Mulder - "Why can't you believe?"
Scully - "I'm afraid, I'm afraid to believe."

Welcome to my personal homepage!  In here, you can find out more about the person behind the nickname, "Special Agent Jazz," the mailing lists I run, the interests I have, the abductions I have experienced and so much more!  Keep in mind that this website is FOREVER under construction so come back often and see if there are any new changes!  So, sit back, relax and have a good ol' time.  Be warned though, I will not claim responsibility for any heart attacks, time loss, mental illnesses, alien abductions or sickness caused by what you are about to see.....

Special Agent Jazz - Who is this crazy nut?  Click here to find out! 
My Guardian Angel Tuck - Tuck is my loyal companion, get to know my guardian angel

Horsing Around - This is where you can find all my horsie friends and my horsie adventures.

When An American Met A Canadian - Find out what a dangerous combination this is!

Close Encounters of the Star Kind - Here is where I have been abducted by actors!

Travel Diaries - A photo gallery of the trips that I make.  Travelling is one of my hobbies.

Kindred Spirits - A tribute to those who touched my heart with their generousity. 

Links - Mailing lists I run, friends I know, cool websites I've found, etc.

This page is under construction!

            This website is dedicated to the many special people who are no longer in my life - my grandmother, Dora, two friends who died in the WTC tragedy and my best friend Shelley.

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