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It's happened again...
It only took about five episodes this time -- think it hit about the time that Darien Fawkes tried to kill his partner, Bobby Hobbes... What can I say, you folks already know I've got kinks...

I was pretty worried when I heard that the SciFi Channel was doing an Invisible Man series -- I may be a David McCallum fan, but the old Invisible Man series could be pretty silly at times. But, this new version is a very nice combination of humour and drama, with a tasty helping of dark paranoia. I've seen it listed as "Comedy/Drama" and all I can say is, if more comedies were like this, I might watch them!

So anyway, you've got Darien Fawkes, played by a nicely-buff Vincent Ventresca, as the semi-willing subject of an experiment that allows him to turn invisible by basically sweating a substance that bends light around him. He went along with the experiment because it was the only way to get out of life in prison with no chance of parole (third strike & all that). Prison would not have been kind to him, so it's a good thing he went along with it; BUT, it turns out he isn't free anyway, because one of the people who helped create the gland that secretes the substance purposely made it addictive in a way.

The substance is called "Quicksilver", and Darien has developed a chemical dependence on it. To make matters worse, the Quicksilver acts as a 'cerebral disinhibitor', basically "blowing the lid off his id" -- use the invisibility too much, go nuts! Use it for more than about 30 minutes straight or go for about 6 days with small uses, and turn into the Amazing Walking Id; with all those darker impulses Darien usually keeps locked away...

Of course, the same creep who built in the problem built in a solution -- one he planned to control: a chemical counteragent to the madness. One shot's good for approximately a week -- if Darien goes easy on the invisible act...

The sleaze responsible for the complications managed to survive the pilot (although Darien's brother was killed...), and Darien ran into the people who funded the experiment: The Agency. Right now, they're under the auspices of the "Department of Fish and Game" (I'm assuming this is to keep from using the real "Department of Fish and Wildlife") because they had the extra money this time around. They have the counteragent, so they have Darien by the short & curlies. The Agency, under the leadership of The Official, seems to have had its fingers in a few more projects -- not all of them nice, either... -- as we learn gradually.

Darien is partnered with Bobby Hobbes, played by Paul Ben-Victor, in one of those 'difficult' partnerships: they snark and snipe at each other constantly, but underneath it all, they really care about each other. It's just difficult for Bobby, an ex-FBI, long-time Agency employee, to find out that this ex-con newbie is getting higher pay, has better insurance, a higher clearance, etc. etc. etc. It's amusing to me, though, to find out that valuable Darien is getting paid about the same as our office's clerk/typist...

Anyway, Hobbes is divorced, paranoid (diagnosed, not imaginary -- he's on Zoloft at the moment, although Lithium was mentioned a couple of times. Not sure if they're trying to figure out what works best, or if the writers weren't paying attention), and very patriotic. And likes his partner a lot more than he wants people to know...

Invisible Touch title card
It's starting to look like "Invisible Touch" will actually be a series, but the first story is finished. I need to get back to working on Farscape fic before I get lynched by the readers of 5 mailing lists...
So, here's the first story in the "Invisible Touch" series. Feedback is welcome as always, and, as with just about all of my fic, this story is rated NC-17 and contains graphic depictions of M/M sex. It also contains attempted rape, nasty comments about the military, and references to torture, rape, and drug use. It does not, however, contain any bdsm, unlike a lot of my recent fic.
Invisible Touch story 1, part 1
Invisible Touch story 1, part 2
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