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The Red and the Black title card

I really didn't need yet another fandom...

...but after seeing the last few episodes of the first season, it's happened all over again! Honestly, during the earlier parts of the season, I enjoyed it, but I wasn't a fan. Now, I'm obsessed!

I actually think it started somewhere around That Old Black Magic, with all of the interaction between Crichton and Crais, but it really began to hit during A Bug's Life. Sure, the accent was a Crichton as a PeaceKeeper Captain...This had potential...

And then they ran the Final Four of the first season -- oh boy! Happy evil slash-fan! Even if I have to write the stories myself, since only one other person out there that I know of was writing any Crais/Crichton fic at the time I began this...

This story takes place during Nerve and The Hidden Memory, Bone to be Wild, Family Ties, and a bit after that. The part between the seasons was speculation, and has only been changed a little bit to make it fit in more with Mind the Baby...

The story is rated NC-17 and is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18. If you are offended by graphic depictions of m/m sex including torture, rape, and coercion then do not read this story! If you read it anyway even after reading this warning, don't come crying to me if you have nightmares of Scorpius! (Note that not all parts contain that subject matter.)

I have finally started HTMLizing this story, and have set it up two separate ways. For the fans who think the above warning is enough, there is a file with the complete story (as it stands at this point) available here:

The Red and the Black

For the sqeamish, I have all of the parts separate with individual warnings on each one. Click on the links in the table to get to each part -- once you're inside the story, you can get to any one of the sections from there, but those links will not show the content warnings that these do. There are, however, warnings in each individual part's header.

To save space, I have used abbreviations for the pairings. Of course, having two characters whose names begin with the same two letters doesn't help. Here is the key: Sc/Cri is Scorpius/Crichton, Cra/Cri is Crais/Crichton, Sc/Cra is Scorpius/Crais, and Cri/St is Crichton/Stark. OM stands for other male (not a regular character).

Please remember, the story sections will open in a new window. If you have a popup blocker, allow the new window to popup. Thanks!

Part 1
Pairing: Sc/Cri
Warning: non-con
extreme sex
Rating: NC-17
Part 2
Pairing: ref. to Sc/Cri
Warning: none
Rating: R
Part 3
Pairing: Cra/Cri +
ref. to Sc/Cri
Warning: seduction
Rating: NC-17
Part 4
Pairing: Cra/Cri +
ref. to Sc/Cri
Warning: torture
Rating: NC-17
Part 5
Pairing: ref. to Cra/Cri +
ref. to Sc/Cri
Warning: torture
Rating: hard R
Part 6
Pairing: ref. to Cra/OM
+ ref. to Cra/Cri
+ ref. to Sc/Cri
Warning: torture, violence
Rating: NC-17
Part 7
Pairing: Cri/St,
ref. to Cra/Cri + Sc/Cri
Warning: none
Rating: NC-17
Part 8
Pairing: ref. to Sc/Cri,
ref. to Cri/St, + Cra/Cri
Warning: masturbation
Rating: NC-17
Part 9
Pairing: Sc/Cra +
ref. to Cra/Cri
Warning: torture,
non-con, drug use, +
weird alien sex toys
Rating: NC-17
Part 10
Pairing: ref. to Sc/Cra +
Warning: violence +
ref. to torture + rape
Rating: NC-17
Part 11
Pairing: ref. to Sc/Cra
Warning: ref. to
rape + torture
Rating: R
Part 12
Pairing: Cra/Cri,
ref. to Sc/Cri + Sc/Cra
Warning: violence, ref
to torture, rape,
+ drug use
Rating: NC-17
Part 13
Pairing: Cra/Cri
Warning: none unless
rimming upsets you
Rating: NC-17
More to come Watch these spaces...

This story is not dead, I promise!! There will be more, eventually...

Fourth Season stories
This is part of the 'The Red and the Black' universe, and is set in between 'Terra Firma' and 'Twice Shy' -- yes, I don't usually write these for public consumption, but this is a fix-it fic. :)
Half of Believing Half of Believing
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