The Quartz Key

A Fantasy Novel

The Key Game is a product of the Yaoi Slash Mailing List. In it, each person is assigned a Key, which leads to a young man. Each Key-holder must either write a story or draw a picture of their character.

The castle castelaine has had troubles with the game. As a result, the official Key page is down. However, volunteers have put up an unofficial page with links to all the known key stories at The Independant Keys page.

News! The keys to the palace have been passed on, and the unofficial page is now the official page, and there is even a mailing list for the Key game. Click here to go to Yahoogroups to subscribe. For the description I was sent, go here. You will notice that the story I am writing uses elements from the description, but does not follow it slavishly.

Part One

Chapters One through Twelve (139K)

In which the Prince of Ajantha buys a slave to be Companion to his son and Heir, Nemir. But Nemir and the slave, Judas, quickly become to focus of plots and an attempt on Nemir's life.

Part Two

Chapters Thirteen through Twenty-One (106K)

In which time passes and Heir and slave adjust to each other, becoming more. But others have plans for both young men.

Part Three

Chapters Twenty-Two through Thirty-Seven (178K)

In which a stanger arrives in Ajantha, bringing danger and tragedy, and Heir and slave must flee for their lives.

Part Four

Chapters Thirty-Eight through Fifty-Four (177K)

In which the fugitives travel East, only to run into treachery when least expected.

Part Five

Chapter Fifty-Five in which Judas must adjust to a new life.

Chapter Fifty-Six in which Nemir, Markus, and Dansen reach a turning point in their journey south.

Chapter Fifty-Seven in which Judas begins to learn what he is capable of.

Chapter Fifty-Eight in which Nemir, Markus and Dansen run into unexpected danger.

Chapter Fifty-Nine in which the clan chiefs of the south arrive to examine Judas.

Chapter Sixty in which Nemir arrives at the Capital.

Chapter Sixty-One in which the Clan Chiefs of the south make their intentions plain.

Chapter Sixty-Two in which Nemir comes under an unnexpected attack.

Chapter Sixty-Three in which the armies of the South come together.

Chapter Sixty-Four in which the armies of the North come together.

Chapter Sixty-Five in which Judas is presented to the armies of the South.

Chapter Sixty-Six in which Nemir is plagued by strange dreams as the army travels south.

Chapter Sixty-Seven in which Judas wakes from a night of pain and strange dreams.

Chapter Sixty-Eight in which the armies settle down to wait.

Chapter Sixty-Nine in which the first battle is fought and danger comes from an unexpected source.

Chapter Seventy in which Nemir and Judas finally find each other on the field of battle. But is it too late?

Chapter Seventy-One in which Judas faces disaster and his greatest fear.

Chapter Seventy-Two in which Nemir must make the ultimate choice.

Epilogue The resolution. It's over.

And no, I don't have any plans for a sequel at this time. But never say never. If the characters come back to tell me another story, I wouldn't say no.

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