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The Siren Saga
1. A Proposition
2. Sessions
3. The Campaign
4. The Chase
5. Explorations
6. Toys
7. Lounge Lizards
8. Bedtime Story
9. Climbing Walls
10. Lila
11. Doom
12. Reunions
13. The Replacement
14. Denouement
15. Comp Time
16. Blue Cow Man
17. Order Out of Chaos
18. Over the Rainbow
19. Earthshattering
20. Something Squirrelly  This Way Comes
21. Rest Stop

1. Orders
2. Winter Games
3. Role Playing
4. Covert Ops
5. Aquatic Maneuvers

Pirate's Price

1. Inevitable
2. Scent of Frost
3. Expanding Paradigm
4. Unleashed
5. Scent of Summer

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 The Sentinel: Collected Works
Last Updated 9/23/2003

Welcome to the Sentinel Siren Saga. This site contains erotic stories based upon the Pet Fly series which aired on UPN and the Sci-Fi Network.

What's New
3/24/2003 Sentinel Site Upgrade
As you can see, the new interface for The Sentinel site is in place. Please let me know if you encounter any problems, big or small, with this upgrade- Jared

9/23/2003 Inevitable Four: Unleashed
Originally published in My Mongoose. To prepare for a difficult and dangerous undercover assignment, Jim must instruct Blair in the seductive arts.

9/23/2003 Inevitable Five: Scent of Summer
Originally published in My Mongoose. As the weather gets warmer, Jim discovers that summer brings ever new sensations from his lover.

You can make love in zero gravity but not in a vacuum.
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The Mistress needs your feedback to continue producing the finest in erotic interpretation. She bids that you write to her with your reactions. She prefers observations on theme and content over mechanics. Feel free to join her mailing list through e-groups.  What happens next is entirely up to... her.

The Siren Saga
For those who haven't seen it, The Sentinel is an action/adventure series which has beautiful intelligent men who have inspired a whole lot of erotica. The Siren Saga centers around their relationship with a whimsical and unpredictable Mistress. After all, any relationships could use the occasional influence of a Dominatrix.

An exciting spin off series to the Siren Saga can be found in the fanzine Coming to Your Senses 10, 12& 14 available from mystiFrank at:
These stories feature Blair as Jim's sultry dom, The Commander. He takes the delicious sub to exotic locales for discipline and pleasure.

Pirate's Price
In the Age of Pirates, Blair Sandburg inherits his estranged father's estate and a handsome bond slave named James Ellison. Through a number of twists of fate, James becomes a pirate who eventually holds Blair captive and must protect him from a dangerous crew and others who want his wealth.

This series of AU's was created for the e-zine, MyMongoose. In a world where Jim and Blair did not meet during Switchman, fates conspire to bring them together in the Cascade Mountains when each is ready to hear the other.

An Index of NovaD's stories of Jim and Blair.

The characters of Jim, Blair, Simon, Megan, Ryf and Brown belong to Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Viacom or any other entity that lays legal claim. These stories are not to be reprinted for profit.