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Current Fiction

Star Wars fanfiction.

I have finally revised and finished the Vacation series (Luke/Lando) and will be posting over the next few weeks.

Completed, June 2, 2004

The Sentinel Project
A War of the Worlds/X-Files/Sentinel/Beauty and the Beast/The Pretender/Stargate SG-1 and others crossover series.

Sequel to A New War

Last updated September 1, 2004 (Yes, I kid you not)

Stony Man/Mack Bolan fanfiction.

I never thought I'd write slash based on books, but the world of Mack Bolan: The Executioner (and spinoffs Able Team, Phoenix Force and Stony Man) are more like a tv series in book format and just filled with slash potential.

Last updated September 16, 2004.

My comics slash has been split off to its own page.

Last updated July 20, 2004.

The rest of my fanfiction can be found on the Miscellaneous page. This includes X-Files, Independence Day the movie, Viper, Houston Knights, PSI Factor, Due South, Sons of Thunder, Man from UNCLE, Andromeda, Diagnosis Murder, Lord of the Rings, UC: Undercover, pro-wrestling and comic book inspired slash. Most of these are one-shots. If I write more than two or three for a fandom, it will probably get its own page.

Last updated August 10, 2004 with an Andromeda slash story

Older Fanfic

A New War

A multi-fandom crossover that started because I wanted to bring back my favorite War of the Worlds character, Colonel Paul Ironhorse, without contradicting the show. This serial started out as just a War of the Worlds/X-Files crossover, but has expanded to include Beauty and the Beast, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Pretender and others

The Quartz Key

An original fantasy story written based on a game concept from the Yaoi Slash Mailing List.

Completed on March 16, 2004! Yes, that's right. The story is finished

Carpe Noctem

This is a Once A Thief/Vampire The Masquerade series, with the first Book, San Francisco Meetings, crossing over with Kindred: The Embraced.
Book Three finished June 7, 2002

Drowning Sorrows

A Once a Thief series that was started before the series ended, and built on the ending.

There are three 'books' to the series, two of which are crossovers with the manga series, From Eroica with Love, as well as several side stories.

War of the Worlds standalone fiction Once A Thief standalone fiction. Updated February 23, 2004.
Sentinel fanfiction.

Not exactly currently active, but I've been adding older zine stories bit by bit.
Last updated April 20, 2003.

Star Trek fanfiction.
Currently Voyager and Original series.
Last updated March 29, 2004
Professionals fanfiction Hercules/Xena fanfiction.
Manga-based fanfiction. La Femme Nikita fanfiction.
Original stories
Stories that refused to be fanfiction..

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