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 The Adventures of Benton and Ray
Last Updated 1/24/2005

Why Due South?
This was not a fandom I had planned to write. Frankly, it wasnít a fandom I planned to read. Iíve always loved the show, but frankly couldnít see the slash in the Fraser/Veccio pairing. But then I read some lovely Fraser/Kowalski stories and was hooked. But as lovely as those stories are, I lamented not seeing the wonderfully absurd humor that was a hallmark of the series. I mean, they used a fire extinguisher as a rocket pack, for goodness sake. Thus, I became intrigued with the notion of trying to capture the humor of Due South as well as the voices of Ray Kowalski and Benton Fraser. The result is a series that is silly with a vengeance. Itís also very sexy.

Why Mazeppa?
NovaD began as a pseudonym for writing I considered non-literary. Iíve grown up since then about my views of what literature is. However, I do understand why writers take on pseudonyms for writing that is different from their norm. Anne Rice and her pseudonym comes to mind. With me, NovaD means bdsm. Even though I have done stories in my most well known series that were not bdsm, thatís where Iím pigeon holed. So, for this series, I decided to try on a new handle and see what happened. Mazeppa is one of my favorite film characters. Sheís a stripper in the musical Gypsy (see the Natalie Wood version) and has a voice like a pack a day truck driver. I love her. And since she is great fun, she represented what I wanted from this series.



What's New
1/24/2005 Well. Everything, actually.

You can make love in zero gravity but not in a vacuum.
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