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I've finally given in and decided to put all of my current stories in one place. A number of them are archived in other places, but may or may not be complete at those sites.
This page is a work in progress, and depending on whether the story parts cooperate, may or may not be working at the moment. Some links may be broken from time to time -- I have bought the full version of Adobe Acrobat and will be putting the stories up in .pdf format bit by bit. I plan to make both the plain text and the Acrobat versions available.
If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to their site & download it. (I'm not putting up one of their little graphics, because they want all kinds of info on what the site where their link will appear is for!)

Remember, these stories are "Slash" fiction and contain graphic depictions of male/male sex. If you are either under the age of 21 or are not interested in this kind of thing, there are plenty of fanfic pages out on the web that you will be much more interested in. Do not read them if you will be offended by them, and do NOT complain to me if you ignore this warning and read them anyway! Unless otherwise noted, all stories are rated at least NC-17.

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Babylon 5 slashfic
By the way, Galenn is my B5/Crusade-only pseud. Galenn Shadowslayer is a Minbari warrior from the time of Valen who happens to be the (p)reincarnation of a certain someone who was very close to Sinclair. One of these days, I'll write his story...

The Latitude Series

This is a series of stories that was inspired by an offhand comment by the Psi Cop Alfred Bester in the first season episode Mind War. Eventually, it will probably have a story from every episode that Bester appears in, since JMS kept giving me opportunities to tie things back in. The Out of the Shadows series does tie back into the Latitude Series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Knowledge of the events in the B5 episodes will definitely enhance the reading of these stories.

These stories are, for the most part, quite dark. The main exception to this is Looking at You, I Can Read Your Mind... which is a bit of a spin-off.

A Greater Latitude
Eye in the Sky
Looking at You, I Can Read Your Mind -- part 1
Looking at You, I Can Read Your Mind -- part 2
A Race Through Darker Places -- part 1
A Race Through Darker Places -- part 2

More to come, eventually.
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The Out of the Shadows Series
This is a series of stories that grew from the events at the end of the third season, when Garibaldi was captured by the Shadow ship in Z'Ha'Dum. Most of the mailing lists I'm on were bemoaning "poor John [Sheridan]" and how terrible things were for him, but I had mentioned that we KNEW he was going to be okay, because Delenn and he were going to have a son and he obviously hadn't been with her yet. Very few seemed to be concerned with what was happening to Garibaldi...

These are the original comments that accompanied the first story when it was originally posted, to show my mindset when it was written:

Okay, while everyone else worries about Sheridan, whose future is known to us (We already know Delenn has his son, and they haven't had sex yet, so they must get back together and reconcile. All we don't know is how long it takes -- I guess there's a little mystery to it . . .); I'm more than a little worried about the character about whose fate we know only one thing: He's in the next season...

The specific part that has me very worried is G'Kar's voiceover as he's being taken away, about 'the darkness of the soul that's lost its way' -- because Garibaldi has done just that. I wanted JMS to do some kind of reaction to his loss of Sinclair, and I'm starting to get the horrible feeling that he is...

Be careful what you wish for...

Now, of course, JMS ain't going to do it in the same fashion (I'll be really surprised if he does -- after comparing Talia/Ivanova to carefully stepping into the pool to test the water, this would be a cannonball off the ten-metre platform!), but this is the unrestricted list...

The following is speculation about what happens after the close of "Z'Ha'Dum".

WARNING! This story contains slight references to a same-sex relationship, and sex between -- well hell, how on earth do I word this warning?!

Um... it's not a rape story.

It's not a death story -- at least, not of a physical kind. Something very well may have died by the end of this...

Err...There's sex in here between a human and -- aliens. Yeah, that's the ticket. Um...oh -- and it's dark. VERY dark.

You Have Been WARNED.

So, you can see a little bit of what I was thinking and how I was feeling when this dribbled out of my head. It's gotten some very good reviews, although most of those are accompanied by a comment along the lines of, "I liked this -- and I'm not sure I want to know what that says about me..."

The first part was written before the fourth season even started, and the others were written soon after -- it always pleases me when the writer of the show hands me situations I can use, and JMS was doing it quite a lot with this little mess...

The third part of this does tie it into the Latitude Series, although you don't have to read any of them before you read this.

Out of the Shadows
The Fall [Out of the Shadows part 2]
Program Initiated -- part 1 [Out of the Shadows part 3]
Program Initiated -- part 2 [Out of the Shadows part 3]
Program Initiated -- part 3 [Out of the Shadows part 3]

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Diplomatic Relations

This story was entirely inspired by the interaction between Sinclair and Neroon in Legacies. I always prefered the Neroon depicted in that episode to the rabidly xenophobic one from later episodes. It wasn't until the Minbari Civil War that we had a return to the earlier Neroon, and by then, of course, it was too late...

This story does not include any information gotten from To Dream in the City of Sorrows, since I have some arguments with the characterization of Sinclair in there...

But hey -- this story isn't dark!

Diplomatic Relations -- part 1
Diplomatic Relations -- part 2

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"Missing Scenes"

I wrote a couple of "missing scenes" where I felt that things had been skipped that really should have been dealt with. One of them, the discussion with Zack from Point of No Return I fully admit couldn't have been in the episode, because it would have removed the suspense. But, I still wanted to write it -- just needed to work out how the discussion might have gone...

These stories aren't slash, per se, but there are definite hints regarding an Ivanova/Talia relationship and a Sinclair/Garibaldi relationship...

Each one of these still has the original notes that were posted with it. They were written back in 1996 & 1997, and originally posted on the B5 Creative mailing list.

Missing Scene from Divided Loyalties
Missing Scene from Point of No Return
Missing Scene from War Without End 2

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Patterns of Light and Shadow

I also wrote a B5 novella a few years back that was originally intended to be slash but was posted to a non-slash mailing list and then printed in a 'zine called 'Refractions'. Any slash fan who reads it can see the elements pretty easily...This novella will eventually be available in its intended form from my page, but you can read an excerpt of it on the Refractions site.

Some notes about Patterns: The story was begun before the airing of the final four of the second season, and finished in 1996. My roomie & I had known ever since Babylon Squared that Sinclair was going to take Babylon 4 back in time and become Valen -- no writer takes that much effort to avoid stating which direction something is travelling in time without having a reason. There was no reason for B4 to go forward, so...

A lot of people called us crazy because we thought this, but when later episodes were aired, we were quite pleased with the outcome. Of course, no one ever apologized for calling us "nuts", but...

Anyway, the story is written using the original, true version of the events from Babylon Squared, not the revisionistic version from War Without End. The Blue-Suited One had a male voice, and Sinclair's rather explosive reaction upon touching him would have made no sense if the Blue-Suited One were Delenn. (Besides, it says "he" and "his" when referring to the Blue-Suited One in the Babylon Squared script...) That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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Brimstone slashfic
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Sweet Dreams

Yes, a sequel to this is in progress...

This is part of the Slash Advent Calendar for 2002. It's a crossover with Smallville:

Christmas Angels

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Buffy/Angel Universe slashfic
Buffy banner

This is an Angel alternate universe story that will feature some characters crossing over from Buffy. I started it back in February of 2001, and had to start posting it before the Angel episode of 4/24/01 so people wouldn't think I took the idea from the show. This story is a work in progress and more parts will be posted when they are available.

Hand of Glory Prologue
Hand of Glory part 1
Hand of Glory part 2
Hand of Glory part 3
Hand of Glory part 4
Hand of Glory part 5
Hand of Glory part 6
Hand of Glory part 7
Hand of Glory part 8
Part 9 coming soon!

This is a Spike/Giles snippet and is part of the Slash Advent Calendar for 2002:

Love Bites

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Crusade slashfic
Serving the Captain banner

Right now, I really hate TNT. I liked a lot of what was being built in Crusade, and after reading some of the scripts, know that there was a lot of interesting foreshadowing that we didn't actually get to see. Things were going to be getting quite interesting for some of the characters, including my favourite, Max.

I had wondered at first why I liked him so much. Then, one day, while I was duping an episode of Blake's 7 and it hit me: he's just like Kerr Avon! He even gives a variation on the 'I'm not expendable' speech at one point!

So far, I only have one story in progress, but there might be some more bubbling around in my brain. This story isn't really dark, but it won't have an entirely happy ending for one of the parties involved...

Serving the Captain -- part 1
Serving the Captain -- part 2
Serving the Captain -- part 3
Serving the Captain -- part 4
Watch this space for more to come!

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Farscape slashfic
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Invisible Man slashfic
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Poltergeist: The Legacy slashfic
Poltergeist: the Legacy banner

This story involves Victor Arkadi. There will be a sequel, and eventually I plan on doing more P:TL stories based in the fourth season, and also stories following the series finale. However, right now, this is it. However, it is at least complete!

Stolen Heaven part 1
Stolen Heaven part 2
Stolen Heaven part 3
Stolen Heaven part 4
Stolen Heaven part 5
Stolen Heaven part 6
Stolen Heaven part 7
Stolen Heaven part 8
Stolen Heaven part 9
Stolen Heaven part 10
Stolen Heaven part 11
Stolen Heaven part 12
Stolen Heaven part 13
Stolen Heaven part 14
Stolen Heaven part 15
Stolen Heaven part 16
Stolen Heaven part 17
Soon to come:
PDF version of
Stolen Heaven!
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Smallville slashfic
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The West Wing slashfic
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It's starting to look like this one's going to be a series of stories...
Both of these stories were 2001 Jeds Awards Nominees

Out of Control Out of Control
Adobe format - 128kb
Warning -- this story
contains elements of
consensual BDSM!

Control Issues part 1
Control Issues
Adobe format - 322kb
Warning -- this story
contains elements of
consensual BDSM!
Control Issues part 2
Control Issues part 3
Control Issues part 4
Control Issues part 5
Control Issues part 6
Control Issues part 7
Control Issues part 8
Control Issues part 9
Control Issues part 10

Watch this space for more to come!

If you're looking for a place where you can post and openly discuss kinky West Wing fanfic, join WestWingBDSM_and_more!

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Total Recall 2070 slashfic
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