Channel 69:

    All Slash Network TV, Channel 69!

    Fan Convention Sites:

    Wanna go to a Fan Convention ? Here are the links that will get you started to a real fun weekend with other fans!

    Helpful Stuff:

    Building a web page? Looking for Fonts, Backgrounds, help with HTML, codes, music? Check here!


    Like Duncan? Methos? Richie? Joe? Here are all those wonderful fiction sites!

    Mailing Lists:

    Want to talk to other fans just like you? Here are the links to some wonderful lists filled with some really great fans!

    Misc Fiction Sites:

    Are you a fan of Crossovers, Miami Vice, how about Oz? If so, check out this page!

    My Home Page:

    Just a little about me!

    Other Stuff:

    This is a page of "fun stuff," all those elusive fan club sites, picture pages, and a bunch of fun places to check out.


    Like the Sentinel? Wanna read some yummy stories? Here are both General and slash fan fiction sites, if you start at the top of the page and go to each site well, see ya in the year 2020! Yep there are that many sites posted there!

    Star Trek:

    Star Trek general fiction, which are mainly male/female stories, can be found here, including the Paris/Torres main site!

    Now here you will find Slash fiction which means male/male or female/female fiction, so be warned! Here are some really great fiction sites, everything from C/P to T/K!!


    Looking for some Mulder stories ? Check here! More coming soon!


    Want to own your own book of stories? Looking for something special to give another fan? Here is where to find all those lovely 'zines!

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I won this I am proud of it and I am still going to post it!

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