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Debra Fran Baker


  Canon (VOY, C/P, G, poem, off-site link)
  "And he turned to her." (off-site link)
  Claws (VOY, C/P, PG, spousal abuse)
  "He had to really hurt Chakotay now. He didn't want to, he hated himself, but he had to. (off-site link)
Empty Places (VOY, C/P, K/T, PG)
  "How do you survive a broken relationship when you still live with the man? When you still. . .Chakotay didn't let himself finish that thought." (off-site link)
  Fire and Rain (VOY, C/P, PG-13, character death)
  Chakotay helps to heal the scars of Paris' past. (off-site link)
  Fire & Rain Universe:
3AM, Shiptime (VOY, C/P, R for adult themes)
  Tom has nightmares about his past; Chakotay helps. Set sometime during 'Fire & Rain'. (off-site link)
golden o 1997 second place award for best voyager misc. hetsmut
  Fire & Rain Universe:
Palan is Different
(VOY, Tu/Kes, Tu/Vorik, character deaths, crew)
  Twenty-five years of a life well-lived. (off-site link)
  Fire & Rain Universe:
Feathers and Flowers (VOY, crew, PG)
  Voyager stops for repairs at a colony world and, in the year they spend there, learn where and what home really is. (off-site link)
  Fire & Rain Universe:
Home (VOY, crew, PG-13)
  The end of a journey -- maybe. (off-site link)
  Fire & Rain Universe:
Compadres (VOY, C/Ayala (K/T implied, C/P implied) R)
  Sometimes love hits you right between the eyes. Sometimes it tiptoes. (off-site link)

  The Bonding Contingent (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  "'With a bonding, a marriage, of two high ranking males, one from each planet, Vulcan will permit a trade agreement to be embarked upon. We have no real options in this matter. This is the only solution that will allow no stoppage in the usage of energy for the entire planet.'" (off-site link)
  Caught (TOS, K/S, PG)
  "'Spock? How could you? Without me?' Jim's gaze looked his lover over completely."
  The Difference Between (TOS/TNG, Kirk/Spock, Picard/Q, NC-17)
  "'Life and death are not static and rigid concepts. I am Q. I can make or do anything! Nothing will change except for your lives, you and Kirk. You won't go to Gol; he won't become Admiral. But V'ger will come and the result will be the same.'"
  Encounter in The Captain's Lounge (TOS, K/S, PG)
  "'Xenophobic, you have never been, and you stole my heart,' the Vulcan said in complete seriousness."
  Eros (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  A mission sends Kirk and Spock to a planet where they are expected to do anything it takes to get the governing body's cooperation. And it's that anything that gives Spock hope for a future with his Captain.
  The Human Way (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  Following the events of the Deep Space Nine episode "Dr. Bashir, I Presume", Bashir finds himself alone and estranged from his co-workers and from those he thought were his friends. And that includes Garak, the one person he thought he could count on to understand. . .
  Perdition's Fortune (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  Plasus, Droxine's father, decides to avenge his daughter's death by humilating Spock in the most public way possible. Coda to The Original Series episode "The Cloud Minders".
  Their Cragged Path (DS9, G/B, NC-17)
  The relationship between Garak and Bashir undergoes a sea change. Spoilers for the Deep Space Nine episode "The Wire".
  A Transitional Christmas (TOS, K/S, PG)
  "Spock knew that his life had been changed in this, his first holiday season. Not by the celebration, but by this human, who'd breached defenses erected in childhood. This five year voyage now seemed to hold much potential, a promise of more to come."
  Waterfall Dance (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  "Jim had been fantasizing about taking his mate in a raging waterfall."
(at Perfect Misfits)

  Out in Thirty Days (VOY, T/7, R)
  B'Elanna decides it's time to make some changes in her life. (off-site link)
  A Valentine's Day in The Life of . . . (VOY, T/7, PG)
  It's Valentine's day and Seven of Nine doesn't know who she should give her heart to. (off-site link)
Darrel Beach
  Promises, Promises (VOY, P/7, P/T, K/7, NC-17)
  "All the pieces fell into place like a simple puzzle. It wasn't enough to simply read about love and sexual attraction from a databank. The texts might provide extensive information about the physical and physiological nature of sex, but the psychological and emotional aspects were vague and confusing. Seven needed to know more than a basic how-to; the human equation to interpersonal relationships included romance and intimacy. If her information was at all accurate, who better to seek advice from than Tom Paris?"

  Mercy (VOY, J/C, NC-17)
  Paybacks are. . . Well, let's just say Kathryn's had this coming for a while. (off-site link)
  Paris Island (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Chakotay and Paris indulge in a bit of holo-frivolity. (off-site link)
Regina Bellatrix

  Already Spoken For (ENT, Tu/R, PG, humor)
  "Meditation, T'Pol decided, was what she needed. Meditation and time to plan. There were only twenty-six other women on the ship. She would find out which one Tucker. . . fancied. After that, she would be forced to take measures." Spoilers for the Enterprise episode "Breaking The Ice".
  Bondage We Once Suffered, Blessings We Now Enjoy
(ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  "Fact number one: when the shapeshifting aliens had decided to take his and Trip's clothing they apparently hadn't deemed it necessary to leave them anything by way of modesty coverings. . . Fact number two: for whatever reason, the aliens had trussed him up like a pig awaiting slaughter. Fact number three: not only had they tied him up but they had tied him to Trip." A missing scene from the Enterprise episode "Two Days, Two Nights".
  Each Other to Forgive (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  "'Tis the most tender part of love, each other to forgive." ~ John Sheffield. Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Shuttlepod One", "Rogue Planet" and "Minefield".
  I Begin to Sing (ENT, Tu/R, PG)
  Malcolm's past is causing problems with his present. And his future. Set after the Enterprise episode "Minefield".
  I Feel So Tingalish (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  Drunken, pineapple-flavored sex.
  Last Night I Vowed Anew (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  As a birthday surprise for his lieutenant, Archer brings Malcolm's mother on board; Malcom isn't exactly pleased.
  Licet Obseres Palatum (ENT, Tu/R, PG-13)
  Shore leave on Valentine's Day.
  Misfits and Miracle Workers (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17, non-consensual)
  Brought aboard an alien ship in order to fix her engines, Reed and Tucker soon find themselves prisoners. And the alien captain isn't above doing anything to keep them compliant. Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Shuttlepod One" and "Rogue Planet".
  Moving (ENT, Tu/R, G)
  The end of the mission leads to new living arrangements. And a proposal.
  Obsessions and Compulsions (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  Malcolm suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Trip suffers from Malcolm-induced nymphomania.
  Or Else Forget About It (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  Malcolm loses his memory on an away-mission. Trip then has to help him recover it.
  Screw Your Crewman (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  A ship-wide blind date leads to a new understanding between Trip and Malcolm.
golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise series or suite golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise slash male/male
golden o 2003 second place award for best tucker/reed
  Soft Southern Style (ENT, Tu/R, PG-13)
  An away mission causes some unusual changes in Trip, changes that cause 'caveman' Trip to seek a mate.
  Summoque Ulularunt Vertice Nymphae (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  Malcolm has a journal in which he records his fantasies. Trip reads it. Confessions and revelations ensue.
golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise series or suite golden o 2003 second place award for best enterprise misc het
  Swinging on A Star:
Better Off (ENT, Tu/R (Tu/Kaitaama) PG)
  Malcolm is suffering from the belief that all Trip wants from their relationship is friendship. Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Oasis" and "Precious Cargo".
golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise series or suite
  Swinging on A Star:
Moonbeams in a Jar (ENT, Tu/R, R/m, NC-17, light bondage)
  A planet of empaths met in a first contact situation decide to help Malcolm with his problem. Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Unexpected", "The Andorian Incident", "Oasis", "Detained" and "Precious Cargo".
golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise series or suite
  Swinging on A Star:
Swingin' on a Star (ENT, Tu/R, R)
  Trip and Malcolm are returned to Enterprise where they now need to inform their friends and their Captain of the change in their relationship. Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Silent Enemy", "Shadows of P'Jem" and 'Minefield".
golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise series or suite golden o 2003 honorable mention best enterprise slash male/male
  That Little Boy Smile (ENT, Tu/R, PG-13)
  Trip and Malcolm enjoy their wedding. And their honeymoon. Sequel to 'Soft Southern Style'.
  Things Are Looking Up (ENT, Tu/R, R)
  "Trip darted in, stealing a brief kiss. 'You're the only one, Mal, who can make me forget. . . all of this. The only one who can make me remember the man I used to be. Please let me lose myself in you. I need to lose myself in you.'"
  Love Life (VOY, P/K, R)
  "Tom now placed himself in front of Harry. Gently he took Harry's shoulders in his hands and moved closer. 'You might not think of me as a possible lover but I am going to leave you with something to think about.'" (off-site link)
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Decisions (VOY, P/K, C/K, PG-13)
  "Although Tom had given him time to think, he was still no closer to making a decision. One minute he was going to tell Tom yes, that he wanted to become lovers, and the next he wanted to say no, that he would rather stay friends." (off-site link)
1998 asc second place award for best chakotay/kim
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Dinner at Harry's (VOY, C/K, NC-17)
  "That's what hurt the most. The fact that Tom had kissed me four days ago, and here he was kissing someone else. As if our kiss had meant nothing." (off-site link)
1998 asc first place award for best chakotay/kim
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
No Regrets (VOY, C/K, NC-17)
  "'Harry, I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just thought it would be best for you and the rest of the crew if we didn't become a couple. But now I realize that I couldn't leave you, even if I tried.'" (off-site link)
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Time Off (VOY, C/K (P/T implied) NC-17)
  "The first officer vowed there and then, holding his naked lover against his chest, that he would give Tom and Harry one week to sort out their relationship. If they didn't resolve their problem before the end of that week, then he would personally sort Tom out. No one hurt his lover. No one." (off-site link)
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Remember (VOY, C/K, NC-17)
  "I don't want any secrets between us." (off-site link)
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Secrets (VOY, C/K (C/P implied) NC-17)
  "'Baby, not only is Tom still in love with me, but he is more than half way in love with you too. And he has dreamed of the both of us together making love to him and to each other.'"
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Dreams (VOY, C/K, P/?, NC-17)
  "What mattered was the fact that Tom now had the ability to take Chakotay away from him. And no matter how he loved Tom as a friend, and despite the fact that he had pushed Chakotay into this, he knew that if Tom took Chakotay away from him, he might do something he would later regret."
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Sharing (VOY, P/K, C/P, C/K, NC-17)
  "Chakotay was supportive of the fact that [Harry] wanted Tom to join them in their relationship. He might not understand his reasons but he would do anything for his lover. The ensign didn't even know himself the why or wherefore. He only knew that Tom had to join them and neither of them had a choice in the matter."
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Bewitching (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "Harry has no memories from before eight years ago. He doesn't remember why he has no memories from before then, and there was nothing in his medical charts. Until the accident a few months ago, he had no reason to doubt who and what he was. But after. . . some memories started to resurface. Enough memories for both myself and Harry to cast doubt on whether he was actually human."
  Love Life: (unfinished series)
Recovery (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "[Chakotay and Tom] had talked for hours. Discussing all aspects of their relationship and where they wanted it to go. Talking about their feelings for one another and Harry. What would happen when Harry woke up again. And now it was time. Harry was awake and they were one step closer to becoming friends and lovers once again."
S.R. Benjamin
(at Trekiverse)
  Dear Th'y'la: This Is Difficult (TOS, K/S, PG)
  Spock and Admiral Komack exchange words.
  Edge of Forever:
In The City (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  Spock's decision to cover one of their two beds with his electronics project has unforeseen consequences. Set during The Original Series episode "City on The Edge of Forever".
  Edge of Forever:
On The Ship (TOS, K/S, Sc, NC-17)
  Spock sees only one way to rectify the breach of protocol that occurred during his and Kirk's stay at Edith Keeler's mission -- a transfer.
  Edge of Forever:
At Officer's Row (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  Kirk and Spock reconsider their earlier decision and reach a much more satisfactory conclusion.
  Edge of Forever:
Montgomery's Shock (TOS, K/S, Sc, NC-17)
  Scott sees something he shouldn't, causing him to request, and receive, a transfer.
  Edge of Forever: Montgomery's Shock:
Len's Letter (TOS, Mc, Sc (K/S implied, Sc/Mc implied) PG-13)
  McCoy responds to Scotty's goodbye letter.
  Edge of Forever: Montgomery's Shock:
Nyota's Letter (TOS, Mc, Sc, U (K/S implied) PG-13)
  Uhura lets Scotty know just how she feels about his abrupt departure from the Enterprise.
  Edge of Forever: Montgomery's Shock:
Mr. Scott, from J.T. Kirk (TOS, K/S, Sc, NC-17)
  Kirk replies to Scotty's request to be reinstated as Chief Engineer of the Enterprise
  Stained Glass, Above Seleya (TOS, K/S, PG, poem)
  "I need you so, I cannot say the words."
Michael Ben-Zvi
(at The WayBack/Machine/Internet Archive)
1999 asc first place award for best kim/seven
  The K/7 Saga:
I Only Have Eyes for You (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  Seven decides she needs to better understand human sexuality. She wants Harry to help. (off-site link)
1999 asc second place award for best kim/seven
  The K/7 Saga:
The Hierarchy of Needs (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  Harry comes face to face with the Doctor's fantasies concerning Seven, causing all his jealousies and insecurities to rise to the surface. A retelling of the Voyager episode "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy". (off-site link)
  The K/7 Saga:
First Comes Love (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  How does Sam Wildman feel about her daughter's friendship with a former drone? And how does Seven's romance with Harry Kim affect that friendship? (off-site link)
  The K/7 Saga:
A Bright Shining Thing Called Hope (VOY, K/7, P/T, PG-13)
  Harry loves Seven and is certain she loves him even though she has never said the words. But it's only when Harry becomes the first victim of a covert Borg assimilation plot to take over Voyager, that Seven takes that final step toward humanity and all that it implies. Including love. (off-site link)
  The K/7 Saga:
One Perfect Moment (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  Tom and B'Elanna's wedding and a discussion of culture all lead to a new understanding and a new milestone for Harry and Seven. (off-site link)
  The K/7 Saga:
The Way of All Things (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  Borg transwarp coils have brought Voyager home, but the welcome they receive is not at all what they had expected. Or hoped. (off-site link)
  The K/7 Saga:
Coda (VOY, K/7, PG-13)
  An article clipped from the Lifestyle section of the San Francisco Chronicle, dated Sunday, October 24th, 2376, announcing Harry and Seven's engagement and future plans. (off-site link)
(at The Kirk/Spock FanfictionArchive)
  The Captain & The Comma (TOS, K/S, PG)
  "Who'da thought that Jim and Spock would've found happiness together on account of a little punctuation? It boggles the mind." Coda to the movie "ST: The Motion Picture".
  Wet Dream (TOS, K/S, NC-17)
  Spock has a daydream. Kirk is in it. They get wet.

  Ashaya Worla Yen-tor (ENT, Tu/T, PG)
  "'Love won't go away just 'cause I'm not here with you,' he whispered. 'Love endures everything. . . when it's real. Separation can't steal that away from us. . . and neither will death.'"
  Eternal Linkage (ENT, Tu/T, R)
  Enterprise is returning to Earth to be decommisioned; Archer is writing his speech and making plans to sign the charter that will create The United Federation of Planets. Meanwhile, a pregnant T'Pol and Trip have made plans of their own, including a formal recognition of their bond. That's when a disgruntled crewmember, jealous of Trip and his position as Chief Engineer, plants several bombs in various critical areas of the ship, knowing Trip will never be able to dispose of them in time. . . Set six years following Terra Prime and a finale-fix for the Enterprise episode "These Are The Voyages. . . "
  Hearts and Flowers (ENT, R/S, Tu/T, PG)
  "Trip smiled to himself, his eyes still admiring the Subcommander's beauty. He always loved a good challenge. . . and he was quite certain that romancing T'Pol would be no exception."
  A Logical Decision (ENT, Tu/T, PG-13)
  "'Are you trying to tell me you want me to stay? Is that what this is about?' Trip's voice questioned, with hope." Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Affliction" and "Bound".
  Love Unbroken (ENT, Tu/T, PG)
  "No one could steal their hope."
  Sleepin' Like A Baby (ENT, Tu/T, PG-13)
  "'Exploration, T'Pol? Is that really all it was to you?' The words escaped Trip's mouth just above a whisper." An alternative scene that takes place a few days after the Enterprise episode "Harbringer".
  United (ENT, Tu/T, PG)
  "'She's only half Vulcan,' [Trip] continued, in a somewhat irritated tone. 'She's part human too. . . and she's ours, T'Pol. Our child. . .'" Spoilers for the Enterprise episodes "Bound", "Demons" and "Terra- Prime".
  Until Tomorrow (ENT, Tu/T, NC-17)
  "I know she loves me. . . I can feel it. . . Don't do this, T'Pol. . . don't leave me. . . not now. . ." Takes place during the Enterprise episode "Home".

  Change of Watch (ENT, T/Tu, PG)
  Trip Tucker completes an uneventful shift in engineering.
  Game Courts and Courtship Games
(ENT, Forrest, Soval (T/Tu implied) PG)
  Soval and Forrest discuss the logic, and illogic, of interspecies courtship rituals and, in doing so, reach a new level of understanding.
  He Builds Things I Blow Things Up
(ENT, R/LizzieTucker unrequited (T/Tu implied) PG)
  "I have not learned how to reach out like Trip has done. That is the difference between us -- he mends things and I destroy them. But if I ever meet another Lizzy, like he has his T'Pol, I will not let her again slip away through lack of courage."
  Love and Mortality (ENT, T/Tu, PG)
  "'T'Pol, I have promised to love and protect you till death do us part. But even though that's enough for a Human marriage, it's not enough for a Human/Vulcan marriage. Somethin' more is needed here and I don't know what. . . but somethin'. And we need to figure out what that is.'"


  Hidden Intentions (DS9, JadziaDax/Du, PG)
  "It wasn't meant to happen. . . " Set during the Deep Space Nine episode "Things Past".
  Road Less Taken (DS9, G/Ziyal, PG)
  "He knows he is at a turning point; a single choice on either part could change everything between them."
  Unborn Fawn (DS9, K, Meru/Du, PG)
  ". . . my mother chose to be blinded. She wanted to believe Dukat's lies over the truth and now I realize that it's too late even for me to change her mind." Set during the Deep Space Nine episode "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night".
Blossom Morphine

  Blood (DS9, G/B, PG-13, mild blood kink)
  Tea is ruined, but an opportunity is seized.
  Poison (DS9, G/B, PG-13, character death)
  "He tastes the poison the moment he sips the tea. . . "
  Smile (DS9, G/B, PG)
  Bashir is unhappy now that everyone knows about his 'enhancements'; Garak offers words of comfort. Set either during or after the Deep Space Nine episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?".
  Waking Dream (DS9, G/B, PG)
  "Lying back on the small bed, he can't help but wish he could have stayed awake just a few minutes longer."
Mel Blue

  Prey (VOY, C/P (K/T implied) NC-17, violence, implied non-consensual, blood)
  "'For God's sake, Harry. Haven't they explained it to you? Tom's been stalking me, attacking me. He's raped one of your friends.'" (off-site link)
  Turn About (VOY, C/P (P/T implied, K/T implied) NC-17)
  "[Tom] covertly studied the Commander as the Captain continued talking. Anyway, why would I fall in love with Chakotay? So, fine, he looks good, he's got a sense of humor, he's strong -- physically and emotionally, and he's gentle, and kind. . . Shit!" (off-site link)
Blue Champagne

  The Apple (VOY, all, R)
  A Voyager spoof.
  Breathe (DS9, B/O'B, B & G, PG-13)
  When Mila is captured by Dukat's people, Julian decides to go to the rescue. Miles then has to try and rescue them both.
  Crisis Team:
Identity Crisis (DS9, B/O'B, PG-13)
  Miles, understandably upset by the troubles in his marriage, becomes increasingly less civil to Julian, for no reason Julian can fathom -- but the general station speculation about why is about to drive Julian to distraction.
golden o 1999 third place award for best deep space nine multi part golden o 1999 third place award for best deep space nine multiple
  Crisis Team:
Diamond Wall (DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, PG-13 or NC-17)
  Julian suffers a massive plasma burst in a runabout with Miles, who barely manages to save his life -- but Julian doesn't know just how close to death's door he really was. Not only that, Julian's lost some recent memories, unimportant ones he thinks -- until he gets an urgent subspace message from Keiko.
  Crisis Team:
There Are Always Alternatives (DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, PG-13)
  Miles is having trouble dealing with the aftermath of 'Diamond Wall' and Julian suggests several options as to a course of action toward rectifying the situation. They wind up in counselor Telnori's office, and Keiko ends up making an emergency visit to the station after Miles calls to tell her about the problem. Julian experiences an identity crisis of his own.
  Crisis Team:
The Eighth Alternative (DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, PG-13 or NC-17)
  Keiko and her staff are on Bajor to research and explore a botanical find that should provide a natural source of revenue for Bajor as well as a valuable medicine and industrial commodity for the Federation; Julian and Miles arrive to help. By this time, all our heroes are getting just pretty darn used to having each other around; to the point that Keiko is getting morning sickness (NO. It can't be. Can it. . . ?), Miles is getting all weepy, and Julian ends up having to do some pretty inventive thinking to head off a possibly calamitous culmination -- though he may already be too late.
  Crisis Team:
The Ninth Alternative (DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, PG-13 or NC-17)
  An alternate ending. . . Identical to the 'Eighth' until just after the scene where Molly and Julian have a water fight in the bathroom, drenching the area. After that. . . a certain off-camera scene occurs on-camera, and goes in the exact opposite direction than the way Julian had been planning. Revelations, mountain shrines, Keiko in Jadzia's lap, stationwide mayhem, a bottle of scotch.
  Crisis Team:
Married to the Mob: Or; What Were Those Alternatives Again?
(DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, PG-13)
  A series of short peeks into the stretch during which Kira was pregnant and living with the O'Briens, or the life, times and near-insanity of a household of a child and four adults ('two' of them pregnant in this 'Ninth' spin-off, three of them crucial station personnel), and speculates on how the events of each episode of that time span (fourteen of them in all) would come across for the members of the station's clan O'Brien.
  Crisis Team:
Gene Blues
(DS9, B/O'B, KO'B, G/B, some implied f/f, PG-13 or NC-17)
  Once again, we are observing how the events of a particular span of Deep Space Nine episodes -- in this case, from the ending of 'Married to the Mob' at Deep Space Nine's "The Begotten" starting with the following Deep Space Nine episode, "For the Uniform" and continuing to Deep Space Nine's "Call to Arms" affect our never-to-be-seen-in-House-Beautiful family, the DS9 O'Briens.
  Heartwood (VOY, J/T, PG-13)
  The ship encounters a planet that seems both devoid of sentient life and laden with heavy minerals and other resources very valuable to Voyager. As the situation seems simple and peaceful, Captain Kathryn Janeway decides to accompany Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres as the science officer half of a science/engineering team in the survey shuttle. Things start to go downhill when the shuttle encounters an undetected buoyed defense net and winds up stuck on the surface, where circumstances go from confusing to ridiculous. Aboard Voyager, the command crew is dealing with their own problems. . . and Kes is sleepwalking. Prequel to 'The River'.
AfterImage (DS9, B/O'B, PG-13)
  After Miles O'Brien's ordeal in the Deep Space Nine episode "Hard Time", we find his recovery's progress has hit another serious snag. Dr. Julian Bashir undertakes to find out what it might be.
Graven Image (DS9, B/O'B, PG-13 or NC-17)
  Miles is a little rocked by his experience of mutual attraction to Major Kira, who is carrying his and Keiko's baby. He'd been feeling a bit. . . unsettled by it all to begin with -- natural enough, of course -- but when his nightmares of Argratha (Deep Space Nine episode "Hard Time") start recurring -- with a not-entirely-unexpected-twist -- Keiko comes to see Julian. Miles, after all the progress he's made, seems, in some ways, to be relapsing into his Argrathi-provoked condition.
In Another Life (DS9, B/O'B, JadziaDax/Keiko, PG-13)
  Our favorite DS9 engineer is exposed to a quantum filament similar to the one that had Worf bouncing all over the realm of quantum possibility in The Next Generation episode "Parallels", but this one, being artificially generated, closes before the solution that returned Worf and his parallel counterparts to their own realities can be implemented.
Shattered Image (DS9, B/O'B, PG-13)
  Julian is a little rocked himself due to his unexpected and widespread reputation as a genetically engineered human. Miles and Keiko, and their entire family, up to and including Yoshi and Major Kira, undertake to help him over the worst of the transition.
  The Layover Stories:
Nolo Contendere (DS9/TNG, Kira/Troi, PG-13)
  During a layover the Enterprise makes at station DS9 in The Next Generation's sixth season and Deep Space Nine's first, Major Kira receives a request from the provisional government to -- as the station's Bajoran-Federation Liaison officer -- play unofficial goodwill ambassador aboard the Enterprise. Her assigned host is one Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, who has a way of making even tiresome diplomatic chores interesting -- when two opposing philosophies go head-to-head.
  The Layover Stories:
Inheritors (TNG/DS9, Crusher/JadziaDax, PG-13)
  Dr. Beverly Crusher's part in the aqueduct restoration program on Bajor, with which the Enterprise is assisting, is over fairly quickly. But when she tries the Alturan relaxation program in Quark's holosuites, she finds he's made a modification to the program drastic enough to warrant storming up to the bar and threatening Quark with bodily harm unless she gets her credit back. A young Starfleet lieutenant -- a Trill! -- offers to help settle the dispute, and the two go on to discover that human memories and Trill symbiont memories can be equally difficult to understand and make peace with.
  The Layover Stories:
Nolle Prosequi (DS9/TNG, Kira/Troi, PG-13)
  Kira witnesses a terrorist bombing while with a tour group at an ancient Bajoran city. In one of the other Spires, Deanna Troi is taking the tour as well -- and barely escapes with her life when she undertakes to save a man who may be responsible for the attack. With the discovery of the continued existence of a branch of the resistance that swears to die in the act of defying the oppressor, Nerys and Deanna must go undercover in a desert salvage town in the same province as the one where the attack occurred, to determine the extent of the possible internal threat to the Provisional Government and to Bajor in general.
  Metascar (TNG, T/Y, T/C, PG-13)
  When the Enterprise encounters Commander Sela, Counselor Troi experiences some inexplicable metaconscious symptoms -- inexplicable until she goes to Dr. Crusher for help, and we find that Tasha's death had an even greater impact on Deanna than anyone else could have known at the time. Set in the same universe as the 'Layover' stories and the Voyager and 'Crisis Team' series, some years before any of the others.
  The Pride of Lions (DS9, Julian/MirrorJulian, EzriDax/MirrorKeiko, MirrorJulian/Garak, Julian/Garak, assorted f/f references, NC-17)

Part One    Part Two   Part Three

Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

  The Intendant has kidnapped Ezri from our universe for several nefarious purposes; Julian convinces Sisko to let him be the one to try and retrieve her, since Julian has an in with Smiley, having been the one whose pep talk convinced Smiley to try escaping his tame-theta position. While there, Julian meets Captain Bashir, who assists him in the rescue attempt due to the fact that Ezri carries Jadzia's memories -- and Capt. Bashir can't abide the thought of leaving even so little of Jadzia in the hands of the Intendant.

Julian assumes that his double was never genetically enhanced, which turns out to be untrue; he was not, however, enhanced in the same areas Julian was, and our Julian undertakes to help him cope in such a way that he won't have to be quite a complete b**tard to everybody, eventually bringing him home for concentrated medical attention. Mirror Keiko, a former friend, then associate, of Capt. Bashir, comes too.

Owing to the severity with which Fleet frowns on traffic between quantum universes -- Worf's disastrous trip being the worst-known example, after Data finished writing his paper about it -- Julian and his counterpart are forced to settle on an improbable, maybe impossible, course of action. . . when they fall solidly and completely in love.
  The River (VOY, J/T, PG-13 or NC-17)
  B'Elanna is working on a project which, if successful, will augment the ship's sensor capabilities, making it possible to detect hazards like quantum filaments. But when she gets too close to the biocircuitry from which the modification device is largely made, she becomes part of the circuit -- and winds up in sickbay, telling the Captain why this sensor modification could lead to a way back to the Alpha quadrant. Sequel to 'Heartwood'.
  Shock Treatment (DS9, spoof, Mary Sue, R)
  What if you, personally, as yourself, were somehow transported to DS9? How would you really act, and behave?
  Sleep (DS9, B/O'B, G)
  Julian's friends are worried about him. Set after the Deep Space Nine episode "A Time To Stand".
golden o 1999 third place award (tied) for best deep space nine story single part golden o 1999 second place award for best deep space nine humor and parody
  Who Do Ya Love. . .? (DS9, genderf*ck, PG)
  "Something damn strange had happened to Julian."
(at Perfect Misfits)

  Steel Angel (VOY, T/7, PG)
  B'Elanna and Seven crashland on a unknown planet. While searching for a way to return to Voyager, they come across a new species, and a woman trying to deal with a strange gift.
Danae Bowen

  Where The Mind Travels (VOY, P/T, PG-13)
  "So many questions flowed through [B'Elanna's] mind as she spiraled in place, so many different ways [she and Tom] could have met, so many different places they could have seen. But would it have happened?"

In The Shadows (VOY, P/m, C, NC-17)
  Chakotay watches Jack and Tom, but does not understand what he sees. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
Depths of Darkness (VOY, P/m, NR)
  Remembrances of their first time. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
Threads of Light (VOY, P/m (K/T implied) NR)
  Chakotay discovers what exactly Jack has been/is doing to Tom and what Jack has done, in the past, to others. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
Prism (VOY, P/m, C, K (K/T implied) NR)
  Chakotay makes a mistake. So does everyone else. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
Eclipse (VOY, P/m (K/T implied) NR)
  Tom has another run-in with Jack. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
Eclipse: Optional Part Two (VOY, P/m, P/m/m, NR)
  A more explicit account of the events that occurred in 'Eclipse: Part One'. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story. This part contains themes for which even NR might not even be strong enough. Consider yourself warned.
Dusk (VOY, P/m, NR)
  The reasons for Tom's attraction to Jack and for their reconnection after Tom's break-up with B'Elanna. May be considered a prequel to the 'Jack series', but should be read last. WARNING! Unpleasant and/or horrific themes of abuse, both physical and sexual. Please heed all warning notes preceding each story.
  Timeless Reflections (VOY, P/K, PG)
  "I'm glad the quantum drive failed. I'm glad Voyager never made it back to the Alpha Quadrant. I am glad the crew never made it 'home'. For me this is home. Here on Voyager, with you in my arms." Coda to the Voyager episode "Timeless".
  First Encounter (TNG/VOY, Riker/Chakotay, NC-17)
  "Chakotay dropped the towel that had been wrapped around him. . . walked over to Riker and kissed him."
2001 silver labia award for best jadzia story
  Distractions (DS9/VOY, JadziaDax/Seska, NC-17)
  Seska must find a way to 'distract' Jadzia from discovering a plan by the Maquis to destroy a Cardassian ship full of weapons destined for the Cardassian/Federation border. Winner Round II of The Femme Fuh-q Fest.
(at The Wayback Machine/Internet Archive)

  As The Mist:
So You and I Encounter (VOY, P/K, R)
  Tom remembers the time spent in the Akiterrian prison and wants what he believes he cannot have. Set post-Voyager episode "The Chute", Tom's point of view.
  As The Mist:
Then Turn, Then Fall To Sleep (VOY, P/K, R)
  Harry comes to a decision. The events of 'So You and I Encounter', from Harry's point of view.
  As The Mist: Leaves No Scar:
Waking (VOY, P/K, R)
  Harry suffers an accident while on an away mission. A possibly fatal accident. A continuation of the events in 'Then Turn, Then Fall to Sleep'.
  As The Mist: Leaves No Scar:
Earth and Sky (VOY, P/K, R)
  Harry's accident has an interesting effect on his and Tom's relationship. Set immediately after the events in 'Leaves No Scar: Waking'.
  As The Mist:
White Christmas (VOY, P/K, R)
  Tom and Harry celebrate their first wedding anniversary while on an away mission, trapped in a cave. A sequel of sorts to 'Leaves No Scar: Earth and Sky'.
  Bourbon (TOS, S, C, Kelly tribute, PG)
  "McCoy had died last month, quietly and alone in his private home here in Georgia."
1999 asc second place award for best deep space nine general pairing
  Home (DS9, B/O'B (B/O'B/KO'B implied) PG)
  "'[Keiko] wants you to come back with me. I want you to come back with me. To come home.'"
  Human on My Faithless Arm (TNG, P/Q, R)
  "Q rolled his eyes in frustration, and spoke slowly, as if talking to a dim-witted child. 'Stopping the event is entirely different than helping you come to terms with it.'" A coda of sorts to The Next Generation episode "Chain of Command -- Part Two".
Thessaly BrightBear


  Desert Crossing:
Dinner Plans in the Desert (ENT, A, Tu/R, PG-13)
  While stranded in the desert Trip thinks about food, the perfect meal and the perfect company. Spoilers for the Enterprise episode "Desert Crossing".
  Desert Crossing:
Arguments in the Shuttlebay (ENT, T, Tu/R, PG-13)
  An anxious Malcolm helps in the search for the missing officers. Spoilers for the Enterprise episode "Desert Crossing".
  Distance: An EndGame Coda (VOY, P/T, PG)
  "No matter how many times he had said he wanted to do whatever would make her happy, she hadn't believed him. His needs would come first in his world. . . She had allowed fear to take over her life, fear of losing Tom and fear of losing herself. So instead she had taken Miral and left."
golden o 1998 second place captain jinx award (tied) for best author golden o 1999 third place award for best voyager author golden o 2000 third place award for best voyager author
golden o 2001 third place captain jinx award for best author golden o 2001 third place award for best voyager author

  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Payback (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "Uh oh, looks like I'm in big trouble now. Tom thought as the last restraint was slipped into place and fastened securely." (off-site link)
  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Lesson (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "[Tom] wondered just how many guys he'd have to service tonight to satisfy Harry's sense of justice." (off-site link)
  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Reward (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "Harry felt that Tom deserved something extra special. The question was, would their secret friend-lover Chakotay agree to it?" (off-site link)
golden o 1998 first place award for best chakotay/paris/kim
  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Busted (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "Chakotay tried to look as imposing as he could and stated, 'You can submit to an old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spanking or you can take your chances with this. Either way, both of you will be punished.'" (off-site link)
golden o 1998 third place award for best chakotay/paris/kim
  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Wasted (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "Tom woke up with a dick in his mouth." (off-site link)
  Bored in the Delta Quadrant:
Dessert (VOY, C/P/K, NC-17)
  "'Harry's the plate.'" (off-site link)
  Solitary Pursuits (VOY, C (C/P implied) NC-17)
  It's been a long hard day for our First Officer, and with Tom working late, Chakotay finds he has to take matters into his own, uh, hand. (off-site link)
golden o 1998 first place award for best overall story golden o 1998 first place award for best voyager story
golden o 1998 first place award for best chakotay/paris
1998 asc first place award for best chakotay/paris
  The Taming of Tom Paris (VOY, C/P, NC-17, D/s, spanking)
  Chakotay decides to take Paris personally in hand. But while Paris' training in Chakotay's adept hands proceeds quite well, Chakotay finds that he himself has something to learn. (off-site link)
golden o 2003 second place award for best new voyager author

(at the Tom Paris Dorm

(at the Warp 5 Complex

  Aftermath (ENT, R/Hayes, R)
  Reed and Hayes come to a new understanding. Coda to the Enterprise episode "Harbinger".
golden o 2007 first place award for best enterprise slash drabble
  Drowning (ENT, Tu/R, G)
  "Malcolm couldn't breathe."
  The Game (ENT, Tu/R, NC-17)
  Reed loses to Tucker at hoverball, but wins where it counts.
  A Gentle Touch (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Chakotay works too much; Tom feels neglected.
  Secret Love (VOY, C/P, Ayala/K, PG-13)
  Ayala has a secret love; Tom and Chakotay decide to come out of the closet, as it were.
  Small Places (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Chakotay has a cure for Tom's claustrophobia.
  There's Magic in the Air (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  "'You'll never believe what I just saw,' Chakotay said, almost in a dream-like state. . . 'I saw several Elven-like creatures peering at me from the underbrush. Then they just disappeared into thin air. . . just like that!' Chakotay snapped his fingers"
(at Passion & Perfection)

Conversations in A Jefferies Tube --
Snippets of gossip from Voyager's lower decks.
  Conversations: 1 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'Rumor has it Seven of Nine has an eye for the Chief.'"
  Conversations: 2 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'Aha! Then the rumors are true. The Chief does have feelings for a certain tall cool blonde.'"
  Conversations: 3 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'I think the whole thing is some sort of ritual. Klingon-style flirting.'"
  Conversations: 4 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'That thing in the mess hall a few days ago was just a start.'"
  Conversations: 5 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'I guess we'll know the Captain's answer in a few days.'"
  Conversations: 6 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'They've finally done it!'"
  Conversations: 7 (VOY, T/7, PG-13)
  "'Now, how about the latest gossip?'"
Cameron Burnell

golden o 1998 first place award for best deep space nine challenge golden o 1998 second place award for best deep space nine misc slash
  Blended Not Stirred (DS9, Odo/B, hard NC-17)
  Bashir gives Odo an gift; Odo gives Bashir an unexpected but nevertheless welcome one in return. (off-site text link)
  Come Again, Cardassian? (DS9/VOY, Garak/Bashir/Paris in various combinations, hard NC-17, D/s)
  Before leaving Deep Space Nine, Tom Paris goes to Garak to have his torn uniform repaired. Garak's services include more than just mending however, a service that Paris eagerly accepts. That's when Garak's lover, Bashir, walks in . . . (off-site text link)
golden o 1998 third place award (tie) for best deep space nine story golden o 1998 first place award for best deep space nine misc. slash
  Darkfall, Safehaven (DS9, Garak/Odo, genderf**k, hard NC-17)
  Two lonely people; one long, dark night. (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 first place award (tie) for best deep space nine misc. slash
  Debriefing (DS9, B/O'B, hard NC-17)
  O'Brien needs to get out of his wet clothes. Bashir then offers him a brisk rub down that quickly becomes something else. . . Episode addition to the Deep Space Nine episode "Rocks and Shoals". (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 second place award for best overall humor golden o 1997 honorable mention for best odo/kira
golden o 1997 third place award for best deep space nine misc. hetsmut
  Deep Space Spam aka Come Fuck Me, You Fool
(DS9, O/K, G/B, hard NC-17)
  The war is over and now the station is full of spam, Garak and Bashir are planning their wedding, the Founders have changed Odo into a horny human, and Kira won't put out. A homage to the late great SPAM-ridden Alt.Startrek.Creative.Erotica. (off-site text link)
golden o 1998 honorable mention best next generation multiple
  Don't Let The Bastards Get Q Down
(TNG, P/Q/C in various combinations, drug use, hard NC-17)
  Q plays some games with his favorite French captain, and a certain red-headed minx. (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 second place award for best deep space nine challenge
  Jefferies Tube Lube (DS9, G/Du, hard NC-17)
  Garak and Dukat share a warm moment in a small dark space. (off-site text link)
  Man Enough for Me (DS9, G/B, R)
  When their runabout crashes on the way to a conference, Garak and Dr. Bashir take the opportunity to get rather. . . cuddlesome. (off-site text link)
  Master Stroke (DS9, Odo/Wey, hard NC-17, some D/s)
  What does Weyoun really want? To be Odo's slave? Or his lover? (off-site text link)
  Master Stroke Me Again
(DS9, Odo/Wey, hard NC-17, BDSM, some D/s)
  It's their anniversary and Weyoun and Odo exchange some very special gifts. (off-site text link)
  Q-mulous (TOS/TNG/DS9, Picard/Q, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Rand, Uhura/Chekov/Sulu, Data/LaForge, Riker/Troi, Crusher/Guinan/Barclay, Bashir/O'Brien, KeikiO'Brien/Shakaar, Sisko/Kasidy, JadziaDax/Martok, Worf/Quark, Rom/Leeta, Nog/Alexander, Garak/Jake, Odo/Kira, hard NC-17)

  Q enjoys himself so much with Picard he wants to share his good feelings with everyone.
golden o 1997 honorable mention best voyager misc slash
  Security Drill (VOY, Tu/K, Tu/EMH, NC-17, slightly non-consensual depending on how you look at it, B & D, hard NC-17)
  "Tuvok considered the sleeping boy and with silent, cautious moves, he went back to the mainroom and replicated what he needed; four good lengths of silkcord, and a large, chilled cucumber." (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 honorable mention best deep space nine misc. slash
  The Tailor & The Constable:
Hard Time Coming (DS9, G/Odo, hard NC-17 )
  The need to set things right, starts things in motion for the tailor and the constable. (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 second place award for best deep space nine misc. slash
  The Tailor & The Constable:
Come Again, Commander?
(DS9, G/Odo, JadziaDax, hard NC-17, masturbation)
  Jadzia's eavesdropping leads to a rather interesting morning break. . . (off-site text link)
  The Tailor & The Constable:
Nothing Without You (DS9, G/Odo, hard NC-17, mild bondage)
  During the fitting of Odo's new suit, Garak takes an opportunity to capture his lover's, uh, attention. . . (off-site text link)
  Taking Matters into His Own Hands (DS9, Odo/O'B, hard NC-17)
  Chief O'Brien shows the newly human Odo a good way to relieve his tension . . . (off-site text link)
golden o 1997 first place award (tie) for best deep space nine misc. slash golden o 1997 second place award for best deep space nine multiple
  Transported (DS9, Odo/G/B, hard NC-17)
  Seeing Odo's depression after Arissa leaves him, Garak and Bashir decide to do something about it. Can a changeling become inebriated -- and seduced? (off-site text link)
Lianne Burwell

  Captain Proton in Jeopardy (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Captain Proton faces off against his most dangerous enemy. . . Colonel Dastardly. Possible spoilers for the Voyager episode "Night".
golden o 2000 third place award for best tuvok/paris
  Centerpiece (VOY, Tu/P, R)
  Tom and Tuvok provide a rather interesting albeit unwilling service for some aliens.
golden o 2004 first place award (7-way tie) for best original series slash vignette golden o 2004 first place award for best sulu/chekov
  Comfort in The Night (TOS, Su/C, PG)
  Chekov can't forgive himself. Coda to the movie "ST II: The Wrath of Khan".
  Happily Ever After (VOY, Tu/P, NC-17)
  "'So [the Captain] wanted the dark, brooding security officer and the happy-go-lucky pilot to find true love and live happily ever after?' 'That is essentially correct.''Good thing we didn't disappoint her.''Indeed.'" Companion piece to 'Red Sands, Blue Skies'.
  Harem Boy (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  It's Chakotay to the rescue when Tom is captured by slavers.
  Harem Boy:
Anniversary (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Tom has a very special anniversary present for his rescuer.
  Harem Boy:
Romancing The. . . Mud? (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Caves! Mud! Sex!
  Harem Boy:
Under The Influence (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  An assassin tries to poison Chakotay, but the effects are not quite what was expected.
  Harem Boy:
A Wedding to Remember (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  They're going to the holodeck and they're going to get married. . .
  Harem Boy:
Picture Perfect (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Someone has pictures and they are not afraid to use them.
  Harem Boy:
Red Alert (VOY, C/P, NC-17)
  Voyager is under attack and her First Officer and chief pilot are trapped in their quarters. Whatever shall they do to pass the time?
golden o 1998 third place award for best tuvok/paris
  Red Sands, Blue Skies (VOY, Tu/P, NC-17)
  "I haven't had much experience -- sexually, that is -- with men, but it wasn't something that bothered me. Besides, Tuvok was a friend in need. Did the idea of sex with Tuvok bother me? Not really, I think. He was reasonably attractive. He didn't smell bad. I had never actually considered him as a bed-partner, but there was nothing there to turn me off. And he needed me." Companion piece to 'Happily Ever After'.
  Tea Time (VOY, C/P, G, PWP)
  Neelix experiments with tea.
  Turbolift (VOY, C/P, NC-17, PWP)
  Chakotay and Tom are stuck in a turbolift. They make the best of it.
Kerri Bush

  Fearful Dreams (TNG, P/C, PG)
  "She had no idea why the visions of Arveda tortured her now, forty years after the disaster. She did know that they frightened her, and they were not stopping."
  Or Forever Hold Your Peace (TNG, P/C, PG)
  "Nella had been right. You can only marry someone you love."
  The Road:
Beginning of the Road (TNG, P, C, PG)
  Everything has to begin somewhere. . . The first in a series of encounters between Jean-Luc and Beverly.
  The Road:
Farther Down the Road (TNG, C/JackC, P, PG)
  The road doesn't end at one crossing. . . Beverly, married now to Jack, once again runs into Jean-Luc.
  The Road:
Continuing Down the Road (TNG, C/JackC, PG)
  The road has many curves. . . Beverly's bitterness toward Jack grows.
  The Road:
Treading Down the Road (TNG, C/JackC, PG)
  The road is long and well traveled, and can contain many bumps. . . Beverly's pregnant, and increasingly unhappy.
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