A War of the Worlds/X-Files crossover
(With guest appearances from Beauty & the Beast, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, The Pretender and more to come)

Notes before starting to read The Sentinel Project

This is a sequel to a massive multi-fandom crossover story I did a couple years ago called "A New War" (which can be found on my webpage at That story grew out of a desire to 'fix' my main complaint in the television show, War of the Worlds, namely the death of Colonel Paul Ironhorse, my favorite character.

I brought in X-Files, partly because the whole alien invasion thing worked well together, partly because I wanted to get Krycek and Mulder together. Then, bit by bit, other shows worked their way in.

A New War ended on a cliffhanger, and I spent the next year or so working out some of what I wanted to have happen, although the plotline refused to gel. Then it did, and I started writing.

Only problem was, September 11 promptly happened, and I started to have second thoughts about large parts of the plot. It started to seem a little... insensitive, if not exploitive, and the story went back on the back burner for the next six months.

But now enough time has passed that I no longer feel the urge to throw the story out completely. I have the first few chapters written, and the next few plotted, so I feel ready to start posting (no doubt to the relief of the various people who have written me to ask about The Sentinel Project)

For those who need to be reminded where the various characters are:
Harrison and Ironhorse are back in Spender's hands, as is Suzanne.
Suzanne's daughter, Debi, is at 'the Mexico facility', where she has been used for experiments.
Krycek, Scully, Kincaid, and the bikers have rescued Mulder from The Center with the help of Jarod and Broots (The Pretender).
The Lone Gunmen have vanished after rescuing Skinner from the hospital after he was nearly killed. Skinner is also MIA.
The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1, which figured into A New War, will be returning as well.
And Spender has just ordered the activation of The Sentinel Project.

If you want to read the first series, go here.

So settle in folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Part One The President is near death, the Vice-President is dead, and everything seems to be going to hell in a handbasket.

Part Two Sentinels in danger and a mother-daughter reunion.

Part Three Mulder and Krycek head for Chicago, much to Scully's displeasure, and Debi faces a crisis.

Part Four Suzanne throws a fit when no one will tell her what happened to her daughter, and all the Sentinel-Guide pairs arrive at their new home.

Part Five Suzanne and Debi are reunited, after Suzanne learns what's wrong with her daughter, the Sentinels discuss their options, and Mulder and Krycek arrive in Chicago.

Part Six Debi and Suzanne speculate on Debi's condition, the sentinels speculate on their situation, Alex and Mulder speculate on what will happen next, and Hammond and O'Neill speculate on the White House plans for the Stargate Project.

Part Seven A scientist contemplates the experiment, the new supervisor arrives at Stargate Central to shake things up, and Spender picks his first mission for the Sentinels.

Part Eight Krycek meets with his contact, Ellison worries about Kowalski and Fraser, who are breaking into a government office.

Part Nine Fraser and Kowalski succeed in their mission, Stargate Central deals with the new supervisor, and Broots has a possible lead.

Part Ten Spender examines the files stolen by Fraser and Kowalski, Mulder and Krycek pick their next move, and Kincaid's group picks a target that might be linked to an old friend.

Part Eleven Unexpected vistors arrive at the farmhouse, Stargate Central, and Key West, which could be good things or bad.

Part Twelve Mulder and Krycek arrive in Miami, and Krycek has a plan. Skinner doesn't want to go to Mexico. Debi's pregnancy advances unnaturally fast.

Part Thirteen SG-1 is informed of their new status as guinea pigs, and Krycek takes on the security of Estoban Montoya.

Part Fourteen Kincaid and company head south of the border, while Krycek and Mulder question Montoya and things heat up in Key West.

Part Fifteen The Stargate team face the return of the Tok'ra armbands, and news of the bomb leaks out.

Part Sixteen Key West begins the evacuation, who the various teams react.

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