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The Bay City Library is a wonderful resource for gen readers. There are many links to individual writer's websites and other helpful fandom links for SH. 

Bay City UK has lots of helpful SH links, including fiction links.

K. Hanna Korossy now has her own web page. Check out her fiction at: http://www.korossy.org/khk

The Pitsfic Fiction Archive has plenty of gen fiction.

The Starsky & Hutch Fan Fiction site has lots of great gen fanfic! Plus, there's a challenge page, links, and more.

The Striped Tomato's Starsky & Hutch Fiction site is still going strong. 

Lark's Starsky & Hutch Stories has her fiction and other links.

Elisa Valero's website has more gen fanfic! Elisa also has story challenges and links on her site.

Two Chickies Starsky & Hutch Fanfic features lots of stories and writers.

The Starsky & Hutch Fan Fiction Index is home to multiple writers of SH gen fic.

More Starsky & Hutch Fanfic at this site.

The Zebra Three BLT Fan Fiction Site has more gen fic from some of your favorite authors.

Starsky and Hutch Fanfiction Card Catalog. This site is designed to be a simple listing of Starsky and Hutch fanfic available on the internet. It is not an archive, but an index of archives.

"Here Come the Brides" fanfic website with a S&H/HCTB crossover story called "Blood Brothers"

Maquis Leader has a gen story called "Growing Old Friends" -- Catching up to Starsky & Hutch 25 years down the road.

Want to talk about S&H with other fans? Join the first S&H discussion list on the net, the ZebraThree discussion mailing list. To subscribe to zebrathree, go to: http://lists.squidge.org/wws/info/zebrathree.

Interested in more Starsky & Hutch fiction?  Is Hutch your favorite?  Or maybe Starsky?   Consider joining a yahoo mailing list.  You can go to:  www.yahoogroups.com then register.  There are several lists to chose from -- or join them all! 

ThePitsFic -- This list is devoted to SH fiction, both gen and slash, and discussion on writing and editing. To join ThePitsFic list, send a message to: ThePitsFiction-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  You will be contacted by the moderators. You can also join the associated list for fiction only. Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ThePitsFiction/ and join. 

SHGFanFic -- To join this gen mailing list, go to the yahoo site, then sign up. 

Hutchfans -- This list is devoted to all things Hutch!  Pictures, information, and discussion are shared here. Starsky fans are more than welcome to share the fun. 

DSAC -- Updates, news, and info on David Soul. Also a discussion forum for questions and topics related to David Soul. 

If you're the moderator of a SH discussion or fiction list that I don't know about, write to me and I'll include it here.

For a fandom-related website, check out: Starsky & Hutch, The Good Cops