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August 1, 2001

Well, it's official. The Millenium version will probably never get up - I'm just too blinkin' busy. But what I have done is create a new site... THE MQA is a searchable database of all the Questions I've been asked over the last couple of years, along with my answers. You can find it at www.squidge.org/~minotaur/mqa. This site will remain up - but won't really be getting any more of my attention.

January 3, 2001

In preparation for the launch of the 2001 version of the site, it has moved servers. The improved, searchable Millenium Version will be up within the month. Plus, my old ISP was raising their rates..

March 6, 1999

Added all the Feb stuff to the Question & Answers page, and moved Jan's to the archive. Some minor format corrections, trying to get the dammed thing to look right in 640x480... Got a new JPEG export module for Adobe Photoshop, so reworked all the pics to drastically reduce file sizes and download times. I know I promised I'd be more diligent about updates, but RL has just gotten busier and busier...

February 5, 1999

Updated the Question & Answers page, adding most of the inqueries I've received in the last month, and moving all the old stuff onto a new Archive page. I've been meaning to do better in keeping up with it, but things have been busy lately. In the future it will be updated every two weeks.

January 9, 1998

Added the Anatomy page because I got sooooo many technical questions about prostates and erections. Complete with diagrams and interesting facts about dicks.

Coming Soon

I'm working on adding more stuff to the Kink page, and an Other page for all the things that don't quite fit into the Oral, Anal or Kink categories.

Would you like to be notified when I make changes and additions to the site? Just send me your e-mail address and I'll put you on the mailing list. And I promise I won't spam you.


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