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Warning: Adult Material. No One Under 18 Permitted.
Last Updated 1/24/2005
Mirror Site

This is adult material! No one under 18 or who is not defined as an adult in the area which he/she resides should be reading this material.
None of the stories on this site may be reprinted for profit.

For the new guests, greetings and welcome to! This is the mirror site to my main page at This is the home of The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway. It is also the home of The Sentinel: Siren Saga, erotic fiction based on the Pet Fly action/adventure series, and an original erotic 'soap opera,' Venice Heat.

The only things I am totally serious about is this site not being visited by minors. This is a place for "adults only" however it has been defined in your community. The webmaster has done a lot of work to safeguard this site from children. We will remain vigilant. This is a safe place for you to play. Enjoy!
Nova D.

What's New
1/24/2005 Due South: The Adventures of Benton and Ray
A collection of "Due South" stories previously published under the pen name Mazeppa.
1/24/2005 The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway 64: The Fourth Estate
With everyone reunited at Deep Space Nine, Janeway must confront Starfleet over their actions while Picard and Chakotay square off.
1/24/2005 The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway: Note of What is Yet to Be
Even after the play ends the players continue...
8/21/2004 Sybaritic Press
NovaD and Mistress Maya have teamed up to form Sybaritic Press, a publishing company
that features poetry, fiction and erotica. The latest title, 'The Gift of Surrender'
will be available at the end of the month at and other internet book sites.
This title is what happens when a romance novel meets the twisted mind of NovaD.
An excerpt can be found at:
8/21/2004 Crazy Jared's Doll Factory
The latest product roll out is Barbie's Friend Kayla as The Great Tyrant.

You can make love in zero gravity but not in a vacuum.
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