Archiving Old Fic – Love, Sleep and Oral Sex – Scrubs – JD/Dr. Cox

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Title: Love, Sleep, and Oral Sex
By: Squidgie (Walter H. Hopgood)
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Scrubs
Pairing: JD/Doctor Cox
Warnings: None
Notes: I'm a pharmacy person by trade, so I had to 
pull some medical stuff off the 'net.  Thanks to Google 
for pointing me in the right direction on comas.  Other 
than that, it's pretty much a PWP story that I had to 
write last night when I couldn't sleep for the life of me.
Disclaimers: Don't own 'em.  NBC does, and they'd be 
pissed off if they saw what I did with their boys, but 
hey, I'd watch the show a HELL of a lot more than I 
already do if the shows had scenes like this!


It had been a tough day at Sacred Heart.  Even tougher
for John Dorian than most of the residents, both physically 
and emotionally.  It was no wonder he was running around, 
biting people's heads off.  Already, Carla and Laverne 
had been cowering at the nurses station, diverting nurses 
and residents alike from JD's area.  When Laverne saw 
Doctor Cox approaching the "forbidden zone", she thought 
twice about warning him. "If anyone can get through to 
that skinny white boy," Laverne said to no one in particular, 
"It's him."

Upon entering the patient's room, Doctor Cox emitted his
trademark whistle.  "Whoa there, Barbie!" exclaimed the
older doctor.  Ignoring the look he received, he continued
with his attempt at humor.  "Now I know that some he-man 
probably broke your little girl heart, but that's no reason 
to turn this," he motioned to the unconscious patient that 
the resident was assessing level of coma on, "poor being 
into your own personal voodoo doll."

JD put down the needle that he had been using to test the 
comatose patient's stimuli with and turned to fully face 
his colleague.  "Listen, I don't need your crap right now, 
okay, PAULINA?"

"Mmmm....  Saucy!  I like a girl with some spunk," Perry 
Cox shot back.  "Tell me now.  Are you wearing the pretty 
pink crotchless panties I bought you?"  Ignoring the daggers 
that sprung from the medical student's eyes, he stepped 
forward.  Now with the pair just inches apart, he drove 
the conversation home.  "You know, if you are, I've got 
some singles in my wallet for a lap dance."

Having taken all that he could stand, vein popping out of 
his forehead and hair thrown back much wilder than normal, 
JD slammed his fists down onto the side of the bed with a 
boom that rang throughout the room and snorted, "ENOUGH!" 
He felt as if he was about to explode, and Doctor Cox seemed 
like the best recipient of his anger at the moment.  "Do 
you know what kind of day I had?" he asked through gritted
teeth.  "No, you don't.  Why?  Because you haven't been here 
for thirty six friggin' hours, have you?  No!  You haven't 
had to deal with  nine codes, two DOAs, three overdoses, 
each of whom has decided to puke on the part of me that was 
previously not covered by the bodily fluids of an earlier 
patient, and this," he gestured back at the stilled patient, 
"damn idiot who I don't know why medically he's in a coma, 
but he is."

JD knew that he shouldn't have taken his frustrations out on 
the older doctor, but he had just been in the wrong place at 
the wrong time.  As he pulled his hands up to his face in an 
effort to wipe away the frustration, Doctor Cox went to work, 
studying the chart.  "Bloody sputum, cyanosis," he began 
reading from the chart, "And according to the EKG, tachycardia.  
Tell me, sunshine," he finally looked over at JD, "Did anyone 
mention if Mister Johannsen here has been traveling recently?"

A guarded, questioning look shot from JD's eyes, wondering 
where his superior was going with the line of questioning.  
Thinking back, he remembered the worried wife who brought 
the disoriented patient in.  "Actually, yes.  He just came 
back this morning from a business trip to Colorado.  Came 
home early, as a matter of fact, because he wasn't feeling 

"Well then," Doctor Cox retorted, smacking the younger doctor 
on the shoulder, "You've ordered a CT scan, yes?"  With the 
head-nod acknowledgment by JD, Doctor Cox continued, 
"Because this looks like HACE to me."

"Oh shit...." JD uttered, his voice barely intelligible.  
"High Altitude Cerebral Edema."  He looked at his older 
counterpart when the lightbulb had finally turned on in his 
head.  "His CT scan is in an hour.  That should confirm it."  
He sheepishly studied his shoes for a moment, embarrassed 
for the oversight.  "I'll let you know the results, sir," 
JD finished his thought, voice barely audible.  "Oh, and 
Doctor Cox?" he added as the older doctor turned to leave. 
"Thank you."

A twinkle shown brightly from Perry Cox's eyes at his favorite 
medical student.  "Not a problem, cupcake," he added, in an 
effort to poke JD's buttons once more.  "Now cheer the hell 
up!" he declared rather loudly, followed by a smack to JD's 
posterior, then stopped in his tracks.  "Oh my lord and stars, 
*that's* what the attitude is about." Doctor Cox put his hand 
on JD's right butt cheek, letting it linger. "You're not 
wearing the crotchless after all," he began playfully.  "You're 
in that thong again, aren't you, and it's ridden all the way up 
your crack.  Right?"  A smile showed his perfectly white teeth, 
while his hand lingered just a moment longer than it should.  
"Is it the hot pink one or the 'All American' red, white, and 
blue model you save for government holidays?"

Frustrated, overly tired, and now embarrassed at being somewhat 
turned on, JD pushed Doctor Cox's hand away.  "You want to know 
about my panties?  *Fine*!  Here."  JD began to loosen the tie 
that kept his scrubs up around his thin waist.  "Look all you 
want, Bucko!"  JD removed his hands, and the scrubs were pulled 
down by gravity, giving the doctor what he thought was enough 
to make him turn and run screaming from the room.

Instead of leaving, the older man surprised JD by putting his 
hand to his chin, studying the sight appreciatively.  "Well now, 
Buster Brown," Perry Cox retorted with a raised eyebrow, 
"Someone *is* happy to see me!"  

What JD had not realized until he looked down at himself, was 
that his cock seemed to be at half staff, a result of the 
attention the not-so-innocent butt rub inflicted on him by his 
superior.  "Oh jeez...."  If here were a bedpan in the room, 
surely he could crawl into it and hide until the end of his 
residency, or at least until Doctor Cox had left the room.  
If only that last patient hadn't thrown up on his midsection, 
thoroughly soaking his scrubs and through to his last pair of 
boxers he had stashed in his locker.

*/ What the hell, /* Perry thought, and took the resident's 
cock into his left hand.  "Well now," he began, trying to take 
control of the situation, "When was your last physical?"  Before 
the younger man could reply, he continued on and added, in his 
most doctorly voice, "Turn your head and cough, young man" he 
ordered, taking his time with moving JD's testicles out of the 
way, while gently rubbing the tip of JD's cock with his thumb.  
Sure enough, JD turned his head away from the older man and 
coughed and waited for the next command.  

And waited.

After a full five seconds, with blood continuing to engorge 
his turgid penis, JD turned his head to face his colleague.  

"Well what?" Doctor Cox threw back.  "I've got your cock and 
your balls in both of my hands.  And I don't have to know 
medicine to see what's going on down there."  He squeezed JD's 
cock slightly, encouraging a small drop of fluid from the slit.  
"What are you gonna do?"  Perry Cox bit his lip pensively, 
awaiting reaction.

Whether it was lack of sleep, the frustrating day, or just 
the fact of having to see Doctor Cox's naked physique in the 
shower day after day, JD would never know what made him do it.  
But before he came to his senses, he pulled his superior's 
face towards his own,  stealing a kiss from the slightly pouty 
lips he always seemed to focus on.  JD forced his tongue into 
Perry's throat, a moan slipping from both of their chests.  
With each twist of their tongues, Perry Cox seemed to pull 
and caress JD's fully engorged cock, manipulating it in his 
hot, silken hands.

The feelings experienced by John Dorian were exquisite, but 
with the patient room so public, he began to get nervous and 
pulled back slightly from the good doctor's lips.  He looked 
into Perry's brilliant eyes and stuttered, "Um.... Don't.... 
Don't you think we should-"

"You bet I do," Perry Cox cut him off.  In an instant, he 
closed the door behind him and sank to his knees, wrapping 
his warm hand around the young doctor's penis.

"No!  I meant-" JD began, but all sense of right and time 
left him as Doctor Cox engulfed his cock in his warm, wet 
mouth.  Unconsciously, JD wrapped his hands around Perry's 
head, while he leaned back onto the patient's bed.  The 
sensations he felt were wonderful, as he gave into the 

Perry Cox had longed for this moment, and now that it 
presented itself, he relished it.  He let his hand guide 
his mouth, corkscrewing down over the resident's cock, 
while playing with JD's lightly fuzzy balls with his other.  
He coaxed a moan out of the younger man's mouth by 
squeezing  the balls ever so lightly, all the while 
increasing the suction he used on the sensitive member.  

A combination of no sleep, along with the ministrations 
of a *very* talented tongue, helped to increase the intensity 
of everything JD felt.  It wasn't long before he was panting 
heavily, feeling the approach of his impending orgasm build.  
With each bit of praise he uttered to whatever deity he 
could think of, Perry increased his rhythm.  Before he knew 
it, JD was on the brink of release, thrusting his cock deep 
into the moist cavern of Doctor Cox's throat.  "I'm....  
I'm...." was all he was able to get out.

Perry Cox reluctantly pulled off of the younger man's 
cock, slicking it with spit as a lubricant.  He continued 
to manipulate the cock with his hands, paying particular 
attention to the head, as JD threw his head back, his orgasm 
imminent.  Perry looked up at the wondrous sight of his 
protege, head thrown back in a state of utter passion, as 
the younger man gave into his orgasm.  Wave after wave 
overtook him, and Perry helped the younger man keep his 
balance by steadying him with his arm, letting JD relish 
in the moment.

After what seemed an eternity, John came back to reality, 
though very slowly.  He looked down at the man that brought 
him such great pleasure, a sheepish grin covering his face.  
It was then that he noticed his scrubs; the third pair he'd 
had on that day.  "SHIT!"

Doctor Cox followed the younger man's gaze, seeing where 
JD's eyes rested.  A large puddle of semen had soiled the 
bunched-up left leg of his scrubs, currently straddling his 
ankles.  He chuckled easily, making light of the situation.  
"Well now, Newbie," he began.  "Guess someone's gonna have 
to make a mad dash of it, now isn't he?"  He grinned widely 
at JD, grabbing a meaty asscheek and squeezing it hard.  

John shut his eyes but for a moment, as he was brought back 
to reality with a light embrace and warm lips caressing his 
own.  At that very moment, his troubling day, lab results, 
forgotten orders: not a thing mattered.  Only he and Perry, 
at that moment, and what they'd shared.  As he fumbled with 
his clothes, Doctor Cox helped him, copping a feel here and 
there along the way.  

Once both men were mostly presentable, save the large wet 
spot on JD's leg, Perry took JD by the arm, fishing for 
something in his own pocket.  "Here," he said, thrusting a 
key into JD's hands, "take this."

"Wha...."  JD began somewhat unintelligible before Perry cut 
him off.

With as much authority as he could muster, Perry looked 
sternly at the young resident.  "Home.  Now.  No questions, 
just go."  As JD turned his head quizzically, he added, 
"My home.  There's too many people coming and going at your 
place.  I'm ordering you to get out of here and go rest.  
But I'm asking you to stay with me.  Think you can handle 
that, John?"

A sleepy grin plastered itself like a giant billboard over 
JD's face, at the first time ever use of his real name by 
his superior. "Yeah," he beamed.  "I think I can."

"Good," Perry shot back before stealing a quick kiss and 
making his exit from the room, "Because we're not through, 
you and me."  With a wink, he was gone.



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