For over a decade, I have been consumed with the need to launch The Privateers. It is how I met my husband. And while it was not what brought us to LA, it has governed the paths we've taken and the contacts we've made here.
Be warned, I am decidedly un-mistressy in this chronicle. Cute clothes just couldn't hack it work wise and I didn't want to ruin them.
My fandom has brought me a lot that I needed in this project. The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway brought me Trekkies which brought me Gabriel and his Dad. Gabriel made one our key costumes from a photo. He also did a lot of the CGI. Here he is wearing Roxxi's vest. No one else could fit it and he didn't seem to mind the women's clothing.
Kim is from my Sentinel fandom. Her knowledge of on set procedures from that show and the X-Files and her tireless attention to detail aided me tremendously. This is the first day. (I know because I'm still smiling.)
Dave Duncan, the director, has worked on Space: Above and Beyond, Dark Skies and numerous films. He is also an amazingly patient man.
Craig Eggerts (left,) the Assistant Director, Andy Andrews, the Director of Photography and Dave. I think they've forgiven us for this hellish shoot.
I met Rosie (left,) through the Logs. Through her I met Wendy, our staff photographer. Wendy is the one who helped me get a meeting with Karl Urban last year. She became quite an asset to the Art Department.
The incomparable Phil MacNamara, a co-worker of mine who used his vacation to be my production co-ordinator. Many would be dead in that studio at my hand had he not been the voice of reason and the solver of problems.
Phil and Kim enjoying Scott, one of the perks of the shoot.
Darling Randy, who moved West to work on the show years ago. We met because of the Logs. Here he is after not sleeping for two days.
Joe Walser, the Art Director and conjurer of sets from nothing and an account at Home Depot. He became head of the set elves.
Brian, part time set elf and an excellent PA. He was doing so many things, I expected him to be running the camera at the end.
Brian with Richard, Gabriel's dad. He is a house builder and light construction wiz by trade. But he became quite a set builder. He was in Trekkies as the builder of the infamous shuttlecraft pick up truck.
And this is what the elves can do. The marbling was done with paper towels and diluted paint!
Here we are on the final day. No longer smiling, but at least it's in the can.

This is David Jean Thomas (Space: Above and Beyond) being silly on the last day.
This gorgeous man is Bobby Lento. His troupe, Have Sword Will Travel, provided us with fighting pirates. Bobby himself made break-away furniture, was a godsend with the costumes, provider of digital stills and even acted! He's a keeper.
This beauty is Bob Chapin. He was our primary fight co-ordinator and Captain Antilles. He can open cans with a bayonet while holding a banana. And he is also doing our CGI.
Ray Proscia as Dravyk's navigator, Devi.
Denise Alessandria Hurd with Jack Donner, another Star Trek Alum. I recognized him in the audition as being from the Enterprise Incident (Sub-Commander Taal.) The man had a way with the ladies on the set.
Parry Shen played Dravyk's eccentric electronics expert Parrot. He recently appeared in Better Luck Tomorrow.
Harry Johnson playing the evil Lord Rizlu and Kelly Meadows as Kayla Lascar being held hostage by Benjamin Lum as the inept Captain Kreel. Unfortunately, the very talented Mr. Lum has since passed on. He will be missed.
David Weisenbreg played the Claims Clerk, proving in Space, no one can escape bureaucracy.
Long time friend and stand up comedian Dave Leftkowitz played the Bartender.
Zylan Brooks who plays Roxxi. She's ready to get sword trained after having much fun kicking a guy in the chest.
The beautiful Alice Ampter as Captain Gree, once Dravyk's lover now sworn to kill him.
The Rapier crew's official headshot.

And here is Karl Urban. He is very hot in person. We never got him to smile on camera, but I don't mind. He really brought my lead to life.
Karl with Denise who plays El-Minya. I have known Denise for a long time. This is her, 'I'm about to kick your ass' face. She does.
This is part of the Rapier crew. This photo really sums up who they are.
I'm still surprised that we got Walter Koenig. He was very, very patient on set and waited several hours for his scenes. All the while, he talked and joked with cast and crew. We even discussed Trekkies.

There have been instances when it seemed like the project would get under way. We worked with a few companies who promised to get it on the air. These efforts would take me from my fanfic on occasion and in one case a good job. But each effort taught us more, gave us more contacts and toughened us up. Finally, I saw Bowfinger, and as ludicrous as that film was, it made us realize that we needed to stop talking and meeting and planning and just shoot something.
Denise out of make-up practicing her sword work.
This bar scene started as a cameo piece for the guys from The Sentinel. It didn't work out that way, but the scene is hilarious.
If you showed up on the set you either swung a hammer or acted. Skyia ended up doing both. To her left is Steve Robison who would be of such help with Demon Under Glass.
These are evil guards. I kept expecting them to burst into song. The perk was that they liked to eat lunch topless.
See, he can smile!
The fangirl moment. I'd just come in from a garbage run. The smile is genuine though. I still can't believe that it's finished. Now onto editing! And back to my fanfic. I promise.

Captain Dravyk's ship, The Rapier.
Admiral Roka's space station.
Captain Gree's twenty mile long superdreadnought.

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