Monthly Farscape Slash Improv mailing list FAQ

1. Who's allowed to join?
This is an adult list -- no members under the age of 18 are allowed. I am listing it in the 'adult' section of Yahoogroups, so I am not requiring age statements. If you are under 18 and lie to Yahoogroups in order to subscribe, I am not responsible for the fact that you have signed up fraudulently.

2. Why monthly Farscape slash improv?
Many of you may be familiar with various fanfic improv lists which often have improvs every 15 days. Because I'm lazy and sometimes too busy, the improvs will be monthly. Deadlines will be somewhat flexible, but I'd appreciate no new entries for old improvs after the new improv has been posted. Although I can probably be persuaded if you've done a lot of work on the story and just couldn't get it finished in time.

2a. Updated improv options
Okay, I am SO sorry I've been such a pathetic person for the past... oh, nine or so months? I'm changing the format to give you guys three different improvs a month, and you get to pick which one you're going to write. If you're really industrious and want to, you can do one for each. Or three for one, or whatever you want! But I'm going to make it two improvs that are lists of words, and one that's a theme.

3. What can be posted to the list?
Revised -- anything within reason can be posted to the list. I would prefer that you keep to Farscape as a general topic, and PLEASE, be considerate of people if you're going to talk about a spoiler from either Farscape or any other show. Your list-mom is highly allergic to spoilers, and does NOT want to read about a Stargate SG-1 or Smallville (or anything else!) spoiler in a list where she thinks she'll be safe from it because it's not the focus of the list (yes, I got spoiled for a Buffy episode and a Stargate SG-1 episode on a Smallville list, so it does happen...)! Thanks!

4. How should stories be formatted?
Stories will be posted to the list in PLAIN TEXT format only. No Word attachments, no smart characters, no funky symbols. I do all of my HTML coding by hand and only want to have to add in simple tags and a style sheet link. I do NOT want to spend all of my coding time removing all the extra junk that Word puts into a document!

Please put any text you want italicized in between asterisks (like this: *this text would be in italics*). Anything you want underlined (like book titles) should have an underscore before and after it (like this: Crichton pulled out an old copy of _The Wizard of Oz_ and started flipping through it, trying to figure out which one of them was supposed to be the Scarecrow).

Once the deadline has passed and all of the stories are posted, I'll code them and upload them to the archive site, https://www.squidge.org/~penemuel/ImprovArchive.html.

5. What about feedback?
Feedback is encouraged, and is allowed on-list. If you aren't comfortable posting feedback to the list, or if an author doesn't want feedback sent to the list, it can be sent to the address they specify for feedback in the story header. NO FLAMING will be allowed. NONE. Flames will get you immediately moderated and any subsequent infraction will get you banned from the list. There are plenty of ways to say you didn't like something or didn't agree with something, without flaming the author.

There are many possible slash pairings in Farscape, both M/M and F/F, and this list is going to be a place where any slash pairing is accepted.

When you give feedback, please do not quote the entire story. I'm really tired of getting e-mail digests that are a story, and then that entire story quoted again and a 'That was really good' message added in at the end. If you want to quote specific parts, that's fine -- just don't forget to trim away the extra before you send your message!

6. Posting conventions
Administrative posts will have 'ADMIN' in the subject line before the actual subject. READ any administrative posts sent to the list, please.

Story posts should have 'FIC' in the subject line in front of the story title. If your story is really long, please divide it up into smaller sections so that it doesn't choke peoples' mailboxes. Generally, acceptable length is around 20k.

Feedback posts should have 'FEEDBACK' and the title of the story you're commenting on in the subject line of a feedback post.

Please use the following header on all story posts:
Improv: [# and words]
Posted: [date]
Pairing: [or character, if no actual pairing]
Rating: [please use the MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17), and remember that sex is not the only thing that can earn a higher rating. Violence, language, and drug use can all cause higher ratings and a story could have no sex at all and still be NC-17.]
Feedback: [onlist, or provide an e-mail addy]
Disclaimer: [we all know they really don't do much, but please include a disclaimer. It can be creative or funny if you wish, but please at least state that the characters aren't yours]
Archived: at https://www.squidge.org/~penemuel/ImprovArchive.html [and any other locations you're posting it]
Author's Notes:
Warning: [not a requirement -- see #7]

7. What kinds of stories are allowed?
This is a slash fanfic improv. Stories can be either slash or gen with slash elements. No het-smut will be accepted unless it is part of a larger slash framework. Sorry to any shippers out there, but there's just not enough Farscape slash out there, and this list is specifically to encourage people to write more.

Any length of story is acceptable, from 100-word drabbles to 100-page stories (although allow me a little extra time for anything that huge to get archived! :)

Character studies are fine -- I just want to make sure that the primary relationship in any story is same-sex.

Kink-fic is fine, and is even encouraged ;) [Anyone who wants to write me a nice hot Crais/Crichton or Scorpy/Crichton, I'll be very happy!]

Warnings will NOT BE REQUIRED. However, voluntarily adding a warning is up to the author. I will not force the authors to give away twists in a story just to avoid harming someone's delicate psyche. This rule MAY change in the future, but all list members should remember that this is an adult list, and therefore members are expected to act like adults and read responsibly. If the subject matter of a story upsets you, stop reading it. Do not flame the author or list owner for posting or hosting something you read voluntarily.

This, however, is not an encouragement to try to squick everyone. I just don't want authors to feel required to give warnings which can sometimes blow a story twist or surprise pairing.

These FAQ's may change, and if they do, and ADMIN post will be sent to the list. The FAQ will also be sent out as a monthly post to the mailing list to remind everyone periodically of the rules.

This is my first mailing list, and I fully expect to make some mistakes at first. I will attempt to keep from frelling things up completely, and if I do, please give me a chance to fix it before raking me over the coals. If I'm really doing something wrong, let me know. This is my list, with my rules, but if they're really not working, I don't want people just bailing without trying to fix the problem.

Believe it or not, Yahoogroups does not allow the word "sex" in the description of a mailing list, even when that mailing list is in the adult category. Huh?!

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