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A poem and a few links from one of your hostesses. 

These are the areas from which we have thieved so far. You can also read Fort's sloppily romantic m/m and Virg's original het smut.

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NEW AND EXCITING! For us, anyway. Virg and Fort are ranting in public. Raves may follow, but we're basically pretty bitchy gals <g>.


20 October 2001 - It's been nearly a year since our last update.  We haven't given up on fandom, we've just had lots of pressing things... pressing us.  There's new stuff, but only a lengthy selection snippets from Virg.  See the Where The Boys Are page.

5th November - A teeny tiny TS snippet (I'd love to call it a PWP, but it's all of 4k) by Virg on the The Sentinel page.

2nd October - NEW content. Incandesce, by Fort, on The Sentinel page.

15th Sept - Don't faint!  Virg finally came through with a rant! She's also finally added two zine stories that have 'timed out' on The Sentinel page, Honest Words and Waste Places.  Can new stories be far behind?

The Bill
 Rolling  2K
By Fortuita
Fast cars, babes, What but a PWP?
(Loxton/Slater) (NC-17)


Crossoversand sundry related shorts


Highlander: The Series
 Rhapsody Alexa Requiem  2K
By Fortuita
Methos, time, loss. (Methos/Alexa) (G)

Etranger, Danseur 5K
By Fortuita
A plotless wonder where Fort got bored of Parisians speakingEnglish. (Methos/other) (NC-17)

Homicide: Life on the Streets
 Somebody's Mary 1K
By Fortuita
A new poem, a new fandom. Not happy. Not explicitly slash.(G)

The Sentinel

Star Trek: The Original Series
Snow  14K
By Virginia
Spock recalls his first snow fall.
(Kirk/Spock) (G)

Star Trek: Voyager
 Flirt  6K
By Fortuita
Fort was bored, a new season of Voyager started in Oz, Fort engaged in some emotional transference...
(Chakotay/Paris) (G)

Starting Something New 6K
By Fortuita
More of that new season of Voyager taking over Fort's brain. A bit of a parody this time.
(Paris/Kim) (G)

The X-Files
 Mustard  5K
By Fortuita and L. Rose
A little amusing PWP, highly improbable.
(Mulder/Krycek) (NC-17)

Quartered  5K
By Fortuita
Not really a story. Some images in the tale of M/Sk.(R)

Where The Boys Are
By Virginia
Snippets from various fandoms, done as timed writing exercises. (G to NC-17)

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