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Welcome to a fandom that that has always stood for  friendship and sharing. 

Dedicated to the memories of NancyT23 & Napasha. Special thanks to Sebastyin, the original webmistress, and all the fans who helped build the Archive. 

This site is for ADULTS only. Stories may depict romantic or sexual relations between same-sex characters. If you are below the legal age or are offended by these themes, please exit. These stories are for entertainment, and are not meant to infringe on any rights of holders of rights to Starsky & Hutch. We  reserve the right to refuse stories that contains material that violates current law.



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The S&H Archives will soon be moving to a new, faster, better server. We will have a snazzy new setup with cleaner graphics, better navigation, and a search function. Have no fear, this site will still be here to guide you to the new one. Our tentative date for going live with the new archive is January 1, 2007. The new site is being beta-tested now.

We've completed a major update and will have more zines and stories ready for the live opening. Watch this space for the new address. Hang with us just a while longer as we modernize the archives to better serve you.

The Archive accepts all SH Slash stories, including those posted on other websites. Here's how to submit.