Rating: NC-17
Pairing for this section: Crais/Crichton, references to Scorpy/Crichton
Warning for this section: torture
Author's Notes: The original 'The Red and the Black', finally in HTML format. I've kept it in sections so that each one has its own warning and pairing listing, so those who are squicked by certain things can avoid those parts. Won't guarantee they won't miss important story elements that way, though. Sorry!
Summary: Scorpius enjoys his job far too much, and Crichton interacts with an old acquaintance...
Spoilers: Set during Nerve/The Hidden Memory; later parts during Family Ties & second season.
Originally started 1/29/00

The Red and the Black
Part 4
by Penemuel

Stark looked up and went into his crazy act as the guards returned Crichton to the cell. Once they were gone, he rushed to Crichton's side and helped him sit, noting that he did so gingerly. "Are you hurt?" he hissed, looking his cellmate over and not seeing any immediate signs of injury.

"Sore, mainly," Crichton answered wearily, leaning against Stark and rubbing at his eyes. "Need to sleep before Scorpy sends for me again..."

"Scorpy's mad at you -- said you're going to pay..." Stark whispered rapidly. Crichton looked up at him and realized Stark had been in the Chair while he had been visiting Crais.

"I'm sure he did..." Crichton answered softly. He realized that Stark seemed ready to flee at the slightest provocation; his cellmate seemed shakier than he had in a while. "He really took it out on you, didn't he..."

"I'll survive," Stark murmured, slumping down against the wall and curling in upon himself. "Just let me sleep. You sleep too. Both need it..."

"Yeah," Crichton whispered, wondering if he should try to hold Stark and comfort him the way his cellmate had done for him. The sight of Stark shivering decided it for him -- if nothing else, they would both rest better if they weren't as cold. He carefully edged up behind Stark and gently wrapped an arm around him, tensing slightly as he felt Stark's muscles go rigid for a moment. Then the alien let out a shuddering breath and grabbed onto his arm, pulling him closer.

"Freezing..." Stark muttered, half asleep already.

"I'll keep you as warm as I can," Crichton promised, hoping his leather jacket was enough to keep him warm. He wasn't about to move Stark off the tattered mat which barely provided protection from the cold floor.

Despite the discomfort and the thoughts chasing each other through his mind, Crichton was asleep in moments, managing to stay awake just long enough to hear Stark's breathing calm.


Crichton groaned and tried to turn over, caught his breath when muscles twinged. Ow...Damn. I didn't think I'd be so sore...Probably feel better if I got to sleep in a warm bed instead of on the damned stone floor... Then he grimaced to himself and added, Great. Now I'm thinking I'd be better off in Crais' bed? What the hell is with me?!

He lay still in the darkness, trying not to think about anything and finding himself unable to, the aches and twinges in his body reminding him of the incredible fucking Crais had given him. Stark muttered and shivered beside him, startling him back to alertness. A sudden feeling of foreboding settled over him and he slowly reached up to gently cover Stark's mouth with his hand.

He could feel Stark startle awake, hear the muffled question and feel the tensing of muscles; had just enough time to pray that Stark wouldn't kill him in some crazed attempt to escape his demons before the light flicked on. "Ah, togetherness..." Scorpius said, walking towards them. "I hate to break up this cozy scene, but it's time for a little discussion, Crichton."

"Don't do anything," Crichton breathed against Stark's ear, "he's hurt you enough!" And then he steeled himself and jumped to his feet to face Scorpius before he could get any closer. Protesting muscles twinged and it was all he could do to keep from gasping aloud, but he stood his ground. "Scorpy, Scorpy, Scorpy!" he crowed, trying to make himself look as steady as possible. "Don't you know it's time to sleep?"

Scorpius reached out suddenly, so fast that Crichton couldn't track the movement. Before he could even move, a hand was tightening around his throat and black lights were flashing around the edges of his vision. "I will tell you when it is time to sleep, Crichton," he snarled, leaning in close. Crichton made a tiny whimpering noise, his eyes beginning to glaze; then Scorpius sighed and whispered, "Right now, you have a private appointment with the Chair, and me!"

He released Crichton, then, gloating as the human fell to his knees and slumped before him, gasping for breath. He looked beyond Crichton to see Stark huddled back against the wall, staring with what appeared to be fear at Crichton's shuddering body. "Be careful, Stark, or you will be next!" he snarled, pleased when the alien yipped and hid his face in his arms. Then he grabbed Crichton's jacket collar and hauled him to his feet, pulled him out of the cell behind him.

It wasn't until he was almost to the door that he heard Stark muttering his familiar litany about 'his chair'. He sighed and breathed deep, savouring the fear he felt radiating from his two captives. Most satisfying... he thought, locking the door behind him and dragging Crichton to the chamber where the Chair was.

Crichton followed, unresisting, a part of him blindly terrified by the strength Scorpius had exhibited. He knew from earlier encounters that the half-breed was strong, but this went far beyond what he had experienced so far. And the change in voice that accompanied the outburst -- he swallowed hard, reasonably certain that for the first time, he had seen Scorpius truly angry. I'm really in for it now... he thought, stumbling along until Scorpius stopped him. The smile that Scorpius gave him chilled his blood.

"Sit down, Crichton," Scorpius ordered, the inhuman growl still evident in his voice. He smiled as Crichton complied, seating himself in the Chair and waiting for him to fasten the restraints. "That's a good boy," he purred as he strapped Crichton into the chair, the growl finally fading. With a gloved hand, he stroked Crichton's cheek, rubbed his thumb over his lips; meeting the blue gaze and reading the fear in it. "Yes, so good..."

Crichton grimaced, knowing he was making a mistake but unable to stop himself, and jerked his head away. "Leave me alone!" he snarled, desperation spurring him on. The next thing he knew, Scorpius had leaned in close; one knee on the chair between his thighs and his face millimeters away.

"Still hoping that I'll lose my temper and kill you?" Scorpius purred, Crichton's fear so intense he could almost taste it. His smile broadened and he whispered, "You're of no interest to me dead, Crichton..." Crichton squeezed his eyes shut and pressed back into the chair in a futile attempt to escape him. He darted his tongue out and tasted Crichton, relishing the shudder that went through the human.

A wave of nausea washed over Crichton and he squeezed his eyes shut, swallowing back bile. He tried to twist away from Scorpius, relieved beyond belief when he felt the alien back away again. "Leave me alone..." he whispered, opening his eyes again. Scorpius was standing a short distance away, now, studying him intensely. "What?" he asked, realizing that he most likely didn't want to know the answer.

"Yes, I thought so..." Scorpius murmured thoughtfully. He walked to the control console and started powering up the Chair, then fixed Crichton with a piercing gaze. "It seems we had a malfunction in some of the base's security devices -- I apologize that we were unable to protect you from Crais' wrath while he was questioning you...I will need to find out how he mistreated you so that I can appropriately punish him."

Oh god... Crichton thought, realizing what was coming. "No..." he protested, beginning to struggle in the bonds as Scorpius flicked switches and turned dials. "Really, he was well behaved -- no torture, no mistreatment..."

Scorpius smiled at him and said, "No reason to protect him, Crichton. His behaviour has been quite disappointing for a Peacekeeper captain -- he's totally out of control, and I need to know how far he has pushed the boundaries so that he can be properly--" He paused, turning the last dial and reaching for the lever that would activate the Chair, then finished, "punished."

Pain lanced through Crichton's mind as the Chair sliced into it, reaching deep and sifting through his memories. He screamed, unable to hold the pain inside, and shook his head, fighting as hard as he could to keep from thinking about Crais. Already, flashes of the Sebacean were appearing on the screen, intermingled with fleeting glimpses of dreams, fantasies, other sexual encounters he had had. "Noooooo!"

"Come on, Crichton," Scorpius purred, walking back over towards him and jumping up on the edge of the platform, watching him closely. "Show me how Crais abused you so that I can punish him appropriately!"

Crichton gasped, trying to catch his breath before another scream ripped itself from his lungs, and tried desperately to not think about what Scorpius was directing him towards. The Chair was tearing into his mind, claws of pain like hot knives tearing into his skull, his spine, flaring out through his entire body. He never felt Scorpius leave the platform, but then the power turned up and the pain flared brighter and hotter, and that hated voice whispered in his ear, "Show me what Crais did to you..."

"Crais!" he sputtered, tears mingling with the sweat running down his face. Deep in his soul he knew that although Scorpius was lying about his reasons for asking about the events, someone else deserved his protection more -- he could only hide one set of memories, and there was no doubt in his mind which one that would be.

Crichton screamed again, a long, drawn-out wail of agony; and then images flooded the screen: him backing into the door as Crais advanced on him; the kiss that left his knees weak; Crais' hands everywhere on him; Crais' body pinning him...

"Well, Crichton, that is most interesting..." Scorpius murmured, "I thought you and Captain Crais were enemies, and yet here you are welcoming this kind of attention from him..."

"Nooo!" Crichton screamed again as Scorpius turned up the power on the Chair. More memories flashed across the screen and Crichton found himself transfixed as he watched them: Crais fucking him hard; the two of them writhing in pleasure as orgasm took them... "Oh -- god -- get out of my head, Scorpy! This is -- yaaaargh!" He screamed again as the power increased again, sputtering and gasping as he tried desperately to fight it.

"You enjoyed it, didn't you, Crichton," Scorpius purred, studying the images closely. "You opened your legs for him and welcomed him...Your worst enemy, and you submitted to him like a whore!"

The images changed again as Scorpius' words filtered through the pain, once again showing him helpless at the moment of penetration. Crichton gasped and swallowed another cry of pain, gathering his strength to answer, "Not my worst enemy anymore, Scorpy..."

Scorpius left the platform again, and Crichton whimpered as he turned the power up again. "Show me everything you know about Crais, Crichton...Everything!"

The scream that followed echoed through the darkened corridors...


Crais sat at his desk, reviewing briefings sent from his ship and waiting impatiently for the visitor he had asked for. The fact that Scorpius had refused his request to speak to Crichton in the cell had left him feeling uneasy. By this point the scientist must have realized that the monitoring devices in his quarters had been disabled, yet he was unwilling to allow a meeting where he knew he could observe...Something was very wrong.

The buzzer sounded and he looked up, ordered, "Come." When the door opened revealing two guards supporting Crichton, his brow furrowed in anger. "Bring him in," he ordered quietly, studying Crichton's pale face. When the guards walked Crichton into the room he could see how unsteady the human was. Recognizing them as guards loyal to Scorpius, Crais watched them silently then dismissed them once they reached the middle of the room. He walked past Crichton to close and lock the door behind them; ignoring, for the moment, the fact that Crichton stumbled and fell to his knees the instant they were no longer supporting him.

When he turned back to Crichton, the human had slumped over on his side and lay there, twitching. He hurried to him, kneeled by his side and pulled him partially into his lap. "Crichton!" he hissed, trying to rouse him. When the blue eyes opened, they darted around wildly; panic written across his face until his gaze finally focused on Crais.

"C-- Crais..." he stammered weakly, blinking back tears as he recognized genuine concern in the Peacekeeper captain's expression. "Sorry -- I'm not-- not at my best..." He swallowed hard, trying to sit up and finally managing with Crais' assistance.

"Scorpius?" Crais asked, his frown deepening as he felt the tremors going through Crichton's body. "He put you in the Chair again," he said, anger creeping into his tone. He helped Crichton stand, then walked him back to the bedchamber and sat him on the edge of the bed. There he pulled off Crichton's boots and helped him out of the trousers and his underwear. Next, he eased off Crichton's jacket and wrinkled his nose at the smell of Crichton's sweat.

"You need a bath," he commented. "If I had the choice, I would have your clothing incinerated, too -- but then you would be completely defenseless. I will try to find you a new shirt, however. Later." He looked Crichton over, ordered, "Stay here. Do not lie down -- not until after you are clean." Then he walked to the bathroom and set the controls to fill the tub with warm water.

When Crais returned, Crichton looked up at him and after some effort, asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you are filthy," Crais answered, knowing that was not the question Crichton was asking. He didn't know the answer to the real question...

"No -- I know that. I've been tortured and locked up for days -- of course I'm filthy. I mean why are you helping me?"

"I'm not helping you," Crais denied, pulling him to his feet. As he stood, Crichton's face drained of all colour, and Crais supported him until he was relatively certain he wouldn't pass out.

"'Course you're not," Crichton said, following Crais to the bathroom without protest -- he wasn't about to turn down the chance at a warm bath! As he approached, he saw Crais looking him up and down, knew where his focus was lingering... "Oh," he said, brushing past the Sebacean, "Yeah, I guess you're just keeping your toys in good shape -- don't like to share with the playground bully?" He climbed into the tub without any prompting, sighing as he settled into the warm water, then finally looked up at Crais again. "Got any industrial strength soap and some steel wool?"

Crais looked confused for a moment and Crichton wondered exactly what the translator microbes thought he was asking for, then Crais opened a cabinet and took out something that resembled a loofah -- if you ignored its bright orange stripes. "You can scrub yourself with this -- it will do the job quite well," Crais said; but when he reached out for it, Crais pulled it back and dunked it into the water himself, then began scrubbing Crichton's back.

He groaned, once again surprised by Crais' gentleness and skill, relishing the way the aches fled as the Sebacean worked on his back. "Feels pretty good," he murmured, unaware that he had spoken aloud until Crais chuckled.

"Don't expect me to bathe all of you -- I'm only doing this because you can't reach." Crais rinsed his back clean, then handed him the loofah and stepped back to dry his hands.

"Yeah," Crichton answered, starting on a leg as he studied his captor. "So, why are you helping me?"

"You said it yourself, Crichton: I am trying to ensure that my property sustains minimal damage," Crais answered -- it almost sounded like he believed it.

"Property. Meaning me..."

"Yes, meaning you. I told you yesterday that if anyone was going to kill you, it would be me. I meant that. Scorpius is overstepping his bounds, and I will not allow him to continue to do so."

"Doesn't seem like you've got much choice there," Crichton observed, scrubbing his arms and taking extra care around the shoulder that Scorpius had bitten. "Seems like his word here is law..."

"We shall see about that," Crais murmured. He stood by, watching, as Crichton finished his bath, then held the towel to wrap around him when he climbed from the tub. "Definitely an improvement," he commented as Crichton towelled himself dry.

"You're not kidding," Crichton answered, "Was getting to the point where I couldn't stand being in the same room with me..." Looking at Crais, he realized the Sebacean was once again staring at him; lust burning in his eyes.

"In the bed, Crichton, now," Crais growled, pulling the towel away from him.

"But--" Didn't he realize what Scorpius was up to?

Crais growled in frustration and said, "No buts, get in the bed!" When Crichton continued to stare at him instead of moving, he reached out and wrapped his hand around Crichton's cock and pulled gently. "The bed."

"Okay, okay," Crichton said quickly, following where Crais tugged. "You can let go, I'm going..." He swallowed hard and thought, Okay, you are insane...And I have no idea why I'm letting this happen. He climbed into Crais' bed and barely had the time to make himself comfortable before the Sebacean was on him, pinning him down and rubbing his hands up and down his sides. He gasped and arched up into Crais, shocked at the sudden heat that flooded him; at the arousal that brought his cock up hard only moments after Crais kissed him roughly.

Crichton pulled back, gasping for breath and trying to say something; in his hunger, Crais was not willing to listen. Instead, he fastened his hands on Crichton's buttocks and pulled them closer together, grinding his groin into Crichton's impressive erection. In mere moments, they were writhing together, cocks aching with need; breath coming in quick, desperate pants. He managed to find enough control to pull back and order, "On your stomach, Crichton!"

Crais stood, stripping off his clothes as quickly as he could, pleased to see that Crichton had made himself comfortable by the time he was finished -- except for one thing. He smiled slightly and grabbed one of the pillows, then touched Crichton's hip and said, "Lift up for a moment."

When Crichton complied, Crais slid the pillow under his hips to help him achieve a better position. Crais took a moment to just look at the beautifully strong body lying before him; the muscular thighs spread to allow him to kneel between them; the firm buttocks raised enticingly by the pillow. His gaze travelled up Crichton's body, appreciating the fit musculature. He was certain that Crichton was more muscular than he had been when they first met -- life as a fugitive seemed to be good for the human...Self-consciously, he had to admit that he had become somewhat less trim than he used to be -- perhaps the extra exercise he would be getting with Crichton would help...

Crichton twitched his hips and murmured, "Thought you couldn't wait..." Knowing that Crais was standing behind him doing god knew what made him nervous, and as much as he wanted to deny it, he was horny enough that waiting was difficult. "What the hell are you--"

He stopped short as Crais climbed back onto the bed, kneeling between his legs and rubbing warm hands up and down his back. Crais sighed and said, "So, you do want me..." His hands slid down to knead Crichton's buttocks and Crichton moaned, beginning to thrust into the pillow. Passions inflamed by Crichton's motions, Crais reached for the lubricant and squeezed out enough to spread on his cock and ensure that he would not cause Crichton further injury. They were both too aroused for gentle preparation, and he suspected that Crichton didn't want it any more than he did at the moment. Instead, he planned to take his captive hard and fast and remind Crichton of his place.

Crichton could feel Crais positioning himself and tried to make himself relax, suddenly reminded that he was not among friends and that nothing was forcing Crais to treat him the way he had the first time... And then the head of Crais' cock was pressing into him, splitting him open in one long, powerful thrust. The pain was less than Crichton had anticipated; by the time Crais had covered him with his body and grasped one of his wrists, it had faded completely, replaced by pleasure that felt like a smouldering fire deep within him. Somewhere in the back of his mind a voice clamored a warning -- he was enjoying this far too much to honestly say he didn't want it; there had been ample opportunity to cause Crais enough damage that he wouldn't be interested in sex, and instead he had lain on the bed and allowed it. Twice. What that said about him, he wasn't really sure he wanted to know... And then Crais began to fuck him, and the voice in the back of his mind was drowned out by the incredible rush of sensation.

He groaned as Crais ploughed into him -- the first time had been intense, but somehow caring. This time there was no sign of anything resembling gentleness -- and yet Crais was still taking enough care to make sure he enjoyed himself, too; angling his strokes just the right way to make him quiver helplessly in pleasure and spread his legs even more. The Sebacean growled like some kind of wild beast, the hand that pinned his right arm to the bed digging into his wrist almost painfully while Crais reached up and grabbed his hair with his other hand.

Unable to get a good grip on the short hair, Crais snarled and released it, then slid his hand down to grasp Crichton's erection. The shudder and moan of pleasure that escaped the human was nearly enough by itself to send Crais over the edge, and he knew it wouldn't be long -- they were both too close. He drove into Crichton almost savagely, trapping him between the cock invading his eager body and the hand that masturbated him expertly, and decided that he would make Crichton come first; keeping some small measure of control over the human since his own control seemed to suffer so badly when they were together.

Crichton writhed beneath him, back into his savage strokes and forward into his hand; making those helpless moans that fanned the fire that burned in his aching balls. Then suddenly Crichton was crying out, bucking in violent orgasm, his muscles spasming around Crais' cock and dragging him into the rushing tide. He emptied himself into the beautiful, helpless body beneath him; the two of them collapsing into a sweating, gasping tangle of limbs when the spasms finally faded...

Much to his relief, Crais was the first one to move, carefully withdrawing and surreptitiously checking for any signs of blood. This time, Crichton seemed to be uninjured, and he was too spent to worry about cleaning them up. He flopped down on the bed next to Crichton, weakly brushing the strands of hair that had escaped from his ponytail out of his face, then he propped himself up enough to roll Crichton onto his side facing him. Pulling the pillow out of the way and tossing it aside for cleaning, he then pulled the bedspread up to cover them both and watched as Crichton's eyes flickered open.

"Holy dren..." Crichton murmured, trying to focus on Crais. At least the Sebacean had the decency to be winded... "I don't know how you do it," he said, finally catching his breath, "It's like my body stops being my own when you...I never would have guessed that you were so...Frell, Crais, how did you learn how to do that?"

"That is no business of yours, Crichton," Crais answered, unable to work up the anger he would have felt if the human had asked him that just a few short days before. "And your body is not your own anymore, it belongs to me."

Crichton stared at him, realizing that he had once again allowed himself to become too comfortable, just because Crais had given him a truly amazing fucking. "I told you before that someone seems to disagree with that, Crais -- I also told you that this is a mistake. Scorpy's using us both to get his sick thrills."

Crais' eyes narrowed and he responded, "He can't watch here, Crichton; I already told you that. Stop worrying."

"Come on, Crais, don't be stupid," Crichton said, irritated that Crais could be so overconfident about this one thing; "What do you think I've been reliving in that goddamned chair all morning?!" Surprise flashed across Crais' face for an instant and he thought, Yeah, didn't think of that, did you... He propped himself up on an elbow and said, "He's dangerous, Crais -- not just to me, but to you, too. I think he's trying to find some way to get you out of his way...or worse. You know, he's been paying an awful lot of attention to my memories of you, specifically."

"Yes," Crais answered unhappily, "I'm sure he has." For a moment, Sebacean and human looked at each other with perfect understanding.

Crichton almost felt sympathy for Crais -- almost. And then the moment was shattered by the buzz of the intercom. Crais stood and strode to his desk, activating the comm and asking, "What is it?"

"Your time is up, Captain. I want to see both Crichton and you in the Aurora Chair chamber," Scorpius' voice issued from the speaker. The smugness of his tone sent a chill down Crichton's spine, and Crais' grim expression when he glanced over at the bed only made things worse. "Now, Captain," Scorpius added, obviously expecting a confirmation.

"It will take a couple of microns, Scorpius," Crais answered coldly, shutting off the comm before the scientist could add anything else.

"Great," Crichton said, standing up. "This ought to be a barrel of laughs. Guess I'll need that shirt now..."

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