Reality Check:
Ladies Night Out

Captain’s Personal Log:

I didn’t know how life on Voyager would ever get back to normal once it returned to its time line. My Circle was beginning to ride an increasingly wild erotic wave. I couldn’t guess where it would take us or how we could pull back from the intense stimuli.

The sessions with my counterpart, Alpha Janeway, were as hot as they were enlightening. I watched her open up to the experiences and indulge in them with relish. Then, I watched her slowly unwind and relax. What differences there were between us were becoming indistinguishable. Then there was the mischief the Boys were up to. I couldn’t believe the erotic play between Harry and the two Tom’s. Every time I thought about it, I got wet. They made me so proud.

The hour this night was late. I was sorting through a myriad of things. My mind was bouncing back and forth from subject to subject. My door chimed. At my summons, Alpha Kathryn entered the room. She looked weary and apprehensive.

"What’s wrong?"

She sank onto the sofa with closed eyes.

"Chakotay," she said softly. "I swear he knows... something..."

I sighed. "He knows. And he will be watching until his curiosity is satisfied. Then, you will have to face him."

"I can’t face him!" She replied with wide eyes. I saw the panic in them and empathized with it.

"You will, Kathryn. But you choose your time. He will be your greatest challenge," I said. "And well worth the battle. But for now, have some wine. We have a campaign to wage."

I deposited a drink in her hand. "Janeway to Omega Torres."

"Torres here."

"B’Elanna," I said in a tone that the Lieutenant would know.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Come to me, pet. Now."

"Yes, Mistress!"

Alpha Janeway moaned. "I can hardly believe it. B’Elanna."

I smirked at her. Wait until she finds out about the delightful antics of her Tom Paris. I would give her that gift when she left. That would help her deal with Chakotay for a little while anyway. Or make her not care.

Torres was there a few moments later. She was uncharacteristically shy considering us both. To still her hands I put a glass of wine in them. She drank deeply.

"How’s the campaign?"

"I gave her the literature a few days ago, but she only started reading it last night," B’Elanna said with slight exasperation. "She works a lot. Just lives and breathes it."

"So did you," I replied.

"Has she asked any questions?"

"Oh yes," B’Elanna smiled. "I think she’s rediscovered part of her anatomy."

Alpha Janeway moaned, then sipped her wine.

"What does she want to know?" I asked.

"Right now just about the lifestyle," B’Elanna replied.

"I feel her curiosity about me and my crewmates."

"Does she want to..." Alpha Janeway asked quietly.

"She’s open to it... to anything with you," Torres replied. "She wants to be close to you... It’s just that she doesn’t know how to begin to approach you."

Alpha Janeway sighed.

"Go to her B’Elanna," I said with a nod at my counterpart.

Torres moved to kneel in front of Alpha Janeway then rested her head on her lap. My counterpart hesitated then began to stroke her hair. A sigh escaped B’Elanna. Then she closed her eyes as the Captain moved to stroke the contours of her face.

"So beautiful," she murmured.

"Shall we have you?" I asked her.

"Please ..." B’Elanna whispered.

Torres rose gracefully then began to slowly remove her clothes. Her eyes were lowered.

"Go to the bedroom, pet," I said.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Come, Kathryn. The hedonist is awake. Enjoy her!" I said. "Explore that sensuous creature."

"Gods, Kathryn! Let’s go..."

B’Elanna awaited us on her knees.

"Undress her then lay on the bed."

"Yes, Mistress."

Torres was deft even with trembling fingers. She kept licking her lips and stealing glances between us. I removed my clothes then settled at the head of the bed to watch them.

Alpha Kathryn grabbed B’Elanna’s wrist’s roughly. She bit her face. Torres growled beginning to struggle. Alpha Kathryn straddled her waist then shoved her back against the mattress.

"Don’t you dare move," she whispered harshly. "You don’t want to fight me anyway."

Torres moaned into the sizzling kiss my counterpart gave her. Alpha Kathryn licked then tugged at B’Elanna’s lower lip.

"Stay still," she said keeping her hands free to explore the Lieutenant as her mouth began to taste the firm, tawny flesh beneath her. I felt like moaning remembering the first time my tongue got to have those nipples and suck them to hardness.

"Please..." Torres moaned.

"Not yet..." Alpha Kathryn replied flipping Torres over. She licked then nipped her spine then each cheek. Torres gasped as those cheeks were spread. Kathryn dived into the crevice with that tongue.

"Oh, gods... please... please..."

"Hmm? Soon..." Kathryn murmured.

"You are delicious... I want more... but I’ll take care of you."

Alpha Kathryn turned Torres over again then spread her legs. She feasted on B’Elanna quite heedless of the moaning and wailing which was growing in volume to a near deafening crescendo. Afterwards, Alpha Kathryn rested her head on B’Elanna’s heaving abdomen.

"Do you have to gag her a lot?" She asked me.

"No. I had the room soundproofed. I’ll give you the specs," I said. "I think you’re ready to test run my Circle. Why don’t you stand in with the Boys?"

Torres groaned.

"When we finish with this Dear One, I’ll give you a gift from them so you’ll know what you’re dealing with," I said. "Now, B’Elanna. Since you managed to get us all excited, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Get to it!"

"Yes, Mistress!"

Barrows and I were there in the Club hidden behind a holo-wall that we could see through. Torres begged off assisting out of exhaustion and in favor of pursuing Alpha Torres. My counterpart awaited in the full Outfit with two male attendants.

"Do you think they’ll know?" I asked.

"Of course they will," Barrows replied. "They’ll know the touch is different. It’s a matter of degree. You’re further along than she."

"You think they’ll notice nuances in the throws of a session?"

"Your Boys will surprise you."

They entered moments later. Alpha Kathryn had the guards pounce upon them, strip and then shackle them. They looked a little confused and excited by the intensity and silence of the Mistress.

"Magnificent..." she whispered. "As always."

Alpha Kathryn began to touch Kim slowly. I understood her indulgence and would have done the same when presented with such a tempting body.

"She’ll have to kiss him," I said.

And she did. My counterpart was so rocked by the experience as I was with that first kiss from those full, lush lips. The tongue fest left Kim pretty woozy.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"First a little reward for that lovely log with the other Tom," she said. "Now, for you, Mr. Paris."

Tom drank in that kiss. His eyes were closed, but on his face was an expression of joy and hunger. Alpha Janeway tore free out of breath.

Tom’s eyes sparkled at her with a glint in those fiery eyes that I’d never seen.

"He knows," I said.

"He does."

"Shall we tell her?"

"She has to learn how to handle him."

Alpha Janeway was touching Paris slowly and carefully and the Lieutenant was loving it, gasping and moaning under the exploration.

"Permission... permission... to speak... oh... god."

"Carefully... carefully..."

"Let me serve you, Mistress."

"You are serving me, pet."

"You seem to crave be touched," Tom groaned. "Let me..."

"How considerate," she murmured. "But I want to work those muscles. Your skin is so beautiful. I want to see it flushed with deep color."

"Mistress... please..."

"I like to hear you say that, Dear One," she whispered licking his earlobe. "But I know exactly what I want to do to you."

She bit his neck causing Paris to gasp. I saw Tom calculating another angle. Kathryn was choosing a weapon. It was the cat o’nine tails.

"You read our log about Alpha Tom?" Paris asked.

"Of course. It was delicious."

"Let us perform for you," Tom murmured.

Kathryn kissed Tom again. This time it was long and slow. Kim looked confused. His gaze was focused on Kathryn.

I sighed. "He knows too. But he isn’t trying to get loose."

The kiss ended reluctantly. Kathryn took him by the ears.

"How long have you known?" She asked.

At first he didn’t answer. She twisted his ears enough to get his attention.

"Since the kiss. You didn’t know my kiss," he said.

"I don’t know your skin either, but I’m about to, pet," Kathryn said tersely.

It was an educational session for Tom or rather a re-education of the folly of angering Janeway. I have been harder on Tom many times, but from his gasping and whimpering I could tell that his flesh was on fire. She had his undivided attention. Kim was still amazed and confused.

"Despite all you know about what I can do to you, the impulse to test me is still too hard to fight," she said in exasperation. "How did she break you?"

"A lot of pain and patience," he said sheepishly.

Janeway smiled at the sweet expression and the sincere tone. She carefully considered him while fitting on her strap-on.

"And I bet she melted under those beautiful blue eyes and that sweet tenor voice," Alpha Kathryn said. "Was she melted by your lack of guile?"

Tom swallowed hard. Kathryn grabbed a leash to attach to his collar. The attendant unshackled Tom after Janeway attached the leash.

"We’re going to entertain Mr. Kim now. You are going to leave here without satisfaction from me. And your Mistress is likely going to want to exact punishment as well," Alpha Kathryn said.

She massaged Harry’s ass while tugging on the leash. Tom’s cock jumped to attention.

"Kiss him, Tom. Give him a kiss that that mouth deserves," she whispered.

Tom crushed Kim’s mouth raking it until Kim was moaning and thrusting against him.

"Lick that body. Taste him."

Tom broke the kiss to move his mouth along Harry’s throat. The sucking and nipping moved lower. Kathryn guided Tom by tugging on the leash making him tend to the body parts she wanted him to. Harry was moaning uncontrollably by the time Tom was kneeling in front of the bound man.

The attendant released Kim lowering him to the floor.

"Get on all fours and suck him," she ordered.

When Tom complied, Janeway moved to mount him with the strap-on guiding Tom’s head with a hand grasped in his hair.

"She’s good," Barrows said. "Punishing that naughty boy and making him love it. Look at how he’s taking that cock and loving Harry’s as well."


Kim was going crazy under Tom’s relentless mouth and watching Alpha Kathryn pound his friend’s ass. He came with a growl and a shout.

"Clean up then go to your quarters, Tom. You are not to touch him, Harry," she said. "Thank you for the experience, sweet ones."

Late the next night, I was working on B’Elanna’s latest estimates for when we could try to get back to where we belong. The window was closing on my outrageous escapades. My feelings were decidedly mixed. I was very ready to get back underway. But there was so much more I wanted to do.

"Janeway to Janeway," Alpha Kathryn’s voice said she had an anxious tone.

"I’m here, Kathryn," I replied. "What’s wrong?"

She was frowning at me from the small viewscreen.

"How do you keep from thrashing that man?" she muttered.


"Yes..." she replied. "He’s circling me... Moving in on me. I can feel it."

"He is. The Commander knows you’ve awakened erotically. Give him an opening and he’ll move," I said.

She was torn. I understood that well.

"Do you want him?


"Stupid question," I conceded. "Claim Torres. Begin a Circle. You’ll need a buffer to keep him at bay. If you want to keep him at bay."

"If I want to... It’s like wrangling a super nova," she sighed.

"The power is yours. Take control," I said. "Let’s do this tomorrow."

"You’re right. You’re right. It’s just that he make me feel like..."

"A school girl... I know..." I said thinking about how devastating his kiss was to me.

"I don’t even want to know about that expression."

"No," I sighed. "It’s best you didn’t."

"1900 hours then."

Alpha Janeway and I arrived at the Holodeck early. The door opened upon Barrows’ dungeon. Little Marayna was there hanging by her wrists with a dildo gag in place. She was naked with heavily weighted nipple clamps. Her clit had a weight clamp as well. My counterpart gasped about the room in amazement.

"You know what a long memory the Mistress has," I said.

She squinted at a figure that was attached to the wall.

"Is that Seska?" She asked.

My head snapped around.

"It shouldn’t be," I said quietly. "She was to be de-activated after that first session."

"What session? You had a session with her?"

"How could I not," I said. The anger still flashed within me. "After all the trouble she caused me and Chakotay. Believe me, she didn’t enjoy it."

"What did you do?"

"What didn’t I do? I nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket whipping her then, I stuffed every orifice she had with objects that were way too big for them. And I screamed a lot."

"Did it help?"

"Psychologically, it helped a little. I wish she’d been real though," I said with a smirk.

"Why is she still here? Aren’t you afraid that Chakotay will see her?"

"I don’t know and hell yes," I replied. "Barrows might even show her to him."

"Dear One, I would never do that," Barrows said.

"At any rate, Mistress," Alpha Kathryn said. "That program should be deleted. Such complicated programs can develop in ways that can’t be calculated."

"Who does that sound like?" I asked pointedly.

"Well, I can’t have competition. She’ll have to go," Barrows said. Seska disappeared with a sharp cry of pain.

"I’ll have Torres make sure it’s completely deleted later," I said. "Meanwhile, can we set the scene a little better? They’ll be here any minute."

Barrows snapped her fingers and the Mistress’ elegant chamber appeared. Alpha Janeway and I removed our robes.

"Breathtaking," Barrows said. "I couldn’t have thought of a better situation than this."

"Wait a few minutes."

When the Torres’ arrived, both Janeway’s were seated at Barrows’ feet. Even without the Alpha designation badge, I would have known which was the untried engineer. Her eyes were as big as saucers.

"Hello, Alpha B’Elanna," I said. "Don’t be nervous."

"She’s not nervous," Omega Torres said. "She’s wetter than she’s been in her life, aren’t you B’Elanna?"

She didn’t answer. She smiled and lowered her eyes.

"What a beautiful color," Barrows murmured. "But she’s wound tighter than a spring."

She conjured a massage area in the room then lowered the lights so that her throne couldn’t be seen.

Alpha Janeway rose and approached her lieutenant.

"I’m glad you’re here," she said softly. "Let me put you at ease."

My counterpart slowly removed B’Elanna’s clothes. With each item there was a chance to resist or leave. She did neither. Her eyes were on Kathryn.

"You trust me?"

"Yes," she whispered as the last garment fell.

"Lay on the table face down," she murmured.

Alpha Kathryn was slow and methodical in exploring her body. Meanwhile, Barrows and I positioned Omega Torres where Alpha Torres could see us. We shackled her wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling. I took her front while Barrows worked from behind.

I began with deep romantic kisses. While I ran my hand through her hair, Alpha Torres was sighing nearby. She was moaning and squirming by the time I was sucking her nipples. Barrows was tonguing her ass. Alpha Janeway turned her Torres over. She massaged her shoulders as Torres was riveted on Barrows and me licking and sucking Omega B’Elanna into oblivion.

Alpha Janeway moved her B’Elanna’s hands to her own clit. She stroked her arms as Alpha Torres began to pleasure herself. When B’Elanna got into it, Alpha Janeway kissed her while thumbing her nipples. Alpha Torres was moaning loudly. She came screaming against her Captain’s mouth.

Before she could really recover, Alpha Janeway shackled her Torres by the wrists to the table.

"Another three year orgasm drought," Barrows muttered. "Let’s give you some more so you don’t forget."

I went after that sweet snatch. After all, I was experienced at eating Torres. She was as sweet and responsive as my little Klingon. Barrows straddled her face just as her tension was building to slow the momentum. The woman had great coordination. Barrows was coming just as Torres began to quiver then shake. I almost lost my concentration watching Barrows in ecstasy.

I fell over on my back in the aftermath.

When the shackles were released, Alpha Torres surprised me by going after her counterpart. She took my B’Elanna by the waist and began to kiss her deeply. Both women began caressing each other during a very deep, hot kiss. They sunk to the floor to begin exploring each other with their lips, tongues and teeth. Alpha Kathryn and I drifted towards each other while watching them. We lazily stoked each other’s nipples as the Klingons worked around each other licking and sucking flesh. Finally Alpha Torres was sitting on Omega Torres’ face while eating her out.

"I think that gal’s ready for the real work," I said. "Time for the attachments." My counterpart smirked. Barrows smiled from her throne.

We shackled both Klingons on hands and knees in such a way that their legs were spread wide and their backs arched. Then my counterpart and I went after the women with clip whips along the inner and back thighs. They were moaning softly with each smack. The sounds became quite loud when their muffs were smacked from behind. They began to squirm.

I took pity on my Torres and shoved the dildo inside. My counterpart did the same. Meanwhile Barrows treated us to watching her stroke herself to another orgasm. I just couldn’t get enough of seeing pleasure wash over her face. The excitement made me slam all the harder into Torres but she was meeting every thrust with enthusiasm. Her scream in coming should have rocked both Voyagers. I hardly noticed the other Klingon’s orgasm.

I released them from the restraints, then moved to Barrows’ side. I was growing tired and needed a break.

"Think of it as endurance training. It will make you prepared for any situation," she said.

"And what situations would come up that I need this kind of training?"

"And how many times have you uttered the word ‘anomaly’ on this little trip," Barrows retorted. "Girls, work your way up Alpha Kathryn. She still needs the practice."

"Yes, Mistress," the Torreses replied.

My counterpart had been reclining on the rug attempting to gather her scattered wits. The Klingons crawled over to her. They began by sucking her toes. Each woman began lapping and sucking their way up Alpha Kathryn’s body. Alpha B’Elanna got distracted with her Captain’s clit while my own dear Torres tended to her breasts sucking and nipping at the hardened nipples. Alpha Kathryn came sobbing her orgasms as they hit her in waves. It was so powerful that I could almost feel them.

Barrows tossed Omega Torres a mighty Klingon strap-on after they left my counterpart in a heap.

"Take that Torres the way you like to do it best," she said.

"Yes, Mistress."

My B’Elanna pounced upon her counterpart with a lusty snarl. They went at it in earnest for a while. It took considerable effort for Omega Torres to pin the Alpha. When she did I moved in and held her shoulders down. Her legs were tossed roughly over Omega B’Elanna’s shoulders then the huge member plunged into that quivering wetness. By that time, Alpha Janeway recovered enough to come up and take Omega Torres in the ass her movements countering the thrusts into Alpha Torres. I was distracted for a moment by Barrows kissing me deeply and hungrily.

When she released me, Alpha Janeway was again resting. But Alpha Torres was bucking against me and her counterpart. She heaved us off pushing Omega Torres on her back. The Alpha then impaled herself on the dildo whole torturing the nipples of her counterpart.

"It’s not enough," she growled even as she was riding that thing harder than I’d ever seen one ridden.

Alpha Janeway and I each took a breast concentrating hard to keep up with her movements. Finally, the bitch screamed in ecstasy. We all collapsed.

In the relative quiet of the panting and heaving afterward, I was looking at the tableau on the ceiling.

"What we need," I murmured. "Is more bodies."

Alpha Janeway chuckled. "I know this Maquis Ensign ...."

"Yes, I’m familiar with her," I sighed.

29: Chakotay Squared