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r o m a n c e
Kiss me, you fool

One of the things I really appreciate about slash is the romance. It's the difference between erotica and pornography. The connections we make out of bed make what we do there all the more special. Porn, while hot and great in its own way, usually skips right over the foreplay and gets down to action.

One thing to be wary of is writing one partner as the "wife". Men, even gay men, are trained to be less emotionally open, less demonstrative. Yes, we do feel, and even occasionally cry, but gay men are every bit as emotionally closeted as their straight counterparts. Think of all the troubles you have in your relationships with men, and then double them. Instead of just one partner being distant, uncommunicative and emotionally stunted, both are.

k i s s i n g

Finding a good kisser is *so* important. This is another thing that porn tends to skip over, usually giving us only a few moments of good face sucking before moving on. Not really much here that's different than between an m/f couple, I just wanted an excuse to put in this picture.

Sucking Face
m a s s a g e

While guys are more prone to simply jump into the sack and start pounding, there are times when a little foreplay is appreciated. A little massage can relax things and get the ball rolling. I've found that feet are especially sensitive. Most people aren't used to having their feet massaged, and a little attention paid to this normally neglected area can have astounding results.

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