Pairing: Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner
Rating: NC17
Series/Sequel: This is a direct sequel to Meeting at Midnight.
Disclaimer: the usual... they don’t belong to us (mores the pity *g*), no copyright infringement intended, no money being made... you know the drill.
Notes: Thanks Rick, for the great beta! We are sending both Vin and Ez to thank you properly. *bg* But we do expect them back!
Warnings: None.
Summary: Ezra and Vin’s rendezvous at the pond continues.


Meeting at Midnight 2: Ezra’s Turn

by TimberWolf & Steelknight

Coming back to his senses, Vin found himself still leaning against the boulder, cradled in Ezra’s arms as both men panted to catch their breath.

“Love ya, Ez,” Vin whispered as he curled his fingers into the damp auburn hair to pull the gambler close for a slow kiss.

“Please, Mr. Tanner,” Ezra drawled, pulling back with a grin, “if you would grant me a short respite to catch my breath...”

Vin returned the grin, desire lighting his blue eyes. “If I do,” he whispered, “then what?”

Ezra chuckled, letting his soft Southern accent thicken as he growled, “Why then, darlin’, it’s my turn.”

The fevered excitement of yearning desire was slowly being replaced by the drowsy lassitude of satiated passion as Vin settled even further into his lover’s warm embrace. At this moment, he was content in Ezra’s arms. The cold wet boulder they leaned against and the chilly lapping of the pond’s slight waves were beneath his notice.

But not beneath Ezra’s. “Vin,” the gambler murmured.


“If I might suggest....” Ezra tried to lean back slightly, just enough to look into Vin’s face, but the tracker only snuggled in closer, tightening his hold.

“Thought ya wanted ta rest?” Vin mumbled against Ezra’s neck, warm breath causing shivers completely unrelated to the cool breeze blowing across their wet skin.

“Indeed I do,” Ezra grinned, “long enough to recuperate at least.” He wrapped his fingers gently in the long brown curls dripping tiny points of icy cold across his chest and shoulder. “My only concern is, now that the inferno we were generating between us has subsided,” he chuckled against Vin’s hair, “for the moment,” he added with a wide knowing grin, “this combination of cool breeze and frigid water is becoming decidedly uncomfortable.” A shudder raced through his body, as if the mere mention of the discomfort somehow increased it. “I propose we take a moment to wash ourselves, then retire to the bank. A blanket in the grass would be eminently more comfortable, don’t you agree?”

He felt Vin’s wide grin against his throat before he heard the tracker’s quiet answer. “Comfy right here.” He let his hand slide smoothly down Ezra’s chest, as he turned his head slightly, his tongue lapping at Ezra’s jaw, working his way by feel alone with soft nibbling licks until he found the sensitive spot behind the gambler’s ear.

Ezra gasped, arching his neck toward Vin as he felt the tracker’s teeth graze his earlobe as Vin’s mouth closed around it, sucking gently. “Vin, please,” he sighed softly, reaching to grab the tracker’s hand, halting its downward trek at his waist.

“Ez,” Vin groaned against the gambler’s ear, the warm vibration causing a renewed trembling in Ezra as a matching moan rumbled in his own chest. “You promised,” the tracker whispered.

Ezra licked his lips, struggling to regain his concentration, “What?”

“Yer turn, remember?”

“Indeed it is and I would never miss a opportunity to lavish my attention on you.” Ezra said with a mischievous look in his eyes. “Nevertheless I insist on proceeding to a warmer and dryer place, in this instance, my bedroll on the bank.”

Vin, seeing the firm resolve in his face, sighed deeply and stood up, reaching out his hand to help Ezra to his feet. Together they headed to shore.

Ezra moved slightly into the lead as he went to his horse and the bedroll attached to its saddle. Swiftly freeing his bedroll he tossed it to Vin, who spread it out and lay down.

“Yer right Ez, it is a mite cooler now.”

“I think I can render my assistance in warming you up quite thoroughly,” Ezra said with a smile as he joined his lover.

Lying down and taking Vin in his arms, Ezra kissed him. Vin’s mouth met his halfway, their tongues exploring as their bodies intertwined. It was Ezra who broke the kiss, as he moved down to Vin’s neck, his mouth kissing, sucking and licking the tracker like a piece of candy.

As Vin arched his neck, Ezra’s mouth set directly over Vin’s jugular vein. And in a rare moment of dominance he bit hard enough to leave marks.

Vin moaned with pleasure, his cock hard and weeping. “Yes, Ez! Feel me, feel how hard ya make me. Feel how much I want ya.”

Ezra’s throat squeezed, and he swallowed against its tightness as his eyes drifted closed. There was no sweeter sound in the world than the rush of throaty words his teasing could draw from the normally quiet tracker.

The gambler grinned, running his tongue with gentle soothing licks over the sharp red impressions his teeth had left on Vin’s pale skin. He let his hand slide down the tracker’s chest, combing his fingers through the tangle of dark curls growing up from Vin’s groin, carefully not touching his partner’s rampant erection. “Not so soon Vin.” Ezra chuckled softly as the tracker groaned, arching his back, thrusting in vain, trying to make any contact he could.

“Ez, please,” Vin muttered.

“Tell me,” he whispered against the tracker’s ear, “what do you want Vin?” He tugged the earlobe gently between his teeth, sending a shudder through the man in his arms. “I can’t help you until you tell me what you need.”

“You Ez,” Vin gasped, “I need you.”

“You’ve got me Vin,” Ezra murmured, teasing the strong throat with soft butterfly kisses, “I’m right here beside you.”

Vin groaned, undulating his hips softly, unable to be still. “Touch me,” he panted, “fer God’s sake... Ez, please.”

The gambler moaned softly, the sweet rasp of Vin’s needy pleas igniting a fire that flashed along his every nerve, blazing a trail straight to his groin. His fingers curled tightly against Vin, as he pressed his lips to the tracker’s shoulder. “But I am touching you,” he mumbled against the smooth skin. “Can’t you feel me?”

Ezra tugged gently at the long curling hair tangled around his fingers. “Feel my fingers in your hair?” He let his other hand trail over Vin’s hip, tickling across his thigh. Rubbing softly at the sensitive skin inside the tracker’s thigh, letting his fingers brush occasionally against his heavy balls, Ezra murmured, “Feel my hand stroking your skin? Is this what you need, love? Tell me.”

“Ez, want ya to touch my body like ya touch my soul. I need ya... need ya to make me feel the fire within... your fire, the fire that consumes me... body, mind and soul. Want ya to take me, want to feel us joined together.”

Ezra was humbled at what amounted to a speech from his normally quiet lover. There would never be a better time than now. Drawing a deep breath, green eyes locked on blue. “I’ve owed you something for a while. At first it was a simple apology for laughing at the thought of you being a poet.” He paused, drawing a deep breath before continuing. “Then I read your poem, and it shocked me with how powerful your muse’s gift was... and I apologized.” He nodded at Vin’s quick smile, continuing quickly before he could be interrupted. “But the more I read it, the more I loved it and its creator. And now that we are together, I want to show you, to tell you just how much you touch my soul as well. You inspired muses within me that I never knew existed, and you inspired me to write this for you, Vin.” He drew a deep breath and began to speak.

“Poet’s soul,
Passion’s fire,
Courage rare,
Lover’s desire.
Kindred spirits,
Untamed hearts,
United together,
Never to part.”

Green eyes dropped self-consciously as Ezra spoke the last words of the verse. He swallowed sharply, waiting for his lover’s response. Suddenly, he understood the full measure of the courage that the tracker had shown in coming to him with his own poem. Ezra’s heart was pounding. His fingers twitched as he wished he had a deck of cards to occupy his idle hands. His heart and soul was opened up to Vin now, his entire life on the line.

What if Vin didn’t want forever? What if the tracker was simply enjoying what they had right now and not thinking of the future at all? What if-

“Ez,” Vin whispered, his voice thick. He reached up, curling his fingers around the gambler’s cheek, lifting Ezra’s chin until he could meet the downcast eyes. “Ez, look at me, please.”

Ezra squeezed his eyes closed a moment longer, then with a deep indrawn breath, lifted his gaze to meet the tracker’s.

Vin’s eyes glistened with unshed moisture in the pale moon’s light as he smiled at Ezra. “You wrote that?” he rasped, his throat tight. “Fer me?”

The gambler could only nod as he held his breath, waiting for Vin’s response.

“Did ya mean it? Never to part?”

Ezra slowly nodded again, trying to read the tracker’s bright blue eyes.

Vin grinned wryly, “Words would be good here, Ez.”

“Yes, Vin,” Ezra burst out, still hesitant to reach out to his lover. “I meant every part of it.” His heart in his throat, nothing left to lose, Ezra added softly, “I want forever.”

Vin studied the bright green eyes, rubbing his thumb idly across the gambler’s pursed lips, weighing his words. “Never much believed in forever,” he muttered. “It’s a hard life out here. Often as not a short one, too. ‘Specially fer bounty hunters and gamblin’ men.”

Ezra’s eyes drifted shut. He could feel his chest clenching tightly around the hole where his heart had been.

“Ez,” Vin whispered, “I want it, too. ‘Never to part.’ Fer as long or as short a time as we have.”

Eyes wide, Ezra couldn’t hold back the huge grin lighting his whole face. “Really?” He leaned his cheek into the rough hand cradling it.

Vin nodded, grinning.

“Words would be good here, Vin,” Ezra chuckled, only half teasing.

“I wanna be with you Ez, for the rest of our lives.” Blue eyes locked onto green, holding the solemn gaze. “I love ya.”

Ezra reached out, tangling long fingers in the tracker’s curling hair as he grasped Vin’s neck to pull him into a passionate kiss.

The moment their lips met twin sighs of pleasure filled the air.

Ezra found the taste of the tracker more intoxicating than any fine whisky could ever be. It inspired a thirst, an addiction that only a lifetime supply of kisses would be able to satisfy.

As one they moaned with want... with need that only became more consuming.

Their lips never separated as Ezra gently pushed Vin onto his back and resumed his attack on the tracker. His mouth slowly worked its way from the tracker’s mouth down to his neck. Sucking, biting, licking his way down his lover’s body, relishing the taste and the feel of his lover beneath him, trembling with pleasure from his touch.

He teased Vin with soft touches across his nipples, using his mouth on first one then the other. Ezra’s mouth followed his hands down Vin’s washboard stomach, and on to his thighs. Skipping completely over his lover’s weeping shaft, Ezra left passion marks on both of Vin’s inner thighs.

Vin was so hot; his lover was turning his body into a raging wildfire. He could barely breathe; every nerve in his body was alight with desire. He panted and moaned, his cock hard and thrusting into the cool air above it.

He reached for Ezra, wanting... needing to be covered with the gambler’s body, only to have his wrists taken and gently, but firmly pushed down to his sides as Ezra continued to tease him; so very hot, his mind unable to focus on anything, but his lover’s touches that were slowly driving him insane with need.

“Ezra!! Please Ez, Now! I need you now!” Vin’s voice was little more than a whisper.

Yet Ezra heard it, and responded without delay. “As you wish,” he murmured against the tracker’s lean hip. Pushing Vin’s thighs up to his sides, Ezra curled Vin’s long fingers around the backs of his knees.

Vin groaned softly, holding himself open to Ezra’s hot gaze. He wriggled his ass entreatingly. “C’mon Ez, take me! Please!”

“Soon Vin,” Ezra smiled, “I’ll take you to the stars.” Rubbing his right thumb firmly against the sensitive spot behind the tracker’s scrotum, the gambler lowered his mouth to Vin’s puckered entrance. Extending his tongue, he licked repeatedly at the small opening, teasing at it, stretching it slightly as he lubricated it with saliva.

“OH God, Ez!” Vin cried out, arching his back. “I can’t-”

With one last swipe, Ezra lifted his head with a wicked grin, “Yes, you can.” Rising to his knees, he settled himself between the tracker’s legs, lifting Vin’s hips slightly. “We’re almost there,” he soothed. Ezra wrapped his fingers around his own aching shaft, smoothing the leaking moisture over its head as he centred it against Vin’s anus.

His cock slowly entered the tight passage until his full length was buried in his lover’s heat. Vin clenched around him, and neither could hold back the twin moans of pleasure that filled the air. Ezra’s eyes closed briefly as he fought for control. His breath coming in gasps, he opened his eyes to see his lover’s blue eyes alight with amusement.

Ezra grinned. “You think that was fair, do you?”

Vin nodded. “Reckon I remember ya tellin’ me all’s fair in love.”

“Then I’ll give you all the love you can handle,” Ezra replied. He entwined his fingers with Vin’s and pulled his cock out slowly until only the head was still within. He began to move, first slowly back in, then out again. It was torture for both of them. Wild, delicious torture.

Vin was pleading for harder, faster, anything but more of that slow stroking that had his whole body trembling with passion. “PLEASE, EZRA... NOW!” He shouted.

Ezra thrust, filling his partner. Deeper, harder, faster... each and every thrust hitting perfectly, leaving Vin chanting Ezra’s name like a prayer.

So close, so very close now. As he thrust again, he wrapped his hand around Vin’s weeping cock. Using his lover’s precum, he wet the tip of his thumb and skimmed it across the slit. Vin came on the spot, his release so strong they were both covered in it.

That was what Ezra had been waiting for. One more hard thrust and Ezra came, his cock buried deeply, his voice chanting Vin’s name.

Green eyes met with blue, their breath coming in gasps, their hearts pounding in time with each other. Ezra’s lazy grin flashed gold as he collapsed on his side next to Vin. Swiping one long finger slowly through the semen splashed across Vin’s chest, he lifted it to his mouth. “Mmmmmmm.” His green eyes twinkled as he licked the digit clean, “Delicious.”

Vin grinned slowly in return. Leaning close to his partner, he ran his tongue slowly across Ezra’s chest, tasting the semen splattered there. “Yep,” he chuckled, “mighty tasty.”

Ezra reached over, threading his fingers through Vin’s long curls, pulling the tracker close. “I love you, Mr. Tanner,” he murmured softly before brushing his lips against Vin’s.

“Love you too, Ez,” Vin smiled. Relaxing into Ezra’s arms, he lay with his head pillowed against the gambler’s chest. They lay enjoying each other’s warmth, listening to the crickets and the frogs serenade them.

Eventually Vin sighed. “Be dawn in an hour or so.” He pressed a kiss against Ezra’s throat. “Oughta head back to town soon.”

Ezra sighed, pulling the tracker more tightly into his arms. “Indeed.”


“Yes, Vin?” Ezra could hear the grin in his partner’s voice.

“You ain’t never gonna find yer clothes, ya know.”

Ezra could feel the silent laughter shaking Vin’s body.

“They’ve surely floated away by now.” Vin grinned. “Any idea how yer gonna get back to yer room with no clothes?”

“Mr. Tanner,” Ezra started to speak.

“I’ll lend ya my bandanna if ya like. Won’t be much help though.” Vin burst into laughter.

“As much as I hate to spoil your fun, Vin, I have a spare set of clothes in my saddle bags.” Ezra grinned. “A man in my former profession learns quickly to always be prepared for every contingency. The clothes may be somewhat wrinkled and not up to my usual high standards, but they will serve their purpose.”

“Damn,” Vin laughed. “And I was really lookin’ forward to seein’ ya wearin’ nothing but my bandanna!”


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