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Most of my fan fic is in the X files, Sentinel and Stargate SG-1 Universes.


X Files

48 Hours PG-13 - Sk/Sc Scully goes out for a drink, which leads to the strangest weekend of her life!
After hours NC-17- Sk/Sc/M Pure smut. Hi jinks in the X Files office, after hours
Between Friends PG-13 - M/Sc One of my few shipper fics. Scully decides to try an experiement in trust.
Finding my father G Vignette. A young girl details how she found her real father.
First Impressions NC-17 - Sk/Other Pre X Files. Walter Skinner has to attend one of his wife's boring parties, and finds an interesting way to pass the time.
Little green men G - Sc/? Scully finds a secret admirer online.
Only the Lonely G - Sc/Other Pre X Files. Scully prepares to spend another Saturday night alone, but gets a pleasant surprise. Companion piece to His Master's Voice, but you don't have to read it to enjoy it.
His Master's Voice G Pre X Files. Scully applies for a roommate to keep her company.
I need to believe G - M/Sc Vignette. My other shipper fic and my very first fan fic. Ever. Mulder's reflections.
A taste of the unexpected G Crossover with Sixth Sense. Special Agent Cole Sear has to report to Assistant Director Mulder.
The Red Factor R Alternate universe. Dana 'Red' Scully, a bounty hunter for a covert government organisation, has to face a tribunal after killing a collegeue in self defense.


Test of faith R Tariq and Shalisa get opposition from an unexpected quarter when the announce their engagement.
Bus ride R Chaynne's daily boring bus ride to work becomes much more interesting.
Halloween G Laurenne has a strange experience at Halloween.
Meet Jeff Wilkins R  
Facts of Life G A teenaged couple have to make a decision about their unexpected pregnacy. It's a rewrite of the first piece of fiction that was read aloud to an audience. Ever.


Nandi R - Blair/Other Blair's promised his boss that he'll spend the weekend looking after his wife, Nandi. Things get explosive when she asks him a loaded question...

Stargate SG-1

The Cell R - Sam/Teal'c SG-1 visit P5X682, where the natives are very interested in the reproductive behaviour of their visitors...




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