SquidgeWorld Terms of Service Update

Everyone should be aware that if you create an account on SquidgeWorld, or if you are an anonymous/logged out user that reads on SquidgeWorld, that the Terms of Service have been updated.  Long story short – First of all, we are not gatekeepers of what types of fic gets posted.  Second, because we had an issue with plagiarism, it gets a specific callout now.

Here are the three updated/new sections (points 1, 3, and 9).  For points 1 and 3, the new sections are bolded:

Point 1:

Our goal is simple: You own your data. SquidgeWorld Archive, along with Squidge.org, just hosts it. Additionally, SquidgeWorld Archive is not a gatekeeper of an author’s words. You can write what you wish and put it on the archive as long as you abide by the posting guidelines. Additionally, readers are in charge of their own experience. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. But don’t make demands about what others can and cannot post unless you have been elected to the position of Supreme Being of Fanworks, which – spoiler alert – no one will ever be. So just don’t. No gatekeeping of others.

Point 3:

In the immortal words of Wil Wheaton, “Don’t Be A Dick”. This means, but is not exclusive of, spamming the Archive or its users, using the Archive for personal financial gain outside of what is allowed (see point 6 below), or being abusive to the Archive or its users. That’s it. That’s what Don’t Be A Dick means – dont be rude to others. Don’t disrespect others. Don’t gatekeep others. Don’t demand someone write what you want to read. Don’t belittle or abuse someone for writing what they want. If you do not like this, or you are given a warning because you’re being a dick to someone, either take the hint and stop being abusive or move on. Because if you continue being abusive after being warned, you will be banned.

Point 9:

Added April 27th, 2024: Plagiarism is not allowed, nor tolerated. If you are caught plagiarizing another person’s works, you will be banned without warning. Yes, this falls under the Don’t Be A Dick rule, but it’s explicitly called out here after we had a plagiarism instance earlier this month.

Questions?  Ask away.

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