seven of nine
  Scientific Curiosity (VOY, 7, P/T, Crew, NC-17)
  "I thought that my research of the subjects would go unnoticed, but I had underestimated Lt. Torres. The Chief Engineer approached me this evening and confronted me about my observations of her and Ensign Paris. I explained to her that I was conducting research about human mating practices." Spoilers for the Voyager episode "Someone to Watch over Me".
Anon Sisters
  Closer to Q (TNG, P/Q, NC-17)
  "How dare Picard think that Q wanted to have sex with him? It was absurd, insane even. Just who the hell did Jean-Luc think he was, standing there all naked and inviting like that?" (off-site link)
  Inter-Q (TNG, P/Q, NC-17)
  "'You're such a sweet fuck,' Q growled. 'You're dick candy, you know that?'"
  Lovewish (TNG, P/Q, NC-17)
  "But then the velvet tip of the man he loved, the man he had chosen to love, the man he couldn't help but adore, was pressing against him, and a hundred nerve endings seemed to catch fire and fill him with the promise of ecstasy and he tried to press back, to urge Picard forward." A companion piece/sequel to Emma Woodhouse's 'Lifewish'. (off-site link)
golden o 1997 second place award for best next generation story
  To Tell The Q (TNG, P/Q, NC-17)
  Picard is being tortured by the Vorta when Q shows up to offer comfort. . . but is it really Q? (off-site link)

  Ship-wide Gossip (TNG, R/T, PG)
  "'It's been said that the two of them share a torrid romantic past.'"
1995 asc newsgroup recommended best author
Brenda Antrim


  Encounter (X-Files/Voyager, Mulder/Paris, NC-17)
  Agent Mulder and Lieutenant Paris find common ground when a disruption in space lands them in the same shuttlecraft. (off-site link)
  Missed Chances (VOY, C/P, PG-13)
  A short ride in a turbolift with Chakotay can lead to so many interesting possibilities.
  Party at Vachon's (X-Files/VOY/DS9/Forever Knight, Mulder/Krychek/Paris/Bashir/Garak/Knight/Vachon, NC-17)
  Nick Knight and Javier Vachon end up hosting an impromptu orgy with a surprise guest who is taking notes. . . (off-site link)
  Secrets (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  Bashir has secrets he can't trust to anyone, not even to Garak.
  Making Peace with The Enemy Within (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  "Spock knew it would be a long time before his Captain, his Bondmate, could forget . . . or forgive." Set during The Original Series episode "The Enemy Within".
2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for wolf & otter best new author award 2004 the newsgroup would like to recommend for best enterprise author


  Differences (ENT, Archer/Shran, PG-13)
  "The taste is unfamiliar. . ."
  An Experiment (ENT, Ma/T, R)
  "She found him fascinating because he was a contradiction . . . "
  The First Time (ENT, R/S, R)
  "Could it mean anything to her? Anything like what it had meant to him?"
  Missed Opportunities
(DS9, JadziaDax/W (JadziaDax/Quark unrequited/one-sided) PG)
  "He'd always felt that there was more time, that someday he'd take her and that she'd be his and that they'd live as happily ever after as a Ferengi and a Trill could live."
  Not Regulation (ENT, R/Tu, R)
  "'God help me, Mr. Tucker, I want you more than breath,' Malcolm managed to choke out. . . "
golden o 2004 third place award for best deep space nine short golden o 2004 second place award for best deep space nine slash short
  Professor Quark and the Quick Study
(DS9, Odo/Quark (Odo/Kira implied) NC-17)
  "'Don't just stand there!' Quark said, glowering up at him. 'Form a clitoris!'"
  Rose Among Dandelions (ENT, R/S, R)
  "Hoshi has secret thorns, ones she herself doesn't even know about, and they have pricked his heart."
  Sea of Time (ENT, Daniels/Silik, PG)
  "He sails the sea of time in a skiff made of science."
  Never Trust A Gambler
(DS9, JadziaDax/W (JadziaDax/Quark unrequited/one-sided) PG)
  ". . . her blue eyes danced mischief, daring him to ask for what he wanted from her."
  You'll Know (ENT, Ma/S (Ma/Cu implied, Tu/Cu implied) PG-13)
  "Travis smiled slyly at her. 'Nah,' he said. 'Hoshi, when we go on a date, I promise you you'll know.'"
(at Triaxian Silk)

  Calculating The Precise Value of Pie (ENT, Tu/T, PG)
  "'It is illogical to infer that there is a reciprocal relationship between sexuality and the sharing of food, or a utensil.'" (off-site link)
  Running out of Time (ENT, Tu/T, PG)
  "Sometimes I worry about what she's gonna do when I'm gone." (off-site link)
  Wrecked (ENT, Tu/T, R)
  "He grinned. 'We just had a bed-wrecker!'" (off-site link)

  Resolutions (VOY, J/T, J/7, R)
  "'Do you want to. . .' she asks when we stop in front of her door. I nod quickly, afraid that if I think too long, I'll walk away. . ."
  Acts of Kindness (VOY, J/P, NC-17)
  "I think we're saving each other." (off-site link)
  Between Decks (VOY, C & P, R)
  A stalled turbolift. Claustrophobia and holding hands. (off-site link)
  Between Earth & Sky (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  The holodeck, hot-air ballooning and oh, yes. Sex. (off-site link)
  Between Endings (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  The holodeck again. Mont St. Michael. Confessions and starting anew. (off-site link)
  Hololove (VOY, C/P, PG, humor)
  "Tom called the program and the holodeck shimmered, revealing what Chakotay could only describe as the most tasteless room he'd ever seen."
golden o 2001 second place award for best treksmut university author
  The Bay in Fog (TOS, K/S, Sa/Am, G)
  Ambassador Sarek has an unexpected Christmas guest, Admiral Kirk, distraught and grieving over Spock's decision to go to Gol. (off-site text link)
1999 asc third place award (tie) for best original series general pairing
  Her Way (TOS, Sa/Am, G)
  Amanda's all-too-human response to her pregnancy makes this to be a trying time for Sarek. (off-site text link)
  Humans Kiss and Vulcans Touch (TOS, K/S, PG-13)
  The difference between Vulcans and Humans. (off-site text link)
  Ponn Farr (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  "For his love for him, was exactly he feared the most. Because it means to go against his principles, against all he had learned and practised during all the years, he had spend off Vulcan. Because to be in love means to have emotions, to express feelings, to behave like a non Vulcan." (off-site text link)
  Ponn Farr Part Two (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  "There was madness in Spock's eyes, desire, flames consuming his whole soul and. . . love. And Kirk, looking in those loving eyes, was sure, that even if he should burn down to ashes at the end of this night, right now, he would be not able to stop himself." (off-site text link)
  Spock's Christmas Singles Out (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Well, it will come to this, when a certain Vulcan is unable to find a partner by himself. (off-site text link)
1998 asc first place award for best original series pairing
  The Taste of Cranberries (TOS, Sa/Am, G)
  "My people don't apologise for mistakes and failures. All that we are supposed to do is a conclusion of our logical behaviour, and whatever happens. . . " Companion piece to Laura Valentine's 'Cranberry Wine'. (off-site text link)
(at The Wayback Machine/Internet Archive)
  Decision (VOY, J/Ka, NC-17)
  "Inevitably [Kathryn] made a decision. Her definition of first contact was about to expand." A missing scene from the Voyager episode "Counterpoint" as well as a sequel to Devorephile's 'Protocol'.
golden o 1999 second place award (tie) for best deep space nine author


  Cardassia Sutra (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  Someone is writing a book on inter-species sexual practices and someone -- or rather two someones -- are needed to do the research.
golden o 1998 honorable mention best deep space nine story
  Droit De Seigneur (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  After the War, Bashir returns with Garak to Cardassia where it is now he who finds himself to be the stranger in a strange land.
1997 asc third place award for best garak/bashir
  Literature series:
Nom de Plume (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  What happens when fictional characters write fan fiction? Read this and find out. (off-site link)
  Literature series:
Roman a Clef (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  A sequel to 'Nom de Plume', involving political exiles, doctors, and best selling novels. (off-site link)
  Literature series:
Folie A Deux (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  A look at holosuites and those who write the programs for them. (off-site link)
golden o 1998 second place award for best deep space nine story golden o 1998 second place award for best garak/bashir
1998 asc first place award for best garak/bashir
  Serpent's Tail (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  "As though the young man could hear him, Garak murmured, 'Where are you now? Where have you gone to?' -- as though the essence of Julian Bashir might still be intact, locked inside the prison of his own unmoving flesh." (off-site link)
  Sherlock Holmes Patsiches:
Agent Provocateur (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  In the Sherlock Holmes and Watson tradition, Garak and Bashir work on solving a mystery involving a woman from Garak's past and the scandal which could affect a great Romulan House. A blatant rip-off of "A Scandal in Bohemia" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (off-site link)
  Sherlock Holmes Patsiches:
The Enigma Variations (DS9, G/B, PG)
  A Bajoran's Cardassian wife is receiving excerpts from various 'Engima Tales', excerpts which seem to terrify her. Garak may have been the one asked tp solve this rather baffling case, but it's Bashir's inexperience with the nuances of the Kardsi language that provides the key to the solving mystery. Once again, Garak and Bashir are Holmes and Watson, in a rip off of "The Dancing Men" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  Sherlock Holmes Patsiches:
The Riding Hound of The House of Tain (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  Inspired by "The Hounds of the Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Bashir accompanies Mages Remmitor and Garak to an estate believed to be haunted. It seems placid enough at first, but unseen dangers wait to suck in the unwary. After the death of an escaped convict at the jaws of a hellish hound, percolating issues begin to surface. It takes sneaky thinking and a lot of luck to survive and solve the mystery shrouding the estate and the lives of those who live there. (off-site link)
golden o 1998 honorable mention best deep space nine story
  Sins of Emission (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  Biological differences are no obstacle to love, as the Doctor and the tailor soon discover.
golden o 1997 honorable mention best garak/bashir
1997 asc second place award for best garak/bashir
  Snakecharmer (DS9, G/B, G/Du, PG-13)
  "It seemed to him the final irony, that he should court the goodwill of Dukat's daughter, after all that had gone between her father and himself, as though the same game was played out with the same cast in only slightly different roles." (off-site link)
asca 1998 third place award for best deep space nine author

  Vulcans Don't Lie (ST:XI/AbramsUniverse, K/S, S/U, NC-17)
  "Uhura needed a drink; all the moisture in her mouth seemed to have migrated to another part of her anatomy. Never mind what Kirk was doing to that gorgeous body, Spock was in love with her and Uhura promised herself she would make the most of it the next time she got her hands on him."
  Covert Operations (DS9, G/B, O'B, NC-17)
  O'Brien discovers a secret, hidden file on the station's computer, a file intended to be given to Julian upon Garak's death. Takes place between the Deep Space Nine episodes "The Adversary" and "Empok Nor".
  Just a Figment of My Imagination (DS9, G/B, PG-13)
  Bashir wonders what Garak wants from him. Takes place between the Deep Space Nine episodes "A Call to Arms" and "A Time to Stand".
  Vital Signs (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  When Garak falls ill, Bashir realizes just how much the tailor means to him. Takes place the day after the Deep Space Nine episode "Our Man Bashir".
golden o 2006 second place award for best enterprise author

  Cherry Blossom Suite:
Giving Up The Stars (TOS, Su/R, PG-13)
  If you love someone, then let them go . . .
  Cherry Blossom Suite:
Simple (TOS, Su/R, G)
  Hikaru proposes to his Junebug.
  Cherry Blossom Suite:
Jumpy (TOS, Su/R, G)
  Hikaru waits for his answer.
  Cherry Blossom Suite:
I Gave My Love (TOS, Su/R, G)
  Janice finds what she thinks is her engagement ring. It isn't.
  Cherry Blossom Suite:
Devil in A Red Dress (TOS, Su/R, PG-13)
  Sulu is pursued by another woman.
  Cherry Blossom Suite:
On A Bridge (TOS, Su/R, PG-13)
  Hikaru and Rand's honeymoon hits a snag.
golden o 2007 first place award (tie) for best original series other challenges golden o 2007 third place award (tie) for best other challenge vignette
  Intrepid Love (TOS, T'Pring/Stonn, G)
  Everyone lives happily-ever-after. Or then again, maybe not. Sequel to 'To The Victor'.
  Ship Tales:
Where We Belong (ENT, R/Hayes, G)
  "'Is that a phaser in your pocket or you glad to see me?' Reed purred."
golden o 2007 third place award for best kirk/other female golden o 2007 first place award for best original series improbable pairing challenge
golden o 2007 second place award (tie) for best other challenge short story
  To The Victor (TOS, K/TPau, NC-17)
  When Kirk wins the Koon-ut-kal-if-ee, T'Pau offers to free him from his bond to T'Pring as well as to restore Spock's honor -- for a price. Coda to The Original Series episode "Amok Time".
  Unkindest Cut (TOS, Ch, Mc, M'Benga, S/U, PG)
  Christine discovers an unsettling fact and decides it's time to leave the Enterprise. Spoilers for The Original Series episode "Return to Tomorrow".
  Like Pasta for Hangovers (VOY, P/K, NC-17, character death)
  Tom helps Harry through a difficult time.
  The Object of My Desire (VOY, C/Tu, P/K, NC-17)
  When Tuvok's concentration begins to suffers due to his desire for a mate, the Captain orders him to resolve the situation. He then seeks out the object of his desire and makes his declaration. Romance ensues. (It is not a pon farr story.) Companion piece to 'Like Pasta for Hangovers'.
golden o 1999 first place award for best next generation author

  Dream Bonding (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "There was nothing between them now but the identities they wore, and the story they now lived."
golden o 1997 third place award for best overall story golden o 1997 first place award for best next generation story
golden o 1997 first place award for best next generation multiple
  Indigo Trinity (TNG, P/C, C/Ronin, P/C/Ronin, NR, adult themes, violence, ghosts, non-consensual)
  Beverly returns to Caldos: strange things happen. WARNING! Not for the faint of heart! Co-written with AdmiralTag.
  Private Dick (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "He liked it when Beverly took control."
Dancing (TNG, C, R, adult themes, abortion themes)
  Beverly makes an important, and costly, decision.
golden o 1999 first place award (tie) for best next generation story single part golden o 1999 second place award for best picard/crusher
Robin's Prior Consultation (TNG, P/C, NR, violence)
  Beverly's decision causes repercussions which tear the Captain and Riker apart. WARNINGS of every sort!
golden o 1999 first place award (tie) for best next generation story single part golden o 1999 first place award for best next generation single person
Breathing (TNG, C, R)
  Beverly wakes up in sickbay. Takes place immediately after the events in 'Prior Consultation'.
  Washed Away (TNG, P/C, G, character death)
  "She would mourn, here in the rain, letting the blackness cover her until the rain washed it away."
golden o 1997 third place award for best picard/crusher
  Winning Hand (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "There was no doubt -- Picard was not pleased and Riker was the cause." Co-written with AdmiralTag.
  Winning Hand:
The Wager (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "Okay, Will, think about this. You were playing poker. You made a bet; Bev lost. The terms were vague -- dye your hair another color. There was nothing in the bet about cutting it. Picard couldn't blame him for that. Then why had he been called on the carpet today by Picard? It couldn't mean. . ."
  Winning Hand:
Games Lovers Play (TNG, P/C (implied R/C, C/Odan) NC-17)
  "Will had always thought it took a great deal of graciousness on Picard's part never to blame Will for hosting Beverly's lover, for making it obvious that the night before Beverly had been in his bed, he in her. . ."
  Winning Hand:
Side Bets (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "'Who promoted you to admiral?' [Picard] groused, sliding himself sensuously across and off [Beverly's] prone body. He loved the feel of her skin-tight leather clothing."
  Winning Hand:
Riker Ups the Ante (TNG, P/C, NC-17)
  "Beverly added, 'One of the ingredients Will used to make the serum becomes unstable when exposed to anaphasic energy. Instead of inhibiting my sex drive, it seems to have quadrupled it.'" Co-written with AdmiralTag.
  Winning Hand:
Playing the Hand You're Dealt (TNG, P/C, Q, NC-17, generf*ck)
  "It was a scream of pure pleasure. Looking up, the couple on the bed saw the image of Will Riker, lying spread-eagled on a smooth yellow surface while what looked like cheese was drizzled over him." Co-written with AdmiralTag.

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LiveJournal: In Memorium
  Backrub (TNG, P/Q, R)
  An exhausted Jean-Luc Picard gets an incredible massage from an invisible masseur. . . (off-site link)
  The Collar (TNG, P/Q, NC-17, heavy S&M)
  Only one person is privileged enough to wear Q's leather collar. WARNING! Extreme S&M, D/s, BDSM (off-site link)
golden o 1997 honorable mention best next generation story golden o 1997 first place award for best picard/q
  His Beloved Pet or A Dangerous Liaison
(TNG, P/Q, NC-17, heavy BDSM)
  On a dare from another Continuum member, Q seduces Captain Picard. Jean-Luc is overwhelmed by Q and the dominance games they play, but Q remains unaffected. How will Jean-Luc react when the true reason for their tryst is revealed? Co-written with Ruth Gifford. WARNING! Extreme S&M, D/s, BDSM
  Up against the Wall, Jean-Luc (TNG, P/Q, m/m, NC-17)
  Captain Picard is rudely accosted by Q in his own ready room. He couldn't be enjoying it, though... could he? Co-written with Ruth Gifford. (off-site link)
  Infected (VOY, K/7, PG)
  An anomalous side effect from Species 8472 leaves Harry in a Singularly Bad Mood, and Seven with a new appreciation for faerie tales.
(at Trekiverse)
  Momentary Distraction (TNG, P/C, G)
  "Her absence had also shown him that, despite his attempts not to, he had fallen in love with her again." Set soon after Beverly's return to the Enterprise.
(at Imzadi Everlasting)

  What Might Have Been (TNG, R/T, PG-13)
  "For just a moment, he felt that he could gladly trade the lives of those one-hundred and twenty-five people just for a moment with Deanna." Set during The Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise".
  The Water Is Wide (VOY, J/C, R)
  Chakotay has left Voyager, and Janeway has been catapulted into a parallel universe, to a Chakotay grieving over the death of his Kathryn.
  The Wraiths Trilogy:
Eidolon (VOY, J/C, R, novel-length)
  Unsure whether her First Officer is even still alive after being possessed by the alien "Eidolon", Janeway faces both physical and emotional trials.
  The Wraiths Trilogy:
Survival Instinct (VOY, J/C, PG)
  Trapped in a survival program in the holodeck, Janeway and Chakotay must also deal with the aftereffects of the events in 'Eidolon'. . . and sparks begin to fly.
  The Wraiths Trilogy:
Full Circle (VOY, J/C, R, novel-length?)
  Janeway and Chakotay thought they had put the events of 'Eidolon' behind them. They were wrong.
  The Best Birthday (VOY, J & 7, PG)
  Janeway decides it's time to reacquaint Seven with birthdays.
  Betrayal (VOY, C, J/Seven, PG)
  In the wake of the events of the Voyager episodes "Equinox Parts 1 & 2", Chakotay relieves Janeway of both her command and her Starfleet commission, causing turmoil and dissent within the crew, and in the former Captain' heart. (off-site link)
  Spring Break Part One (VOY, J/Seven, PG, unfinished)
  Seven and Janeway take the opportunity for some shore leave while Voyager undergos repairs planet-side. (off-site link)
  Starting Over (VOY, C/Gilmore, PG)
  Marla Gilmore, one of the former Equinox crewmembers, finds it hard to adapt to life on Voyager but, in the end, finds that her past life isn't as important as her new one -- and that happiness can still be achieved.


  Faith, Hope, and Love (DS9, O/K, PG)
  "[Odo's] figurative heart broke as he remembered the Attainder placed upon her, casting her from the faith that had all but defined her." Based on the Deep Space Nine novel "Unity".
Ayan-kun Rose

  Just A Game of Darts (DS9, B/O'B one-sided, PG)
  "It's just a game of darts, because it's always just a game of darts."

  In Pieces (TNG, P/D, G)
  "He can't feel. In fact, the only thing he feels is that he's rather more like the Borg, rather more like Locutus, than he would have ever imagined possible.". Coda to The Next Generation episodes "Best of Both Worlds".
Touch Comfort (VOY, C/K, NC-17)
  "He took Chakotay's mouth in a burning, heated kiss, stripping him with an urgency born of hate and hurt." Set six years after Voyager used the slipstream drive in the episode "Timeless".
golden o 2001 third place award for best chakotay/female
A Deft Touch (VOY, C/Tessa Omond, C/K, PG-13)
  "The stars marked his failure, and he hated them for it." Set eleven years after 'Touch Comfort' and the events in the Voyager episode "Timeless".
golden o 2001 second place award for best chakotay/female
Touching Time (VOY, C/Tessa Omond, C/K, PG-13)
  "There was a certain freedom in knowing that everyone in the galaxy was about to lose everything they'd known for the last fifteen years." Set four years after 'Touch Comfort' and the events in the Voyager episode "Timeless".
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