Winner Golden O's 2000: Best Voyager Series or Suite
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Voyager Series or Suite
Winner Golden O's 2003: Best Overall ASCEM Story

Winner Golden O's 2000: Best Voyager Author 2nd place
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Voyager Author
Winner Golden O's 2002: Best Voyager Author 2nd place
Winner Golden O's 2003: Best Voyager Author 3rd place
Winner Golden O's 2004: Best Voyager Author, Best Next Generation Author
Winner Golden O's 2005: Best Voyager Author

An Introduction to The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway
For those unfamiliar with Star Trek: Voyager, this introduction explains the relevant parts of the series for the novice reader.
1. Ensign Harry Kim
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Kim
Captain Janeway decides to resume her hobby as a dominatrix. Her first subject: Harry Kim.
2. Lieutenant Tom Paris
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Kim, Janeway/Paris
When Paris starts hassling Kim about his time off, Mistress Janeway intervenes.
3. Commander Chakotay
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Paris
When Commander Chakotay learns of the Mistress, his anger is almost as great as his desire.
4. Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay/Torres
At Kim's suggestion, the Mistress seduces Torres and makes her a Mistress in Training.
5. Captain Jean-Luc Picard
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Kim, Janeway/Kim/Torres, Janeway/Picard
Janeway tells Kim and Torres a bedtime story of her greatest conquest, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard segments occur just after the Next Gen episode, "Family."
6. What The Doctor Knew
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Torres, Torres/Kim, Janeway/Paris/Torres
Chakotay has trouble coping with the abuse suffered at the hands of Seska in "Maneuvers." Meanwhile, Torres' indiscretion leads to the Doctor learning of the Circle, and Paris suffers the ultimate punishment at the hands of Janeway and Torres.
7. Strange Variations
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay
Janeway and Torres reward Paris for his actions in "Investigations." Meanwhile, Janeway and Chakotay make up.
8. The Games
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Kim, Janeway/Paris, Kim/Janeway/Paris
Testosterone pushes Kim and Paris to find out what real slavery is like. First mention of The Club, Janeway's sexual oasis on Earth.
9. Prescriptions
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Torres/The Ensign, Torres/Kim/The Ensign/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay
Janeway is depressed after all of the swings in her life following "Resolutions." The Circle tries to cheer her up with a present, The Ensign.
10. Conversations
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Kim/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay
In the aftermath of "Basics," Tuvok explains the concepts of dominants and submissives to Neelix. Meanwhile, Janeway rewards Paris, again, while Chakotay broods over the death of Seska.
11. Discoveries
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Kim/Janeway/Paris
Mistress Janeway helps Kim and Paris sort through their feelings for each other following "The Chute." First mention of her Mistress, Tonia Barrows.
12. Loggerheads
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Paris (non-sexual)
All hell breaks loose when Paris decides that he is in love with the Mistress. The Barrow's holoprogram is activated.
13. Tender Torments
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Paris/Kim, Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Torres/The Ensign
Chakotay remains concerned for Janeway's well being following "Sacred Ground." Meanwhile, Paris and Kim's relationship reaches a new level.
13a. Before We Continue...
Before returning from the 20th Century at the conclusion of "Future's End," Janeway and Torres must rescues the Ensign from the horrors of cream corn wrestling.
14. Dax
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/The Ensign, Janeway/Dax
Janeway has a flashback to her encounter with Jadzia Dax shortly before Voyager's first mission.
15. The Ultimate Postulant
(R, B&D) Janeway/Q (no sex)
Mistress Janeway must control the uncontrollable and protect her circle during the intrusion of "The Q and the Gray." The super riding crop is created.
16. Compare and Contrast
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Pike (non-sexual), Janeway/Kirk (no sex), Janeway/Barrows
A temporal anomaly sends Janeway back to meet two Enterprise captains, and an explosive encounter with a young Yeoman Tonia Barrows.
17. Yeoman Tonia Barrows
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Kim (no sex), Barrows/McCoy, Barrows/Kirk (no sex)
While Mistress Janeway disciplines Kim for his actions during "Alter Ego", Barrows tells Chakotay of her days on the Enterprise just after "Shore Leave." The Barrows program is revealed to be sentient.
18. Privacy
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay
While recovering from her injuries sustained in "Coda," Janeway is disgusted about being left uninformed about the events during "Blood Fever." Meanwhile, Chakotay, Tuvok and the Doctor confront Barrows, and Kim continues his punishment.
19. Penance
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay
Feeling guilty for a believed betrayal of Janeway in "Unity," Chakotay offers himself to Barrows. Janeway gives him the punishment he feels he deserves. Meanwhile, Torres prepares her revenge for the Doctor's actions in "Darkling."
20. Heal Thyself
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Barrows, Barrows/Doctor/Torres, Barrows/Torres
With Barrows help, Torres executes her punishment of the Doctor for his actions in "Darkling." Includes a guest appearance by Lord Byron.
21. Vacation
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay
An exhausted Janeway and Chakotay go for a short rest on a holographic New Earth. Then they find that they can't leave.
22. Lessons
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Barrows/The Ensign/Torres/Kim/6 Alien Sirens
What really happened at the end of "Favorite Son," as the Mistress takes her women and goes hunting for her missing First One.
23. Trust
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, f/m
After being stranded on Vaak 4, a planet of extreme misogynists, Janeway's only hope for survival depends on her becoming Chakotay's slave.
24. One-Upmanship
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Barrows, Janeway/Kim/Torres/Paris
Curious about their experiences on Vaak 4, Chakotay continues to explore being a dominate over Janeway. Unfortunately, this makes Barrows jealous, and Hell hath no fury like a holoprogram scorned.
25. Alternate Scenarios
(NC-17, S&M) Chakotay/Paris, Chakotay/Seska, Janeway/Chakotay
In the aftermath of "Worst Case Scenario," Janeway and Barrows consider different cases of what might have been, which raises a question in Janeway's mind. Could Janeway win a monogamous Chakotay away from Seska, his previous love?
Includes excerpts from Jan and June's "In This Corner."
26. Reality Check: Captain Kathryn Janeway
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Janeway, Janeway/Barrows/Janeway
Part One of Reality Check. A spatial anomaly creates Voyager Alpha and Voyager Omega. Alpha Janeway never formed her Circle and decides to make up for lost time by seducing Omega Janeway. What she doesn't realize is that Omega Voyager is the home of the Mistress.
27. Reality Check: Tom's Dick and Harry
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Kim/Paris
Part Two of Reality Check. Omega Chakotay warns his Captain to tell her Circle to be careful around their counterparts. Unfortunately, Alpha Tom already has his suspicions.
28. Reality Check: Ladies Night Out
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Torres/Janeway, Janeway/Paris/Kim, Janeway/Torres/Barrows/Torres/Janeway
Part Three of Reality Check. Alpha Janeway continues to prepare to resume her duties as a Mistress by practicing on Omega Kim and Paris. Alpha Torres is recruited. Also: Seska's final fate.
29. Reality Check: Chakotay Squared
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Chakotay
Conclusion of Reality Check. Omega Chakotay tells his counterpart to pursue his Kathryn.
30. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
(NC-17) Barrows/Uhura, Barrows/Uhura/m
Barrows gives Janeway and Torres a bedtime story of her seduction of a legendary lieutenant.
31. The Other Gift
(NC-17, S&M) Janeway/Kes
As Kes' powers increase during "The Gift," she learns of the Mistress and is curious for a last taste of physicality. Meanwhile, Janeway must fight being distracted by Seven of Nine.
32. Campaigns
(NC-17) Janeway/Kim
After "Scientific Method", Janeway helps Kim with his planned seduction of Seven of Nine. Meanwhile, Paris and Torres are dismissed from the Circle.
33. Seven of Nine
(NC-17, B&D) Seven/Kim, Janeway/Seven/Kim
The events of Seven's seduction as told by Janeway, Kim and Tuvok. Occurs after "Concerning Flight."
34. Maneuvering
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay, Seven/Kim, Torres/Paris
After the events in "Ship In A Bottle", Janeway must confront the closure of her relationship with Mark, trouble in paradise between Torres and Paris and Seven's attempt to write a log.
35. Conditioning
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Seven/Kim, Janeway/Seven
Despite Seven’s rocky relationship with the Captain following "Prey", Seven insists on continuing her training. Occurs during and immediately after "The Killing Game".
35a. Assistance
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Apollo/Starbuck
A Star Trek: Voyager / Battlestar Galactica crossover. Captain Janeway helps two wayward Viper pilots discover their true feelings for each other.
36. The Message
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Barrows/Kim/Anika/Paris, Janeway/Seven/Kim
Seven decodes a personal message from Dax detailing her encounter with the mirror universe Janeway.
37. Little Words
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Kim/Seven, Janeway/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay
Coping with the consequences of "Night", "Drone", and "Extreme Risk", are child’s play compared to the explosive aftermath of Captain Janeway’s dinner with Chakotay in "Timeless". Torres is brought back into the Circle.
38. Missteps
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Kim/Seven/Torres/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay
Tom's actions in "Thirty Days" delay his re-entry to the Circle.  Janeway's encounter with Kasyhk in "Counterpoint" provide her with an excuse to attempt a clean break with Chakotay.
39. Objective/Subjective
(NC-17, B&D, S&M, Voyeurism) Torres/Seven, The Commander/Barrows, m/f, The Commander/Barrows/m, offical Club orgy
When Tuvok discovers that Neelix has been spying on Torres and Seven, he relays an account of a famous dominatrix, a legendary Romulan and the agent sent to watch her.
40. Assumptions
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Torres, Torres/Seven, Janeway/Seven, Seven/Paris, Paris/Kim, Janeway/Chakotay
After leaving Voyager to visit the galactic capital of celibacy, Janeway must take strong measures following the events of  "Someone To Watch Over Me."
41. Captain Proton Conquers the Universe
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Paris/f, Paris/f/Kim/f
Tom introduces Harry to a new, more 'intense' version of Proton.
42. In Which A Captain Corresponds With His Lady
(NC-17) Picard/Janeway?, Picard/Crusher
The long awaited translation of Captain Picard's letter to Janeway.
43. Pastimes
(NC-17, B&D, Speculation) Janeway/Chakotay
Chakotay records his observations about Kathryn Janeway, the crew and recent events, including "Equinox", "Fair Haven" and "Live Fast and Prosper."
44. Command and Control: EEH
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Barrows
After the events of "The Haunting of Deck 12" and during the events of "Life Line," Barrows is formally made a member of the crew.
45. Command and Control: Crewman Barrows
(NC-17, B&D, S&M, Speculation) Barrows/Seven, Barrows/Janeway
Barrows begins working as a junior engineer.
46. Command and Control: Explorer
(NC-17, B&D, S&M, Voyeurism) Janeway/Chakotay, Barrows/Torres/Kim/Seven
Voyager suffers a series of inexplicable power failures.
47. Command and Control: Sentinel
(NC-17, B&D, Voyeurism, Speculation) Janeway/Paris/Kim, Janeway/Barrows
The Us continue to plague Voyager.
48. Human Touch
(R, H/C)
Janeway, Tuvok and Torres recover from their encounter with the Borg in "Unimatrix Zero."
49. Watersheds
(NC-17, B&D) Paris/Kim
Janeway struggles to understand Seven's depression in "Imperfection," Tom and B'Elanna's wedding and a startling new set of Starfleet protocols.
Winner Golden O's 2000: Best Voyager Parody/Humor 2nd place, Best Voyager Single Person 2nd Place
50. Snit
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay
Following the Maquis rebellion triggered in "Repression," Chakotay must overcome Kathryn Janeway's supreme annoyance.
Winner Golden O's 2000: Best Voyager Story, Best Janeway/Chakotay Story, Best Overall Story 3rd Place
51. Proxy
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Seven/Kim, Multiple Partners
The meal Seven shares with the Doctor at the end of "Body and Soul" produces some unexpected side effects.
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Voyager Story, Best Voyager Parody 2nd place
52. Bottoming From Above
(NC-17, B&D, S&M) Kim/Paris, Kim/Torres, Janeway/Kim
After a taste of command in "Nightingale," and a taste of domination over Seven, Ensign Kim wants to try his hand at being a Dom.
53. Tenets
(NC-17) Janeway/Kim
B'Elanna's extreme behavior in "Lineage" has severe reprecussions both within the Circle and without.
54. Twenty Four Little Hours
(NC-17) Janeway/Chakotay
Chakotay considers his reunions with Kathryn following "Shattered" and "Workforce."
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Janeway/Chakotay, Best Voyager Story 3rd place 
55. Three is a Magic Number
(NC-17, B&D, S&M, Implied Threesomes) Janeway/Chakotay, Kim/Paris, Seven/Barrows
Janeway finds an innovative solution to the true reason for Seven's condition in "Human Error."
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Voyager Humor/Parody
56. Just Rewards
(NC-17, S&M) Janeway/Q
As the events in "Q2" unfold, Janeway must cope with Q2's knowledge of the Circle and how to reward Q's gesture.
57. Loose Ends
(NC-17, B&D, S&M, Death) Janeway/Sela/m, Janeway/Sela/Susan, Janeway/Sela
Following "Author, Author," Janeway comes to terms with the loss of the original Barrows years earlier, as well as her encounter with Sela and her breakup with Mark.
Winner Golden O's 2001: Best Voyager Multiple Partner 3rd place
58. The Wake
(NC-17, Death) Janeway/Chakotay
Barrows holds a wake in Fair Haven in memory of Lt. Carey's death in "Friendship One."
59. Before We Conclude...
Captain Braxton object's to Admiral Janeway's actions in "Endgame."  But who objects to Braxton's?
Winner Golden O's 2002: Best  Voyager Multi-part Story 3rd place
60. Full Circle: Trade Offs
(NC-17, D&S) Paris/Kim, Janeway/Chakotay/Seven
After seven years, Voyager returns to Earth. As the crew struggle to grasp the implications, complications arise.
Winner Golden O's 2003: Best Voyager Novella, Best Voyager Slash Novelette, Best Paris/Kim, Best Voyager Group 3rd place
61. Full Circle: No
(NC-17,  D&S) Janeway/Chakotay (flashback), Janeway/Club Slave (masturbation)
Janeway reacts to the Maquis' arrest and has dinner with Admiral and Lieutenant Paris.
Winner Golden O's 2003: Best Janeway/Chakotay, Best Voyager Het, Best Voyager Novella Honorable Mentioned
62. Full Circle: Meanwhile
(R) Paris/Kim
With Paris and Kim's help, the Maquis break out of prison and attempt to evade the entire Federation fleet.
Winner Golden O's 2003: Best Paris/Kim 2nd place Best Voyager Slash Novelette 2nd place
63. Full Circle: Determination
(NC-17) Janeway/Picard, Janeway/Crusher, Janeway/Picard/Seven
Janeway convinces Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to help rescue Seven and Icheb from the clutches of Section 31.
Winner Golden O's 2004: Best Voyager Novelette, Best Janeway/Other Male, Best Next Generation Novella, Best Voyager Het Novel 2nd place, Best Next Generation Het Short Story 2nd place, Next Generation Other Het 2nd place
64. Full Circle: The Fourth Estate
(NC-17, B&D) Janeway/Chakotay, Chakotay/Seven, Janeway/Chakotay/Seven, Seven/Data, Paris/Kim
With everyone reunited at Deep Space Nine, Janeway must confront Starfleet over their actions while Picard and Chakotay square off.
Winner Golden O's 2005: Best Voyager Het, Best Voyager Slash, Best Voyager Single, Best Janeway/Chakotay, Best Paris/Male, Best Voyager Male/Male Slash, Best Voyager Other Het, Best Voyager Group (tied with Epilogue)
Note of What is Yet to Be
Even after the play ends the players continue...
Winner Golden O's 2005: Best Voyager Group (tied with The Fourth Estate,) Best Voyager Het 2nd place, Best Voyager Slash 2nd place

Starship Voyeur
(NC-17, B&D) Painway/m/f, Sin/Torrid, Penis/f, Painway/Toofucked, Chokeonthis/Molesta, Painway/Sin/Torrid/Penis, Painway/Chokeonthis
And now for something completely different.  Several years ago, NovaD and Jared were commissioned to script a hardcore film, never produced.  Thus, the saga of Captain Katherine Painway and the Starship Voyeur as they navigate the Delta Phi Omega Quadrant.