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Warning: Adult Material. No One Under 18 Permitted.

Aural Surprize
by Mistress Maya
Night's Embrace
by Mistress Maya
by Mistress Maya
A Letter To My Master
by NovaD
Garlic Salt
by NovaD
The Captive
by Mistress Kyrie
Be Careful What You Wish For
by Susanne
Seasons of Passage
by Lord of the Storm
The Call
by Lord of the Storm
The Vampire Lestat
by D.L. Warner & Jon Cunningham

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 Writer's Corner
Last Updated 10/10/2003

It is here that Nova will introduce some of her favorite writers of highly-charged erotic fiction. The first entries are from her good friend in LA, Mistress Maya. As you have already surmised, BDSM plays a large part in these stories. Prepare for cold sweats and enjoy!


What's New
10/10/2003 Writer's Corner Site Upgrade
As you can see, the new Writer's Corner is in place. Please let me know if you encounter any problems, big or small, with this upgrade- Jared

10/10/2003 Virginity
An erotic poem by Mistress Maya.

10/10/2003 The Call
By Lord of the Storm.

You can make love in zero gravity but not in a vacuum.
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