Archiving Old Fic – Two Sorkinverse CrackFic Stories

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: Dr. Nancy McNally/Dan Rydell
Rating: PG13


It was that moment that Dan wondered just what he'd gotten himself into. 
Sex clubs were supposed to be fun. "Owww..."

"Did I say you could talk?"


"No WHAT??"

"No ma'am."

Nancy picked up a ballgag and put it in her slave's mouth, then continued 
the spanking.



Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: CJ/Jeremy
Rating: PG

It started innocently enough. A look across a crowded bar, which led to 
suggestive conversation, which led to the hotel room the couple had now 
shared for three glorious hours.

CJ readied herself as Jeremy watched. "What?"

"Nothing," she started. "It's just-"


"You reminded me of someone. A friend."


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