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Totally shameless. There's not really that much, but here it is. The ST:VOY stuff is all set in the same universe, chapters in a longer saga. The Sentinel pieces are small bits of fluff, suitable for light entertainment. I'm currently working on a (*much*) longer Ellison/Krycek crossover, and a Jim/Blair that has expanded from a PWP to novel proportions. They'll be posted here (and to the relevant mail-lists) when finished. Hope you enjoy them.

Feedback gladly accepted. minotaur@squidge.org

"Crossed Signals",
Star Trek: Voyager, NC-17 Ayala/Kim 31k
"Mixed Signals",
Star Trek: Voyager, NC-17 Ayala/Kim 42k, chapter two
"Signal to Noise Ratio",
Star Trek: Voyager, NC-17 Ayala/Kim, Paris/Kim 32k chapter three
Enough is Enough 1,
Sentinel, Jim/Blair, silliness
Enough is Enough 2,
Sentinel, Jim/Blair, silliness
Sentinel Snapshots,
Jim/Blair, hot little tidbits
The 3 Indisputable Proofs of the Existence of God and Other Obscure Cultural Phenomena of the Late 20th Century,
Superman/Jimmy, NC-17, 39k
first in the "Numbers" series.
One Instance of the True Nature of Love, and Other Current Topics in Earth-Krypton Relations,
Superman/Jimmy, NC-17, 15k
second in the "Numbers" series.
As Moonlight on Water,
Superman/Jimmy & Mulder/Krycek, 59k
an unfinished Work in Progress, no relation to the "Numbers" series.

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