Squidge.org INC Financials for 2023

Attached is the financials for Squidge.org INC for our first year of existence.  Of course we didn’t start taking official donations until mid-2023, and as such our bills were paid out of pocket until Squidge could support itself so the bills aren’t expressed in full-year context.  We’ll see that next year, as long as we can continue to raise enough in donations to keep going.

A breakdown of Squidge.org's financials for 2023.

As a breakdown:

  • Legal fees were $250 for the State of Oregon Department of Justice
  • Internet & TV services are our monthly $165/month Internet service (paid from July 2023)
  • Office Supplies are the checks we had to purchase for our bank account
  • Software & Apps are various fees like SMTP backup service, Spam filtering services, and other software we pay for on a routine basis.

If anyone has questions, please let us know.

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