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You hardly ever see this...Cocksucking

Sucking dick is pretty much the first thing most gay men get to do. It's one of the things that defines us. It's the closest thing we have to a right of passage. I remember vividly the first time I put another man's dick in my mouth, and I'm sure every other gay man in the world does too. I've met gay men who weren't crazy about it, but never one who wouldn't do it, at least for a minute or two.

For all its significance, there's not really much to it. Wrap your lips over your teeth (unless he's into a little pain), and suck. Oh, you can vary the speed and depth, let your tongue play over the head, nibble (very gently), lick it like a lollipop, or open wide and breathe around it, but the basics are simple. Enthusiasm counts for a lot, and paying attention to his responses is important, but the only really crucial factor is that you like dicks.

p o s i t i o n s

These are some of the more common positions, though cocksucking is pretty much a free form art. There is no list of required moves (like in figure skating), and no points are deducted for creativity...

The basic position is with one partner on his knees, with the other either standing or sitting in front of him. Commonly referred to as "going to church..."

Kneeling down

Getting Fed Then there's laying on your back, getting his dick slipped into your mouth. This is actually a really uncomfortable position after a couple of minutes. Your neck gets a major crick and it's hard not to choke.

Some guys will grab your ears and start pumping, and some guys get off on this. Personally I subscribe to the "let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing" school of thought. Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing

Lying Down Lying down with him between your legs is very relaxing.. Good for a long leisurely blowjob. You can take your time, reach up and play with his nipples, stroke his legs and just generally go to town.

Deep throating is a trick I've never quite managed to master. You have to relax the muscles at the back of the throat to allow for complete access. An extra good trick is to work the throat muscles around the cock when you've got it all the way in. Deep Throating

Sixty-Nine Sucking and getting sucked at the same time. 69ing, so named from the shape of the numerals. Takes a little bit of extra attention, but will worth it.

Then there's multiples. Two sharing one dick, or one sucking off two.. Or three, or four... The possibilities are limitless. And yes, one guy can suck two dicks at the same time, if he has a fairly large mouth. Many cocks, one mouth

Daisy Chain Another good position for multiples is the daisy chain. A sucks B, who's sucking on C, who's sucking D, who's sucking A. There's a porn vid that has a chain all the way around an Olympic sized swimming pool. I wonder what the formula for a daisy chain circle is? C=Pi*d(2), where C is circumference and d is the number of dicks?

a u t o - f e l l a t i o
The fancy Latin name for being limber enough to suck your own dick. Ask any guy, if more of us could do this, the human race might be in serious danger of dying out. Auto Fellatio
b a l l   s u c k i n g
Whatever. Then there's balls. As I've pointed out elsewhere, guys vary a lot in how much they like having their nuts played with. Some guys are extremely sensitive, and can't stand even the slightest touch. Others get really into having their balls played with. When sucking a man's balls, you have to be very careful. Humming while you've got them in your mouth can produce a surprising response. A small chip of ice, or a mouthful of warm water can also get good results.

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