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Pictures and recaps from the LoneGunCon held in Vancouver BC March 23-25, 2007.

Pasadena Con Report 2005!!
PLEASE NOTE: ALL pictures are for PRIVATE use only, PLEASE do not take any of them from here!! Thank you!

VIDS!! - Seriously! I've finally finished a few vids and here they are!

NEW March 2007!! 2 NEW Lone Gunmen Vids that premiered at Guncon!

My X-Files and Lone Gunmen Fan Fiction

My Lone Gunmen Slash Fiction

Newest: "Dress Code," "Glint," "Measure of a Man"

Slash Fiction for Other Fandoms

Stories written in the Stargate: SG1, Diagnosis Murder, and The A-Team fandoms so far!
NEWEST FASTLANE FIC: "Somewhere I Belong"

Zine Fics

Where I put a list of stories published in fanfic zines.
Latest: "Goin' Commando," a sequel to "Boxers or Briefs?" previously published in At Day's End

LGM Slash Author - "Ali's Annex"

can be found

LGM Slash Author - "Mice's Hole in the Wall"

All fiction by the Lone Gunmen slash author Mice can be found here:

SciFi commercial w/ David Hewlett

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