Archiving Old Fic – The Spark – The West Wing – (GEN)

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Title: The Spark
Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Mrs. Landingham / Tom Jordan
Rating: G

"Mrs. Landingham?"

The busy secretary looked up to the familiar voice, but in an office
full of people, locked her gaze with a handsome, dark haired man. His
eyes caught hers, a twinkle shining her direction.

"Umm..." Donna continued.

Seconds passed as Dolores continued to stare at the man, his eyes
reminding her of her long departed husband.

A smile was shared between the two before reality intruded once again.


Archiving Old Fic – The Peace Offering – The American President

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Title: The Peace Offering
Pairing: President Shepherd/Sydney Ellen Wade
Fandom: The American President
Characters: President Shepherd, First Daughter Lucy Shepherd
Rating: G
Summary: Lucy is a rebellious teenager because she feels her mom is being replaced.
Words: ~330
Prompts used: “Ice Cream”, “Rebellion”


“Whatever,” Lucy offered, abandoning her music practice and throwing her instrument down on her bed as if it burned her hands.

“Come on now, Lucy” her father, President Shepherd began, almost begging.  “Can we talk about this?”  Shepherd ran his fingers through his hair.  He could negotiate with the Russian Federation for a proxy-war cease-fire.  He could deal a crushing blow to the Iranian nuclear program with just a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.  Why is it, he contemplated, he couldn’t get through to his teenage daughter about wanting to date Sydney Ellen Wade?  “There’s ice cream in the mess.”  His late wife had never been able to domesticate him, Shepherd still using military terms for ordinary things.

Lucy threw darts at her father through her bang-covered eyes.  “I’m not a child, father.”  She new calling him “father” instead of “dad” would tweak something within him.  Lucy 131, Dad 67.  Since this particular stage of teenage rebellion began, it seemed that Shepherd never scored a single point during their tete a tete matches.  Today seemed no better.

Lucy began to think of how her father had been more attentive as of late, and how the affairs of international relations had even escaped their daily tasks.  Talk of Sydney sprinkled throughout their conversation.  She realized it was better than being battered on the nations that made up the Baltic region.  Better for her, and it seemed better for her father.  She released an angst-ridden teenager sign, though determined not to allow her father see her smile.  “Fine.”

President Shepherd smiled and put his arm loosely around his daughter’s shoulder, as they rounded the corner out of her room, aiming for the White House kitchen.  As Shepherd nuzzled his daughter’s hair lightly, three Secret Service agents sprang into action, flanking the president on all sides.  Lucy even ignored the reference to her and her father in the walkie talkies as they shared a quiet moment.

“Eagle and Little Bird on the move.”


Archiving Old Fic – The Growl – The West Wing

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Title: The Growl
Pairing: None
Fandom: The West Wing
Characters: Will Bailey, Toby Ziegler, C. J. Gregg
Rating: G
Summary: Will is PISSED OFF!
Words: ~150
Prompts used: “Furious”, “Therapeutic”


Will scalded the room with a look.  The situation seemed to be so ridiculous that it infuriated him.  Would it be that he not loved these people so much, he would be furious enough with each to last several lifetimes.

Toby and C.J. just signed in unison.  “I know”, Toby offered weekly.

“But if we fall for this stunt by the Republicans,” Will started once again, ” The President will look absolutely buffoonish.”  Will pulled at his hair, hoping for a solution to spring forth from his DHT challenged hair follicles.

“Look,” C.J. began.  “There’s nothing we can do.  Why don’t you go for a run?  Or go kick a-”

“Republican?” Will offered weakly.

“Well, I was going to say a wall.”  C.J. smiled.  “But I hear kicking a Republican during a mid-term can be quite therapeutic.”  It was just enough levity the room seemed to need, the tension releasing like a violently popped balloon.


Archiving Old Fic – The Ceremony – Sports Night – Dan/Casey

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Title: The Ceremony
Pairing: Dan/Casey
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters: Dan Rydell, Casey McCall, Isaac Jaffe, Esther Jaffe
Rating: G
Summary: Dan and Casey attend a little function
Words: ~500
Prompts used: “Wedding”, “Aassassination”

Dan reached for Casey’s elbow, leading the two to up the sweeping staircase towards the somewhat noisy party currently under way in the massive hall.  The feel of Casey’s muscular arm, contrasted with the silkiness of the tuxedo material caused a miniscule smile, indicated by the slight hitch in Dan’s mouth.

“Daniel.  Casey.  So good to see you!”  Both men held their hands out to the opulently dressed black woman in front of them, minding the path and wake that the large hat perched on her head created every time she turned.

“Esther.  So good to see you.  What a beautiful service,” complimented Casey.

“Oh it was.  I have never seen a more beautiful wedding.”  Dan’s eyes cut to his boss, whose eyes were glowing with both the joy of a newborn’s father, and the consternation of a man with an unsolvable problem.  “It was beautiful, Isaac.”  Dan fumbled with a large Williams & Sonoma bag in his free hand, a present for the newlyweds to be offered upon entering the reception.

“Where’s my present, Daniel?”  Isaac posed.  Esther shot him an unnerving look.

Casey and Dan looked at each other, then back towards Isaac.  “I’m sorry, sir?”  Inside, Casey was panicking somewhat.  When he was married to Lisa, she had been in charge of all things social.  His new relationship with Dan had been uncharted waters for both of them, and the thought of breached wedding protocol started to tug at the gently unraveling yarn of his soul.  A yarn that Dan could usually bat at easily, as if he were an intrigued kitten, with just a look.

“Present?” Dan inquired.

“Yes.  My present.”

Esther dismissed the trio to welcome even more guests.  Out of earshot, Isaac continued.  “I asked you for something very specific before this wedding, Daniel.”

Both men thought for a moment before the younger man’s face lit up, beaming at his boss.  “Now sir-” he began to protest.

“Now sir me nothing.  Danny, she married a Republican.”

Contemplating their own predicament, Casey offered, “He’s a bright young man, sir.”  Casey turned to eye his partner as he continued.  “And he loves hi- her, very, very much.”

“Be that as it may,” Isaac spoke broadly to both men,”he’s a Republican.  All I asked for was an assassination attempt before the darn thing could get underway.”  Isaac steadied himself on his cane.  “Now what the hell are we supposed to talk about during family holidays and get-togethers”

Dan glanced back at the limousine that was pulling up, breath stolen momentarily from the wondrousness of the bride and groom carefully extracting themselves from the back.  He grabbed Casey’s hand and squeezed lightly, love beaming between the two men.

“Whatever it takes,” Casey offered.

“You do what you have to do for love,” Dan looked up into Casey’s eyes, conveying the emotions of the day between the two men, “Sir.”

Isaac dismissed the couple with a slight swath of his cane, making his way back to his wife.  “Go get a seat, you two.”

As if prepared, the couple responded in unison, “Yes, sir.”

Archiving Old Fic – Two Sorkinverse CrackFic Stories

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Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: Dr. Nancy McNally/Dan Rydell
Rating: PG13


It was that moment that Dan wondered just what he'd gotten himself into. 
Sex clubs were supposed to be fun. "Owww..."

"Did I say you could talk?"


"No WHAT??"

"No ma'am."

Nancy picked up a ballgag and put it in her slave's mouth, then continued 
the spanking.



Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: CJ/Jeremy
Rating: PG

It started innocently enough. A look across a crowded bar, which led to 
suggestive conversation, which led to the hotel room the couple had now 
shared for three glorious hours.

CJ readied herself as Jeremy watched. "What?"

"Nothing," she started. "It's just-"


"You reminded me of someone. A friend."


Archiving Old Fic – My Time to Look at Things Anew – Scrubs – JD/The Todd

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Author: Squidgie
Fandom: Scrubs
Pairing: JD/The Todd
Rating: NC17
Summary: JD has an interesting day, and The Todd does that thing
with his eyebrows.

Notes: Just a little story that stuck in my head for
a while. Takes place during the sixth season - spoilers
for one of JD's quirks (not to give too much away). I'm
more of a JD/Cox type of writer, but The Todd invaded my
brain and must have rewired me, at least enough to get this
one out. Very mucho thanks to Panda for getting me writing
again, and to WickedWonder for stepping up to be a very
awesome and quick beta. This could turn out to be a series
of stories, we'll see! Feedback definitely welcome!
Disclaimers: Don't own 'em. NBC does, and they'd be
pissed off if they saw what I did with their boys, but
hey, I'd watch the show a HELL of a lot more than I
already do if the shows had scenes like this!


The day started like just about any other for Doctor John Dorian at
Sacred Heart. He started with rounds, checking on his patients,
seeing how they responded to the previous night's treatment, and
evaluated new admits. But today, JD wasn't his usual chipper self.
He was coming down hard on himself for past failed relationships and
being alone. Elliott had Keith, and Turk had Carla, but he had a
string of failures that littered the halls of the hospital and other
nearby establishments. He was not only down, but felt like he was
in a rut and needed to right himself.

Approaching the nurses’ station, JD was immediately accosted. "Bambi!"
exclaimed Carla. "Room 202 needs his chest tube evaluated, and room 206's
labs just came back. Oh, and one more thing?"

*sigh* "Yes, Carla?" The young doctor picked up some charts to
look them over and write new orders.

Carla's eyebrow lifted slightly. "You think you can manage to pull your
head out of your ass today?"

Before he was able to chastise Carla and make a quick getaway, he noticed
a sudden presence to his right. "What's in your ass, now?" The tone
and sexual innuendo was never far away when The Todd showed up.

"Nothing's in my ass, Todd. Thank you."

"Would you like there to be?" Todd followed up the comment with his
trademarked eyebrow wiggle.

In an attempt to get away from both Carla and The Todd, JD clutched
his charts and turned his back on them both. The instant he heard Todd
declare, "I'm going in!" he knew it was a bad idea.

"LOOK!" JD declared, placing his free hand on The Todd's chest. *Wow,*
his mind started to wander as his hand felt the muscular flesh beneath
it. *Has The Todd been working out?* He was brought back to
reality as The Todd began flexing his pectoral muscles, jiggling JD's
hand in their wake. "I don't need anything in my ass, Todd, or
anywhere else for that fact." JD cut Carla off as she began to giggle
slightly, "And I wouldn't mind if you just let it be, Carla."

JD became acutely aware of two things. The grin on Carla's face, due
to the fact that JD's hand was still firmly placed on The Todd's chest,
and the beginnings of an erection in his scrubs. Retracting his hand
finally, JD looked up to see a playful frown on the young surgeon's face.
"Gotta go," JD declared, and left with his charts covering his
nether regions.

"Hey, JD! Wait up!" Todd called, running after the young doctor. When
he was finally caught up, Todd continued. "You know, I know what it's
like to be odd-man out here." JD couldn't help but feel sympathy for
the young surgeon. "If you need to talk or anything, let me know."

JD threw a look of incredulity to The Todd. "Talk?"

This time, the look on Todd's face was not at all playful. "I'm serious,
JD. You're kind of the goofy loner around here. Well, at least since
everyone else has been hooking up." JD could hear the seriousness in
Todd's tone. "Come on. If you need to talk, I'm here."

The pair was passing the on-call room, which would normally be empty
this time of the day. JD took it as a sign and stopped. He put his
hand on the knob and turned it, thinking he must be crazy, but his
want of craving human contact overruled his normally quirky brain.
He looked at Todd and muttered quietly, "What the hell."

The pair entered the quiet, dimly lit room. JD looked around to make
sure they were alone, with The Todd right behind him. Turning, he
didn't realize how close Todd was, and the pair was almost nose to nose.
A smile cracked through JD's face.

"What?" The Todd didn't know whether to smile back or be insulted.

"Nothing," was the quiet reply. "It's just hard to think of you
seriously sometimes when you're always trying to get into everybody's

"Dude," Todd started somewhat seriously. "Have I hit on you lately?"
When JD's face started to turn, he added, "In the last two minutes?"

"Fine." JD gave in and sat down on the lower bunk of the bed farthest
from the door. Todd sat down next to him. "It's just that-" JD started.
"I don't know..." JD looked up from the bedcovers to catch Todd's

"You don't know what?" Todd asked questioningly.

"I don't know. I guess I feel like a loner lately. Everyone has
paired off, even my intern Gloria and Leonard, the security guard with
the hook-hand." JD tried to look around the room, since opening up
to The Todd was a bit difficult for him. "I guess I just wish I
had someone special in my life, but I've screwed up every relationship
with every woman I've ever been in. I guess I'm just looking for a

"Change is good," The Todd offered. "What about dating guys?"

JD blushed and became flustered. "I, er... ahh..."

Sensing being cut off from this newfound personal intimacy, Todd tried
to smooth over his blustering statement. "I mean I don't mean to
cross the line or anythi-"

"You're not crossing the line. And yes, I have dated guys before,"
JD continued. "Actually, my longest relationship was with a guy. It
was in college, but before med school."

"Tell me about him." Todd sounded sincere, if not a bit horny, but JD
decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Well, we had actually met in theater camp when I was really young. His
name was," JD looked up, "was actually, Todd." This revelation brought
a smile to Todd's face, but JD tried to ignore it and continued. "I
went out for a part in Pirates of Penzance in college when one of the
sound guys kept smiling at me. When I finally went up to him to introduce
myself, I finally recognized him. We went back to his apartment and
talked for hours to catch up. When it was time to go...I just decided
to stay over. Then one thing led to another, and..."


For a split second, Todd realized his outburst sounded way TOO horny
and less sincere. He mentally calmed himself down and regained his
serious composure enough for JD to continue.

"Anyway, we were inseparable. I moved into his apartment and we did
everything together for almost two years." A gentle smile came to JD's
face as he remembered the experience fondly. "But then I got accepted
to medical school and had to move. He had family and had to stay, so
we decided to break it off." JD's voice trailed off revealing the pain
he had carried from this breakup over the years. A small tear formed
in the corner of JD's left eye.

"That blows. And not in the good way!" Todd's expression had the
intended effect, and JD rolled his eyes. Todd was smarter than most
people gave him credit for, for he knew how to read people, and how
to diffuse a difficult situation. "I mean, sounds like you really
liked the guy, and it was hard to break it off. Have you dated guys

"No, not really," JD offered half-heartedly. "I mean, I got into
William and Mary, met Turk, and have just stayed away from dating men.
It's just easier that way, I guess."

"Well, maybe it's time. You think?"

JD shrugged nonchalantly. "I dunno... Maybe."

"Think of it this way," Todd tried to offer. "Your longest
relationship was with a guy. If you liked it, and you're not having
success with women, you should give it another try. Who cares what
anyone else thinks, you know?"

Another shrug escaped JD's shoulders. "Yeah", he said absently,
"Maybe I should."

Feeling like a burden had been pulled from his shoulders, JD
actually felt lighter. This time when he looked into The Todd's eyes,
it was in a different light. Sure The Todd was juvenile. But he
proved he could actually be a true friend to lean on. "Thanks, Todd."
JD reached out to hug the young surgeon, as was his way.

"Dude-love-five!" was what JD was greeted back with, so he
unwillingly raised his hand. Todd faked him out, however, and
grabbed JD around the shoulders, giving him a breathtaking bear-hug.

"And ya know," Todd continued as he released the younger man, "If you
wanna get back on that man-love wagon, rides are on me. Literally."

JD laughed. "Aah, Todd. There you are. I knew you weren't
far." The two men got up and started to leave the on-call
room when JD remembered his charts. As he turned and bent over
to pick them up, he felt a sharp pinch on his backside. "Hey!
Hey! Hey! Knock it off."

"I'll let you return the favor anytime."


As the days went on, JD found himself a little happier and a little
more content with his work. He still wasn't dating, but his talk with
The Todd had a strange reaction on his psyche. He felt more comfortable
being himself, and was even more comfortable being alone with himself,
something he had not experienced for quite a while. He even started
looking at The Todd differently. Sure he was a sexist pig that would
sleep with anything that walked, apparently. But he hid a caring, quiet
side as well, that as of now, only JD knew about. It was nice having
that intimacy, especially with another guy. Sure, he had Turk. But
Turk was, well Turk. More like a brother than anything else. The Todd
was, well, The Todd.

Standing at the nurses’ station, JD looked over to the surgeons he was near.
"You wanna go get a drink tonight after work?"

"Can't, dude," replied Turk. "I'm on Izzy patrol tonight since Carla-"

"Not you, Turk. Todd."

Turk looked up from his charts, first at JD, then at The Todd and shot a
‘What the hell?’ look at JD. Appropriately, Turk followed up the look with
a “Dude, what the hell?”

Before JD could answer, Todd did for him. "Sure! But I gotta warn you,"
he followed up. "I get handsy when I've had libations."

"I can handle it." Then, turning to Turk, "What?"

Throwing confused looks like pies, Turk queried, "What just happened here?"

"I think," Carla started, "that Bambi just asked The Todd out on a date."

"A date? Dude," Turk started to sound dire, "Are you sure about this? I
mean, you both work here."


"Owww!" Turk turned to Carla, who was retracting a patient's chart, but
whose expression said could yield another couple of blows. "What was that

"Think about it, jackass," Carla retorted, then mumbled something in Spanish.


His shift over, and his patients tucked in for the night, JD headed to the
doctor's lounge for a quick shower before his "date" with The Todd. Once
his gear was stored, he grabbed a towel and donned his shower shorts. He
did hear one of the showerheads going, and after all, the shorts were for
"the man that had nothing to hide, but still wanted to."

JD hung his towel outside of the communal shower and walked in. Based on
what he was hearing, his favorite spot - the little walled off area that was
somewhat private in the back of the shower *Thank you Americans with
Disabilities Act!* seemed to be open. He walked towards it, and passed a
rather soapy and very naked Todd.

The Todd greeted JD with a "Well howdy-do!" and a couple eyebrow wiggles. JD
kept walking, but couldn't take his eyes off of Todd. The water was flowing
over Todd's body, letting the soap bubbles slide easily off Todd's muscular
shoulders, down his chest, continuing down his stomach and mixing in the
little treasure trail before gently sliding-

"OWWW!" JD had been watching The Todd so close that he ran into the wall
jutting out from his favorite shower spot. *Damn you, Americans with
Disabilities Act!* He absentmindedly grabbed and rubbed his shoulder, while
looking over at Todd. His eyes were met with a huge grin plastered on The
Todd's face, white teeth gleaming back at him. JD eked out a small but
embarrassed smile, then ducked into the small showering area. *Oh yeah,
that was smooth.*

JD took solace that he at least had not fallen down, and that The Todd had
smiled back at him while he was gawking. And at least he was somewhat hidden
at the moment. Still, he hung his head down slightly and leaned into the
wall as he turned on the hot stream of water, letting it cleanse away the
awkwardness he was feeling. The more he stood there, the more he wondered
about Todd, and fixated on the muscled physique that retained in his memory.
There was a bit of a stirring in his shower shorts, fuelled by the thoughts
of a very naked and willing Todd just ten feet away. "Down boy," he
commanded himself.

It was at that instant he heard Todd's shower turn off, and the pad of wet
feet making their way across the shower floor. As the feet seemed to come
closer, JD turned from the wall and looked at a very wet, still very naked
but not soapy this time, Todd.

"Dude... What's with the shorts?"

"They're my shower shorts," JD replied, somewhat lost in the visual
smorgasbord that was The Todd's body. He tried to regain composure,
"They're for the man who has nothing to hide, but sti-"

"Yeah, I know, I've heard it. And I've seen them way too much." Todd
stepped closer and got a bit quieter. "You should lose 'em. Come on!"

"I don't know if that would be wise..." came JD's tentative reply. "After
all, if I did that," JD noted Todd coming ever so much closer, still
shining his pearly whites, "wouldn't we essentially be rounding third
base..." Now The Todd was just inches away, eyebrow up, and other parts
of him getting ready to stand at attention. "...before our first date?"

The Todd's arms rested on JD's hips, just at the waist of the shower shorts.
In one swift motion, Todd pulled JD towards him, their bodies now wet and
clingy. JD laughed a little nervous laugh, which was met by a curious look
on Todd's face. "What?"

JD tried to quiet his nerves. "Um, nothing. I just, um..."

Again Todd's eyebrows went Northward inquisitively. "Yes?"

"I thought you were going to pull my shorts off, not pull me next to you."

The Todd's hands slipped back to JD's waist, tugging at the fabric, but
still keeping JD's body pinned to his. "I can do that, too." With that,
Todd put his hands inside the waistband of JD's shower shorts, and began
to feel around JD's body, pinching his upper buttock and caressing the skin.

JD pursed his lips to object, when Todd seized on that as well. Lips met,
Todd's freshly cleansed lips hitting JD's, and the two tongues entwined.
JD pulled his arms around Todd, pulling the young surgeon closer, wrapping
a hand in Todd's hair. JD could feel the muscles of his partner moving ever
so slightly, touching him here and there, until he became aware of a new
sensation... The coarse waistband of his shorts seemed to be down around
his ankles, from the feel of it, and the sensation of warm water flowing
down his backside.

Eyes open now, JD looked at Todd. "Damn. You're good!"

"No," replied the surgeon. "I'm The Todd."

JD had a laugh stifled as Todd leaned into him and pressed deeply into him,
tongues again twisting, tasting, and enjoying each other. Todd reached down,
one hand cupping one of JD's ass cheeks, the other one reaching up to
playfully twist a nipple. JD's response was to groan, causing a vibration
in both men's throats.

Todd leaned into JD and kissed him harder, pressing his rigid cock into JD's
thigh. JD reached down with his free hand and fisted the cock greedily. As
the intensity of their kiss continued to grow, JD started to gently
stroke Todd's cock, running his thumb over the head. The sensation now
caused Todd to moan, sending Todd's hands further in exploration.

JD felt Todd's hand reach around his ass cheek, stopping at the base where a
well manicured finger start to tease his hole. The more the two men kissed,
the further Todd's fingers would explore. Todd broke the kiss off first
and looked deep into JD's eyes, as his finger pushed deeper into JD's
throbbing hole. "You want it?" he asked, wrapping his other arm around JD
to steady the couple in their wet surroundings.

"It's been..." JD cut himself off as the finger probed deeper, sending him
further into ecstasy. "It's been a while... even longer since I was with
a guy." The overwhelming feelings of lust were consuming him. "I think we
need to-". His words were cut off as he decided to give in to the delicious
feelings Todd was causing within him. JD planted another kiss on Todd's
lips as Todd moved to get a better angle, slipping a second finger into JD's
ass. It took just seconds for Todd to find the prostate, which caused JD
to breathe in sharply with every probe. "Oh yeah, right there..."

Todd made a final push with three fingers into JD's ass, readying him for his
engorged cock. As he opened his eyes, Todd enjoyed the look of ecstasy on
JD's face. He felt JD pushing back on his fingers, signaling that he was
ready. As Todd went in for one more kiss before spinning JD around, his
partner's eyes rolled back into his head. For a split second, Todd was
visualizing high-fiving himself, until he realized JD seemed...

*Ugh* "JD?"

JD's eyes rolled back into his head just as his entire body went limp. Todd
leaned JD's body into his own, holding him so he would not fall. "JD?" Todd
shut off the shower and laid JD down on the wet tile. "Oh shit... Oh shit..."

Todd thought fast. In one fell swoop he pulled JD's shower shorts up, threw
JD over his shoulder, and ran out of the shower. Luckily the doctor's lounge
was near the trauma station, which Todd ran to with JD tucked over his
shoulder. He caught site of an empty bed listed on the patient bed board
and took JD into the room, calling for help as he passed the station.

"Was that-" seemed to be all that Perry Cox seemed to get out before he ran
into the room behind a naked man carrying a very wet companion. As he
entered the room, Perry recognized the naked man, as well as his companion.
"What happened?" Perry asked, looking at the alarmed condition on Todd's

"We were just," Todd started, and then thought better. "I mean he just went
limp in the shower."

Perry Cox thought about commenting on "limp", seeing as how The Todd was all
*but* limp at the moment, but chose to stay professional. "Did he hit his
head at all?"

"No," Todd confessed. "I was able to grab him. What's going on?" As a
surgeon, Todd was used to unconscious patients, but not unconscious sex
partners. The situation had unnerved him somewhat.

"Well I hate to tell you this," Perry started. Actually, at that particular
moment, Perry Cox was *relishing* telling his mentee's apparent sex partner
the situation, but again, professionalism won out. "Did JD tell you about
his condition?"

A confused look plastered itself over Todd's face. "Condition? What

A quick touch to the nose, then the customary folding of the arms had Perry
Cox in his usual stance. "Seems that JD has developed vasovagal syncope. Well,
his particular diagnosis was for defecation vasovagal syncope." The
light started to go on for The Todd. "He passes out sometimes when he
poops...or if there is other pressure, in some way, with his, er," this was
harder, and just not quite as fun as Perry had hoped it would be, "with
pressure on his anus."

Fully relieved that it was just a simple thing, The Todd looked more relaxed.
He knew he was still naked, and probably getting dirty looks from Dr. Cox
and any number of the nurses and staff hanging around outside, but he didn't
care. He looked around for an ammonium carbonate vial. "Do you have any
smelling salts?"

Perry Cox removed a small cotton covered vial from his pocket. "I'll do it,"
he said, nodding to Todd. "I think I know where your hands have been," he
muttered. He didn't particularly care about the coupling, but wished it
whatever nerdy sex his mentee was having would happen OFF campus. He broke
the small ampule and waved it under JD's nose.

It took just seconds for the medication to work, as JD started to rouse from
his slumber. "Wha?" He was a bit groggy at first, focusing on the figure
in front of him. "Todd, I'm so sorry. I should have told you..." JD moved
a little on the bed, turning to Todd, exclaiming halfway through it, "Ow...
my ass..."

A clearing of the throat told JD that he wasn't alone with Todd. *Oh shit...
I am in so much deep shit!* "Hello, Doctor Cox," JD said somewhat

"Are you okay?" Todd asked. JD looked up at Todd's eyes and could see beyond
the immaturity that lay just on the surface that was forever on display,
and instead saw the real person beneath; the person that was concerned about
him right then.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." JD started to get up from the bed slowly, and then pulled
a folded blanket from the side table, handing it to Todd to cover up. As he
offered it, he again repeated, "I'm fine."

"You two, uh," started Perry Cox. "You two get outta here and go home."
Perry turned to leave, then shot over his shoulder. "But for the love of
all things holy AND the nightmares I'm now going to be subjected to, would
you Pa-le-e-ee-e-eeze be careful?"

JD knew it was going to be all right. Perry Cox wouldn't over-enunciate if he
were pissed. And if he weren't mistaken, Cox had winked at the couple before
storming out of the room, parting people who had been congregating on the outside.
"Nothing to see here. Move along! Get back to work or I'll page Bob Kelso."

The crowds parted, JD and The Todd were once again alone. "Thanks," JD said,
reaching out to Todd.

"Anytime, I promise." Todd leaned in, and the couple sealed the promise with
a kiss.



Archiving Old Fic – Love, Sleep and Oral Sex – Scrubs – JD/Dr. Cox

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Title: Love, Sleep, and Oral Sex
By: Squidgie (Walter H. Hopgood)
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Scrubs
Pairing: JD/Doctor Cox
Warnings: None
Notes: I'm a pharmacy person by trade, so I had to 
pull some medical stuff off the 'net.  Thanks to Google 
for pointing me in the right direction on comas.  Other 
than that, it's pretty much a PWP story that I had to 
write last night when I couldn't sleep for the life of me.
Disclaimers: Don't own 'em.  NBC does, and they'd be 
pissed off if they saw what I did with their boys, but 
hey, I'd watch the show a HELL of a lot more than I 
already do if the shows had scenes like this!


It had been a tough day at Sacred Heart.  Even tougher
for John Dorian than most of the residents, both physically 
and emotionally.  It was no wonder he was running around, 
biting people's heads off.  Already, Carla and Laverne 
had been cowering at the nurses station, diverting nurses 
and residents alike from JD's area.  When Laverne saw 
Doctor Cox approaching the "forbidden zone", she thought 
twice about warning him. "If anyone can get through to 
that skinny white boy," Laverne said to no one in particular, 
"It's him."

Upon entering the patient's room, Doctor Cox emitted his
trademark whistle.  "Whoa there, Barbie!" exclaimed the
older doctor.  Ignoring the look he received, he continued
with his attempt at humor.  "Now I know that some he-man 
probably broke your little girl heart, but that's no reason 
to turn this," he motioned to the unconscious patient that 
the resident was assessing level of coma on, "poor being 
into your own personal voodoo doll."

JD put down the needle that he had been using to test the 
comatose patient's stimuli with and turned to fully face 
his colleague.  "Listen, I don't need your crap right now, 
okay, PAULINA?"

"Mmmm....  Saucy!  I like a girl with some spunk," Perry 
Cox shot back.  "Tell me now.  Are you wearing the pretty 
pink crotchless panties I bought you?"  Ignoring the daggers 
that sprung from the medical student's eyes, he stepped 
forward.  Now with the pair just inches apart, he drove 
the conversation home.  "You know, if you are, I've got 
some singles in my wallet for a lap dance."

Having taken all that he could stand, vein popping out of 
his forehead and hair thrown back much wilder than normal, 
JD slammed his fists down onto the side of the bed with a 
boom that rang throughout the room and snorted, "ENOUGH!" 
He felt as if he was about to explode, and Doctor Cox seemed 
like the best recipient of his anger at the moment.  "Do 
you know what kind of day I had?" he asked through gritted
teeth.  "No, you don't.  Why?  Because you haven't been here 
for thirty six friggin' hours, have you?  No!  You haven't 
had to deal with  nine codes, two DOAs, three overdoses, 
each of whom has decided to puke on the part of me that was 
previously not covered by the bodily fluids of an earlier 
patient, and this," he gestured back at the stilled patient, 
"damn idiot who I don't know why medically he's in a coma, 
but he is."

JD knew that he shouldn't have taken his frustrations out on 
the older doctor, but he had just been in the wrong place at 
the wrong time.  As he pulled his hands up to his face in an 
effort to wipe away the frustration, Doctor Cox went to work, 
studying the chart.  "Bloody sputum, cyanosis," he began 
reading from the chart, "And according to the EKG, tachycardia.  
Tell me, sunshine," he finally looked over at JD, "Did anyone 
mention if Mister Johannsen here has been traveling recently?"

A guarded, questioning look shot from JD's eyes, wondering 
where his superior was going with the line of questioning.  
Thinking back, he remembered the worried wife who brought 
the disoriented patient in.  "Actually, yes.  He just came 
back this morning from a business trip to Colorado.  Came 
home early, as a matter of fact, because he wasn't feeling 

"Well then," Doctor Cox retorted, smacking the younger doctor 
on the shoulder, "You've ordered a CT scan, yes?"  With the 
head-nod acknowledgment by JD, Doctor Cox continued, 
"Because this looks like HACE to me."

"Oh shit...." JD uttered, his voice barely intelligible.  
"High Altitude Cerebral Edema."  He looked at his older 
counterpart when the lightbulb had finally turned on in his 
head.  "His CT scan is in an hour.  That should confirm it."  
He sheepishly studied his shoes for a moment, embarrassed 
for the oversight.  "I'll let you know the results, sir," 
JD finished his thought, voice barely audible.  "Oh, and 
Doctor Cox?" he added as the older doctor turned to leave. 
"Thank you."

A twinkle shown brightly from Perry Cox's eyes at his favorite 
medical student.  "Not a problem, cupcake," he added, in an 
effort to poke JD's buttons once more.  "Now cheer the hell 
up!" he declared rather loudly, followed by a smack to JD's 
posterior, then stopped in his tracks.  "Oh my lord and stars, 
*that's* what the attitude is about." Doctor Cox put his hand 
on JD's right butt cheek, letting it linger. "You're not 
wearing the crotchless after all," he began playfully.  "You're 
in that thong again, aren't you, and it's ridden all the way up 
your crack.  Right?"  A smile showed his perfectly white teeth, 
while his hand lingered just a moment longer than it should.  
"Is it the hot pink one or the 'All American' red, white, and 
blue model you save for government holidays?"

Frustrated, overly tired, and now embarrassed at being somewhat 
turned on, JD pushed Doctor Cox's hand away.  "You want to know 
about my panties?  *Fine*!  Here."  JD began to loosen the tie 
that kept his scrubs up around his thin waist.  "Look all you 
want, Bucko!"  JD removed his hands, and the scrubs were pulled 
down by gravity, giving the doctor what he thought was enough 
to make him turn and run screaming from the room.

Instead of leaving, the older man surprised JD by putting his 
hand to his chin, studying the sight appreciatively.  "Well now, 
Buster Brown," Perry Cox retorted with a raised eyebrow, 
"Someone *is* happy to see me!"  

What JD had not realized until he looked down at himself, was 
that his cock seemed to be at half staff, a result of the 
attention the not-so-innocent butt rub inflicted on him by his 
superior.  "Oh jeez...."  If here were a bedpan in the room, 
surely he could crawl into it and hide until the end of his 
residency, or at least until Doctor Cox had left the room.  
If only that last patient hadn't thrown up on his midsection, 
thoroughly soaking his scrubs and through to his last pair of 
boxers he had stashed in his locker.

*/ What the hell, /* Perry thought, and took the resident's 
cock into his left hand.  "Well now," he began, trying to take 
control of the situation, "When was your last physical?"  Before 
the younger man could reply, he continued on and added, in his 
most doctorly voice, "Turn your head and cough, young man" he 
ordered, taking his time with moving JD's testicles out of the 
way, while gently rubbing the tip of JD's cock with his thumb.  
Sure enough, JD turned his head away from the older man and 
coughed and waited for the next command.  

And waited.

After a full five seconds, with blood continuing to engorge 
his turgid penis, JD turned his head to face his colleague.  

"Well what?" Doctor Cox threw back.  "I've got your cock and 
your balls in both of my hands.  And I don't have to know 
medicine to see what's going on down there."  He squeezed JD's 
cock slightly, encouraging a small drop of fluid from the slit.  
"What are you gonna do?"  Perry Cox bit his lip pensively, 
awaiting reaction.

Whether it was lack of sleep, the frustrating day, or just 
the fact of having to see Doctor Cox's naked physique in the 
shower day after day, JD would never know what made him do it.  
But before he came to his senses, he pulled his superior's 
face towards his own,  stealing a kiss from the slightly pouty 
lips he always seemed to focus on.  JD forced his tongue into 
Perry's throat, a moan slipping from both of their chests.  
With each twist of their tongues, Perry Cox seemed to pull 
and caress JD's fully engorged cock, manipulating it in his 
hot, silken hands.

The feelings experienced by John Dorian were exquisite, but 
with the patient room so public, he began to get nervous and 
pulled back slightly from the good doctor's lips.  He looked 
into Perry's brilliant eyes and stuttered, "Um.... Don't.... 
Don't you think we should-"

"You bet I do," Perry Cox cut him off.  In an instant, he 
closed the door behind him and sank to his knees, wrapping 
his warm hand around the young doctor's penis.

"No!  I meant-" JD began, but all sense of right and time 
left him as Doctor Cox engulfed his cock in his warm, wet 
mouth.  Unconsciously, JD wrapped his hands around Perry's 
head, while he leaned back onto the patient's bed.  The 
sensations he felt were wonderful, as he gave into the 

Perry Cox had longed for this moment, and now that it 
presented itself, he relished it.  He let his hand guide 
his mouth, corkscrewing down over the resident's cock, 
while playing with JD's lightly fuzzy balls with his other.  
He coaxed a moan out of the younger man's mouth by 
squeezing  the balls ever so lightly, all the while 
increasing the suction he used on the sensitive member.  

A combination of no sleep, along with the ministrations 
of a *very* talented tongue, helped to increase the intensity 
of everything JD felt.  It wasn't long before he was panting 
heavily, feeling the approach of his impending orgasm build.  
With each bit of praise he uttered to whatever deity he 
could think of, Perry increased his rhythm.  Before he knew 
it, JD was on the brink of release, thrusting his cock deep 
into the moist cavern of Doctor Cox's throat.  "I'm....  
I'm...." was all he was able to get out.

Perry Cox reluctantly pulled off of the younger man's 
cock, slicking it with spit as a lubricant.  He continued 
to manipulate the cock with his hands, paying particular 
attention to the head, as JD threw his head back, his orgasm 
imminent.  Perry looked up at the wondrous sight of his 
protege, head thrown back in a state of utter passion, as 
the younger man gave into his orgasm.  Wave after wave 
overtook him, and Perry helped the younger man keep his 
balance by steadying him with his arm, letting JD relish 
in the moment.

After what seemed an eternity, John came back to reality, 
though very slowly.  He looked down at the man that brought 
him such great pleasure, a sheepish grin covering his face.  
It was then that he noticed his scrubs; the third pair he'd 
had on that day.  "SHIT!"

Doctor Cox followed the younger man's gaze, seeing where 
JD's eyes rested.  A large puddle of semen had soiled the 
bunched-up left leg of his scrubs, currently straddling his 
ankles.  He chuckled easily, making light of the situation.  
"Well now, Newbie," he began.  "Guess someone's gonna have 
to make a mad dash of it, now isn't he?"  He grinned widely 
at JD, grabbing a meaty asscheek and squeezing it hard.  

John shut his eyes but for a moment, as he was brought back 
to reality with a light embrace and warm lips caressing his 
own.  At that very moment, his troubling day, lab results, 
forgotten orders: not a thing mattered.  Only he and Perry, 
at that moment, and what they'd shared.  As he fumbled with 
his clothes, Doctor Cox helped him, copping a feel here and 
there along the way.  

Once both men were mostly presentable, save the large wet 
spot on JD's leg, Perry took JD by the arm, fishing for 
something in his own pocket.  "Here," he said, thrusting a 
key into JD's hands, "take this."

"Wha...."  JD began somewhat unintelligible before Perry cut 
him off.

With as much authority as he could muster, Perry looked 
sternly at the young resident.  "Home.  Now.  No questions, 
just go."  As JD turned his head quizzically, he added, 
"My home.  There's too many people coming and going at your 
place.  I'm ordering you to get out of here and go rest.  
But I'm asking you to stay with me.  Think you can handle 
that, John?"

A sleepy grin plastered itself like a giant billboard over 
JD's face, at the first time ever use of his real name by 
his superior. "Yeah," he beamed.  "I think I can."

"Good," Perry shot back before stealing a quick kiss and 
making his exit from the room, "Because we're not through, 
you and me."  With a wink, he was gone.



Archiving Old Fic – The Ride – Scrubs – JD/Dr. Cox

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Author: SquidgiePDX
Title: The Ride
Fandom: Scrubs
Pairing: JD/Dr. Cox
Rating: PG13
Words: 1025ish
Disclaimer: First time fic.  This is something I started to be a
much longer fic, but stopped at a natural point and never went further
with.  Decided to publish as is.  Not my characters, owned by ABC.
Summary: What happened after Dr. Cox uttered the words "We're not done!"
to JD, then climbed on the scooter with him.


"We're not done."

Those words rang through JD's ears as Dr. Cox had tapped him on
the helmet, then climbed aboard Sasha, JD's scooter, and urged
him on.  The older doctor grabbed JD around the waist, almost causing
JD to lose control.  /* I've imagined this before, but I know I'm
not going to like the outcome */ JD thought as the two plodded on
towards his apartment.

JD waited for Perry Cox to get off the bike before shutting it off.
Wide eyed, he looked at his mentor with a "What did I do?" innocent
look plastered across his face.

"Don't give me that, you!" was all of the response he would get.  
Responding the the slight pout on JD's lips, the older man relented 
every so slightly.  "Come on; let's get inside and talk."

The stairs to JD and Turk's apartment, now fully inhabited by Carla
as well, seemed to tower over JD forever.  As he slowed down slightly,
he was rewarded with a smack to the backside.  "Get a move on there,
Newbie" was all he had to hear before he started taking the steps 
two at a time, but still not anxious to be alone with his mentor.  In
becoming a doctor, JD had buried his feelings about who he was, and
tried to hide them from others.  His failure in dating women was
phenomenal, but at least he was keeping his secrets safe.

"You want a beer?" JD asked quietly as the two stepped into the apartment.

"Yeah.  No.  Wait, later."  Perry Cox  JD looked at him
curiously, not ever having experienced the older man being tongue tied. 
If anything, he was the most verbose man JD had ever met.  

At that moment the medical compulsive part of his brain merged with his
imagination.  /* Oh god.  He's so angry at me that he's had a stroke.  
Quick, get him some aspirin and call 911! */  JD's eyes betrayed him.

"Calm down, Newbie."  Dr. Cox grabbed JD by the shoulder and directed
him towards the couch, leading him first by the arm, then by holding the
small of JD's back.  "Come.  Sit."  Perry motioned a spot on the sofa,
and the two sat.

"I, uhh" Dr Cox stammered.  He looked around the apartment, down at his
shoes, and then finally go the courage to look into his young apprentices
eyes.  "Aww, shit".

"What?"  By this time JD's imagination was going into overdrive.  He 
was desperate, but wasn't quite sure what he was more desperate for - to
get out of the aparment, get away from his mentor who's jaw was clenched
every so sexily, or...  

"Look," Perry broke the silence finally, "I like you."  Looking at the floor
again, Perry got up and started pacing.  "Damnit."

Dumbfounded, JD stared at the older man.  "What do you mean, you like me?"

Not quite knowing where to start, Perry Cox started blurting things out.
"You know Jordan is a good friend.  She was a horrible wife, but she's made
a good ex-wife, and a much better friend."  Perry looked into JD's eyes.
"She's made me realize a lot of things.  Things about me."  The older man's
eyes dropped to the floor for a second, then locked onto JD's like a
missle.  "...and things about you."

"What do you mean, things about me?"

"I mean I like you.  I mean I really like you."

"Oh great, so I'm some kind of Sally Field award acceptance speech?"  The 
confused look on Perry Cox's face at JD's diversionary tactic was met
with, "I know, I know.  I was a theater camp geek."  And while JD's
lips tried to divert the subject, his heart and mind were racing.

The patented Cox whistle echoed through the empty apartment, and a
flustered expression, along with pointed finger, directed JD to sit.
"Listen," Perry started, "this isn't easy for me."

"Then just spit it out.  Whatever it is, just te-"

JD was cut short when the older man leaned into him and kissed him with
a ferocity fit for a wild beast.  

"-ll me...  What just happened?"

Finally able to have a coherant thought pass from his head to his
lips, Perry spoke.  "You make me crazy.  You make my day.  I look forward
to coming in to work just so I can spend some time with you.  And yeah,
I know that I make you crazy by calling you Melinda and Sherry and
Carolyn, but I also know that you love it as much as I do."  With 
bashful eyes, a trait not normally seen in the dominant narcicistic
male, he continued, "And I really hope that you and I can do something
about this."

"What this?  All you did was say you liked me and you kissed me." JD
was getting a bit flustered.  Sure, he cared for his mentor, and wanted
this - probably even more than his mentor did.  But his wall of protection
that he had built over the years working with a man who did not seem to
like him the same way back shot up and dug a moat, as if his heart were
protected deep within the walls.

A sigh escaped Perry Cox's lips, scuplted chest sinking in the scrub top
he was wearing.  A weak, defensive smile on the older man's face tried to
hide the hurt he had just been inflicted.  "Look.  I have come to terms
with who I am, and who I want to be with.  I'm pretty sure," he continued,
grabbing JD's chin with his strong hand and focused on his eyes, "that
you like me as well.  I would really like to give this a shot," then added,
"if you're interested."

Seconds passed.

"I mean it, John".  

There was something in the older man's tone, and the sincerity of using
his name - his REAL name - that caught JD off balance slightly, and
forced a smile across is face.  JD reached out for Perry's hand from under
his chin, kissed the palm gently, then looked into the older man's eyes
before closing his own, and returning the smoldering kiss from before.


Archiving Old Fic – The Ring – The Sentinel – Jim/Blair

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Title: The Ring
Author/pseudonym: Squidgie (Walter H. Hopgood)
Email address:
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: J/B

Status: NEW
Date: 2/28/98
Archive: YES to Merry and Michelle
Archive author: Squidgie
Archive email address:
Series/Sequel: Part of the Panda series 
Other website:

Disclaimers: I don't own Jim or Blair - they're owned by UPN and Pet
Fly. However, I *do* make many trips up to Vancouver, and if the
boys just happen to make their way back home with me in my suitcase,
I promise to send them back relatively unharmed. :)

Notes: This is dedicated to my Panda.  This story is the second in a
series called "The Panda Series."  Each story is a standalone, but 
contains a panda in some way.  The first of this series was titled
"The Bear."  Big old bear-hugs to you, ShelBear!  You're a great
influence on me, and a wonderful editor!  This is my second
Sentinel story.  Feedback is wanted desperately (or I'll send you 
an email chain letter!  Bwahahahahahaha!!!)

Summary: It's just a Jim and Blair story

Warnings: None, unless you don't like romance.  There is no sex in
this, but there is a steamy scene.  :)

The blue and white truck pulled off of the road, turning into the
parking lot of a convenience store.  "Sure, Chief, whatever.  When they
start carrying whole wheat, organic Twinkies at Whole Foods, I'll
buy them there.  Until then," Jim pulled his keys from the ignition,
turning to Blair and giving him a flat expression, "after you buy
groceries, I get to stop here and pick up my junk food."

A sigh escaped Blair's lips.  "Man, don't you know how *bad* those
things are for you?  Think about what that crap is doing to your
insides, Jim!"

Jim's face lit up with an innocent smile.  "Yeah, but it keeps me
looking young, Chief."  When Blair's face threw an expression that
could only mean, /Yeah, right/, Jim narrowed his eyes at him, sending
imaginary daggers right through Blair.  

Oblivious to the invisible blades penetrating his person, Blair continued
on with his tirade as they made their way in and through the store.  
"Jim, you heard about the latest findings about what preservatives are 
doing to us, haven't you?  Did you know that the average corpse is 
degrading at a rate that is 53 percent slower than corpses from the 19th 
century?  And-"

"Blair!" Jim almost yelled, "I don't really need to know this.  But
what I *do* need," he said while grabbing a few packs of Hostess'
finest, "is my own little version of heaven.  Besides you, that is,"
and shot a smile to his partner that showed he'd won, and Blair's
version of healthy cardboard "treats" were not long in finding their
way to the dumpster.

Blair wished that Jim wouldn't do that.  It was hard enough that through
the course of the last couple of years that he'd fallen head over heels
in love with him, with a healthy amount of lust thrown in for good measure.  
But when Jim teased him, unknowing of his teasing's effects, it made 
Blair's desire ache that much more.  It did, however, have the desired 
effect that Jim was going for.  Blair became flabbergasted at the remark 
and had stopped his health food tirade.

The pair made their way up to the checkout counter, which was now
a couple of people deep.  The clerk spotted them over the ten year
old, who's icy drink was dripping all over the counter and the change
he spilled out of his pocket to pay for the beverage, and shot
an instant smile towards Jim.  /Your day's looking up, Delores/ she 
thought, /Your sexy detective is here./  Delores had a thing for
the cop that started the day he walked in wearing his dress blues.
Her suggestive smile beamed at him, her eyes not hiding a bit of
desire.  Jim, never the one to take flirting well, blushed a deep 
crimson when her made up eyelid winked at him.

"She want's ya, big guy," Blair whispered to him, which made him blush
even deeper.  

"Knock it off, Ch-"

"DON'T MOVE!"  The voice came from behind them suddenly.  Everyone in
line's attention was immediately drawn to the young man, pointing a
gun at the crowd.  The man's eyes seemed desperate, almost wild.
"Give me all your money!"  All hands in the line instinctively went
up, as Blair and Jim began to scrutinize the robber, searching for
a weakness.  /Jesus/ Jim thought to himself.  /This kid's strung out
on something./  Seeing this, he knew instinctively to take the situation
easy; don't provoke the kid or he might do something stupid.

Jim began speaking slowly, quietly.  "It's OK... Why don't you-"

"SHUT UP!  Now give me all the money in the register, and everybody
give me your wallets.  You!  Behind the counter!  Put it in a bag and
pass it this way."  The kid was sweating, his eyes darting about and 
hands shaking.  He couldn't have been more than eighteen, but scared 
and desperate.  His tenseness was echoed by the people he was now
holding up.

Again, Jim tried to calm everyone down with a calm, authoritative voice.
"It's OK, everyone.  Just do as he says and he'll leave us alone."  He
reached into his pocket and retrieved his wallet, handing it to the boy
along with the others that were being offered.  Realizing that his 
situation was working as he planned, he began to shake off some of
his nervousness and reached out to grab the items offered to him.
Hands shaking just slightly, he took too big a handful, dropping a
couple to the ground.

"SHIT!" He exclaimed, pointing the gun directly at Jim.  Jim looked down,
realizing it was his wallet that had fallen, opening up and displaying
his badge prominently.  The gun, aimed directly at Jim's head, was
shaking violently.  "You a cop?" he asked, the meekness of his conviction
showing in his voice.

Jim didn't even get to utter the words.  As he began to form the word "Yes" 
on his lips, shaking his head affirmative to the question, the boy panicked
and grabbed the person nearest him, treating him as a shield between him
and the cop.  The money forgotten, he tried to back away from the group,
all the while holding his captive close to his body.

/Shit, man, not again./ Blair thought to himself.  He kept his arms up as
the robber held him by the neck, backing slowly toward the door of the 
convenience store.  His eyes locked onto Jim, his arms also still in the
air, and conveyed his panic back to Jim.  Blair and the robber were about
five feet away from the group, when the noise of an oblivious teenager
coming through the main door startled them.  The thief flung around and 
shot the gun toward the sound of the noise, sending him and Blair off

This slight distraction was all Jim needed.  He lunged at the thief as
soon as he began to turn in a desperate attempt to control the situation.
He landed on the robber, who's arms flailed, sending the gun one direction
and Blair the other.  As Jim and the thief landed on the ground with a
thud, Blair's forehead connected with the corner of a display table with
an eerie crack, his body falling to the floor unconscious.  Panic took 
over in Jim's thoughts as he flew into Blessed Protector mode for his
guide - *his Blair*.  "Blair!?" he called, as the young man beneath him
began to stir and fuss, reality coming back to him.  He asserted his
entire weight down on the robber, adjusting only to flip the boy over,
yanking the boy's arms behind his back harshly.  "BLAIR?" he yelled 
again, inflicting pain on the robber by pulling his arms even higher, as if
punishment for what he'd done.  With all the confusion and noise, it
took all his available strength and concentration to force out everything
around him - the groaning robber beneath him, the crying child who had
been at the front of the line, the sound of a police siren that was now
about two blocks away, everything - and focus on the heartbeat of his
guide.  There it was.  It was still beating at a rapid pace, but it was

Jim breathed somewhat easier, and turned to the woman behind the counter
who was still standing there, frozen.  "Did you trip your silent alarm?"

The woman slowly came back to reality, as if in a coma and waking up for
the first time in years.  She reached under the counter, pressing the
switch.  "I..I...I just did."

/SHIT/ Jim cursed to himself.  /That must have been for somewhere else/
he thought, wishing the sound of the police car was for the store.  "Get
on the phone and call for an ambulance!  Tell them it's an officer down."
Jim knew he stood the chance of getting written up, but Sandburg *was* his
partner, and after two years on the force, most of the cops treated him
as close to a cop as they could.  He *was* one of their own, at least in
Jim's eyes.  Another struggle of the body below him brought his attention
back to the young robber.  "Do you have any rope or anything back there?"

The clerk turned to hang up the phone and shook her head at Jim.  As soon 
as the phone was in it's cradle, she moved to the sink behind her and turned
the water on, letting it wet a washcloth in the sink.  She rang it out
and went to Blair, who was just barely starting to stir.  Jim blocked
the smell of blood as best he could, and watched the woman dab at the
crimson stained gash on Blair's forehead, cooing over him slightly.  
"Shhh... It's gonna be fine," she spoke quietly to Blair.  She wiped
away as much blood as the thin, well-worn cloth could handle, then
patted Blair on the chest before getting up to rinse it out and freshen
it up.  Jim couldn't stand not being able to help his guide, but took
a little comfort in the aid the clerk was providing.

Blair began to move gently, a moan escaping his lips.  He drew his hands
up toward his head, speaking in a voice barely audible to even a
Sentinel's hearing.  "Jim?"  His hand touched his bleeding wound,
wincing in pain as he did so.  "Oh, man..."

"Don't move, Chief," Jim demanded.  "You took a nasty fall."  The clerk
knelt again at Blair's side, dabbing his head and held the cloth
in place to slow the bleeding.  "Just take it easy," he added as police
and an ambulance pulled up outside.  

Raising his arms to his sides and pushing himself up, Blair tried to
force his back from the floor.  "I'm fine, Jim," he added woozily.
"I don't need to-"

"Forget it, Chief.  You're going to get checked out by the docs, so lay
down or as soon as I get off this guy, I'll come sit on you and hold *you* 
down."  Jim shot a smile to his partner.

"Promises, promises," Blair added, weakly, and collapsed back on the

There was a flurry of activity as Jim handed off the thief to the
officers, all the while keeping at least his hearing on Blair and
the EMTs who were caring for him.  He noted all the readings that
they had been doing, showing Blair's vitals had all been within
normal parameters.  Jim told the arresting officer that he'd be in
to fill out the paperwork Monday; this was his day off, and with
that, turned his full attention to Blair.

"Jim, *please* tell them that I'm fine.  I'm just a little weak.  I
can rest at home."

Jim snorted a cautious laugh.  "No can do, Chief.  Boys?" he looked
at the EMTs, "You may have to strap him in," which brought a
laugh from the technicians.  "Chief?  You do as they say.  I'm going
to get the groceries home, then come to the hospital and check on
you, OK?"  As much as Jim wanted to ride with Blair and the EMTs,
his Blessed Protector mode doing overtime, he also didn't want to
freak Blair out.  He looked fine, and was fine from what they'd
told him.

"I *told* you I'm just a little weak.  I'll be...." Blair's face went
blank, and his head hit the small pillow with a light thud.  His eyes
rolled back into his head, and his body began to tremble, each limb
convulsing violently. 

"CHIEF?!!?" Jim yelled, bringing the technician's full attention back
to Blair.

"Shit!  Grand Malle."  The first EMT called as he grabbed Blair's head
and held it back.  "Robert, get me a mouth plate!"  The second EMT flew
back out to the ambulance as panic covered Jim's face.

"What can I do?" Jim asked the EMT, his panic showing in his voice
as it did on his face.

"Hold his legs."  Robert, the second EMT, ran back in the store, handing 
the instrument to the first EMT.  Jim watched as it was inserted into 
Blair's mouth as Blair's body continued to convulse.  "Does he have a 
history of seizures?"

Jim shook his head.  "No.  This is the first."  Jim watched as Robert
hooked each set of straps from the side of the stretcher around Blair's
body, wrapping him into a medical cocoon.  "Did his fall cause this?"

"I can't tell.  Let's roll."  The pair moved Jim out of the way and 
brought the stretcher to it's standing position, and quickly made
through the door and to the ambulance.  

In an instant Jim was running after the pair, climbing into the cab of 
the ambulance.  Robert turned to him, not knowing the full extent of
the pair.  "Are you his next of kin?"

A shot of pain ran through Jim's body at the words, and he winced
slightly.  "I'm his partner," he offered firmly.  His eyes told the
driver not to question him, just let him ride.

"Fine," Robert added while reaching for the microphone.  "Just sit back
and stay out of the way."  He brought the microphone to his face and
announced their status.  "Cascade General, this is Alpha-40..."


The ride to the hospital had been the longest five minutes of Jim's life.
Blair's convulsion had stopped a few blocks from the hospital, but he
was still out.  Jim's senses were running at full capacity, his 
hearing and sight trained on his guide who was strapped down in the
back of the ambulance.  

Jim was climbing out of the vehicle before it had come to a complete stop
at the doors to the emergency room.  He ran to the back of the ambulance
and barely missed a door as it swung open.  The driver, Robert, made
his way to the open doors and the paramedics worked in tandem, taking
Blair out of the ambulance, rolling him through the doors and toward
a room.  Jim followed, listening to the pair give report to a nurse and
doctor to whom they were handing Blair off.  Before he could enter the
room, he was met by a nurse in blue scrubs, blocking his entrance.
"Are you with um, Mister..." she looked at the paperwork in her hands.

"Sandburg," Jim replied, almost yelling.  "I'm his partner."

"Then what I need you to do," she added in a much practiced and almost
condescending tone, "Is to go out there," she pointed towards the lobby,
"get him registered, and fill out his paperwork."

A scowl overcame Jim's face, but he knew he was defeated.  He trained
his hearing on Blair's room, and turned towards the ER lobby, sighing
his resignation of the situation heavily.  He walked through the double
doors, and sat in the chair next to the admitting clerk, and started
rattling off Blair's pertinent information to him, all the while alert
to the goings on in Blair's room.  As he heard it, Blair was stable, but
the doctor wanted several tests to be run to check the extent of his
head trauma.  

The clerk finished entering the essential information into the computer 
and handed Jim a stack of paperwork, nodding to a chair in the lobby
in which he could complete it.  As Jim rose, he smiled, hearing his
guide's voice as Blair came to.  He crossed the room, listening
in on the conversation.

"Wh.. What happened?  Where's Jim?"

"It's OK, Mister Sandburg.  You hit your head and had a seizure." The 
voice was singsong and calming.  "You're in Cascade General ER and
we need to run a few-"

"Where's JIM?!" Blair demanded, rustling the sheets on the gourney.  

"Lay back down, Mister Sandburg.  Your partner is out in the lobby.  After
we've run some tests, we'll let him come back, OK?  But until then," more
rustling of the gourney's sheets, "You have to lay back and let us finish,
OK?  Do you understand, Mister Sandburg?"

Blair must have nodded, as the person attending him turned and walked
out of the room.  Under his breath, he muttered, "Do you understand,
*Mister* *Sandburg*?"  He lay his head back down, the sound of silky,
dark curls running over the pillow beneath his head.  "Jim, I know you're
out there, and you're probably listening to me right now.  I'm fine,
so you can stop worrying."  Jim smiled quietly to himself.  His guide
seemed to know him quite well.  "You can take Blessed Protector out of 
overdrive now."

A heavy sigh of relief finally passed Jim's lips, and he slumped back
in his chair, finally allowing himself to relax for the first time
since the incident.  /God, I don't know what I'd do without my Blair./
he thought.  /Wait a minute, *my Blair*?  That's the second time.../
his thoughts trailed off as to how he was thinking of his partner in
a possessive sense.  The lamp of enlightenment had been lit back at the 
store as Blair lay bleeding, when Jim realized he couldn't do anything for
his partner.  All emotion began to clash within him, as he allowed his
deep, far hidden feelings to float to the surface.  Yes, *his* Blair.
The feelings of helplessness had helped chisel the love that he held for
his partner free from his darkened, closed off heart.  His eyes began
to well with tears as the emotions swirled within his chest.  /Yes/
he finally admitted to himself, /I'm in love with Blair./

Jim wiped the tear from his eye, as the frustration of reality hit
him hard.  /Stupid!  You're in love with your straight partner. *STRAIGHT*/.
He got up and dropped the forms off to the admitting clerk, and made
a quick trip outside.  It had suddenly gotten very stuffy in the lobby,
and he needed space - and time - to deal with his newfound emotions.
Once in the clean air, he shook his head, as if to force all of the
thoughts into one easy way of dealing with them.  Knowing how futile
this was, he began to walk.  On one hand, he wanted to rush to Blair's
side and tell him his new found feelings.  That's what Blair would want,
right?  But reality kept stomping the idea down, telling him that he had
a damn good thing right now, and not to blow it.  Jim laughed to himself
at his sudden pun.  "God, Ellison, what are you gonna do?"

Jim looked up to the sky, as if for guidance, and it came raining down
on him in buckets.  The sky was a beautiful blue, immediately reminding
him of his partner's eyes and the soul that prowled beneath them.  He
knew that was something he never wanted to lose, so he made a promise to
himself.  He could love his guide, but only from afar.  He had to hide
his true emotions from Blair, lest he find out and leave Jim forever.
Jim shuddered at the thought - he didn't think he could handle that.
"Do what you gotta do, Jimmy," he said quietly to himself.  "Just don't 
lose him." With a heavy sigh, Jim turned back to the emergency room, 
and walked slowly back.

The closer he got, the better he could hear his guide's heartbeat.  He
walked back into the ER, and started to make his way to his original
seat, still focused on Blair's room.  There were other people with him
now, discussing the further tests needed to be done.  He heard Blair 
speak.  "No way, man.  I don't *want* an MRI.  Those things freak me 
out, man."  Jim knew his partner was frightened by the edge in his voice. 

"Mister Sandburg, you really shoul-"

Jim was brought back quickly by the woman making her way to him.  
"Mister Ellison?"  He suppressed a flinch as the closness of the voice 
bombarded him, and mentally turned down his hearing.

"Yes?"  He replied, trying to be casual.

The nurse motioned her hand towards the double doors, through where his 
partner was.  "You can come back and see him now."

"Thanks," Jim muttered, and headed straight for Blair's room.  He rounded
the corner in near record time and came to stand just outside of the
room.  He knocked quietly as he entered, trying not to disturb the
conversation taking place too much.  "Chief?"

A pair of the bluest eyes he had ever seen met his, threatening to steal
his breath.  "Jim!  Thank god you're here.  They want to do an MRI, man.
I don't think I can handle it."

Jim took his place at Blair's side, opposite the doctor, touching his
leg gently.  "I don't know, Doc.  I tend to agree.  He can barely sit
still through a movie." He ignored the glare the was now beaming at him.
"I don't know how he'll be able to be still for an MRI."

"Well, like it or not, he has to have one.  Mister Sandburg," he turned
to Blair, "seizures don't just come about for no reason.  I want to make
sure that there's no scarring, no permanent damage."

"Too late," Jim added wryly, earning him yet another glare.  "Blair, I'll
be right there.  You'll be fine.  There's nothing to worry about."  Jim
realized his hand was still on Blair's shin, rubbed it in a comforting
motion, and withdrew it easily, as to not call attention to it.  For
Blair, this was too late.  Jim's touch had been electric, as it always
was.  He silently prayed to all the gods he could remember *not* to get
excited, not to let the electric touch of Jim's hand get to him, but a cool 
breeze gave his body other ideas.  As he tried to mentally turn his emotions 
off, the breeze caressed his chest, his shirt unbuttoned and laying open, 
causing his nipples to harden in an instant.  Blair tried to casually 
adjust himself, hiding it as a motion of giving in to the doctor's wishes.

"OK, I'll do it," he admitted, leaning forward to cover his nipples and 
minutely adjust the hardness in his jeans.  He turned to his partner.
"Just promise me you'll be there, man."

Jim was momentarily caught off guard, his sense of smell suddenly
pummeled by... pheromones?  There was the distinctive smell of Blair
with a new smell that challenged this senses as well as his thoughts
about his roommate.  "You got it, Chief," he added, trying not to be too 
conspicuous as he continued to investigate the odor.


"Take off all your clothes, and put this on."  Hearing this in any other
situation would normally intrigue Blair, turning him on if it were
the right person saying it.  But not now.  "Your jewelry, too.  
Mister Ellison and I will go into the booth."  Hospital gown now handed
over to Blair, the radiology technician turned to Jim, motioning
him to the door.  "Once you're undressed, let me know.  We'll go through
this door over here," he pointed to the door that led to the MRI scanning
room, "and I'll get you situation for the scan."  He turned back to
Jim.  "After you, Mister Ellison."

/Damn./ Jim thought as he made his way out of the changing room.  /Gonna 
miss the show./  His newfound feelings were still raging within him, now
fed with the thoughts of his guide, naked and so close to him.  Jim 
entered the MRI control booth, then turned to the technician standing
next to the door where Blair was.  "Where do you want me?"

"Sit anywhere in the back," he responded, reaching for the door where
Blair was.  "Just please don't touch anything."  The technician walked
in and escorted Blair into the room with the MRI equipment.  

Jim watched the pair enter the room, and smiled as he caught a whisp
of Blair's bare bottom.  The technician helped Blair up onto the table
and adjusted him to the position necessary for the procedure.  "OK,
just remember to lie back, take easy breaths, and do *not* move until
we are through."  Instructions given, the technician turned to leave
the room.

"Good luck trying to keep *him* still." Jim said quietly to himself,
thankful that he was the one with sentinel abilities and not Blair.  

The technician walked in and sat down next to Jim, trying to figure
out what the smirk on Jim's face was all about as he started getting
the MRI setup and ready to go.  As he performed some final adjustments,
he flipped on a microphone.  "Mister Sandburg, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear," came the response.  "Jim, you out there, man?"

"I'm here buddy.  Just lay back and take it easy, and do as the man
says, OK?"

"Easy for you to say," Blair added quietly.  "You're not the one that's
stuck here in this damn room."

The technician, having heard this banter between his patients and their
ever present guests too often, tuned out the exchange.  "Mister Sandburg,
are you ready for me to begin?"

"Yeah, I gue- Oh crap!  Wait a minute!"

A look of concern played on Jim's face.  "What is it, Chief?"

"Hey Jim?  Can you come in here a minute?"

Jim turned toward the technician, as if to ask permission to enter
the MRI room.  "Before you go in, Mister Ellison," the technician
began, handing a small basket to Jim, "Put your wallet and other
valuables in here.  You don't want your Visa zapped, do you?"

Jim complied, piling his wallet and keys into the small container.
"Anything else?"  he asked.  The technician passed his hand through
the air, indicating it was OK for Jim to check on the patient's needs,
and turned back to the console, ready to begin the procedure.  Jim made 
his way into the room, where Blair's hands were fidgeting underneath 
his hospital gown.  "What's wrong, Blair?  You need some help?"  Jim 
stared intently, trying to figure out what Blair was doing with his 
unseen hands.  "Everything OK?" 

"There.  Got it."  Blair's hands came out from underneath the cloth
and presented a small silver ring to Jim's outstretched hand.  "Here.
Can you hold onto this for me?  I forgot to take it off."  As the ring
dropped from Blair's hand to Jim's, a huge grin plastered upon Jim's

"Jesus, Blair.  I forgot all about your nipple ring."  The grin was 
contagious, as it spread to Blair's lips.  "You got anything else 
pierced that needs removing?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, big guy!" Blair replied, his eyebrows 
threatening to escape his forehead if he flung them about any further.
Blair let the feeling go, remembering the promise he made to himself
about his feelings for Jim.  /Don't flirt with the straight cop, unless
you have another place to live./

Taking one last look at Blair's body laid out on the table, Jim walked 
out of the room, putting the silver hoop in his pants pocket.


"Home sweet home, Chief."  Jim stepped aside as he let Blair pass him
into the loft.  They had left the hospital after a six hour stay had 
presented Blair with a clean bill of health.  The doctor told him to
take it easy for a few days, and to report back if any other problems
related to his head trauma came up.  He also asked if Jim would mind
keeping an eye on his roommate for the next few days, 'just in case'.
/Like that's going to be difficult./  Jim mentally replied to the 
doctor.  "Here, let's get you settled in," he told Blair, steering him
towards the couch.

"Jesus, Jim.  I'm *not* an invalid, you know," was the crotchety reply.
"I'm just a little weak, not helpless."

Jim mentally backed off some, as not to press Blair too much.  "Sure,
Chief.  Can I get you something?"

"How about you put a pot of water on to boil?  I've got some herbs 
that'll take some of this swelling away, and take the edge off of
this headache."  Blair sat back on the couch, listening to Jim
moving about in the kitchen, and tried to cover a yawn.  The entire
hospital ordeal had him tensed, and he just wanted to relax for
a while.  "You want help with those groceries, man?"  Jim was putting
away their items from their shopping earlier that day.

"No thanks.  You just sit back and relax, Chief.  I'll take care of
it *this* time."  Jim took a wet hand out of one of the plastic bags,
the items once frozen were now puddles of cool goo.  "Shit, I forgot
about the stuff for the 'fridge.  We're going to have to go back out
to replace some of this stuff."

"Sure... Let's," *yawn*, "go after a little while, OK?  I just want to
sit back and relax a bit.  That OK?"  Blair looked over at Jim, who
nodded in agreement.  "Jesus, it's cold in here."  Blair pulled his
hands into the sleeves of his sweater and crossed his arms over his
chest, putting his hands in each armpit to keep it warm.  As the
material stretched over his chest, it stimulated his nipples, causing
them to become erect.  It was a wonderful feeling, but something seemed
to be missing... "Oh Jim?  Can I have my ring back, man?"

Jim's face shot up from the soggy bread he was retrieving from the 
bag, images of Blair's naked chest filling his mind.  "Sure, Chief,"
he said, thrusting his hand into his pocket.  "It's right..."  Jim
searched his pocket, but the ring seemed to be missing.  He searched
his other pocket, then went over to the basket to see if it had
caught on his key ring.

"Oh man, don't tell me you lost it, Jim.  That was my only one!"  Blair
sat back against the arm of the sofa, as one more bad thing happened
to him.  The ring provided ample stimulation for him, and if he was
to be cooped up for the next couple of days, he was going to need
all the stimulation he could get.  Then again, just being around his
sentinel would give him at least adequate fantasy material for quite
a while.  As long as Jim didn't figure out why it was he always took
such long showers, he'd be fine in that department.  /A high water bill
just for the chance to get off/ He thought, smiling to himself while
wondering where he was going to get another nipple ring.  But the 
shower was the only place that he could safely get off, and have the 
odor masked almost successfully.  

Jim's face held disappointment, mostly because he'd lost something that
he had been entrusted with.  But there was a part of it thrown in because
he wouldn't see Blair with the ring in place.  "Sorry, Blair.  It must
have fallen out of my pocket, and I didn't notice."

Blair waved his hand at Jim, passing off the situation.  "Don't worry 
about it.  I'll get one later.  Right now," *yawn* "I just want to
sleep."  Blair put his head back against the arm of the couch and 
let his mind go, releasing the thoughts of the day.  Before he knew
it, he was fast asleep.

The bulk of their purchases either put away or tossed out, Jim turned off
the unneeded kettle of water and tidied up the loft as quietly as he could.  
As he put some magazines away from the coffee table, he noticed Blair 
shivering just slightly, the exposed skin covered in a light dust of goose 
flesh.  He went to Blair's room and grabbed one of the heavy blankets from 
the bed, returning to the couch with it, and draped it over his roommate.  
/God, I can't believe how beautiful he looks when he sleeps./  Jim thought, 
as the material left his fingers.  He focused on the closed eyes, watching
them dart back and forth, knowing Blair was dreaming.  He took it all
in, his body threatening to zone on all that was Blair.  When his
roommate adjusted himself fitfully in his sleep, Jim pulled the long,
silken hair from his face, letting it linger within his hands for
a second more than he should.  /God/ he thought.  /I've gotta get 
out of here before I attack him in his sleep!/  Jim left Blair's side
and jotted a note, leaving it next to his sleeping form.  He quietly
picked up his keys, and headed out the door.


Jim finished up the replacement grocery shopping, and was making
his way back to the loft.  He passed a strip mall a few blocks
from the grocery, and noticed a store that, until now, he'd not
paid attention to.  In large red lettering that hung just over the
doorway, the letters spelled out, "PIERCING PAGODA".  Thinking back
to the ring he was charged with, but lost, he pulled into the parking
lot, parked, and strolled into the store.

A teenage girl, who's perkiness and energy level challenged that of
even Blair's, greeted him as he walked through the doors.  "Hi! 
Welcome to Piercing Pagoda!  Can I help you?"

Jim's face went flush with slight embarrassment.  In a quiet voice,
so as not to attract attention from the other shoppers or staff, 
he asked, "Um, do you have any, um, nipple rings?"

"I'm *sorry*," was the syrupy reply, loud enough to send an extra pint
or two of blood to Jim's cheeks.  "We don't do nipple piercing here,
but I can direct you to-"

Totally flustered, Jim stopped her before she dug him in deeper.  "No
I *don't* want my nipple pierced.  I just want to buy a nipple ring."

The girl's face lit up, as she realized her mistake.  "Oh, just a
nipple *ring*."  Attention from the entire store, if not the entire
strip mall, was now fully on Jim.  "We have a small selection over
here.  Please follow me."  She walked behind the counter, directing
Jim to a small collection of thick rings and posts.  "Which one?"

A confused look covered Jim's face.  "Excuse me?"

"Which one do you have pierced?"

/This girl's got a *big* shovel/ Jim thought.  Just as he thought he
couldn't get any deeper - or any redder - this girl rose to the challenge,
and brought home the gold.  Jaw clenched, he replied, "I don't *have*
my nipple pierced.  I'm buying this for a *friend*."  /Is it me, or
is the heat up little too high?/  Jim looked over the selection, finding
one that was almost identical to the one he'd lost.  He pulled out his
wallet, then pointed to the ring.  "I'll take that one."

The clerk was obviously having a great time at Jim's expense.  "Woo,
nice one!  Cash, check, or charge?"

Totally defeated, Jim handed over a twenty dollar bill, took his 
merchandise and change, and left the store, thoughts of dismemberment
and bodily harm filling his head.  He walked through the doors, trying
to ignore the clerk's final words as he left.



The truck pulled up to the loft. Jim grabbed his purchases into his arms, 
making his way up the stairs.  Taking each step quietly, he focused on the
loft, trying to determine if Blair was awake or not.  He realized that
yes, indeed, Blair was awake, and watching some nature special on
television.  Inserting his key, he opened the door to find Blair still
on the couch, engrossed in a documentary.  "Hey, Chief.  How you feelin'?" 
he questioned, as he put the bags on the counter.

"Pretty good, just tired.  Jim, you should come watch this, man."  Jim 
shot a quizzed look to Blair on the couch.  "It's a special on the Giant 
Panda.  You know, where they live, mating habits, that kind of thing."
Blair grinned to the image of the black and white bear on the screen.
"I mean, how can you not help but love these guys?"  Blair looked over
to Jim and nodded his head towards the bags on the counter.  "Thanks 
for getting the groceries, man.  I owe ya."  

/Yep, he's fine.  He's back in good old Blair mode./  Jim thought as he
brought his hand out of one of the bags, flashing Blair a pack of Twinkies,
a smile on his face.  "Hey, I had to go get these, anyway," he grinned.
"Not a problem."  Jim's mind returned to his final purchase, and his
grin stretched further.  "And I even picked something up for you."
Jim walked over to where Blair was stretched out on the couch and knelt
down next to him.  "Here."  Jim handed him the silver hoop.

"Oh man, thanks!  You didn't have to do that!"

Jim nodded, watching intently as Blair unbuttoned his shirt.  "Yeah, I
did.  I lost it, so I have to replace it."  His eyes followed Blair's
hands up his chest, and watched him as he opened the ring, getting it
ready to insert.  "Um, how does it work?"

The tension between the two was thick, and every movement seemed to be
electric.  Blair saw an opportunity to test the waters.  It seemed that
Jim was fascinated by the nipple ring almost to the point of arousal.
Promise or no promise, he wanted to see what Jim's response would be.
"Here," Blair pronounced, grabbing Jim's arm and putting the ring into 
the hand.  "Try it out.  I've had it a while, so you can't hurt me."  
/Yes he can, Blair.  He freaks and throws you out, and you will most 
*definitely* be hurt./

Jim's hand shook slightly as he raised it up Blair's chest to the nipple,
now fully erect.  His left hand followed, cupping the firm pectoral
muscle, and squeezed it gently, making for a better surface on which
to work.  His forefinger went behind the small part of the ring, and
guided it through the nipple, gently pushing it until the shiny surface
protruded through the other end.  Pushing it a little farther, he
used his thick fingers to adjust the clasp, until it was fastened.

Jim released the breath that he didn't realize he had been holding.
Fighting a sudden dryness in his mouth and throat, he asked quietly,
"That OK, Chief?"  

When Jim made no effort to remove his hands from the muscular chest, 
Blair finally spoke.  "You know, Jim," /Dammit voice, don't squeak
so much!/ "In some cultures, we would be considered married now."
He let his eyes meet up with Jim's, which he had avoided until he
finished speaking.  Jim's lips parted slightly, while his fingers
closed on the ring that was now in place, tugging on it gently.

"Really?" Jim asked quietly, his eyes hiding none of the desire that
was raging within him.  "Sounds kind of nice."  Jim tugged on the ring
with a slightly firmer motion, which brought a moan from Blair's lips.
Barely whispering, he asked, "You like that, Sandburg?"

Blair could hold back no more.  His hands went to the sides of Jim's
face, pulling him close.  He licked his lips, then surrounded Jim's
lips with his own, thrusting his tongue deep into Jim's mouth.  Jim
rose from his kneeling position and put his body over Blair's, hovering
as his free hand began to explore the body beneath him while the 
other still tugged gently on the silver ring.  Blair let his hands 
roam, finding hard, red-hot flesh beneath his fingertips, threatening
to sear his skin off.  The couple broke off the kiss and stared deep
into each other's eyes.  

"Jesus, Jim," Blair panted.  "Where have you been hiding *that*?"

Jim just smiled, then gave Blair a quick kiss before standing.  "You
never asked for it before, Sandburg."

Blair immediately missed the closeness that the two had shared just
seconds earlier, his face questioning why Jim was now standing away
from him.  His unasked question was answered as Jim extended his
hand, summoning him to his feet.  "Come on, Chief."

Blair extended his hand out, and it was swallowed between the older
man's hands.  "What?" he questioned quietly.

"Come on," Jim responded, his eyes penetrating to the depths of Blair's
soul.  "We're going *our* room."

"Our room?"  Blair asked, not hiding the surprise in his voice.

Jim released himself from the pools of blue in which he had almost 
immersed himself completely, and turned slightly away.  He knew 
that if Blair took what he was about to say wrong, his heart 
would break.  By turning away, he could prevent some of that hurt 
if Blair shot him down.  "Chief, I know this is new to both of us, 
but I'm not willing to do this half-heartedly.  If I do this, I'm in it 
for good."  Jim turned back to his partner's face.  "Blair," he said 
quietly, "I love you."

A look of immense joy overtook Blair's face, his eyes sparkling.  
"Jesus, Jim!  Do you know how long I've waited for you to hear that?"  
Blair brought his hands to Jim's face, feeling the stubble underneath 
his palms.  "I love you, too."

Blair tilted his head up, stepping on the tips of his toes to meet 
Jim's full height, and kissed him gently on the lips.  As he came back 
down, he grabbed Jim's hand in his and led towards the stairs.  "Come 
on, big guy!"  he added, a mischievous grin spreading over his face.  
He took one step, but felt as if he had been chained to a tree, as his 
body snapped back into place.  As he turned to Jim, he noticed a look 
of concern on the detective's face.  "What is it, Jim?  Did I do 
something wrong?  What?"  Concern dripped heavily from his voice.

The cheeks of Jim's face held a blush, and he stammered as he began to 
quietly speak.  "Um... How do I say this?"  He brought his eyes to meet 
Blair's.  "Blair," he almost whispered.  "I've never done this before."

A light hearted laugh escaped Blair's lips.  "Oh man," he said, eyes 
crinkling with delight.  "You mean you're a virgin?"  When Jim began 
to correct Blair, he restated, "I mean for the male/male thing."

Jim's felt as if today he were in eternal blush mode.  "Yeah.  The male/male

"Oh man, don't worry about it.  We can take it as slow as you want. 
Whatever you don't feel comfortable with-"

"Wait a minute,  Sandburg.  You mean *you've* done this before?"  

Blair needn't have answered.  As he flashed Jim his most innocent smile,
he couldn't help biting his lip in a look of satisfied guilt.  "Yeah, but
I've hardly been around the block more than a few times.  And it's
been years, man.  You think I'd go out with a guy while I lived here?"
he asked, gesturing around the loft.  "You'd have smelled it in a minute.
But I have done some stuff, you know, nothing hardcore or anything.
Well, I've read a lot of stuff, but I've never been able to-"

"Sandburg!" Jim yanked on Blair's hand, bringing him close.

Blair was once again biting his lip, looking up at his partner.  "Yeah,

"Shut up and get upstairs."



Archiving Old Fic – The Look – The Sentinel – Jim/Blair/Rafe

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Title: The Look
Author: Squidgie (Walter H. Hopgood)
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair/Rafe (A threesome)
Warnings: None 
Notes: Mucho thanks for letting me contribute to the auction. Glad 
that I could help out! Also, thanks to DebraC and FireHorse for beta'ing 
this for me -- great job guys! Yes, the guys seem to go through 
gymnastics, but they have fun! This is another in the Panda series. 
Each story is a standalone story, but has a panda somewhere in it 
(dedicated to PandaBear, who turned me on to Jim and Blair!).
Disclaimer: No Cascade officers were harmed in the production of this 
work, but their clothing did get quite wrinkled when they left it on 
the floor.


"Thanks, Rafe.  If you hear anything more, grab me, okay?  We'll 
be downstairs for a bit."  Jim Ellison smiled at the cop, then
turned to his partner, Blair Sandburg, and directed him through
the open door towards the elevators.

A blush painted itself across Rafe's face as he paused to watch the
handsome pair leave the squad room.  Delectable thoughts raced through 
his head as the pair walked away then turned the corner for the 
elevator.  He had tried to conceal his staring, pretending to read the 
file held in his hand.  Under his breath, he added to himself,
"Ellison, I'd like to do a hell of a lot more than grab."  He sighed
quietly, put his lust back onto it's solitary shelf, and went in 
search of his partner, hoping to duck out for a quick lunch.


Rounding the corner, Blair caught himself mid-sentence, and 
stopped rambling as abruptly as his lover had stopped walking.  "Jim?"  
Seeing the quizzical look on Jim's face, he tried to find out what 
had stopped the larger man dead in his tracks.  "What's wrong, man?"

It was Blair's turn to paste a quizzical look on his face, as Jim's 
left eyebrow shot skyward, taking a lip with it, forcing a crooked 
smile across the cop's face.  "What's wrong?  Jim, tell me what's 
wrong!" The smaller man grew impatient.

"It's nothing, Chief."  The grin grew bigger, and Jim held out as
long as he could, while Blair's face ran the gamut of emotions.
Just as the smaller man looked as if he were about to have an
anuerism, he finally relented.  "It's Rafe."

Blair started slightly, still perplexed.  "What?  What do you 
mean, 'It's Rafe'?"

"I guess my choice of words were, um, shall we say, enticing to
him?"  Thoroughly confused, he decided to put Blair out of his
misery once and for all.  Jim leaned in close to Blair's ear,
stopping only for a second to take a deep breath through his
nose, enjoying the smell of the hair he'd had draped over
his chest just hours earlier in bed.  Whispering, Jim quietly
said, "I said that we'd be downstairs, and if anything came
up to grab me."  

Somewhat loudly, and with an annoying tone, Blair shot back, 
"Yeah?  So?  So what?"

"Well, Chief," Jim continued with a smile, "He said that he'd like
to do more than grab."  Jim pulled back slightly, so his partner
could see his face, eyebrows shooting up again, once again
bringing along a mischievous grin.

Blair huffed, the heavy sound of indignity and property dripping
from his lips.  "Yeah right.  Over my dead body!"  The elevator
dinged behind them, and the pair strode inside.  Blair waited for
the doors to seal them in, alone, before making his move.  Just
as the doors closed safely behind them, the detective was pounced 
upon by the smaller man, pinned against the wall of the moving room.  
His arms were held to his sides by Blair's hands, and his crotch was 
assaulted by the feel of Blair's erection grinding into him, 
causing his own cock to grow with new life.  Piercing blue eyes 
stared up into his own, as a pair of ruby lips thrust upon the 
detective's, their owner's tongue demanding entrance.  With a grind 
of his hips, Blair released a guttural, almost wolflike growl as the 
men kissed.  "You're mine, James Joseph Ellison."

The cop stood there, stunned momentarily as Blair pulled back
and righted himself.  As the elevator's descent halted and the 
bell announced their arrival, he tried his best to come back to 
his senses.  Blair strode out of the elevator and greeted the 
officers he knew as if nothing had happened.  Jim took a few quick 
steps to catch up, then grabbed his arm lightly to direct him to the 
evidence room.  "One of these days, Chief."

A look of pure innocence plastered itself over the smaller man's
face, while eyes sparked and eyelashes batted quickly.  "Whatever 
could you mean, James?"  A light, easy laugh fell from Blair's lips.

"One of these days you're gonna give me a heart attack...."

"Oh no.  No, no, no, no, no."  As the pair entered the evidence room,
Blair tried to look serious.  "Oh wait.  Have you signed over your
life insurance to me yet?"

A hand came swiftly up from Jim's side, bopping Blair on the back
of the head in a joking manner.  "Christ!" Jim exclaimed, as he picked
up the box of evidence and began to open it.  "What am I going to
do with you, Chief?"

"It depends."  Blair nodded at the box that was almost open enough
to reveal it's contents.  "Is that the evidence from the sex
club case?  If so, I've got a few ideas...."  

"You're in luck," Jim replied, taking the first piece of bagged
evidence from the carton.  "Bend over, sweetheart," he smiled
as thrust the item at the smaller man, which turned out to be
a rather large frying pan.

"Ouch!"  Blair backed away slightly, then dipped his head close
to the box.  "You got any lube in there?"

Laughter filled the little room, and the pair finally got down
to actual police work.


A light whistle left Jim's lips, as he busied himself with 
setting the table and putting away that morning's dishes.  After 
the couple had gotten home, they broke the chores into equal 
parts, Blair doing most of the cooking and Jim doing most of the 
cleaning and setup.  It had been like this for the three years
the couple had been together, soon after Blair had moved in to 
help Jim with his senses.  It was a loving relationship, one 
that didn't just smolder, but raged like an unanswered forest fire.

As Blair dished out their meal, he questioned Jim's mood.  "What's
up with you, man?  You seem like you've been on cloud nine since
this afternoon at the station."

"I don't really know, babe."  Jim blushed slightly.  "Well, I do
know, but I don't want it to upset you."  

"What, is this about the Rafe thing?"  Blair was slightly nervous
about bringing the issue up, but tried not to let it show.  He 
hoped Jim hadn't realized it with his heightened senses.

It was widely regarded that couples often could read each other's
thoughts, and many a time finish each other's sentences.  Jim
had never had this with Carolyn, but it came like second nature in
his relationship with Blair.  "Yeah," Jim let out a quick smile.  
"Yeah, it is."

A slightly worrisome look crossed Blair's face momentarily, his
eyes betraying him by showing a small hit to his self esteem.  "You,
um, you want to talk about it?"

"What's there to talk about, Chief?  I'm with you.  And to me, there's
nobody else in this world that matters."

"Yeah, and I feel the same way, man." Blair's voice conveyed his
unspent sigh of relief.  He stood behind Jim momentarily, slipping
his arm around his partner's waist, planting a kiss on the larger
man's back, before returning to his duties.

"It's just...."  Jim fought the words he wanted to say, trying
to make sure the correct ones came from his mouth.  " was,
what's the word I want - nice?  Nice to know I 'still got it'."

A perplexed look plastered across Blair's face.  "What are you talking
about?  I compliment you all the time!  I mean we sit down and talk
about this and that and how good this is and-"

"Whoa there, Chief."  Jim successfully derailed the rambling Sandburg
express just as it was leaving the station.  "I know that.  It's just
that, you know, it's different when it comes from somebody else.  You
know, like when you're driving to work and the person in the car next
to you winks at you or something."  A smugness found it's way to Jim's
expression, pulling his mind away for a split second.  "You know what
I mean?"

"Yeah, man.  Yeah, I do."  Deciding what was good for the goose was
good for the gander, he added, "Like that time the new rookie 
cruised me in the bathroom?"  Blair congratulated himself.  It seemed 
to be a new world record for the Jim-popping-out-veins-on-his-forehead 

An almost guttural growl grew in Jim's chest and threatened to escape
his mouth.  He half snarled, half smiled at Blair, being just on the
right side of playful.  "He was a jerk.  I mean, what a pig, just 
trying to treat you like a piece of meat.  I mean, at least Rafe
is a friend."  

"Oh, so it's okay for Rafe to treat you like a piece of meat?"  Blair
crossed his arms and posed the question to Jim a little defensively.
"Is that okay then?"  When Jim hadn't responded within a few seconds, Blair
pushed some more.  "What do you want, Jim?  Do you want him?"

The distance between the couple was covered in an instant, and the tasks
they had been performing were now a distant memory.  "Blair, I told you,
you are the only one for me.  You're my everything...."  Jim
dropped a kiss on Blair's nose gently.  

Blair tried to get back into performing his job.  "But if you weren't
with me, and Rafe had said that to you, would you take him up on the

Jim thought about the theoretical offer for a few moments, then shook
his head slightly.  "Well, *if* I'd never met you, and *if* he made the
offer, I might consider it."  He then shook his head side to side a bit.
"It really would have to depend."

Ever so quietly, Blair posed, "Do you *want* to take him up on the offer?"

Two thick masculine arms enveloped Blair into a deep hug.  "Babe, there is
just no chance of that."  Jim pulled back slightly, turning the younger
man, gazing down into the pools of Blair's eyes.  "You know me better 
than that.  Hell, you know me better than anyone.  I'm not the kind of 
guy that's going to stray."

The warmth of Jim's arms comforted Blair, and he knew exactly where his
rightful place in the world was.  The last of the self-doubt left his body,
and he relaxed into Jim's embrace.  "I love you."  The words came so easy
now, every bit of it true.

The chestnut colored curls tickled Jim's face as he pulled the smaller
man closer.  "I love you too, Blair."  Both men held the embrace for a bit
longer, glanced into each other's eyes where each could see their souls
entwined, then parted to finish setting up for dinner.


Once the dinner plates had been removed, cleaned, and put away, and the
unexpected phone call from the soon-to-be-visiting Naomi was dealt with,
the couple found themselves sitting on the couch, Blair's head
in Jim's lap, with Jim watching the Jag's game, and Blair engrossed 
in an anthropology text he had come across in the library.  But for as 
much as he appeared to be into the book, his mind had been wandering, 
thinking about their conversation earlier, among other things.  He 
pondered to himself until a commercial interrupted the game, then began 
cautiously.  "Hey Jim?"

A quick kiss from Jim's lips found it's way down onto Blair's head.
"Yeah, babe?"

It was a difficult subject to broach for Blair, and he only hoped he
handled it just the right way, and made it through without letting his
voice crack.  

Jim sensed the increased heart rate and breathing in his guide and pulled
him closer.  "Blair?  What is it?"  Concern fit into his voice prominently,
as a strong hand went to Blair's chin, turning the angelic face 
toward his own.

"Um, what if we both wanted to stray?"  Blair felt Jim tense up and pull
away slightly as he realized his words didn't come out the way
he wanted them to.  /Damn me for asking!/ he thought.  He tried 
to clear up the situation.  "No, no, no, no, no....  I mean, together."

"What the hell do you mean, 'together', Sandburg?"  Jim was still 
slightly agitated, and the veins popped in his forehead again.  
"Is there someone else?"  Before Blair had a chance to respond, Jim 
jumped the proverbial bridge of conclusion.  "Who is it, Blair?"  Blair 
had to put the textbook down and steady himself from the agitated
seat his head was resting on.

"Never mind."  Blair tried to kill the conversation.  "Just forget
I brought it up."

Jim was one to avoid emotion on occasion, but he wasn't about to let go
of something he loved.  Not without a fight.  "No.  You brought it up.  
Now explain."  He looked at the smaller man with a cross face.

Abandoning his prone position, Blair sat up on the couch and turned
to Jim.  "Babe, what I meant was, what if we *both* did something that 
involved Rafe?"  His heart was racing but it appeared Jim had lost some 
off edge just a bit.  "You know, the little menage thing?"  
The heat of anger curtailed slightly between the two men.  "I mean, 
it's not unheard of you know."

"It is in my book."

"But Jim, you yourself said you *might* consider doing something 
with Rafe.  Okay, fine.  In our relationship, I say no.  That's if you 
did something by yourself.  But you know, if we worked together, it 
would be different then.  It would be something that we *both* took 
part in and probably would enjoy."  Blair knew he wasn't in danger 
of losing Jim, as the look on Jim's face said to him, 'Go on.  Keep 
talking.'  "You know, Jim, the concept of fidelity is a purely Western 
thing.  Anthropologically speaking, it was always good to have more 
than one mate, to insure propagation of-"

"Can the speech, Darwin.  Why would we want to do something like that?  I
mean, we have a good sex life, don't we?"  Jim thought about the last few
months, and how sex had become so much more sporadic than in the early days
of their relationship.  But it had been good, and he was satisfied,
he told himself.

Remembering their many sexual escapades, Blair smiled warmly to himself.
"Oh yeah.  We do have a *great* sex life.  And it's not getting old
or anything, but is there something you would like to add to it
or spice it up or something?  Some couples do a menage a trois thing,
some couples switch off partners with other couples-"  The latter
part of the statement brought a pang of fear and possessiveness to 
Jim's face, so Blair continued quickly, "But that's not what I want.
The switch off thing."  He looked at the larger man, raising an
eyebrow, "I ain't letting you out of my sight, Ellison.  But you know, 
I think we could handle a threesome."

Jim looked at Blair, then over to the door, where he just *knew* 
Jerry Fallwell and the entire Moral Majority were going to be waiting
outside to tar and feather him, and then back to Blair.  "Handle?
A threesome?"  Jim shook his head slightly.  "I don't know, Chief.
I don't know if I could deal with that."

Seeing he was actually getting somewhere, but knowing that he had
to put it in the right perspective, Blair tried to drive his point home.
"Jim, remember how you sometimes complain that I don't like to top you
enough?"  He waited for Jim to nod affirmatively before continuing.
"Well, so maybe Rafe is a top.  Or versatile.  Maybe we could arrange 
for you and me and him know."

The television captured the cop's attention again, and he quietly responded
back to Blair.  "No, I don't know."  Of course he was lying.  The crotch
of his jeans was getting tight from the erection he was beginning to sport.  
"Tell me, Chief."

"Well," Blair began tentatively.  "Maybe we could do something where
you and me are fooling around and he tops you."  

A glance found it's way from Jim's face to Blair. /Man, but is it getting
hot in here?/ Jim thought.  "But wouldn't that mean you get left out?  
What would you do?  I mean, me and Rafe, seems like we'd, um.... That
we'd be occupied."

"Ugh."  Blair rolled his eyes in mock disgust.  "Jim, you are *so*
whitebread, you know that?" 

Blair found one of his hands being taken in close to Jim, coming to rest
on his lover's stomach.  "All nice and gooey on the inside, eh Chief?"
Jim smiled easily at his joke.

"No," Blair rolled his eyes, "I mean you're pretty vanilla.  I can't 
believe you've never done anything like this before."

A look of incredulousness plastered itself across Jim's face like a
shoddy billboard.  "And you have?"

It was Blair's turn to blush now.  


The stage was set.  It was close to 7PM on Friday afternoon, and the 
Major Crimes division was pretty sparsely populated.  Besides Jim
and Blair, only Rafe and his partner Henri were in attendance, with
Henri saying his farewell to the trio.  "Come on, Rafe!  You can
do that on Monday; Geez!  Let's go grab a beer."

The handsome head shook gently side to side, it's moussed hair not
shaking from it's held form.  "No," he sighed, stealing a glance
at Jim who was focused on his computer, with Blair sidling up his
shoulder, "I want a clean slate on Monday."  At the headshaking of
his partner, he added, "Don't worry, I'll get out of here soon."

"Your loss, man.  Get a life, will ya?"  Henri turned, facing Jim 
and Blair.  "And you two," he added with a nod.  "What the hell are
you still doing here?"

Blair looked up from his perch near Jim's shoulder.  "Trying to find
the Stinson file."  Blair play-punched Jim in the arm.  "Last
time I let you jockey the computer, big guy."  

A monosyllabic grunt left Jim's chest, as Henri rolled his eyes.
"Whatever.  Just try and get out of here soon."  He turned towards
the door, calling to the trio over his shoulder.  "Have a good
weekend, guys."  

Quiet reigned, at least to the normal ear, over the office, disturbed 
only by the sound of the elevator arriving and departing.  Jim, 
sentinel hearing in place, could hear Blair's heartbeat speed up, 
almost deafening him, but still matching his own heart beat for beat.  
The pair continued to work quietly, until Rafe began to stir gently.  
It was now or never, as Blair squeezed Jim's shoulder gently, then headed 
out of the room.

The pair of longing eyes followed Blair out of the room, then turned
back to Jim.  Rafe sighed quietly, tucked the completed paperwork
into his desk, then gathered his wallet and keys from the drawer.  
"Now that that's done, I guess I'll head out, too."  Desire shone 
through his eyes towards Jim, then back in the direction Blair had 
disappeared to.  As Rafe put on his coat, he tried to hide his longing 
for the two men and carry on a normal conversation.  He strode in front 
of Jim's desk, stopping as he adjusted heavy material of his coat
over his shoulders.  "So," he questioned innocently, "What do you 
boys have planned for the weekend?" Impure thoughts about what his
coworker's loft would see the next two days ran amok through his head, 
and he flushed slightly.

Jim looked up from his task, eyes sparkling and heart beating as
if it would jump from his chest.  "Oh, I don't know," he let out
easily, as he laced his fingers behind his head, leaning back
in his chair.  "Probably just a quiet weekend in.  Maybe catch
a movie."  He spotted Blair walking back in stealthily, then went
on with the plan after a moment of silence.  "Care to join us?" 
he added, just as Blair slid behind Rafe and pressed against him, 
his arms slipping up under the jacket, caressing the sculptured 
chest underneath.  "I'm sure we could find *something* to do," 
Jim cooed.

The tall detective stood stock still, acutely aware of the smaller 
man behind him whose hands were rubbing against his nipples beneath 
the soft cotton shirt, and the large man who had just risen from his 
chair and joined the pair, sandwiching him between the couple.  "Uh-Uhm, 
fellas?"  He stammered as Jim wrapped his arms around pulling the 
threesome close.  As Blair's hands went to his waist and Jim's lips 
sank into the small of his neck, he tried to reclaim his consciousness 
as it flew about the room in a fit of ecstasy.  "Wha-  What the hell 
is going on?"

The established couple pulled back from the stunned man, Blair
moved around, then leaned up to plant a kiss on Jim's lips, snuggling 
up into his lover's arms.  Each man still pawed Rafe gently, as
Blair spoke up.  "We just thought," he began as he looked up
into his lover's face, then back to Rafe, "that you might want 
to join us for a night.  That is," he looked up and down Rafe, 
reading the man's body language, "if you'd be interested in joining us."

The cold sweat that had beaded up on Rafe's brow was now 
disappearing as he began to relax with the pair.  Soft, silken hands
rose from his sides, reaching for the couple.  "Wow," he began,
laughing quietly.  "I don't know what to say."

"We hope you'll say yes," Jim threw back easily, squeezing
Blair gently in his embrace.

More comfortable with the couple, Rafe ran through the impure
thoughts he had had earlier about the loft, inserting himself
strategically.  "I'd, uh.  I'd love to."

A smile covered Blair and Jim's faces, matched with the one that
had plastered itself across Rafe's handsome face.  "Wow," began
Rafe.  "I'd have never thought you two would do anything like

Jim's look went somewhat more serious.  "Well," he blushed, "Actually,
we never have."  He planted a quick kiss on Blair's forehead before
continuing.  "You'd, um.  You'd be our first."

An eyebrow cocked itself on Rafe's handsome face.  "Are you sure you 
two are gonna be okay with this?  I mean, threesomes can be fun - but 
only if everyone's comfortable."

Blair grinned while Jim's face took on slightly stunned expression.
"What, am I the *only* person left on the planet who has never done
this?  Jesus!"  Jim smiled, though feeling a little uncomfortable
for his lack of experience. 

A light chuckle left Blair and Rafe's mouths, followed quickly by
Rafe declaring, "Don't worry Jim," he winked at Blair.  "We'll  be 

As the three began to get ready to leave the station, Jim pinched
Rafe's silken covered ass quickly.  "To hell you will!"  The threesome
each enjoyed a communal laugh, Rafe blushing brightly, wondering just
what he'd gotten himself into.


The trio sat close together in the diner's booth, sated by the meal 
they had shared, but hungry for the carnal dessert that awaited 
them.  They had discussed the idea of dinner on the way to their
cars, and the rumble from Blair's stomach had been the deciding 
factor.  As the three men relaxed, Jim and Rafe's eyes were riveted
to Blair, who was licking chocolate sauce from his fingers. 

"What?" the long haired man asked, wondering what had prompted the
looks of lust coming from his companion's eyes.

"Jesus, Jim," Rafe gestured at Blair.  "How the hell can you live
like this?" he asked incredulously.  Blair's unknown seduction of
the two men during a simple meal had left them teetering on
desire's edge.

A quick arm squeezed Blair's shoulder gently, as Jim smiled back 
at Rafe.  "It's been hell," he chuckled back.  "Do you know what it's
like walking around with an erection all day long?" he asked quietly.

Laughing eyes bounced from lover to lover, as Rafe responded honestly,
"If living with him," he nodded slightly to Blair, "is anything like
working with the two of you, then hell yes, I know."

Blair had stayed quiet as long as he could.  Since they were on the
subject, and the other two men were obviously as turned on as he had
been since leaving the station, he decided to get further into the
details of what was to come that night.  "So, um, Rafe.  What do you
like to, uh, do?"  Blair wiggled his eyebrows at the handsome
detective suggestively.

"What, do you mean sexuall-"

He was cut off by a loud, forced cough that rang out from Jim's chest,
and looked at Jim questioningly.  He followed Jim's cocked eyes to
his left, where the waitress was coming up from behind the counter.
A look of understanding covered his face, as he dropped the subject 
quickly.  Just as he was about to bring up another subject, the waitress 
reached the men's table.

"Is there anything else I can get you boys?"  The waitress tried to
be as seductive as she could, while covered in an eight hour shift's 
worth of food and grease.

Jim looked up, reaching for the check from her outstretched hand.
He was momentarily distracted by one of the only clean spots still 
visible to the public, a pair of black and white miniature plastic 
panda earrings that hung from the woman's ears.  As he contemplated 
just how much she reminded him of Flo, the sitcom waitress, he accepted 
the check from her.  "No thanks.  We're fine."

The waitress sighed quietly and turned, the pair of pandas flying
about her earlobes as she completed her turn and headed back to the
front of the diner.

"Here, let me get that."  Rafe held his hand out to Jim, attempting to 
retrieve the meals' bill from the larger man.

"No, that's okay."  Jim pulled the bill closer to himself while he leaned
back and reached for his wallet in his back pocket.  "Besides," he 
reached in and grabbed a few bills, counting them out.  "We invited
you, remember?"  He smiled back at the younger man, whose face now
wore a blush.

"Yeah, you did," Rafe smiled.  "I'll just have to figure a way to repay
you.  Both."  He winked suggestively at both men.

Not having forgotten the earlier subject, Blair continued on with his
questioning.  "So, how do you want to work out your 'debt'?"  

"Oh yeah.  What do I like sexually, you mean?"  His eyes drew across 
the couple appreciating the handsome view.  "Well, I guess you'd say
I'm pretty vanilla."  He did a quick inventory list of his sexual likes
and dislikes.  "I'm pretty easy going, I like all the general things,"
he was still a little uncomfortable, but only because of the newness of
the situation, but kept going.  "I'm kind of a voyeur, but I still love
to participate.  I've been told I'm a great kisser," he paused briefly
as he felt a leg brush up against his own underneath the table.  It
had to have been Blair, as he was presenting his 'I'm so innocent'
face.  "And I'm primarily a top, but I will bottom for the right guy."

Jim had been sitting back, appreciating the conversation, when he
felt Blair's hand come to a rest in his lap.  "You think we can work 
with that, big guy?"

Jim adjusted himself in his seat, the thoughts of the conversation making
his body react.  Quietly, he ignored the lump in both his throat and his

"Yeah, Chief.  Yeah, I think we'll be fine."

Blair turned back to the third man.  "So," he began, his eyes and voice
as seductive as Rafe had ever seen, "what would you like to do with us?
To us?"

It was Rafe's turn to adjust himself.  Blair enjoyed the effect he had 
on the two men, and ignored his own physical discomfort for the moment.  
"Well," he began quietly, "whatever you two would like me to do in 
particular, or...."

"Well I'm more the bottom, Jim is more the top."  Blair squeezed Jim's
knee gently.  "I was thinking maybe we could head back to our place, or
yours, maybe get a shower, make a fire," Blair's leg rubbed higher up
Rafe's calf, "spread a blanket and see what pops up."  When the two men
didn't speak, he realized they were hanging on to every word he was
saying, so he continued.  "I can tell you what I'd like to do.  I'd like
for Jim and I to strip you down naked, then hold you between us.  Jim
could see just how good a kisser you are, while I suck on your nipples.
Then we'll both work our way down your body, me licking your chest and
then your stomach, caressing your balls with my hands."  He noticed both
men breaking out in a slight sweat, but continued on.  "Then I'd have
Jim and you kneel next to each other, so that you can both kiss some
more while I take both of your cocks in my mouth.  As I work you both
in my mouth, I'll let my fingers play over your bodies."

"Blair-" Jim began, unable to sit without fidgeting.  Blair quieted him
by moving his hand from where it rested, bringing it to Jim's swollen
cock, massaging it gently.  

"Are you cut or uncut, Rafe?" Blair asked pointedly.

Startled out of his delectable fantasy, Rafe answered quietly, "Cut.  Not
by choice, though.  I love men who still have their foreskin."

With a squeeze and a push, Blair continued massaging Jim's cock through the
thick material that encompassed it.  "Well, I'm cut, but Jim's not.  Maybe
you'd like to help me make sure he's ready by li-"  He was cut off
prematurely by Jim scooting away from him, standing up quickly.  "What?"

"Chief, if we don't go now," he nodded to the two men, "I will *not* be
responsible for my actions.  Rafe, I think you'd agree with me; it'd be 

The two men laughed easily, breaking the mood somewhat.  "Damn.  Like I
said, Jim.  How do you live with him?"

Looking around, noting they were alone in the diner besides the waitress, 
who was reading a book with her back to them behind the counter, Blair 
leaned forward gently, grabbing both men's hands.  Pulling them towards 
him, he extended the forefinger on each hand, then took both into his mouth, 
gliding his tongue over their surface smoothly.  With each man now totally 
mesmerized, Blair released the digits from the warmth of his mouth.  "He 
loves every minute of it."


The trio entered Rafe's small home, Blair noting it was as immaculately
kept as it's owner.  "Make yourself at home."  Rafe led the pair into the
main room, "Can I get you anything?"

Blair responded first, as Jim took in the environment.  "No, I'm okay.  Jim?
You want anything, man?"

The larger man seated himself on the overstuffed sofa.  "Beer?"  Jim ran
his fingers over the leather sofa, the silky feel of it registering under his
coarse skin.  It reminded him of the leather jacket he'd lost to his lover.
Once Blair had tried it on, he knew he'd never get it back.  Not that
he'd minded much, since he loved holding Blair while the younger man
wore it.

Rafe returned to the living area, a beer in each fist.  He stopped, gazing
down at the couple who were settling down together, cuddling close.  As
he continued on, he rounded the couch and handed Jim his beer, then went
to sit in the chair opposite.

"Whoa!  Where do you think you're going?" Blair asked.  Just as Rafe was
about to sit, the long haired anthropologist made hand motions to him,
indicating a position between the two lovers.  

"You sure?"  Rafe looked at the men, feeling aroused at the company and
position he was getting himself in to.

A wicked smile crossed Blair's face.  "Wouldn't have it any other way,

With that, Rafe picked up his beer and crossed the room again, this time
towards the couple.  As Blair scooted further to his right, Rafe sat
between the men, snuggling in cozy-like on the sofa, it's smooth material
cool against his silken pants.  An arm rose from Jim's side and encircled
Rafe, as Blair's hand settled on his upper thigh.  A flush ran through
his body, and his erection began new life.  "Oh my," he sighed, as his 
entire body began a delightful chill.

Blair's eyes made their way from Rafe's body over to Jim, where Jim
was caressing the silk clad shoulder and staring back at Blair.
A mutual smile was shared by the couple, as if signaling to each
other.  Blair's eyes went back to Rafe's head, his hand reaching up
and turning Rafe's face towards his own.  The two men leaned in and
shared a kiss, while Jim encircled Rafe with his massive arms, feeling
the well defined muscle beneath the thin material that covered his skin.
As Jim and Blair's hands ran over the third man's body, they met
occasionally, fingers clasping together and then returning to their
mutual stroking.

It was Blair who cut the passionate kiss off first, rising from the
couch.  One hand extended to each man, he urged them to join
him; that couch was just not big enough for the plans he had going
through his head.  Jim stood first, pulling Rafe up seconds later.
The three men stood in the living room huddled together, Rafe turned
facing the larger man.  Jim bent down slightly and pulled Rafe
into an embrace, capturing his mouth and kissing it hungrily, while
Blair ground his crotch into Rafe's silken covered ass through his
own coarse jeans.  

Six hands made their way over each body, caressing the material and 
hot skin that it held gently.  As Blair continued to grind into 
Rafe's ass, his fingers found Rafe's nipples and began to tease them 
gently.  He began slowly, with just the tips of his index fingers,
then as Rafe began to moan heavily into Jim's mouth, he took each
one between his finger and thumb, pinching them slowly.  Rafe
released Jim and threw his head back, leaning it on Blair's shoulder.
As Blair continued to manipulate his nipples, Jim leaned in and
captured his neck, sucking on it gently until Rafe was almost
reduced to a puddle of silken goo.  

It took a few seconds, but Rafe reclaimed his composure enough to
regain his faculties momentarily and slowly pull the men close.
A quick kiss planted on each man's lips, he gathered each by the
hand, leading them towards the bedroom.

Rafe entered the darkened room first, letting go of the men's hands
so he could go to his dresser.  The strike of a match lit the room, 
causing Jim to shield his eyes by burying his face into Blair's neck, 
nibbling gently on the supple skin that he found there.  Candles lit, 
Rafe watched the men caress each other for a moment, before he turned 
back and opened a drawer.  He reached in and pulled out lube and 
condoms, placing them on the bedside table.  

His attention fully back on the men, he watched as each man stared
into the other's eyes, while nimble fingers removed clothing from
the other.  Shirts were first to go, and he watched the sculptured
chest of Jim Ellison push against the furry chest of Blair Sandburg,
with the couple locked in a kiss.  Eyes closed and lips and tongues
tangled, each man unbuckled belts and pants, allowing them to drop
to the floor.  The lovers separated momentarily, leaning down to
remove their socks and shoes, then finally their pants.  As they
stood in Rafe's bedroom, clad only in boxers, they walked over to
the third man, and began removing his clothing.

Blair knelt down in front of Rafe, untying the shoes while Jim 
loosened the shirt and let it hang opened on the shoulders.  Both 
men then began to work on Rafe's pants, Jim removing the belt
while Blair worked the button and zipper.  It was a sensual striptease,
one that caused Rafe to become covered in gooseflesh.  Blair
lowered the pants over Rafe's deliciously curved ass, as Jim
removed the shirt, gentle kisses flowing over the smooth skin.
Rafe was pushed back onto the bed by the couple, so that his shoes,
socks and pants could be removed.  Jim lay him back on the bed and
climbed upon his chest, straddling it, as Blair removed the remaining
garments, then joined the couple, placing his body closer to the head 
of the bed.

With Jim on Rafe's chest, Rafe leaned up, taking Jim's hardening
cock into his mouth.  Jim fed the handsome man his cock, while he
leaned up flowing kisses over Blair's face, trailing them down his
lover's body.  Continuing lower, Jim began to lick at Blair's 
thighs, nuzzling his cock and balls, wetting them with his tongue.
Blair's rigid cock thrust in and out of Jim's mouth, his hands 
running over Jim's smooth skin, then gently through Rafe's hair.
Blair could see very little of the third man, but knew that Jim
was enjoying the sensations the unseen man was causing.

As moans filled the room, each man began to stir from their 
positions.  Already, Rafe's fingers had found their way to Jim's
ass, and had probed it gently, sending one, then two digits
lightly into Jim's ass, just past the ring.  Jim began to pant, 
releasing Blair's cock from his mouth, urging his lover to flip.  
Blair obliged, and turned over onto his stomach, offering his 
backside to the larger man.  Jim turned sideways, allowing 
Rafe to move from underneath the larger man's body, all the while 
attacking Blair's ass with his tongue and fingers.  Jim's tongue 
delved deep, lubricating his lover's ass, as Rafe climbed around and 
moved up to Blair.  He leaned up, putting his head even with Blair and 
began kissing the smaller man deeply.  Blair moaned into his mouth, 
as Jim continued his assault with his tongue.

Rafe positioned his body in front of Blair, leaning up on the bed.
His hands roamed through Blair's hair, pulling the younger man's
face towards his throbbing cock.  His cock was swallowed up by
Blair hungrily, Blair's velvet mouth causing delectable sensations
throughout the cop.  He opened his eyes to see Blair looking up
at him, cock stuffed down his throat.  As Blair deepthroated him,
Jim climbed up from his position, watching his lover devour the
thick member.  Jim moved his body up, lubed his throbbing cock and
positioned it at the entrance to Blair's ass.  With a slight push 
from both him and his lover, his thick cock penetrated Blair's
ass gently.  

With Jim's cock pumping in and out of him, Blair moaned deeply,
while releasing Rafe from his mouth.  He began licking the cop's
balls, enjoying the feel of Jim inside of him.  Rafe watched the
larger man pump into Blair's ass, running his hands over both men.
He pulled himself up from the bed and situated himself behind the
lovers, picking up the lube and a condom as he settled in.  Mesmerized 
by Jim's thrusting ass and muscular back, his hands began exploring 
Jim's body again.  Dabbing lube onto his fingers, he put them between 
Jim's cheeks.  Sensing the probing fingers, Jim started making longer 
thrusts, letting Rafe's fingers tease him ever so gently.  Rafe's 
fingers probed Jim's ass, causing the larger man to shudder in ecstasy.

With his free hand, Rafe brought the condom wrapper to his mouth,
ripping the package open to reveal it's prize.  Using a little
lube, his fingers momentarily taken from Jim's ass, he wrapped
the latex sheath over his stiff cock.  Still mesmerized by the
view, he put his hands onto Jim's side, as if to help direct him.

Trying to focus on the sensations running through him, Jim allowed
Rafe to pull him and his lover to their left, until the two men were 
resting on their sides.  Jim still thrusting into Blair, he readied
himself as Rafe got behind him, his cock throbbing against Jim's
backside.  Getting into position, Rafe slowed Jim down somewhat,
as he placed the crown of his penis against Jim's entrance.  With an
easy thrust, he pushed into the larger man, feeling the hot cavern
surround his sheathed cock.  Moaning, Rafe leaned over the two
men, enjoying the sensations.

As Rafe pumped into Jim, who in turn was still pumping into Blair,
he allowed his hands to roam over the lovers.  He allowed his hand
to find Blair's nipple ring, and pulled it slightly, causing the
smaller man to groan uncontrollably.  Rafe's hand left the furry
chest, then focused on Blair's cock, replacing Blair's hand and
stroking it furiously, stopping occasionally to play with Blair's

The feeling of Blair's ass contracting at each stroke of Rafe's
hand, compounded with the thrusting of Rafe's cock against his
prostate had Jim's body in a state of pleasant bliss.  It wasn't
long until the effects of the two men began to take their toll, 
and Jim felt the beginnings of his orgasm.  He sped up, his body 
crying for release, when Rafe pulled out of his ass quickly, 
stopping his own thrusting with a strong arm.

Wild eyes looked from Jim's face, bearing down on Rafe.  "Jesus
Christ," he exclaimed breathily, "are you trying to kill me?"

"Torture maybe," Rafe grinned at Jim, winking at Blair.  "Maybe
even hurt you a little, but I ain't gonna kill you."  Rafe moved
the two men, separating them somewhat.  "Here, Jim.  Get on your

The larger man obeyed, laying flat on his back on the bed.  As
Rafe pulled Jim's legs up, resting them on his shoulders, Blair
climbed up above Jim, facing Rafe.  With his cock back inside of
Jim, Rafe leaned up, pulling Blair's face to his, taking his
lips and tongue as if to posses them.  Jim guided Blair's hips
until Blair's thick cock was shoved down his throat, and Blair
whimpered in ecstasy as Rafe claimed him.  

One hand on Rafe's chest, the other on Jim's cock, Blair knew
that the feelings he was helping to produce in the other men
mimicked those he felt within his own body.  With Jim clamped 
on his cock, sucking the head intensely, and his lips bruised 
from the intense kissing and licking Rafe was giving him, 
he knew he would not last long.  The familiar tickle began deep in 
his body, followed quickly by an almost involuntary convulsion.  
Jim raised an arm, claiming the nipple ring between two fingers, 
sending Blair over the edge.  He released Rafe's mouth, leaning 
onto the man's broad shoulders, and cried out loudly, as incredible 
sensations swept over him.  His orgasm was powerful, the thick 
ejaculate shooting out of his contracted balls, down into Jim's 
throat.  He could feel Jim swallow his seed, the head of his cock 
tickled by the contracting of his lover's throat.  As his orgasm 
subsided, he withdrew from Jim's mouth, leaned down, and began to 
kiss his lover, tasting his own essence from his lover's mouth.

Now sated, Blair focused on pleasuring the other two men as much
as he could.  He allowed his hands to roam over the other men,
caressing and nipping as much as his tired body would allow.  He
reached back, pulling on Rafe's balls gently, teasing them with
the wetted palm of his hand, and could tell the third man was
getting close.  Rafe's balls contracted up against his body, and he
threw his head back.  With a slight tug against his testicles, Rafe
gave himself over to a powerful orgasm, crying out, taking Blair's
mouth and covering it with his own.  Each thrust into Jim's ass
was punctuated deeply, sperm filling up the latex condom buried
deep in Jim's ass.  

The pulsating sensations of Rafe's orgasm was enough for Jim.  As
Rafe began to slow his thrusts down, Jim's orgasm renewed itself.
He grabbed his cock, and pumped.  Blair's hands fell to Jim's
nipples, sending the larger man over the edge.  Jim cried out 
loudly, his balls sending a scalding load over his stomach and


In the still of the night, the three men lay sleeping.  The lovers
had placed Rafe between them, kissing and talking until the early
hours of Saturday morning.  Spent, each man dropped off into sleep, 
not knowing what the next day would bring, but sure that it would be