Vids From Multiple Fandoms

Here be my vids. They are all .mov files, playable in Quicktime or possibly Windows Media Player, depending on how techy you are. I've decided to save Squidge a headache and post only the newest - all old non-linked vids are available on request!

Stargate Atlantis

Last Resort - A Rodney-centric vid with lots of anger, angst, and general Rodney abuse. Primary episodes: The Hive, Grace Under Pressure, Duet (but contains SPOILERS through end of season 2 Allies).

Life Less Frightening - A Carson character vid. Seasons 1 and 2, spoilers through Allies.

Trying To Find Atlantis - Crossover SG1/SGA, Weir/Daniel (Yes, that's het!). Just for fun!

Stargate SG-1

Watcha Gonna Do - Stargate, Jack/Daniel slash with much angst. Thanks to Linsey for the song and the idea! (Also, no, there isn't a scene missing - it's just a very dark couple of seconds in the scene...:) You may want to brighten your monitor for this one, it's a tad dark as a whole!)

Invisible - Stargate SG1. Jack/Daniel - angst and references to Daniel's ascension.

The Sentinel

You're Nothing Without Me - Sentinel, Jim/Blair romance and friendship. Lots of goofy fun.

The Lone Gunmen

She - A Lone Gunmen vid for Byers/Suzanne shippers. I'm sure someone will watch it.

In Their Dreams... - Lone Gunmen. They're sluts, and this is their moment of fantasy.

Weapon of Choice - A tribute to everyone's favorite weapons - contains scenes from all LGM episodes of X-Files and their own series. First premiered at the LGM Convention, Vancouver, March 2006.

NEW! One Week - Langly/Byers slash fun!

NEW! Sharp Dressed Man - for Martha


I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Multi...MULTI fandom!! Good dirty fun with many boys!

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