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First Line Meme

10/19/2016 Posted by walterh

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

If your sentence comes from something published on Tumblr, AO3,, etc., link to it! Never pass up an opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself share.

Tagged by @Popkin16

  1. Zach is so nervous as he stands outside the front door, that he thrust his hands into his pockets.
  2. Rodney yawned as he stepped off of the ‘jumper and back onto the deck of Atlantis.
  3. They had spent two weeks in the 1959 timeline before John realized the significance of not only where he was, but when he was.
  4. After the plane crashed and things finally settled down, Owen found himself hanging around Danny more and more.
  5. John dismounts and ties Eula to the porch rail, checking the water level in the trough with a glance.
  6. Some had said that the cruel fate of those PDS sufferers, cured now and reentering society, was that they no longer slept.
  7. Martha hears the trudge of fatigued footfalls going up the staircase as she sits down to finish her breakfast.
  8. In all her time working with Steve and Danny, there hadn’t been a word about them dating.
  9. Senator Lauren Platt stands next to Timothy’s chair, hand firmly planted on his shoulder and talking to him in a slow, calm voice when Donald walks in. “Senator,” Donald says.
  10. From the moment Captain Jack Harkness had stepped onto Atlantis, the TARDIS (which Jack had said he’d borrowed, though he never said if The Doctor knew one way or the other) stood out on the east pier, and Jack seemed to come and go as he pleased.
  11. Evan Christopher Lorne!
  12. Barry absently runs his hand over the cold sheets, where Oliver’s warm body was supposed to be.
  13. Claudia thought her birthday celebration couldn’t get any better.
  14. Rodney looked at John like he’d suddenly sprouted a second head, and maybe another arm.
  15. Rodney was having a perfectly nice dream that involved Sam Carter and John Sheppard doing unspeakable – but fun – things to his body when there was something that ripped him out of REM sleep and into the present.
  16. After the message for Sumner’s relatives was recorded and the stream of data sent through the Stargate back to SGC, John’s nerves were on edge.
  17. Evan Lorne was the consummate professional in the kitchen; when it came to chefs, he was in the top of his field.
  18. There’s a gentle knock at the door, though Rodney’s awake in an instant.
  19. Todd enters the jewelry shop, his hand shaking lightly and the feeling of butterflies in his stomach.
  20. Barry thought was quite certain about his feelings for Leonard Snart.

There’s like 7 or 8 fandoms mixed in there… Dang!  But this also shows that I need to write more…  And now I nominate – ANYONE!  I’m bad at this kind of stuff, so if you want to do this, please consider yourself nominated!

Crosspost Testing

10/19/2016 Posted by walterh

Testing this to see if it will work.

Here, have a kitty!

How’s My Diet?

09/08/2016 Posted by walterh

In order to keep me honest, and going forward on my weight loss journey, here’s what my diet progress looks like.

MFP Ticker

MFP Weight Loss Ticker

A new endeavor

06/23/2012 Posted by walterh

Okay, so as if I didn’t already have enough to do, I’m doing a podcast now! It’s been a lot of fun so far, but it’s probably not about what you’d expect to hear from me. See, back when I was 7 or 8 years old and every other kid wanted to be a fireman, ballerina, or astronaut, I wanted to be a an NTSB airline crash investigator.  Yeah, I know – I’m weird.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, it’s called  You can find the website at this link and listen to the podcasts there, or you can even search for “” in the iTunes store and find my podcast there!  Or just click this linkiepoo.

Obligatory “gays in the media” rant

10/13/2011 Posted by walterh

Okay, so here’s the thing.

According to a new study, the number of LGBT characters on television has decreased this year. Yes, not increased, decreased. That pretty much sucks!  I mean LGBT people make up a good percentage of the population (like 5-8%), so why aren’t there more characters on television?

But you know what’s worse?  When they’re on, and they’re offed.  Let me explain.

One of the last bastions of television is the realm of Sci Fi.  Gay characters “just aren’t done” in Sci Fi, really.  I mean with a few exceptions here and there, it’s just not done on mainstream shows.  Gene Roddenberry wanted it before he died; he promised in the 5th season of ‘The Next Generation’ that we’d see all sorts of people, including gay characters, interacting in their day-to-day lives.  But of course that never happened.

This year, SyFy decided to add a new character to Warehouse 13, their highest rated scripted show, people were thrilled.  I was thrilled.  The addition of Agent Jinks was perfect; he balanced Claudia out, while Mika and Pete had their own thing.  It was awesome.  But I always thought it weird that they never added Jinks to the opening credits.  Like WTF?  Maybe they’re testing the waters or something…

And then the writers killed him off.  Color me surprised.  ::facepalm::

Here’s what I want: A gay character on a show, that’s part of the show.  And you know what?  Their “gayness” is just one aspect of them.  Like Jinks.  He was gay, but it didn’t define him.  That’s how it should be.  Gay characters shouldn’t be “sidekicks” or “comedic entertainment” or the like.  They should just be.  What’s wrong with that?

Yes, Brokeback Mountain mountain was beautiful – but of course it ends with a gaybashing death and unrequited love.  Longtime Companion?  A movie about AIDS where half the cast dies.  Philadelphia?  Hell, Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas don’t even fucking kiss!  And oh yeah – AIDS again.

So come on, media.  You can add a gay character.  And they don’t have to be comedic relief a la Jack McFarlane from Will & Grace.  They can just be.

30 Days of Weird Al Meme – Day 19

07/28/2011 Posted by walterh

Day 19’s question is “What Weird Al song is a guilty pleasure?”.

Well, I don’t know about guilty pleasure, but I always smile, dance, and singalong to “Everything You Know Is Wrong”. Awesome song! 🙂

30 Days of Weird Al Meme – Day 18

07/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Day 18’s question is: What Weird Al song can you dance to?

Ladies & Germs, I give you: Canadian Idiot!

30 Days of Weird Al – Day 17

07/26/2011 Posted by walterh

Day 17 is, “What Weird Al song do you know all the lyrics to?”. Well, that would be almost ALL of them. But I’ll go with “White and Nerdy” from the album just previous to his current one. Besides – a video that has Seth Green and Judy Tenuta? CLASSIC!

30 Days of Weird Al Meme – Day 16

07/26/2011 Posted by walterh

Day 16 is, “What Weird Al song reminds you of a place?”. Easy. That one has to be “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.” I’ve only been to Minnesota a couple of times, and this song always makes me think of flying through there, and the couple of times I’ve actually been there – specifically the Mall of America.

30 Days of Weird Al Meme – Day 15

07/26/2011 Posted by walterh

Day 15 is “What Weird Al song reminds you of someone?”. Okay, this is a little trickier, because it’s not what you think. The song is “One More Minute”, which is a Weird Al classic, and it reminds me of my sister (high school BFF that we’ve basically adopted one another), because we used to listen to and laugh at this song when we were in high school, specifically the cafeteria at lunch. Aah, those were the days.

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