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Archiving Old Fic – The Ceremony – Sports Night – Dan/Casey

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Title: The Ceremony
Pairing: Dan/Casey
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters: Dan Rydell, Casey McCall, Isaac Jaffe, Esther Jaffe
Rating: G
Summary: Dan and Casey attend a little function
Words: ~500
Prompts used: “Wedding”, “Aassassination”

Dan reached for Casey’s elbow, leading the two to up the sweeping staircase towards the somewhat noisy party currently under way in the massive hall.  The feel of Casey’s muscular arm, contrasted with the silkiness of the tuxedo material caused a miniscule smile, indicated by the slight hitch in Dan’s mouth.

“Daniel.  Casey.  So good to see you!”  Both men held their hands out to the opulently dressed black woman in front of them, minding the path and wake that the large hat perched on her head created every time she turned.

“Esther.  So good to see you.  What a beautiful service,” complimented Casey.

“Oh it was.  I have never seen a more beautiful wedding.”  Dan’s eyes cut to his boss, whose eyes were glowing with both the joy of a newborn’s father, and the consternation of a man with an unsolvable problem.  “It was beautiful, Isaac.”  Dan fumbled with a large Williams & Sonoma bag in his free hand, a present for the newlyweds to be offered upon entering the reception.

“Where’s my present, Daniel?”  Isaac posed.  Esther shot him an unnerving look.

Casey and Dan looked at each other, then back towards Isaac.  “I’m sorry, sir?”  Inside, Casey was panicking somewhat.  When he was married to Lisa, she had been in charge of all things social.  His new relationship with Dan had been uncharted waters for both of them, and the thought of breached wedding protocol started to tug at the gently unraveling yarn of his soul.  A yarn that Dan could usually bat at easily, as if he were an intrigued kitten, with just a look.

“Present?” Dan inquired.

“Yes.  My present.”

Esther dismissed the trio to welcome even more guests.  Out of earshot, Isaac continued.  “I asked you for something very specific before this wedding, Daniel.”

Both men thought for a moment before the younger man’s face lit up, beaming at his boss.  “Now sir-” he began to protest.

“Now sir me nothing.  Danny, she married a Republican.”

Contemplating their own predicament, Casey offered, “He’s a bright young man, sir.”  Casey turned to eye his partner as he continued.  “And he loves hi- her, very, very much.”

“Be that as it may,” Isaac spoke broadly to both men,”he’s a Republican.  All I asked for was an assassination attempt before the darn thing could get underway.”  Isaac steadied himself on his cane.  “Now what the hell are we supposed to talk about during family holidays and get-togethers”

Dan glanced back at the limousine that was pulling up, breath stolen momentarily from the wondrousness of the bride and groom carefully extracting themselves from the back.  He grabbed Casey’s hand and squeezed lightly, love beaming between the two men.

“Whatever it takes,” Casey offered.

“You do what you have to do for love,” Dan looked up into Casey’s eyes, conveying the emotions of the day between the two men, “Sir.”

Isaac dismissed the couple with a slight swath of his cane, making his way back to his wife.  “Go get a seat, you two.”

As if prepared, the couple responded in unison, “Yes, sir.”

Archiving Old Fic – Two Sorkinverse CrackFic Stories

08/27/2011 Posted by walterh

Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: Dr. Nancy McNally/Dan Rydell
Rating: PG13


It was that moment that Dan wondered just what he'd gotten himself into. 
Sex clubs were supposed to be fun. "Owww..."

"Did I say you could talk?"


"No WHAT??"

"No ma'am."

Nancy picked up a ballgag and put it in her slave's mouth, then continued 
the spanking.



Fandom: The West Wing/Sports Night (crossover)
Pairing: CJ/Jeremy
Rating: PG

It started innocently enough. A look across a crowded bar, which led to 
suggestive conversation, which led to the hotel room the couple had now 
shared for three glorious hours.

CJ readied herself as Jeremy watched. "What?"

"Nothing," she started. "It's just-"


"You reminded me of someone. A friend."


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