It's official -- I've taken leave of my senses; snapped under the strain of work; lost it in the Comfy Chair -- or something like that...

I've decided to start a Monthly Farscape Slash Improv mailing list -- mainly as an attempt to get more people to write Farscape slashfic :)

I'm already overwhelmed with too many projects, but even that hasn't made me actually stop this, just wonder why I'm so insane.

Did I mention that while Crais is my favourite Farscape character, I have a great affinity for Crichton? That I find it easy to write him when he's nutty and unhinged? Yes, I do hear voices -- you're just jealous because they're not talking to you... ;)

Check out the various links for info on the mailing list, for the archived stories (none there right now, but hopefully there will be some soon!), buttons to link back to this site, etc.

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