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So I bet you're asking yourself, just who does this guy think he is, anyway? Setting himself up as an expert on gay sex, offering his opinions on books and movies, and thinking he can answer all your questions.

Well, he's a thirty-something gay man, who's lived basically his entire life in the gay community. Grew up in San Francisco, only a few blocks from the Castro District, and Berkeley. Attended university at UC Santa Cruz, a resort town famous for its beautiful beaches, wooden roller coaster, and high concentration of lesbians. Since then lived in Los Angeles, Tulsa (hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time), New York City and now Provincetown, MA (a gay beach resort town).

I discovered slash at the age of 13, coming across a K/S 'zine at a con. I was totally blown away. The writing wasn't all that good, but just seeing a gay relationship positively portrayed was a revelation. Knowing that there were other people out there, watching the same shows I did, and seeing these things helped me immensely at a very troubled time in my life.

Since I didn't attend many cons, I didn't have much access to slash, and forgot about it entirely until a few years ago when I came across the Slash on the Net site and discovered Paris/Kim. Instant addiction. I spent hours downloading, printing out, and reading every piece of P/K I could find. My then-boyfriend actually broke up with me because I was spending so much time on line...

Then came Mulder/Krychek, Mulder/Skinner, Pendrell/Krychek, Duncan/Methos, Hercules/Iolus, Fraser/Ray, Ares/Joxer, Batman/Robin, Bashir/Garak, Mac/Victor, Bodie/Ray, Starsky/Hutch, Hawkes/West, and best of all, Jim/Blair. At one point I was on a dozen different mailing lists, wading through three or four hundred messages a day.

"Hello, my name is minotaur,
and I'm a slashaholic..."

Why the website? Well, I recently attended Friscon, the all-slash convention in San Francisco, where I was the only boy type person for the whole weekend (ok, so there was a male huckster, and two other guys who attended for part of one day..). Throughout the con I was besieged with "can two guys..?" questions, enough to show that there was a real need for someone willing and able to serve as a technical consultant.

So here it is, my little contribution to the greater slash community. Peruse it at your leisure.

A couple of small points:

  • The pictures contained in this site have all been downloaded from the 'net, and I have no idea who actually owns the copyrights to any of them. They are used here to illustrate and educate, and no infringement of their creator's rights is intended. If you see a picture that you know to be restricted in any way, or to be of someone underage, e-mail me and I will remove it immediately.

  • While I mention such shows as The Sentinel, X-Files, Star Trek and Due South, this site is in no way related to, approved by or representative of those shows or their creators. All characters are the property of their respective copyright holders, and no infringement is intended. This is a labor of love, and is presented to the community free of charge for educational and entertainment purposes.

  • All other content of this site has sprung from my fevered brow, and is my sole responsibility.

  • If you wish to place a link to this site on any other page, feel free to do so. Just let me know where the link is, and point it to the index page so that everyone visiting has to go through the age warning. The correct URL is:


  • I expect this site to be perpetually changing, as people ask new questions, write new stories and demand to know why their favorite kink got left out. So check back every once in a while.

  • This site was designed for, and is best viewed with Netscape 3.0+, maximized, with a color resolution of at least 16 bits.

Go, my friends, and explore. I hope you enjoy it.


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