Rating: NC-17
Pairing for this section: Crais/Crichton; reference to Scorpius/Crichton
Warning for this section: seduction/coercion -- you can read it either way, depending on whether you think Crais knows his own feelings yet or not
Author's Notes: The original 'The Red and the Black', finally in HTML format. I've kept it in sections so that each one has its own warning and pairing listing, so those who are squicked by certain things can avoid those parts. Won't guarantee they won't miss important story elements that way, though. Sorry!
Summary: Scorpius enjoys his job far too much, and Crichton interacts with an old acquaintance...
Spoilers: Set during Nerve/The Hidden Memory; later parts during Family Ties & second season.
Originally started 1/29/00

The Red and the Black
Part 3
by Penemuel

Crichton stumbled as the guards shoved him into the room, catching himself as the door shut behind him. When he looked up, he saw Crais watching him intently. The Peacekeeper captain lounged back in his chair, dressed in his uniform boots and trousers, and a shirt of the style he usually wore beneath the leather tunic. Huh -- I don't remember them saying it was casual day... Crichton thought, glancing around the room to make sure there was no one else present.

"Scorpius tells me you wish to see me," Crais said after a moment. He frowned, looking at the condition Crichton was in -- it was obvious that over the span of the past few days the human had been tortured repeatedly. His blue eyes were haunted, the dark circles beneath them adding to the general air of despair -- and there was a bruise on one side of his head.

Crais stood and walked around his desk, frowning even more as he saw the flash of terror in Crichton's eyes. What has that creature done? he thought, slowly walking towards Crichton.

"Scorpius told me you wanted to see me. He's playing some kind of sick game," Crichton said, backing away as Crais advanced. When he backed into the door, a soft yelp escaped him. Gauging the distance between him and Crais, he looked for an escape route and unhappily realized it was the only door -- other than the one that led to Crais' private quarters. He looked around the room again, this time focusing his attention on light and other electronic fixtures. "I'm betting he's got every room in this frelling base set up for recording. He'll be watching everything that goes on here and getting his sick thrills from it."

Crais smiled.

For a terrifying instant, Crichton's mind froze on the thought that Crais was in on it with the scientist. Then he said, "No, he won't. I disabled the monitoring devices myself -- I value my privacy, too."

Relief flooded Crichton, so intense for a moment that he thought he might faint. Then he realized that Crais was standing right in front of him, staring at him intently. "What? Something growing on my nose?"

Crais reached out, gently probing at the bruise, pulling his hand back when Crichton winced and jerked away. "Scorpius did this?"

"Yeah. I know you'd rather kill me yourself, but he really seems intent to do it. Slowly..."

Crais' eyes narrowed, and Crichton barely restrained the urge to flinch away, expecting to be struck. Instead, his enemy murmured, "He will not kill you, Crichton. If anyone is going to kill you, I will be the one to do it."

"You can't imagine how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel..."

"Are you injured beyond this bruise?" Crais asked sharply, watching Crichton's expression carefully. The human's mouth opened, then closed again, and a myriad of emotions flitted across his face; the most prevalent of them anger, fear, and shame...

Then Crichton swallowed hard and said, "That depends on how good your Peacekeeper doctors are -- they patched me up and drugged me to sleep and why the hell am I answering this, anyway? What the frell do you want from me?!"

Crais smiled, then; standing so close to Crichton, the human's scent tickled his nose. He took a deep breath, and then took the extra half step forward.

Crichton gasped as Crais pinned him against the door, then tried to shove him away and free himself. With one easy move, the Peacekeeper cupped the back of his head and pulled him into a rough kiss, plunging his tongue into Crichton's mouth when he gasped again. He pressed his body hard against Crichton's, reveling in the feel of his captive struggling, the soft moan as he plundered his mouth; finally he broke the kiss and allowed Crichton to breathe.

"What is it with you aliens?!" Crichton panted, struggling to push Crais back and feeling his muscles turning to water. "Is it my cologne?" He looked at the lust burning in Crais' eyes, and said, "And here I was worried about Scorpy raping you...You're insane!"

"Crichton, shut up," Crais growled, "Scorpius is not here. It is just you and I, with no one to stop us or interfere." He backed up enough to look Crichton up and down, then grabbed one wrist and dragged Crichton with him into his quarters.

Weakened by his recent ordeal, Crichton couldn't do more than try to hold them back -- Crais was too strong and too determined to get him into the bedchamber. When the door slammed shut behind him, Crichton whispered, "No..." and tried to slip Crais' grasp. Instead, the alien practically threw him onto his bed, then stood before him, looking him over appreciatively. I don't get it...Why are they all after me? Crichton thought, trying to scramble away on the bed before Crais could pin him.

Strong hands fastened on his ankles and pulled, suddenly yanking him back. He ended up sprawled on his back trying to catch his breath, while Crais pulled off his boots one at a time and then climbed onto the bed with him. "You are mine, Crichton. To kill or to keep alive for whatever purpose I wish," he purred, reaching up to caress Crichton's hips, legs; to slide his hands heavily over Crichton's inner thighs and watch as the blue eyes widened. Sure fingers unfastened the belt and tugged the leather trousers of Crichton's appropriated uniform down, revealing his button-fly boxer briefs and the very beginnings of an erection.

Crais backed off the bed again, peeling Crichton's trousers the rest of the way off; left them lying on the floor while he climbed back onto the bed and up to straddle Crichton's hips. He looked down, meeting the shocked blue gaze, and smiled; then began to strip off Crichton's uniform jacket.

Crichton lay on the bed, confused by Crais' actions -- unlike Scorpius' cruelty, everything Crais did seemed designed to please them both. Was this another rape, or some kind of seduction? Again, the heavy-handed caress, this time up his sides and torso, hands sliding up under his ruined t-shirt and -- not gently, but certainly not painfully -- toying with his nipples... He gasped, shifting his weight under Crais as his cock grew hard enough to be uncomfortable trapped where it was. He could see Crais' eyes widen in surprise as he felt his erection, and had to smile a little to himself. Like that, eh, Crais? And then Crais intensified his caresses, warm palms rubbing over his pecs and then back down his sides, repeating that path until Crichton was panting and arching up into his strokes.

"You want this, don't you, Crichton," Crais purred, bending down to lick and nibble on one of Crichton's nipples. Crichton gasped as he felt the teeth close on his nipple, expecting pain and instead feeling a shock of pleasure arrowing its way to his groin.

He groaned and thrust up against Crais, whispering, "This is insane -- you've been trying to kill me since I got here and now you want to -- to frell me?"

"And you want me to," Crais answered, sitting up straight again. He pulled the ruined t-shirt off Crichton, pleased when the human actually assisted him by propping himself up for a moment. Then he spotted the bite mark on Crichton's shoulder and frowned. Damn you, Scorpius... Impatiently, he stripped his own shirt off and tossed it aside, then leaned down again and whispered in Crichton's ear, "But don't expect me to stop if you don't..." Then he caught Crichton's earlobe between his teeth and tugged gently, savouring the groan Crichton tried to restrain.

"God...what the hell am I doing..." Crichton murmured, realizing he had brought his hands up and was now stroking Crais' powerful shoulders and back. He pulled his hands away, tried to push Crais off him. "Stop this, Crais!"

"It amazes me that you can lie to yourself so easily, Crichton. I can feel your body responding to me and yet you try to pretend you want me to stop? I am not a fool!" Crais growled, sitting up and backing onto Crichton's thighs. He took a deep breath, then unbuttoned Crichton's underwear, unable to restrain a gasp as his cock sprang free of its cotton prison. Staring almost reverently at it, he reached out to grasp the shaft and squeeze it gently, then released it again to explore its length, tracing the vein and then carefully sliding the foreskin back. "Most impressive," he breathed, reaching into the underwear with his other hand to cup Crichton's balls.

"Oh! God -- don't -- oh -- frell..." Crichton gasped, thrusting up into his grasp despite his request to Crais to stop.

Crais smiled and said, "If you insist," then released his cock and climbed off the bed. Shocked, Crichton stared at him accusingly, especially when Crais bent to remove his own boots. Then Crais looked back up at him and asked, "What do you want, Crichton? You tell me to stop, then you get upset when I do..."

"Never suspected you for a cock-tease, Crais..." Crichton murmured, swallowing hard when he saw the Sebacean unfasten his trousers. This is nuts -- why the hell am I lying here waiting for this? This guy is my enemy! And yet, he continued to watch as Crais stepped out of his trousers and pulled off his underwear. This time it was Crichton's turn to stare in surprise as Crais' erection sprang free. "Waitaminute -- from the way Scorpy was talking, I thought you guys were all --uh-- that's a lot bigger than I was expecting..."

"I am rather well endowed for a Sebacean," Crais said smugly, walking around to the side of the bed where he took something from a small cabinet and placed it next to the pillows. "Compared to you, though..." he trailed off, staring again at Crichton's erection.

Crichton frowned, wondering what he was up to, then choked back a laugh as he saw Crais lick his lips. Drooling, Captain? A cock-tease and a size queen? Then his attention was dragged back to the situation at hand as Crais grabbed the waistband of his underwear and tugged them off in one swift motion. The next thing he knew, Crais was back on the bed, this time pulling him up towards the pillows. He struggled against the Sebacean, again reminded that they were stronger than humans as Crais wrapped powerful arms around him and kissed him roughly, then shoved a knee between his legs. He managed to break the kiss, trying to catch his breath as Crais' hands slid down his back to massage his buttocks. "Whoa!" he yelled, trying to struggle free and only succeeding in exciting both of them further. "No -- you can't do that!"

Crais looked him in the eyes and saw genuine fear in the blue gaze. For a moment he actually considered conceding to his wishes, but his cock ached too much to stop now. "Oh yes, I can, Crichton. I already told you I wouldn't stop even if you wanted me to."

"Please -- no, you don't need to do that -- we could -- ohgod..." Crichton gasped as he felt Crais fingering between his buttocks. "Stop!"

Crais retrieved the tube of lubricant from beside the pillows, squeezed some of it onto his fingers. Crichton's face went pale as he saw the blue gel, he swallowed hard and tried to say something but no sound came out. Then he felt Crais' finger slide back between his buttocks and tease at his anus. He shuddered violently and whimpered, memories of Scorpius flooding back. "Please, stop..."

"Relax, Crichton, I'm not going to hurt you," Crais insisted, pulling his finger out and squeezing more lubricant onto it before sliding it back between his legs. "Relax..." He frowned slightly, noting that Crichton's erection had wilted and that he was still clenching his muscles far too tightly. "If you don't relax, it will hurt."

"Please, don't do this..." Crichton whispered, staring at him as if he were trying to burn his image onto his retinas. "Crais -- you don't--" He stopped abruptly as the finger worked slightly deeper, the gel beginning to work on his nerves and the pleasure beginning to relax him just the slightest bit. "No..."

Crais leaned in to kiss him again, noting that this time the human kept his eyes open, the fear still visible in the clear blue gaze. "I don't understand you, Crichton," he said as they broke the kiss, "Your body reacts to me so eagerly; how can you claim you do not want this?"

"I've been told I lack the physical discipline of a Sebacean," Crichton answered, his voice harsh.

Uncomfortably certain that he already knew the answer, Crais looked him in the eye and asked, "Who said this?"

"Who do you think?" Crichton answered sullenly, "Like you really give a dren."

"Scorpius," Crais growled, the pieces falling into place suddenly. No wonder he had mentioned a concern that Scorpius might rape him... "Well, you needn't worry -- I am full Sebacean; I will not have to resort to the methods he uses."

"Isn't that thoughtful of you -- but you're still gonna rape me..." Crichton said, focusing on Crais' face again to keep the memories of Scorpius' leer from resurfacing. He gasped as Crais shifted his position, the finger sliding a little deeper and sending a shiver through him. His body was starting to respond to the stimulus again, despite his fear. "What does being full Sebacean have to do with it, anyway?"

"I do not have to resort to artificial means to penetrate you -- a Scarran half-breed like Scorpius is unable to maintain an erection," Crais answered, working his finger into Crichton as gently as possible, pleased to see that he was beginning to react.

Crichton gave a little snort and said, "No wonder he's in such a bad mood all the time." He was surprised to see Crais chuckle at that.

"You may very well be right," Crais murmured, leaning in to nuzzle his neck, nibble his way up to Crichton's ear and gently bite the lobe again. He smiled to himself as he felt Crichton relax further; worked his finger deeper, this time hearing a catch in the human's breath but no whimpers or protests. He wanted desperately to take his captive, but knew that if he were to truly conquer him, force was not the way to do it...

Returning his attention to Crichton's neck, he nibbled his way back down, working his way down his chest to one of the rosy nipples.

Crichton groaned as Crais tugged gently on the erect nub of flesh, his cock growing hard again. Some strands of hair had come loose from Crais' severe ponytail and trailed across his chest, tickling and sending pleasant shivers through him. Crais sighed as his clenched buttocks relaxed further and allowed him to slide his finger deep. "Ooohgod!" Crichton moaned, surging up into Crais, encouraging both the gentle torture of his nipples and the plundering of his ass.

"Yes, Crichton, enjoy the sensations..." Crais purred, abandoning his nipples to kiss him again, gently grasp his lower lip between his teeth; plunge his tongue deep into Crichton's mouth. He could feel Crichton yielding to him; feel the fear dissolve into hunger, made even more evident when there was no resistance to his sliding a second finger into his captive. "Yes..."

Crichton thrust up against his thigh, his cock now achingly hard and desperate for release; his breath coming in quick pants. "Please..." he moaned, not even realizing he was doing so as he writhed between Crais' body and the invading fingers. "I need--"

"Yes, Crichton, I know," Crais hissed, sliding his fingers free and grabbing the lubricant again as Crichton whimpered a protest. Hands trembling with excitement, he squeezed some onto his palm and slathered it on his cock, hissing as the cool gel began to tingle immediately. Then he pressed Crichton back into the pillows and shifted so that he knelt between his legs; lifted Crichton's legs to expose his target and guided his cock to the tight hole.

As he pressed against the puckered opening, he watched Crichton's face; saw his eyes open wide in surprise and a little fear, until his cock slid past the tight ring of muscles and into the hot channel. Then Crichton's blue gaze changed, growing hazy as pleasure burned through him. Crais pressed all the way in, hissing as he felt the tight channel gripping him; smiling as his cock nudged against Crichton's prostate and the blue eyes dilated in pleasure. "Oh yes, right there, eh, Crichton?" he murmured, twitching his hips a tiny bit to make his cock press against it again. He felt Crichton's anus twitch as he did so, squeezing his cock hard. Then he helped Crichton move his legs to a more comfortable position that would allow him to thrust deep without straining Crichton's hips. "That's good..." he said softly, smiling as Crichton nodded.

"Yeah..." Crichton gasped as Crais nudged his prostate again. Pleasure arced through him like an electric shock, no sign of the pain he had expected after what Scorpius had done. He arched up into Crais, wrapping one leg around his waist and his arms around the powerful shoulders. "Oh god -- I never expected..."

He trailed off into a groan as Crais began to move, withdrawing part way and then thrusting deep again. Crais leaned in close and asked, "Are you saying you've never done this before?"

"You're -- the first..." Crichton admitted, blushing, gasping then as Crais' cock twitched inside him. "Oh god!"

Crais smiled slyly and purred, "Then I will make certain to give you a very memorable experience..." He withdrew nearly all the way, then slid home in one smooth, forceful thrust, relishing Crichton's moan and the way the human surged up to meet him. He could see the hunger and desperation in the handsome features; feel the surrender in the exquisitely formed body. No matter what he might claim later, John Crichton was his.

Crichton moaned and arched back into the pillows, completely helpless in the onslaught of pleasure. Every move Crais made felt so amazingly good it was all he could do to remember how to breathe; all higher brain functions fleeing as the pleasure grew, burning everything else in the world away. He writhed up into Crais' thrusts, unaware that he was making inarticulate gasps and moans every time Crais drove deep.

Crais nuzzled against his neck then down to once again nip first one nipple, then the other. Crichton cried out sharply as he bit harder than he had before, more in surprise than pain as the sensation zinged straight to his balls. Crais smiled and looked up at him, instructed, "Relax your legs -- flop your knees out to the sides and allow me to sit up." He could see the puzzlement in the blue depths and added, "Don't worry, you'll like the results..."

Crichton complied, stroking and teasing Crais' sides before releasing him, and carefully paid attention as Crais began to move. First, Crais leaned in to kiss him. He eagerly reciprocated, their tongues battling for a moment before Crais again got the upper hand, plunging his tongue deep into Crichton's mouth. By the time they broke the kiss, Crichton was light-headed from lack of oxygen.

Then Crais sat up, his hard cock still spearing Crichton as he shifted from kneeling to sitting; the movements making Crichton gasp and shiver with helpless arousal. Crais made a purring noise, a rumble deep in his throat, and grasped Crichton's hips with strong hands. He pulled Crichton up into his lap and thrust deep, relishing the sharp cry of surprise as Crichton felt the intensified pressure against his prostate. "Yes, that's good, isn't it..."

"Ohgod..." Crichton whispered, unable to do more than that as Crais reached down and grasped his aching cock. "Ooooohhhh..." Crais resumed fucking him; the hard, relentless thrusts battering his insides and driving his pleasure to a fever pitch. "Yeah -- oh god don't stop!" he gasped as Crais began pumping his cock in time with the savage strokes.

Crais growled every time he slammed deep, his own arousal more than he could contain. The sight of Crichton spitted on his cock, arching so that every stroke hit exactly the right spot, his blue eyes hazy with the intense pleasure -- it was all he needed to send him over the edge.

Crichton gasped as hot gushes of cum filled him, Crais' cock spasming deep inside him; the insistent hand on his own cock and Crais' deep groan of pleasure triggering his own explosion. He cried out, caught by surprise by the intensity; gasping and trembling as Crais continued to thrust into him and milk his cock until they were both completely spent.

As the tremors faded, Crais' softening cock slid free of Crichton's body and he backed away a little bit, helped the human straighten his legs. Still trying to catch his breath, Crichton murmured, "Damn, Crais -- I guess that whole 'motion of the ocean' thing is true..."

Crais looked down at him smugly, knowing that no matter what happened now, he had been the first to take Crichton, and that the human had enjoyed every second of it. "Wait here, Crichton," he said softly, standing and walking to the bathroom.

By the time he returned to the bedroom with a warm washcloth, Crichton was asleep and had curled up in the bedspread. Crais reached out to stroke his face, then realized what he was doing and frowned, moved to pull the bedspread away so that he could get to Crichton's buttocks. The blue eyes snapped open, and for an instant reflected naked terror, then Crichton realized where he was. "Crais?"

"There was -- a small amount of blood," Crais answered softly, "Perhaps you were not as healed as you said?" He rolled Crichton partially onto his stomach and gently washed between his asscheeks. "I will get the doctor who treated you before."

"What the hell do you care, anyway?" Crichton asked, looking back at Crais and trying to ignore just how good the warm washcloth felt. The gentleness Crais was displaying was somehow more disturbing than the anger and fury Crichton was accustomed to seeing from him. The situation had changed, and he wasn't sure he understood exactly what was going on anymore...

Crais sat down beside him on the bed and allowed him to roll back onto his side. "It doesn't seem to be a severe injury -- not enough blood to indicate internal bleeding of any magnitude to be concerned with. I must have aggravated the injury Scorpius caused you." Crichton was surprised by the distaste he heard in Crais' tone.

"Uh...yeah, probably," Crichton answered hesitantly. "He --ah-- doesn't trim his nails." He caught the grimace Crais made at that comment, then thought Okay, this is too weird. Can we go back to you trying to kill me?

Then Crais stood and looked down at him. "I will call the doctor, then have you returned to your cell after he treats you."

His tone was closer to what Crichton expected, but still quieter and gentler than he was accustomed to. He nodded, and wrapped himself back in the bedspread again, trying not to notice the fact that it smelled like Crais, spicy and warm and somehow far too appealing... He drifted off to sleep again, and this time the nightmare of Scorpius didn't come.

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