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Notes by the Archivist

I'm back! Well, sort of. I had depression, and for a long time it was pretty bad. I'm finally back in fandom, but there's been a few changes. For one, I've left The Sentinel fandom. It wasn't fun anymore--in fact, it was making me miserable, with the factionalizing and the fighting and the wars. I drifted away when I left school, and when I finally came back to fandom, it was a fandom I never dreamed I'd ever like.

I'm now blissfully content slashing N'Sync, ten times happier than I was in The Sentinel, and finally writing again. I wrote maybe 5 stories in all of 2000, and I've written over 20 in just the past few months. Fandom is fun again, and N'Sync fandom is like coming home. Plus, five awfully cute boys who touch and cuddle and giggle and hump the stage are always a good thing.

This site is now going more or less into a holding pattern, at least until I or more of my writers become active again in these fandoms. Legion will still be updating her page, and I've created a N'Sync fandom page   to introduce people to the fandom, but no other updates are planned by me. My N'Sync fic, what I've posted thus far, is hosted at Emmy's Pretty Little Whore Machine and my new nickname is Shine. Owlet is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. As always, my email is whitford@wam.umd.edu and I welcome your feedback.

Peace :)


The web can be a cold place--here's somehave a hug! to warm you up! Happy Jim and Blair thoughts!
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