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As if he didn't already have enough to do with the web pages, the writing and the production company, Jared has taken to the creation of some unique action figures. Okay, the first one may have been my fault. Well, I'm at least partially responsible for each figure in some way. Okay, Okay, so maybe I'm a little pushy.
Besides, look at these great dolls!

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Mistress Janeway

The lunacy began with Mistress Janeway and the incredible proliferation of Trek related action figures he was shelving at his day job in an upscale toy store in Santa Monica. They had all manner of Trek action figures with more on the way every day. Thus, inspiration struck.

Using a figure that he felt had a similar physique to Janeway, Jared carved and sculpted and painted it until he came up with a Mistress Janeway figure.

But he wasn't satisfied with getting a close image. Not my Jared! He fashioned tiny accessories like those that come with the real action figures. In this case, there is a tiny whip, a flogger and a pair of handcuffs.

And as a final touch, Jared altered the box of a Captain Janeway figure to insert a trading card based on the cover of the Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway. The affect is wonderful. At first glance, it looks like a figure issued by Playmates.

The figure is quite famous. It appeared in the documentary Trekkies. It has also been in the display case at the afore mentioned Santa Monica toy store. Upon seeing it, Brent Spiner is purported to have said, "She wishes!"

This figure began a trend of interesting doll creations, and it remains my favorite.

Currently in the collection of Mistress Nova.

Combat Ranger

The Combat Ranger action figure was a stroke of genius. Jared and I both loved the FedEx commercial featuring the cross-dressing military dolls. But our long-time friend, Denise, really thought the commercials were a howl. Her birthday was coming up and she had been depressed over a medical problem. We thought this would make her laugh.

The only sculpting and painting were of the feet. They don't make heels that fit G.I. Joes don't you know. Thus, Jared had to sculpt and paint a pair of red heels directly on his feet. I made the dress and accessories.

The real brilliance that pulls it all together are the pictures on the back of the box.

We made Denise and her friends and her family laughed. Several people who saw it before it was shipped wanted to know when Jared's store would be selling them!

The images found on the back are from a Japanese G.I. Joe website that specializes in unusual custom figures.

When there's a battle to be won, you can count on the Combat Rangers to get the job done!

Currently in the collection of Denise Alessandria Hurd.

Barbie as Barbarella

This whimsical creation happened because of a dear friend's obsession with all things Barbarella. Jared thought that this would make an unforgettable Christmas gift.
Thus, he plowed through countless Barbarella web sites looking for an outfit that I could easily reproduce. I died a unitard from a Barbie ballet set and fashioned the rest from a silver lame type material. Jon altered the boots and sculpted the wrist band.

Once again, the box art and text is what pulls everything together. Below is the text from the back of the box:

Journey with Barbarella to the mysterious city of Sogo in search of the missing scientist Duran Duran. With the aid of the angel Pygar and Professor Ping, you must defeat the Great Tyrant and her army of Leathermen. Along the way you will rediscover the mysterious forgotten pleasures of Earth's past and come to understand the true potential within us all. Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy, and a model for the future of women everywhere!

Our friend loved the gift.

Currently in the collection of Mistress Maya.

Prisoner Number 98K514
Chris Keller

Because you asked for it, well, maybe you didn't. But here it is anyway: the first action figure based on the HBO prison drama, Oz. This one is very much my fault. I say those guys in their cells or pods and thought of action figure playsets. Who wouldn't?

This action figure is the most sophisticated of Jared's creations. He designed a box to match those that display the higher end GI Joes. I provided him with a lot of photos from the various Oz dedicated websites. He designed the door art himself.

Chris Keller comes with a bucket, a towel and a shank. We sent it to the actor who portrays the character, Christopher Meloni. I have several accounts that he got a big kick out of it.

The following is the text on the back of the box:

Oz. The name given by inmates for the Oswald State Correctional Facility. Within its walls society has placed its most dangerous offenders. From drug dealers and gangsters to murderers and rapists, Oz is home to them all. Life here is often short and violent. Pray that your path never crosses those of its inhabitants.

Yet within the confines of Em City, Ozís special advanced cell block, one finds the totality of the human condition played out among the inmates. Love, hate, greed, rage, sacrifice, obsession, nobility, humiliation, dignity. Oz has seen it all.

In 1997, HBO debuted a series like no other, ďOz.Ē This critically acclaimed series presents an unflinching look at the lives of inmates doing hard time, and represents the cutting edge of television drama...

Coming Soon: The Pod Playset!

The following is the text on the inside of the box:

Prisoner Number 98K514
Chris Keller

Convicted June 16, 1998 felony murder, attempted murder (2 counts), assault with deadly weapon, robbery, reckless driving, driving under the influence. Sentence: 88 years. Up for parole in 50.

In the eyes of the law, Chris Keller is a petty crook and con man. In actuality, he is a brutal killer who had murdered several gay men before his incarceration in Oz. As his new environs provide sanctuary from the eyes of wary Federal investigators, Keller becomes embroiled in the many machinations of Em City.

In his youth, Keller shared prison time with the supremely evil Vern Schillinger, who finds the perfect pawn in his war with Tobias Beecher. He convinces Keller to befriend only to lead to his ultimate betrayal. All of Schillingerís plans proceed as expected, with one unexpected element; Keller eventually falls in love with his prey.

As Keller attempts to win back the trust and love of the only person he has ever truly cared for, he must constantly wrestle with the day to day horrors of life in Oz, as well as his own powerfully manipulative nature, which often proves a more dangerous adversary to his cause than any flesh and blood opponent.

Currently in the collection of Christopher Meloni.

Barbie's Friend Kayla as The Great Tyrant

Mistresses are a demanding lot, and dear Maya is no exception. Her Barbarella was in need of a companion. She decided that it should be the Great Tyrant. Yessiree, thatís an order to fill.First, there was the horn on her head. Then there was that costume. We looked at the film (lord help us) and photos of all angles and still couldnít figure out how that feathery outfit worked. Did I mention the horn on her forehead? It took us two years with the distractions of shooting a film to figure that out. The horn is black not clear, but itís a horn. And as for the outfit, I had to sew the doll into a leg of pantyhose then apply the feathers with glue in strategic areas. Who designs this stuff? At any rate, the Mistress was please, and isnít that what really matters?

Evil ruler of Lythion, The Great Tyrant commands with her army of Leathermen. Her attempts to stop Barbarella's crusade for freedom is interrupted by the treachery of her concierge, Duran Duran. With the help of Barbarella and the Angel Pygar, The Great Tyrant is saved from the all consuming horror of the Magmous. Can you stop her evil schemes?

Currently in the collection of Mistress Maya.

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