Pairing: Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner
Rating: NC17
Series/Sequel: Followed directly by Meeting at Midnight 2: Ezra's Turn.
Disclaimer: the usual ... they don’t belong to us (mores the pity *g*), no copyright infringement intended, no money being made ... you know the drill.
Notes: First, thanks to Tess for the quick but still thorough beta, especially on such short notice.
Steel wanted me to add that I did all the work while he had all the fun. *vbg* But I wouldn’t want y’all to get the wrong idea. LOL! Besides, he’s being too modest. He contributed in equal measure to the creation of this story. That’s why his name is right there with mine.

Warnings: None.
Summary: Ezra and Vin enjoy a midnight rendezvous in the pond.


Meeting at Midnight

by TimberWolf & Steelknight

Ezra studied the reflection staring back at him from the small mirror.

The low lamplight brought out a soft auburn gleam in his smoothly groomed hair. Fiery anticipation gleamed in his bright green eyes, and a wide grin split his lips.

He brushed his hands over the silk vest, smoothing its line, double-checking its appearance in the mirror.

He stopped, grinning at the sharp curl of desire threading through his belly.

Taking such care with his appearance was really as waste of time on this particular evening. The simple truth was that within a matter of moments of arriving at his destination, strong hands would make short work of his neat appearance and Ezra would find himself naked and writhing beneath those hands and the lips that went with them.

With a small groan of anticipation, the gambler quickened his pace slightly, Lifting the bright red coat off its hanger, he settled it over his shoulders, smoothing the sleeves down, brushing away a soft piece of lint.

He winked, with a wide lascivious grin, at his reflection.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” he chuckled softly, as he grabbed his hat and strode quickly from the room.

Vin Tanner slipped quickly out of his clothing and dived into the moonlit pond. Ezra would be arriving soon and he had no intention of greeting his lover carryin’ three days of trail dust with him.

Ezra was an elegant man, who took great pains to keep his clothes and appearance as tidy as was possible in a dusty trail-town like Four Corners. Vin felt unkempt and rough-edged enough around the Southerner without adding the dirt and sweat of several hot days in the sun.

Vin surfaced with a wide grin, enjoying the cool sensual slide of the water over his skin. He tossed his head, brushing the long clinging hair off his face, its natural loose waves coiled into tight curls by the moisture.

He let his head fall back, eyes drifting closed. He brushed his fingers across his chest, imagining it was the gambler’s smooth fingertips teasing him.

He groaned softly, licking lips that suddenly throbbed with the desire to press against Ezra’s.

Lying back, he floated, his aching cock bobbing with the slight swells and sway of the water. He let himself drift idly, each soft lap of the water becoming a whisper-soft brush of Ezra’s lips or tongue in his fantasy. His fingers curled slightly, needing to tangle in the gambler’s short locks.

Just the phantom image of Ezra was enough to send flames of desire flashing outward from deep in the bounty hunter’s belly, as a familiar ache settled in his groin.

Ezra chuckled at the soft groans echoing across the water as he arrived at their meeting place.

Vin jumped up at the sound, a big splash rippling in his wake.

Ezra’s green eyes glittered with fire as he looked at the bounty hunter. Vin’s smooth flesh glowed pale in the moonlight, as trails of water slid over the hard planes of his chest. His wet hair gleamed as it hung around his neck and shoulders; a single thick curl stuck to his cheek, clinging to the corner of the sweet lips whose touch Ezra’d been craving. Water spiked the long dark lashes framing wide eyes burning bright blue in the pale light.

Chest tight, Ezra could only stare at the most beautiful and erotic sight he had ever seen.

Vin swallowed heavily, feeling a self-conscious flush steel over his cheeks at the open, heated appraisal in the gambler’s gleaming green eyes.

Flustered, he stood rooted to the spot. There Ezra stood, hauntingly beautiful in the pale moonlight, groomed to careful perfection. And he stood hip deep in the pond, naked and bedraggled, probably looking like a drowned rat!

He watched as Ezra reached slowly upward, removing his hat and tossing it to the grass behind him. The gambler’s fine-fingered hands moved to his gun belt, slipping it free from its low perch on his hips.

Eyes drawn to the prominent bulge at Ezra’s groin, visible even in the moonlight, Vin groaned softly, feeling an answering throb pulse through his chest toward his own bobbing shaft.

Self-conscious over his lack of control, Vin shifted his eyes away. He ducked his head, hiding behind the fall of dark curls providing a curtain over his flaming cheeks.

Ezra heard Vin’s quiet moan and smiled at the knowledge that his lover was as affected by the heat between them as the gambler himself was. The soft, breathy exhalation sent a shudder racing through Ezra’s frame. The ache in his groin that had necessitated his shifting and squirming in the saddle on the long ride from town bloomed into a full, heated throbbing.

Eyes fixed on the bounty hunter’s lean grace, Ezra watched in dismay as Vin seemed to shrink in upon himself, attempting to hide behind his hair.

Chest tight, thinking only of easing his love’s anxiety, of erasing the doubt and embarrassment Vin seemed to be feeling, Ezra dived into the pond. Surfacing with a wide splash, he pulled Vin into a tight embrace. He pressed his aching hardness against the bounty hunter’s thigh in mute testimony at the same moment as he lifted Vin’s chin, pressing their lips together in a hard kiss.

Vin pulled back, chuckling. “What the hell do ya think yer doin’, Ez?”

“Ravishing you,” Ezra murmured with a kiss. Vin chuckled, lifting his chin to give the gambler access to his throat.

“I’m afraid that after witnessing a masculine version of Venus rising from the waves, I was utterly unable to resist your charms.” Ezra muttered as he peppered Vin’s throat and shoulders with kisses. “I couldn’t wait any longer.” He stared into Vin’s eyes, letting the fire in his own gaze verify the truth of his words.

Vin wrapped his arms around the gambler, threading his fingers through Ezra’s short hair. “Not even long enough to take off these purty clothes of yours?” he chuckled.

Ezra flushed, looking down at his clothes, now soaked and clinging to his lean frame. “I suppose I wasn’t thinking...” he mumbled.

“With your head?” Vin teased. “At least not with this one up here.” The bounty hunter grinned, running his fingers over Ezra’s smooth cheek.

Ezra shrugged, “When you tempt me, I will come.”

“Oh really?” Vin growled, blue fire smouldering in his eyes as he fondled Ezra’s hard length through his trousers.

The gambler drew in a gasping breath, unable to keep from thrusting against Vin’s strong grip. “Every time...” he groaned softly, shuddering in the bounty hunter’s tender embrace.

Vin kissed his lips with such passion that the gambler could barely think, he was so close to losing control. As Vin moved down and started ravishing his throat, he paused briefly, his mouth almost touching Ezra’s ear, knowing just the sound of his voice added to the gambler’s desire.

“Wanted ya all day Ez, couldn’t hardly stand the wait. Wanted to touch ya, taste ya, and have ya do all the same things to me. Need ya out of these clothes so I can touch all of ya at once.”

Ezra pressed his hand against Vin’s chest, preventing the tracker from following as he stepped back into the shallows to remove his clothing. He took his jacket off first, followed closely by his vest, shirt and boots. Vin thought about helping just to speed things up a bit, but he was enjoying the view too much to move.

Finally Ezra was down to his pants. He looked at his lover with a smile that was total mischief. His green eyes locked with the hunter’s blue ones, then he shimmied as he forced the wet pants down and over his hips, freeing himself of the last article of his clothing.

The effect on Vin was immediate as the hunter’s eyes grew wider, his breath quickened and a moan of pure desire was heard.

Ezra kept his gaze locked on Vin’s as he let his trousers drop into the water. He allowed the overwhelming passion he felt for the man in front of him to blaze from his clear green eyes as he moved slowly closer. Drawing Vin into a tight embrace, he pressed his full length against the bounty hunter’s.

“Oh gawd, Ez,” Vin murmured, clutching tightly to the gambler, pressing his face into Ezra’s neck.

Ezra groaned softly, throwing his head back as he felt Vin’s lips against his throat, felt Vin’s fingers tangle through his hair. He wrapped one arm around Vin’s waist, tangling his own fingers in the hunter’s long curls, holding him close with a tight, desperate passion.

“I need you, Vin Tanner,” Ezra growled. “Now. I need you now.”

Vin’s groan rumbled through his chest as he thrust his hips against Ezra’s. He pressed his mouth against the gambler’s with a voracious hunger as he reached down to wrap his fingers around both their cocks, cradling them together.

The gambler grunted softly as he rocked against Vin, awash in the sensation of the hunter’s calloused fingers and the hard heated length of Vin’s cock rubbing sinuously against his own. “Please, Vin,” he whispered, “please...”

“What do you want, Ez?” Vin murmured in answer. “Tell me what you need.”

“You, Vin,” Ezra whispered back, his Southern accent lost in the needy groan. “I need you in me now.”

“What about your clothes?” the tracker chuckled, indicating the shirt and trousers still floating nearby. “They’re gonna float away on ya.”

“Don’t care,” Ezra mumbled between kisses. “I’ll worry about that later.” He paused to look in Vin’s eyes, the tiniest hint of anxiety evident as he asked softly, “don’t you want me?”

Vin groaned, pressing his hard length against Ezra’s as evidence of the truth of his words. “Want ya so bad, Ez. Can’t hardly wait.”

The gambler’s grin was incandescent in the moonlight. “Then don’t, Vin. Take me. Now.”

Casting a quick glance to the left and right, the tracker grabbed Ezra’s wrist, dragging him into the shallower water. Stopping next to a half submerged boulder, Vin turned to face Ezra, letting his hot gaze travel over the gambler.

Water droplets sparkled in the Southern gentleman’s hair and across his smooth, pale skin. His green eyes burned with the heat of his desire and his gold tooth flashed in the moon’s glow. Vin could only lick his lips, fingers twitching with the desperate urge to touch as his eyes fell to the hard length of Ezra’s cock.

Pulling the gambler close again, Vin latched hungry, desperate lips on Ezra’s, taking possession, laying claim. He tangled his fingers through the gambler’s, holding the grasping hands away from his own body, knowing that feeling Ezra’s fingers tease across his own flesh at this moment would drive him over the edge too soon.

“Vin,” the gambler groaned softly, arching in the tracker’s hold, desperate for more contact.

Vin turned Ezra, pressing the gambler’s chest to the boulder beside them. He leaned over the bent form to whisper against Ezra’s ear, “Don’t move Ez.”

“Have mercy Vin, please,” the gambler sighed, trembling under the firm pressure of Vin’s hand on his back.

The tracker only chuckled. Ezra had the most beautiful ass. Round and smooth, and pale as the moon. Bent over like this, with his back arched, it thrust upward begging to be fucked, even without the little whimpers and wiggles that the desperate gambler added.

Vin smoothed his rough hands over the soft cheeks, squeezing and kneading with just enough pressure to tease, grinning as Ezra’s little passion sounds grew in volume and intensity. “Open for me Ezra,” he growled, nudging a thigh between the gambler’s legs.

A soft mewling sigh escaped Ezra’s lips as he shifted his legs farther apart, granting Vin the access they both craved.

The tracker leaned close, pressing his lips against Ezra’s back. “Yer so beautiful like this Ez,” he murmured as he trailed wet kisses down the gambler’s spine. “There’s nothin’ sweeter than makin’ you all desperate for my lovin’.” Vin pressed his tongue against the top of Ezra’s cleft, pushing it between the firmly muscled cheeks.

Ezra bucked up, arching against Vin’s touch. “God, Vin, please,” he gasped.

Vin grinned. “I said don’t move, Ez.”

The gambler whimpered, settling back down against the boulder.

“I love that,” Vin chuckled, “hearin’ those little passion sounds rumblin’ outta ya.” He cupped his palm under the gambler’s sac, squeezing gently as he rubbed his thumb across that special spot behind it that made Ezra shudder and moan. The tracker pressed his tongue against Ezra’s pucker, laving it gently. “Are you ready Ez?” he whispered.

“Do it Vin,” the gambler gasped, “fuck me.”

The tracker groaned. His cock throbbed at the passionate growl. This was Ezra bent over a boulder for him. Ezra Standish was shuddering in his grasp, reduced to single syllable words and soft needy moans. Vin wrapped his fingers tight around his own aching erection, smoothing the leaking moisture around its crown.

Centering himself against Ezra’s entrance, the tracker pushed forward with a steady, unrelenting pressure. He tightened his grip on the gambler’s hips, feeling Ezra straining to push back against him and accelerate their pace. Vin shuddered, struggling to hold back his own climax as he felt Ezra’s smooth heat envelop him.

Desperate for control, he concentrated on watching the droplets of water as they fell from his hair onto the gambler’s pale skin, as he continued his steady push. As each cool drop fell, sparkling like a diamond in the pale light, a shudder of gooseflesh prickled across Ezra’s heated flesh. Vin chuckled, almost surprised that the heat they were generating hadn’t steamed them both dry already.

Moaning through his gritted teeth, Vin felt the tight ring of Ezra’s anus clench around the last inch of his cock, as he brushed up against the gambler’s backside, fully embedded.

Ezra hissed, twisting his hips, grinding against the tracker. “Damn it Vin,” he growled, “move!”

Vin didn’t answer, but gripped the gambler’s hips firmly and pulled back, almost completely free before driving back in, scraping across Ezra’s sweet spot as he did.

Ezra gasped, bucking back against Vin’s pounding rhythm, meeting the desperate passion with an equal fervour, as each thrust pushed them closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy.

Vin grunted, each exhalation of breath marking another lunge into the gambler’s tight heat, picking up speed as the curling fire in his belly drove him higher.

“Ohvinohvinohvinohvin,” Ezra gasped with each thrust.

The tracker loosed his grip on Ezra’s hip, reaching to wrap his fist tightly around the gambler’s straining erection. Pumping in time with his accelerating thrusts, he growled hoarsely, “come for me Ez.”

With a sharp cry, the gambler did just that, arching and shuddering against Vin.

Vin gasped Ezra’s name as the gambler’s shout combined with the clenching squeeze around his buried cock and the pulsing wetness in his hand all worked to trigger the tracker’s own climax.

Coming back to his senses, Vin found himself still leaning against the boulder, cradled in Ezra’s arms as both men panted to catch their breath.

“Love ya, Ez,” Vin whispered as he curled his fingers into the damp auburn hair to pull the gambler close for a slow kiss.

“Please, Mr. Tanner,” Ezra drawled, pulling back with a grin, “if you would grant me a short respite to catch my breath...”

Vin returned the grin, desire lighting his blue eyes. “If I do,” he whispered, “then what?”

Ezra chuckled, letting his soft Southern accent thicken as he growled, “Why then, darlin’, it’s my turn.”


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