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1: Ensign Harry Kim
2: Lieutenant Tom Paris
3: Commander Chakotay
4: Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
5: Captain Jean-Luc Picard
6: What The Doctor Knew
7: Strange Variations
8: The Games
9: Prescriptions
10: Conversations
11: Discoveries
12: Loggerheads
13: Tender Torments
13a: Before We Continue...
14: Dax
15: The Ultimate Postulant
16: Compare And Contrast
17: Yeoman Tonia Barrows
18: Privacy
19: Penance
20: Heal Thyself
21: Vacation
22: Lessons
23: Trust
24: One-Upmanship
25: Alternate Scenarios
26: Captain Kathryn Janeway
27: Tom's Dick And Harry
28: Ladies Night Out
29: Chakotay Squared
30: Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
31: The Other Gift
32: Campaigns
33: Seven Of Nine
34: Maneuvering
35: Conditioning
35a: Assistance
36: The Message
37: Little Words
38: Missteps
39: Objective/Subjective
40: Assumptions
41: Captain Proton Conquers       The Universe
42: In Which A Captain                 Corresponds With His Lady
43: Pastimes
44: EEH
45: Crewman Barrows
46: Explorer
47: Sentinel
48: Human Touch
49: Watersheds
50: Snit
51: Proxy
52: Bottoming From Above
53: Tenets
54: Twenty Four Little Hours
55: Three is a Magic Number
56: Just Rewards
57: Loose Ends
58: The Wake
59: Before We Conclude...
60: Trade Offs
61: No
62: Meanwhile
63: Determination
64: The Fourth Estate
Note of What is Yet to Be

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The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway
Last Updated 1

Welcome! -- and Qapla' -- In case you haven't been here before, you are about to enter into an 'interesting' (to say the least) dimension: one where Dominance and Submission intersects with the USS Voyager. If you are into the former and not the latter, fear not, sex in space works just fine. If you are instead into the latter and not the former, give it a shot, you may just find yourself looking at the characters in an entirely new light.

What's New
12/31/2004 The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway 64: The Fourth Estate
With everyone reunited at Deep Space Nine, Janeway must confront Starfleet over their actions while Picard and Chakotay square off.
12/31/2004 The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway Epilogue: Note of What is Yet to Be
Even after the play ends the players continue...

You can make love in zero gravity but not in a vacuum.
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The Mistress needs your feedback to continue producing the finest in erotic interpretation. She bids that you write to her with your reactions. She prefers observations on theme and content over mechanics. Feel free to join her mailing list through e-groups. What happens next is entirely up to... her.

The Golden Orgasm Awards are awarded every year by the ASCEM (Alt.StarTrek.Creative.Erotica.Moderated newsgroup) for the best in Star Trek erotica written the previous year.

1st Place: Best Voyager Series, Best Voyager Story, Best Janeway/Chakotay (Snit), 2nd Place: Best Voyager Author, Best Voyager Humor/Parody, Best Voyager Single Person (Watersheds), 3rd Place: Best ASCEM Overall

1st Place: Best Voyager Series, Voyager Author, Voyager Story (Proxy), Janeway/Chakotay (Twenty Four Little Hours), Voyager Humor/Parody (Three is a Magic Number), 2nd Place: Best Voyager Humor/Parody (Proxy), 3rd Place: Best Voyager Story (Twenty Four Little Hours), Voyager Multiple Partner (Loose Ends)

2nd Place: Best Voyager Author, Best Voyager Multi-part Story (Before We Conclude...)

1st Place: Voyager Novella, Voyager Slash Novelette, Paris/Kim (Trade Offs), Janeway/Chakotay, Voyager Het (No), 2nd Place: Voyager Slash Novelette, Paris/Kim (Meanwhile), 3rd Place: Best Voyager Author, Voyager Group (Trade Offs), Honorable Mentioned: Best ASCEMOverall Story (The Secret Logs), Voyager Novella (No)

1st Place: Voyager Author, Next Generation Author, Voyager Novelette, Janeway/Other Male, Next Generation Novella (Determination), 2nd Place: Voyager Het Novel, Next Generation Het Short Story, Next Generation Other Het (Determination)

1st Place: Voyager Author, Voyager Het, Voyager Slash, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Male, Voyager Male/Male, Voyager Other Het (The Fourth Estate) Voyager Group (Tied between The Fourth Estate and Note of What is Yet to Be) Voyager Single (Note of What is Yet to Be), 2nd Place: Voyager Het, Voyager Slash (Note of What is Yet to Be)


Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, the characters, et. al. belong to Paramount/Viacom. These stories are not to be reprinted for profit.

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