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TAYLORricious is back, the old version anyway. I am currently revamping the site so look for new features and a new look in the future (when, I reeeeally don't know since I'm a procrastinator). TAYLORicious is a not-so-serious site devoted to my favorite Duran, (I LOVE them all but I like him just a little more, well actually, I like him a lot more than the others. It's all about the bass as far as I'm concerned)  Mr. Tayloricious himself, John Taylor. My best friend's 16-year-old sister came up with the suitable name (Thank you Heather!) I think it describes John perfectly :-) If you LOVE John Taylor, and I mean REEEALLY love John Taylor, then this is the place to be. If you are looking for Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes or the other Durans, it might be a good idea to go to another site, such as The Strangest Notion (I heard it's one of the best Duran Duran sites) because TAYLORicious is 95% JOHN (with some friends of his showing up from time to time)!



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Lots of pics to satisfy your John craving...

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Find out if you have a John addiction

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John is perfect. Or is he?

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A look at Mr. Taylor's style through the years

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Pictures from the book Fantasy Island

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The 5 most tayloricious pictures ever

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John and some friends of his

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Some of my favorite places to visit