A War of the Worlds/X-Files crossover
(With guest appearances from Beauty & the Beast, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Highlander and more to come)

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This series has more pairings than I can name (eventually), but the main ones are Blackwood/Ironhorse and Mulder/Krycek (once Mulder stops being mule-headed about it)

For your convenience, the entire story of New War can be downloaded as a single zipped text file here.

#1: Maneuvers Seven years ago Colonel Paul Ironhorse fell victim to the war with the aliens. Today, Krycek finds the information about that war which will lead him and Mulder to find the reclusive Harrison Blackwood.

#2: Where is Dr. Blackwood The only person who knows where Harrison Blackwood is newly- graduated FBI Agent Debi McCullough, but she's been warned *not* to talk to Fox Mulder.

#3: Roadtrip Debi, Krycek, Mulder and Scully, all in one small car, on their way to find Harrison.

#4: Picking Directions The four manage to escape their hunters, and have to decide what to do next.

#5: Destinations Debi and Scully head back to Washington, Krycek heads for Florida and Harrison and Mulder head for New York to meet someone... interesting.

#6: Underground Mulder talks to Vincent. Krycek talks to Kincaid. Scully gets in trouble.

#7: Waiting Mulder & Blackwood meet with Mana, and Scully & Debi go into hiding.

#8: Hidden Spaces Mulder, Mana and Blackwood visit the Mothren base in New York and find something they *weren't* expecting.

#9: Resurrection They've found Paul Ironhorse, but is he the original, or another clone?

#10: Reunion Ironhorse and Blackwood are finally reunited, and two men find a way to hold the loneliness at bay.

#11: In His Kiss Krycek confronts Mulder about his cold behavior.

#12: Surveillance Paul is reunited with Debi and Suzanne. Mulder, Krycek and Kincaid check out the Mt. Cheyenne facility and run into a little trouble.

#13: Sight and Sound The sniper attack at Rainier brings the group to the attention of Detective Jim Ellison and his partner.

#14: A Shot in the Dark Mulder, Krycek and Kincaid have been captured while checking out the Mt. Cheyenne facility. Can they convince General Hammond what they say is true?

#15: Sentinels and Guides Harrison and Paul get a crash-course in the Sentinel-Guide partnership.

#16: Gateways Krycek finally gets into surgery and Mulder learns the truth about the Mt. Cheyenne facility.

#17: Lying Low Harrison and company reach Seacouver.

#18: Wakeup Call I have seen the light! I know where I'm going. Mulder calls Scully, Krycek wakes up and Kincaid meets Sam Carter.

#19: Seacouver Blues Scully and Ironhorse head over to Joe's Blues Bar, and Ironhorse meets someone who looks very familiar.

#20: The Talk Mulder and Krycek discuss what the heck is going on with them, and the others are delivered to Spender.

#21: The Call Spender makes his play.

#22: Waiting Mulder flies to who-knows-where, Krycek chews the walls and Spender makes a discovery about two of his guests.

#23: Light Show Spender tests a hypothesis and Mulder gets to talk to Scully, while Krycek continues to recover.

#24: Solitary Confinement Mulder adjusts to life in The Center and makes a new friend. Scully fumes.

#25: Frustration Spender gets a unwanted visitor, Harrison suffers and Broots reports on his research.

#26: Setbacks Krycek to the rescue. But who does he actually *get* to rescue? And what happened to Debi McCullough?

#27: Cages Paul, Harrison and Suzanne find out more what their... host wants, Jarod appears, and Debi makes a new friend

#28: Consultations Jarod contacts Sydney for help and Debi is in big trouble.

#29: Anticipation The assault on the Center begins.

#30: Adrenaline Rush The rescue of Mulder, with a few complications, and the defeat (?) of the aliens.

#31: Reunited A few explanations, and Ironhorse, Blackwood and Suzanne end up going from the frying pan to the fire.

#32: Calm Before The Storm The Consortium react to the loss of their alien allies and Mulder and Krycek *finally* get a room.

Note: This is the end of A New War, but not the story. I'm taking a month or two off to work on other projects, as well as plotting, then I'll be back with A New War Book Two: The Sentinel Project.

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