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Lady Bard Last Dance: 4K - PG - Angst, POV
Summary: What was going through the heads of Ben and Vader during their fight in A New Hope? Might also explain in our slash-seeking little minds Vader's actions in ROJ.
Right Path: 22K - Anakin/Obi-wan, Anakin/Amidala - PG-13 - Angst, Romance, AU
Summary: Anakin comes for the Jedi Order, but all he finds is Obi-Wan.
Lapis Lazuli Air Jedi: TS (Totally Silly) - Humor/Parody
Co-Written with Lilith Sedai and Wren
Summary: A little one-on-one gets out of hand.
Apprentice Master: Q/O - NC-17 - BDSM, First-Time. A little angst. Possible PWP. Lots of smut.
Co-Written with Cori Lannam, Lilith Sedai and Lorelei
Summary: At a Jedi-Only nightclub, Obi-Wan finds out who's in charge.
JAOA: Strays: Anakin, Han, Q/O - PG - AU, Humor
Summary: Our boys get adopted by another pathetic life-form.
Co-Written with Keelywolfe Sacrifice to the Dark: 20K - Q/O - NC-17 - BDSM, AU, Angst
Summary: Qui-Gon finds an entry in Obi-Wan's erotic diary a bit disturbing.
Laura JV











Laura JV











Laura JV











Laura JV











Laura JV

Behavioral Modification: Lu/W - R - PWP, Humor
Summary: Wedge misbehaves. Luke disciplines.
Behavioral Modification II: Naughty Boy: Lu/W - R - PWP
Summary: Wedge misbehaves...again. Luke disciplines...again.
The Bridge Series

Bridge On The River Qui-Gon: Q/O - PG

A Bridge Too Far: Q/O - PG

Across the Bridge: Q/O - PG
Summary: Obi-Wan's adventure with sentimentality is still annoying Qui-Gon.
Don't Raise The Bridge, Lower The River: Q/O - R
Summary: Obi-Wan, having been spanked, is sincerely trying to remove the Jedi Mind Tattoo.
In Anne Higgins' Bonding Universe:

Bazodee: Q/Mace - PG - AU, Angst
Summary: Mace Windu copes with losing his lover to Obi-Wan.
Menelaus: Q/Mace, Q/O - PG - AU, Angst
Summary: Mace Windu has some problems teaching the boy who stole his lover.
Brother Mine: H/Le, Lu/W - PG - POV
Summary: Leia's relationship with Luke develops.
I Caught a Falling Star: Lu/W - NC-17 - PWP, Angst
Summary: Luke and Wedge find some comfort in each other.
I Will Follow Where You Lead: Lu/W - PG - POV
Summary: Wedge's thoughts the morning after.
Comfort, Surrender, Sanctuary: Lu/Lando - PG-13
Summary: Luke contemplates life, the universe, and everything.
Run, My Heart: Lu/Lando - PG
Summary: The morning after.
Darth Maul Pledges Chi Epsilon Delta Iota: Q/O, DM - R - Humor
Summary: Rejected from Sith Academy for being too, um, salacious.
Death Experienced: Q/O - PG - Post-TPM
Summary: Obi-Wan copes with events at the end of TPM.
Demanded by the Gods: Q/J - PG - Hurt/Comfort, Non-Q/O
Summary: JarJar offers comfort to the man he owes a life-debt.
Divided: PG - Pre-ANH
Summary: Obi-Wan and Yoda discuss Luke's future.
JarJar And The Amazing Tongue-Loving Jedi: Q/J - NC-17 - Humor. Sort of.
Summary: Qui-Gon's tongue fetish gets him in a compromising position.
A Droid, a Gungan, and a Padawan Walk Into a Bar: Q/O/J/R2D2 - PG-13 - Humor/Parody
Summary: Obi-Wan, JarJar, and R2 don't like it when Qui-Gon goes to meet his "friend" Xffffzeesizzzzzzzz at spacer bars.
Mace Windu Is Willin': Ma/Q/O/J/R2 - NC-17 - Humor/Parody
Summary: Mace Windu discovers the lively foursome.
Einstein's Folly II: Who's on Top?: Various - PG-13 - Humor
Summary: Where *do* people get those characterizations?
O, Embleer Sith!: Q/O - PG-13 - Humor, Drama, Something
Summary: Crossover with Watership Down. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan take a little trip.
Father & Son Series: AU, After ROTJ

Returning: An/Am - PG - Drama
Summary: Darth Vader dies on the Death Star, but Anakin Skywalker survives...
Standing Between The Darkness And The Light: An/Am - PG - Drama
Summary: Anakin and Luke must face the music.
Out Of Darkness: An/Am, Lu/W - PG - Drama
Summary: Anakin learns a lesson he should have learned a long time ago.
Prophetic Insight: An/Am, Lu/W - PG - Drama
Summary: Luke reveals Anakin's identity to his lover.
The Force Shimmy: Q/O, Garak/Bashir - PG-13 - Xover
Summary: The result of a challenge from Jen Chapman. Garak's shop has some unusual customers.
From the Inside: Q/O, Lu - R - Angst
Summary: Obi-Wan sees something in Luke that he didn't expect.
Interludes Series

Letters Home: PG-13
Summary: Obi-Wan writes home about his life as a Jedi.
Crow on the Cradle: PG-13
Summary: Obi-Wan must hide the infant Luke from his father.
Ashfields and Brine: PG
Summary: Obi-Wan must deal with the death of a friend.
Desert: G
Summary: Ben Kenobi and Owen Lars discuss Luke and life on Tatooine.
Lies and Visions: PG
Summary: Ben tries to convince Owen to give up Luke.
My Obi-Wan: Q/O - PG-13 - POV
Summary: Qui-Gon considers his long relationship with Obi-Wan.
My Anakin: Q/O - PG-13 - post-TPM
Summary: Obi-Wan shelters Anakin as he was once sheltered.
Need: Watto/Jabba - R
Summary: I said I could write a serious Watto/Jabba with a plot. So I have.
Scissors: Q/O - PG - post-TPM
Summary: Obi-Wan reflects on his life with his Master.
Spinning: An - PG - POV
Summary: Darth Vader's thoughts at the end of A New Hope.
Warmth and Small Kindnesses: O, An - G
Summary: Obi-Wan helps Ani feel less cold, and fights his own feelings about the boy.
What it Wasn't: Lu/W - R - First Time
Summary: Luke can't cope with the destruction of the Death Star. Wedge helps.
Laura Shapiro What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?: H/Lan - NC-17
Co-Written with Halrloprillalar
Summary: Well, well, well, Han's feeling fine.
Laura Troise JAOA: Angels: Amidala - PG - AU, Drama
Summary: Amidala reflects on her children and their future.
JAOA: It Begins Again: Han, Luke - PG - AU, Drama
Summary: Luke begins his training in the Force.
Established Truths: Q/O - G - CATEGORY
Summary: After their first appearance before the Jedi Council, Obi-Wan tries to bolster his Master.
A Matter of Belief: Q/O - PG
Summary: Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon debate the latter's skill with the Force.
Shadows: O, An - PG
Summary: Ten years after TPM, Anakin and Obi-Wan must deal with their emotional baggage with regards to each other.
Take Nothing for Granted: O/MW - G - POV
Summary: After Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's first appearance before the Jedi Council in TPM, Mace Windu ponders Obi-Wan's past and future.
Lianne Burwell Control: Q/O - NC-17 - PWP
Summary: During a mission, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have a quiet interlude.
Crash Landings: Lu/P - NC-17 - Voyager/SW X-over
Summary: An unexpected accident brings together two blonds with surprisingly similar backgrounds.
Keeping the Cold at Bay: Lu/Wedge
Summary: Wedge teaches Luke how to keep warm on the ice-planet Hoth. A prequel to the Vacation Series
The Vacation Series: Lu/Lando

Vacation: PG
Summary: Lando decides to drag Luke off for a long-overdue vacation.
Relaxation: NC-17
Summary: Luke and Lando arrive on Sandrica. And since Athea asked so nicely, they get lucky =)
Excavation: NC-17
Summary: Luke and Lando visit Tronin's excavation site.
Exhilaration: PG
Summary: Luke and Lando hit Pole City for a night of fun and gambling, and run into some unexpected problems.
Summary: When Tronin doesn't answer their calls, Luke and Lando head to the excavation site to investigate.
Evolution: NC-17
Summary: Luke and Lando meet an unusual Jedi, and get a history lesson.
Lilith Sedai











Lilith Sedai











Lilith Sedai











Lilith Sedai

Air Jedi: TS (Totally Silly) - Humor/Parody
Co-Written with Lapis Lazuli and Wren
Summary: A little one-on-one gets out of hand.
Apprentice Master: Q/O - NC-17 - BDSM, First-Time. A little angst. Possible PWP. Lots of smut.
Co-Written with Cori Lannam, Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei
Summary: At a Jedi-Only nightclub, Obi-Wan finds out who's in charge.
A Birthday Present for Qui-Gon: Q/O - PG-13 - Humor/Parody
Summary: Obi-Wan and the Brothers Derida search for a birthday present for Qui-Gon.
Danger, Little Stranger: Q/C, O/C, Q/O - NC-17 - Crossover, Angst, First Time
Co-Written with Cori Lannam
Summary: Qui-Gon seeks Obi-Wan and finds him... and more of him than he'd bargained for. A Velvet Goldmine/Phantom Menace crossover.
A Dirty Story: Q/O - NC-17 - PWP
Co-Written with Cori Lannam
Summary: Inspired by a short slashy bit from "Michael Collins"
The Elements Series

Water: Q/O - R - AU, drama, angst, hurt-comfort
Summary: Qui-Gon Jinn fails to take Obi-Wan as his apprentice on Bandomeer, so Yoda does instead. After Obi-Wan is knighted, he and Qui-Gon are sent on a mission together and encounter personal conflicts as they attempt to work together. First in the Elements Series.
Earth: Q/O - NC-17 - AU, drama, angst, first-time
Summary: Obi-Wan must deal with the unexpected results of Qui-Gon's attempt to heal the Torehiri coral reef. Second in the Elements Series.
Air: Q/O - NC-17 - AU, drama, angst
Summary: The Jedi Order's main source of lightsaber crystals is drying up. Knight Kenobi and Master Jinn must complete their tasks on Torehir and then investigate the new problem together in spite of unresolved differences between them. Third in the Elements Series.
Fire: Q/O - NC-17 - AU, drama, angst, hurt/comfort
Summary: Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi try to uncover the cause of a serious shortage in lightsaber crystals while coping with their relationship difficulties. Fourth (and last after all, alas!) in the Elements Series.
In My End Is My Beginning: Q/O - NC-17 - AU, extreme angst, first-time
Summary: Obi-Wan goes back in time and fixes a crucial omission in Qui-Gon's training.
L'Histoire D'Obi: Q/O - NC-17 - AU, H/C, Angst, First-Time, BDSM
Summary: Obi-Wan neglects to pay careful attention to a briefing, agrees to accept an unusual mission assignment, and lets himself and Qui-Gon in for more trouble than either of them bargained for.
A Match Made in Heaven: Q/O - PG-13 - Humor/parody
Summary: A very interesting picture of Qui-Gon Jinn provokes an unexpected reaction.
Of Failure and Apprentices: Q/O - NC-17 - angst, AU, WIP (so far)
Summary: What if Qui-Gon had left 13-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi on Bandomeer?
Of Stones and Padawans: Q/O - NC-17 - Angst, First Time
Co-Written with Rachael Sabotini, Shadow, and Wren
Summary: A miscommunication on a diplomatic mission leads to temporary hurt feelings.
The Tables Turned: Q/O...sort of - R - humor/parody
Summary: Lilith Sedai reads one too many "The Council Does Not Approve!" stories, and finally snaps.
To My Master: A Post-Clone-Wars Journal Entry by Ben Kenobi: Q/O - PG - Angst, Point of View
Summary: Obi-Wan's thoughts to Qui Gon after Anakin turns to the Dark Side.
Undercover: Q/O - NC-17 - PWP, angst
Summary: Obi-Wan encounters a beautiful stranger in a seedy bar.
Wet Workouts at the Jedi Academy: Q/O - NC-17 - Pre-Slash, First-Time
Summary: Obi-Wan progresses through childhood to manhood in the pool at the Jedi Academy.
Whipping Boy: Q/O, sorta - NC-17 - PWP, bdsm, fetish/kink
Summary: Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon engage in some therapeutic role-playing.
Lisa190303 and Joleymouse Always Two: DM/P - NC-17 - PWP
Summary: This is what came to our minds when Mona asked for something sweet this morning. Sith Lord luv.
Lisa Hall Master/Apprentice: Q/O - PG - Angst, Drama
Summary: A look at Obi-Wan's perspective after TPM
marag Cho-Ko-Lit Jedi: 9K - Q/O - R - Humour
Co-Written with pumpkin
Marguerite Muguet The End of the World: H/Lu - PG-13 - Angst, POV
In Anne Higgins' Bonding Universe:

Cute and Cuddly: Q/O - G - Humor
Summary: The imp is being cute. :) Don't know what more to say.
Shaping the Present: Q/O - PG
Summary: The title says it all. :)
You Belong To Me: H/Lu - PG-13 - Angst
Wide Awake: H/Lu - PG-13 - Angst
Meercat Devotion to Duty: Q/O - R - drama, h/c, angst
Summary: In order to warn the Council of impending danger, Obi-Wan must leave his injured Master to fight their enemies alone. Can he deliver his warning and return to Qui-Gon in time?
Posing a Question: 5K - Q/O - G - Humor
Summary: This story (and Obi-Wan) begs a question.
Web of Deceit: Q/O - PG - Drama
Summary: Obi-Wan is poisoned while he and Qui-Gon are performing trade negotiations. Is it related to the dispute, or is the motive something much more personal?
Meridian New Beginnings: Q/O - NC-17 - First-Time, PWP
Accepting the Inevitable: Q/O - NC-17 - First-Time, Angst
Summary: Obi-Wan hands the sacred chalice to the wrong person and both he and his Master pay the consequences.
The First Time: Q/O - NC-17 - PWP, first-time
Summary: Obi-Wan has his first time























Dark Desires: Q/O - PG-13
Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Undressing A Jedi I Learned From My 12" Qui-Gon Jinn Doll: Q/O - PG
Faint Voices: H/Lu - R
Memories: H/Lu - PG
Sleepless: H/Lu - R
Summary: In space, no-one can hear you shiver. Well, *almost* no-one.
Trinity: Q/O - PG
Summary: Beginnings, endings, and loss.

Brief Encounter: H/Lu - NC-17
Summary: Sure, Han and Luke first met at Mos Eisley. But it didn't happen *quite* the way the movie would have you believe...
With Feeling: H/Lu - R
Summary: Han answers the musical question, "Will You Remember Me?"
Cold Front: H/Lu - R
Summary: Luke goes missing during a routine patrol on Hoth, and Han goes after him.
To Ashes: H/Lu - PG
Summary: Luke trains with Yoda on Dagobah, while his friends walk into a carefully-constructed trap...
Dark Night: H/Lu - PG
Summary: Luke discovers what he needs to do to keep the ones he loves safe.
As Destined: H/Lu - R
Summary: Luke discovers the *true* power of the Dark Side.
Post-Viewing Series: EPISODE I, TPM

Landslide: Q/O - PG
Summary: Obi-Wan's random thoughts.
Afterwords: Q/O - G
Summary: Various thoughts before and during the funeral.
Quiet: Q/O - G
Summary: A Master and his Apprentice discover that there is something even more powerful than the Force.
Another Day: Q/O - R
Summary: The end of TPM brings great changes in many lives - especially Obi-Wan's.
Call And Answer: O-W/Capt. Panaka(/Q-G) - R
Summary: A different sort of 'romance'.
Twin Destinies Series:

Careful: H/Lu - PG
Summary: Han Solo considers his 'cargo'.
The Final Lesson: Q/O - R
Summary: A Jedi lesson, from the point of view of the apprentice.
Bonds: Q/O - PG
Summary: Ben tells Luke a story about a young Jedi, in response to his questions about his father.
Ceremonial Masks: Q/O - PG
Summary: Obi-Wan Kenobi is troubled by a dream he cannot share with his Master.
A Precious Imbalance: H/Lu - PG
Summary: Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia are trapped on the Death Star, and Ben is their only hope.
The Fall: Q/O - R
Summary: The 'first-time' scene between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, snipped from "Bonds".
Mystique Come to Bed: 9K - Q/O - PG
Summary: Qui-Gon is tired. Obi-Wan is stargazing.

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